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things i think would be really rad to ask about at voltron’s panel

 - We know the paladins ages so we’ll leave it at that but if we could get a confirmation for Allura’s age that would be Super Swell.

 - Ask if we’ll be getting an Allura-centric episode revolving around her memories of Altea! A flashback episode where we get to see Altea before the fall, if we’re introduced to any friends or other family members (maybe even her mother) would be so nice. Even just “hey are we gonna learn more about Altea” would work.

 - Ask if Keith is Asian if they can confirm Cuban!Lance and Samoan!Hunk outside of the show I’m sure they could confirm Asian!Keith

 - Ask if we’ll be getting Lance/Hunk/Allura character arcs!

 - How are the garrison trio’s families doing? Even though this is mainly a spoiler it would be nice to hear if we’ll get to see the garrison trio talking about their families.

 - What kinds of new aliens they’ll introduce in vld3 and if we’ll get anymore female characters

Just try and avoid shipping questions tbh even if you do ask they really can’t confirm anything because romantic relationships are spoilers since they usually involve character development and dynamic changes in both the characters, the team, and the story.

Street Food Across Arda: Apple Hand Pies (Edoras)

(can i just say how hard it is to take pictures of one’s own hand without using a wide angle lens? forgive my weird looking alien hand. i just wanted to prove that they were literally hand-sized pies ok)

It’s Eothiriel Week! (that’s Eomer/Lothiriel for you lightweights ;) It seemed appropriate to have a recipe for at least one of my two favorite people in Tolkien’s world. (I generally try to keep this blog JUST food. Middle Earth food. No gifsets, no personal stuff. Just…food. But when it comes to my OTP, all that is out the window. Though in my defense, this is still food.)

These apple hand pies are a specialty across the Riddermark, but nowhere are they made better than in Edoras. 

Apple Hand Pies (printable)
makes about 16-18 pies


One batch pie crust
2 apples, chopped (any variety will do)
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
½ teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
½ tablespoon lemon juice
Egg wash (1 egg yolk beaten with 1 tablespoon of water)


Prepare pie crust according to directions. While it is chilling, prepare the apple filling by mixing together the apples, brown sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice. Put aside. Preheat oven to 375 F (190 C).

Roll out pie crust; cut into 3-4 in. diameter circles. Make sure you have an even number! Put a tablespoon of filling on half the circles; place the other halves on top and crimp edges with a form. Poke holes in the top. Transfer to baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. 

Serve warm or cold; with ice cream if so desired.

i think part of the reason why da:i companions feel flat compared to da:o’s and da2′s is that none of them were given personalized stories 

like in da:o and da2 every companion got a pretty rich personal history that explained why they saw things the way they did. fenris not liking magic because of his history of abuse at the hands of magisters, anders’ hatred for the circle, merrill’s desperation to restore lost dalish history, leliana’s attachment to the chantry and fervent belief in second chances, morrigan’s aloofness and anger, zevran’s flippancy - when you take their actions in context of their rich backstories, they (for most part) make perfect sense and give dimensions to the characters

da:i never goes there? we know vivienne is pro circle but why? we don’t know, because all we get something vague about her being ambitious. iron bull clings to the qun and the security that comes with following it but has some doubts - what brought that doubt? at what point did dorian decide tevinter needed to change and why does he think tevinter society is worth preserving? we don’t know because all we get is “tevinter has culture” which they probably stole from the elves lolwut and a horrifying justification of slavery. where does sera’s hatred of everything even remotely elven stem from? we get the cookie story but that doesn’t even begin to cover the depths of her self loathing. their motivations and histories are alluded to vaguely in banter and dialogue but they stop frustratingly short of revelation. (much like the rest of the game which feels like half baked ideas and themes that never crystallize)

(cole’s has asunder, varric has da2. i haven’t paid enough attention to blackwall to comment but i think just its boils down to “one day i woke up and realized orlesians nobles suck anyway so i decided fuck morals” or something. solas……We Just Don’t Know. )

i guess that’s also why their relationships with the inquisitor felt hollow to me because there was never a personal connection, making every interaction feel … superficial

what if, instead of blogging about music or film or publishing writing, i just blog about food and what im eating and recipes

what if i became a lesbian suburban mom food blogger


food that looks like dio brando: guerrero brand tostadas


Korean Food photoset #1! aka What I’ve been eating for the past 6 months

  • Soonduboo Jjigae, my newest addiction. Soonduboo is like tofu, and jjigae is thick Korean soup that’s cooked in the same bowl, and presented at the table still bubbling hot. There are many different kinds of Jjigae, seafood jjigae being my personal fave!
  • Generic noodles, made quaint by the fact that this was eaten at the train station, overlooking train tracks
  • Shabu Shabu, technically Japanese, but popular here. Thinly sliced beef, boiled and eaten - on this occasion - in spring rolls. Once the beef is eaten, noodles are then added to the leftover beef-flavoured broth, and then your next course is delicious noodle soup! And then rice is added to the bottom of the pot, cooked in the remainder of that broth, and for third course you get a very savoury rice, similar to risotto! Make sure to go there hungry
  • Mandu soup. Mandu are Korean dumplings, and this is cooked - like many Korean dishes - right at the table in a communal pot, which you take from for your own bowl.
  • Banchan aka “side dishes”. A traditional Korean meal comes with about 80 million side dishes, which everyone takes from. Very useful for filling up if it turns out you don’t like your main course!
  • Kimbap, which has been my uber-convenient, uber-cheap, uber-tasty go-to of a meal. Basically a sushi roll stuffed with veggies, and whatever your favourite filler is, like kimchi, beef, plain rice, cheese, squid….I like the tuna kimpab best!
  • Albap. Anything with the word “bap” in it is a rice dish. This one is the standard rice/vegetable mix, served in a hot stone bowl, but topped with fish eggs. Delish! (and at this restaurant the waiter instructed me to pour the accompanying miso-tasting soup dish over the whole mixture)
  • Dakgalbi. Stir-frying marinated chicken at the table and covering it with cheese. ‘Nuff said.
  • Tbh I have no idea what this one was called but it was some kind of bap dish with cubes of raw salmon, and was excellent
  • Korean BBQ, in the flesh. Grilling different varieties of beef and pork belly right at the table, accompanied by a ton of vegetable side-dishes, soups, and oh yeah, beer. 

I won’t lie, at times I really miss western comfort foods, and sometimes Korean food can be what (don’t get me started on corn, blueberries, and potato on pizza). But at the end of the day, whatever struggles there are living in a country, the food here is generally not one of them!