just following the trend

We are expected to be consumable.

We’re supposed to be curvy, slender, our hair fixed, makeup on, follow the trends, wear the right clothes, show just enough skin, we’re pretty from 18 to 30, but we have an expiration date, or if we’re too fat, or too thin, or too loud or opinionated or angry, then we aren’t the right kind of woman.

The right mind of woman has a big butt, big breasts, tiny waist, perfect hair, the perfect kind of makeup that looks effortless, and needs to be consumable.

The world eats us up and spits out the bones.

Eats, eats, eats,

we’re too slutty or too prudish, we’re shamed if we’re blunt or bold but boring if we’re not,

eats, eats, eats and spit out the bones:

we’ve let ourselves go, no makeup no manicure no sleep we’re dumpy, don’t care enough about our appearance spit, spit, spit, 40 year old women can hardly get big Hollywood roles, they’re too old. Too old for what: to be consumed, to be pretty, to be watchable.

We shave and pluck and primp because if we don’t, we’re unfeminine and odd.

Women can’t breastfeed in public because once boobs aren’t sexy, aren’t consumable, then they’re bad. Can’t talk about periods, tampons, every girl is momentarily shamed by who might notice the first time she buys pads because it’s gross–not consumable.

Eat, eat, eat, and spit out the bones

To be honest, most of the new generation kpop fandoms seem extremely shallow to me for some reason. It just seems like people just join fandoms for the sake of it or they just follow what the most popular or trending group there is at the moment… Kinda like bandwagoners, and once they stop trending, they’ll just move on to the next most popular thing. That’s the kind of mindset I get when I see the attitude of so many fans. 

1D Hiatus: Day 337

* Louis posts THREE selfies on Instagram, THREE

* Niall and Fizzy comment on one of Louis’ Instagram selfies

* Niall posts two pictures on Snapchat

* Louis likes a collage of his selfie and a picture of Harry on Instagram, we obviously freak out

* Niall posts a video on Instagram

* Liam meets fans in LA

* Niall will be attending and performing ‘This Town’ at the American Music Awards next Sunday

It’s Nov 14th, 2016.

Kitten Play

I know for a fact that I am a kitten… Well a big baby feline I should say because I am not a normal house cat. I’ll tell you that much at least. I have something that has been on my mind for quite awhile and it has to do with kitten play. 

I just want to be able to understand why all of the kitten play tag is about Little’s (which I have nothing against I am one as well) or controversy. Seriously why? The rest of the pet play tags don’t have this stuff. This might be because many people in kitten play are just following the trend or maybe some people are just so ignorant that they don’t know the difference.

I don’t mean to sound like a bitch. Or maybe I do. It’s too late at night for me to decide right now, but all I want to do is be able to look at the kitten play tag and see KITTEN PLAY STUFF! I DON’T WANT TO NOR SHOULD I HAVE TO SEE EVERYTHING, BUT KITTEN PLAY! 

I looked at it just now and found minors stating that kitten play is in the sigil tag. I am a witch as well, so why the hell is there kitten play in the sigil tag! Like seriously MINORS can be WITCHES too! Why are you sharing this KINK with them! You can’t blame them for seeing it! You are sharing it with them! 


Friendly reminder that it’s perfectly okay to use the start of a new year to make physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes to your life!

You are not being basic. You are not following a trend. You are not just going to give up after trying for a week.

You’re using the hope for a better future and a clean slate to begin anew.

Owning a pocket sized Jungkook

Genre: Fluffy, pocket!jungkook

Words: 1212 (this was not intentional btw)

Because Jessica was bored and she decided to kill herself by writing this imagine. RIP APOCKETSIZEDJUNGKOOK (JESSICA).

You owned a pocket sized human and you didn’t even know why. They’re cute, yes, they are adorably cute. But you had no goddamn reason to have one, except for the fact that pocket sized humans were trendy right now. You first didn’t want to give in, because you thought that you were better than that. Not following the trend and just do what you wanted to do. And then one of your friend got one. She started persuading your other friends to get one, and eventually they all got one, aside from your best friend and you.

You thought that the two of you were in this together until the horrible day that she got one too. At first you didn’t want to give in, because all of your friends had a reason why they got one. They were lonely, didn’t have a time for a boyfriend or simply wanted to play with it whenever they got bored. 

You eventually gave into the pressure and got one too. After bringing your pocket sized human home you started to panic. You had no goddamn idea how to raise this tiny human and honestly didn’t even want one to begin with. You still got one for what reason? Because you didn’t want to be left out, you didn’t want to be the loner of the group and that’s pathetic.

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Something curious that I’m not sure translates well when it comes to Karamatsu’s painful fashion is his infamous sunglasses. In Western countries, sunglasses are as functional as they are cool, and lighter colored eyes are more prone to sensitivity toward the sun. Dark brown Japanese eyes are typically more resistant to the sun. For a first hand account, when I wear sunglasses in Japan, I always receive stares for doing so. You will not see a lot of sunglasses there outside from (usually) young people wanting to make a fashion statement. 

Because eye contact is so important in Japanese communication (it’s how emotions are understood), I find Karamatsu’s sunglasses especially interesting as he is someone who resists being his “true self” (i.e., when his cool guy voice cracks). Whether or not this was intentional or just him following Western fashion trends the same way he picks up English words is anyone’s guess, but I thought it might be interesting to point out the anomaly in his fashion and perhaps part of the reason why people find it so cringe-inducing. 

