just for Danny

Some Headcanons:

- Danny is bisexual
- Sam knows good memes. Tucker, too. Whenever Danny gets hit in a fight all you hear is 2 uniscent “MMM WHATCHA SAAAAY”
- Jazz knows good memes but doesn’t let anyone know
- Dash loves John Green novels
- Paulina actually loves anime
- Valerie is bisexual
- Who’s gay? Dani, duh.
- Dani officially becomes a Fenton when Jack and Maddie adopt her after being her “foster parents” for 6 months
- The Fentons make a family outing to go see Ghostbusters
- Danny gets horrified when the 2 Busters’ hair turns white after coming out of the portal bc “wHO ELSE WAS THERE????”
- Danny, Sam and Tucker are together
- “So you’re dating both of them?” “Yes.” “Do they know?” “Yes. Yes they do.”
- Tucker gives Danny a kiss and Sam whispers, “it’s not gay of he’s dead”

What she says: im fine

What she means: Why is Mr. Mime a pokemon? Like most of the pokemon are fun twists on animals or objects but Mime looks just like a long-limbed Danny Devito who’s really good at their job. Imagine meeting mime in the wild, where would they even live? In an imaginary house living an imaginary life nearly identical to a humans? Are they carnivores? Are they a prey species? Has a trainer ever stumbled across a mime carcass and assumed a comrade died? Maybe before the pokedex, Mimes were able to live among people as performers, but were quickly and deftly subjugated as soon as they were identified as not One Of Us. Where does the pokeworld draw the line between man and monster

“A Voltron fic where Lance goes on a trip for a month and the team buys a shitty fake houseplant because ‘it does about as much work around here as you do but it actually MAKES oxygen instead of using it all’ and they tape a picture of lance to it and take excessive selfies with just the fake plant. theres an awkward picture of keith kissing it and lance gets all rustled like ‘dude you can’t just kiss plant me’ and keiths like ‘why not its not like i can kiss real you’ and keith goes beat red and hides in his room for two weeks” - @teebreezies

dan acknowledged the confusion of sexuality and I can’t even admit that to my two friends yet he willingly ‘admitted’ it to millions of people and that’s something I look up to