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I just found this blog so if this is a stupid question and you've covered this a million times feel free to ignore me but. what is the chance of texas goin blue at any point in time? do you think it would ever

It absolutely can happen, and very, very soon!

I’ve personally been saying that Texas can flip as soon as 2020 since about 2010. You just have to follow the population trends in the state.

Texas’s Legislature is only heavily Republican because of the gerymandering of large cities, all of which were are Blue except for Fort Worth, and the heavily Latino Southern part of Texas. For example, my District, 35, is divided among 5 cities and includes heavily diverse areas of Austin and San Antonio, and includes San Marcos which is dominated by college students at Texas State which tends to lean progressive and libertarian. TX 33 links the only progressive part of Fort Worth with much more liberal Dallas. Our districts are very “squigely.”

The key to fixing the Legislature is by undoing the Republican Gerrymandering, because currently the dominant party draws the district lines. So the way to go about that is by giving the drawing line powers to a non-partisan group to fairly distribute seats. You’ll see a lot more Democrats coming into the Legisltaure and into Congress from Texas if that happens.

The current population trends in Texas seem to show a growth in the Latino population state-wide which is good for Democrats, considering the GOP decided to double-down on anti-immigrant stances on a national level. This is good for state and national level elections, where overall population vote.

It might not happen until 2024, but white moderates turning against Trump in 2020 could accelerate things. The Wall isn’t popular here, and the Hard Right leadership in the Texas Senate that is pushing things like bathroom bills and abortion restrictions in a state that ranks near the bottom in education, teen pregnancy, infant death rates, insurance rates, and quality of life can sink them if the Democrats can actually grow a spine.

Imagine Seijou third years chillin on a grass field at school during lunch break and Iwaizumi falling asleep, so Makki starts to pat his hair “it’s actually much softer than it looks like” and Mattsun pulls some grass off the ground and puts it on Iwa-chans face and finally Oikawa puts flowers in his hair and when Iwa-chan wakes up he has no idea. And even went to class like that.

I just hit 100 followers so I thought I would follow the trend of doing a follow forever! I’ve probably forgotten people, I always forget something.

@gadotofrph my fellow aussie! One of the very first roleplay helps I followed and even though we don’t talk that often you are pretty amazing

@dear-indies You both are just so bloody nice and helpful and amazing! Like wow.

@evansyhelpmy fav person to rant about supergirl too who always makes awesome icon packs.

@evanrsiers not a roleplay help but an amazing person who reblogs and makes super amazing stuff

Some awesome people who I have never had the courage to talk but would love to because they are amazing. 

@geminihelps @foxxrpt @beyrps @seblaine-rph @swiftofrph@maurawrites @odysseushelps @lishs1x1 @lisbugrph @vitanirps @jasperhelps @eternalroleplay @steinfeldofrph @nphofrph @lia-rps

Some fantastic blogs that are super useful

@bunchofgifhunts @helpersofindie @dcrpicons 

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Check this out you liberal fuck, just because someone doesn't agree with your "politically correct" views doesn't make them a fucking Nazi. Also hating Nazis or any form of white pride of any kind is a little ironic when you fucking listen to black metal. You're probably not even really politically correct or liberal. You're probably just a fucking trend follower. Kill yourself.

Sounds like you need a safe space


30 Days Of Sim Making Challenge - Day 1 - Plain Jane

So i decided to try something different for me, i have quickly realised i need some specific custom content to complete some of the days…

Sarah Modest - As soon as i thought about Plain Jane for a sim i wanted to use this skirt i had, so that was the basis for day 1 xD

Sarah was nicknamed ‘Plain Jane’ in school, she never followed the latest trends or makeup, she just didn’t care. She had dreams and goals and they were more important than worrying about the little things. She is happy in her own skin and that’s all that matters!

this trend of drawing harry and hermione as poc feels like it came out of nowhere and it is so amazing. it’s like this corner of the internet collectively decided one day that the movies were definitely far too white and now i see fanart of them portrayed as poc as often as i see them as white.

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i just want to say thank you for all you do. every time there's any drama you express your opinion and i really appreciate it. i always feel uncomfortable when d*uis shit or B shit happen and there is you who can convince me abt smth. its not like i believe everything, no. im just kinda new to the fandom so i rely on others opinion. and when i read yours i compare it to every shit happened and decide for myself can it be real or not. and its always can. thank you anna. really. i love you.

thank you anon for your words, i don’t do anything special but expressing my opinion on things just like the rest of the bloggers here. it can be different from the others sometimes but i encourage everyone to speak their mind freely and don’t follow a trend just because its easier. and trust me, it can be frustrating and annoying and sometimes you want to punch a wall because you see how louis is treated by these cretins who uses him  as prop to try and get attention, but NONE of this is real and you always have to keep this in mind. 

valorandgold replied to your post “@hercisms Cue Ema shyly tapping Kay’s shoulder. “So, um… I’ve been…”

Oh so just cuz Edgey got married now everyone else has to follow the trend of proposals and whatnot. *Rolls eyes* (…though come to think of that I suppose Kay and I should do something similar with Athena and Junie in the future…)


Nah, jk. Fite me, Colin. ;3

you know what’s kinda annoying?
when I was in elementary\ middle school I always had my natural thick eyebrows, and other kids would make fun of me for it and call me stuff like hairy etc
but now when it’s a trend people are drawing on eyebrows, getting extentions, tattoos and just……..
why can’t you be honest with yourself and just do what fits you?
stop following “trends” mindlessly, you do you and screw everybody else