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grizzbear  asked:

headcanons for if the bears had blogs

•Anime gifsets/ fanart
•Random aesthetic posts
•Media Discourse
•Relatable text posts about social anxiety + Posts from lovesuggestion
•Complaining / Venting / Vague Posting
•Lots of selfies
•Reblogs those links to buzzfeed quizzes
•Sometimes posts own art (usually calls it trash immediately after)
•Everything is organized in separate tags

•Positive atmosphere
•Emojis are everywhere 😋
•Supportive / Motivational posts
•Lots of Liveblogging + Taking pics of stuff around him
•High Definition Food Porn
•Tags bros on funny posts all the time
•Never uses the tags to react to a post he just comments directly on it
•Outdated Memes
•Gets excited over getting spambots as followers b/c at least its something right

•Entire blog theme is white including the text
•Abundance of Shitposts
•Russian Memes
•Never makes any posts about personal life
•Occasionally answers anons
•He is like a cryptid he’s only vaguely visible on his brother’s social media and nowhere else
•Audio posts of music he likes
•Uncaptioned photos of white furred animals and white clothes
•Hijacks Panda’s blog sometimes
•Mostly runs on Queue

actually-autistic-anime  asked:

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start their own imagines blog? I love your work, and you've made me want to have my own blog like yours (but with Free! since I'm Free trash)

(Omg I’m Free! trash also. If you do start this blog pls hmu)

I’m going to be honest and say that I never expected this blog to become popular or anything. I’ve basically bullshitted my way to this point and I have no idea what makes my blog so great. Anyways, this is just what I personally think makes an imagine blog successful

  1. Have a simple theme. Your followers will be here to read your work, so being super visually stimulating isn’t really a priority. Choose contrasting colors (probably lighter ones for the background and darker ones for text) and have an easy to read font.
  2. Tag your work. It’s an easy way for people to find your writing while they search tags for content. It also helps people find other works within your blog (i.e. if they want to find more of your work about Haru, they can just search your blog and it will all be there).
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for shoutouts. I know it can be intimidating to approach other bigger blogs about it, but just do it! I’d say that 9/10 blogs will be happy to give you a quick shoutout. I promise it doesn’t hurt, and you’d be surprised how many people will discover you that way! (you can ask me if you’d like!)
  4. Create a rules page. Just as your followers have expectations for your blog, you should have expectations of your followers. Just lay down what you’re comfortable writing and what you aren’t. Having guidelines will ensure that you can stay within your comfort zone at all times. Also, don’t be afraid to refuse requests you’re not comfortable with. I promise you won’t be hurting anyone’s feelings; it’s not that big of a deal.
  5. Make sure you enjoy it! It’s just a blog, hun. I know for a while I was really struggling to put this blog after my happiness. I was neglecting my health and responsibilities in order to put my followers first. DO NOT DO THAT. I swear on my life that it isn’t worth it. Put yourself first, then your blog. Forcing yourself to write won’t allow you to have fun with it. And, you guessed it, if you don’t have fun, you won’t want to run the blog anymore. Just do what makes you happy!

I hope this helps you! Good luck with your blog, and please direct me in the direction of your blog once you get going! I’d love to read your work :3 If you have any other questions or need any advice, feel free to message me, and the ask box is always open! Have fun, love! <3


Sorry for the crappy text, I usually write out the dialogue but my wrist has been hurting a lot lately because of work. Just like everything else, it was funnier in my head.

With the season 2 trailer of Voltron out, this scenario popped into my head with the “WHY ARE THEY SHIRTLESS?” thing going on with the fandom. Makes no sense, I know. A washing machine in space? You bet. Read tags on who built it.

Please don’t edit or repost. :D

team 7 on tumblr
  • naruto: reblogs mostly pics of cute and fluffy animals. #positivity. regularly posts selfies. everyone and their dog has a crush on him. is often tagged in posts by his mutuals. #squadgoals.
  • sasuke: mostly random text posts he relates to. not too personal. woke af. v opinionated and vocal about it. does not give a single fuck. DO NOT get into argument with him, you will only embarass yourself. rants in (and out of) tags.
  • sakura: aesthetics. selfies. social justice. with side shitpost. queen of sarcasm. a true role model. also, her make up is on point and anons never fail to appreciate it.
  • sai: an art blog. has a decent fanbase, but ia just. so bad at interaction w/ his followers. the poor soul takes weeks to reply to his asks. easily flustered!! what a pure cinnamon roll.
  • kakashi: a fandom hoe. writes icha icha fanfiction. sin. it ends up on many fic rec lists. the type of person you go to when you first join a fandom. makes bad puns and loses followers because of it. lots of gay.
  • yamato: now THAT is what i call a shitpost factory. there isn't a meme he misses. expert on memes, memes of memes, and meme fusions. and don't get me started on his nihilism and existential humor text posts. what an inspiration.

To my followers: as S2 approaches I just want to remind you that this blog is NOT spoiler free. I WILL post spoilery content on this blog, and I WILL post it basically immediately since I plan to watch S2 as soon as it is released. However, I also WILL be tagging all posts with the tags “#s2 spoilers” and “voltron spoilers” so they can be blacklisted. Apologies to you all who scroll mostly on mobile.

Yui Appreciation Week 2017!

Starts on Sunday, March 26!! :D


  • Spread no hate and take no hate. Don’t try to start arguments with anyone, and if anyone sends tries to start an argument with you, remember you can just delete the messages and block the person. You can turn off anonymous asks or disable messages from people that you don’t follow, too.
  • You can participate with fanart, fanfics, edits, or just plain ol’ text posts sharing your Yui favorites. Show everyone your stuff :D But remember not to repost stuff that you didn’t make!
  • Tag your stuff with #YuiAppreciationWeek2017 and be sure to like & reblog other people’s posts too!! Spread the love! (you can tag me in your posts if you want!! >:D)
  • Tag Lost Eden spoilers
  • You don’t have to follow the prompts exactly ^^ For example, if you didn’t watch the anime then you can do something else for day 5. Just have fun and love Yui

Here are the prompts for each day:

Day 1: Yui Komori
(Intro day~ Do whatever you want)

Day 2: Yui’s Best Quality
(i.e. faith, perseverance, etc)

Day 3: Yui’s Best Outfit
(If you’re an art person I would really like to see some fanart of her in new outfits! Yui is so pretty o(^▽^)o I want a day to appreciate her beauty!)

Day 4: Favorite Scene from the Games
(Tag spoilers!)

Day 5: Favorite Scene from the Anime

Day 6: Favorite Pairing

Day 7: Favorite Quote
(Yui has a voice - please use the last day to make sure we hear it.)

Eleven Random Facts About Me

Rules: Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts you mentioned previously. The facts can be absolutely anything! Whatever springs to mind! Allons-y! 

Thanks for tagging me, @jem-scribbles

1. I am a very precise person. I notice that especially in the way I write (I can’t stand typos or un-pretty formatting), text (even in text messages I keep an eye on grammar and spelling) or do work. I can never let myself do “just enough”. I don’t even know what “just enough” is and I feel terrible whilst knowing that I have not done everything I could have done… Sometimes I wind up in very stressful situations because of this perfectionism. 

2. I have a dog. A blonde labrador. His name is Jamie and I adore him ♥

3. I am part of the youth ensemble of the local theatre and we are currently starring in an opera. My second performance will be on Saturday, the first one was yesterday.

4. I am very interested in interior design. I love vintage-y hipster stuff, light colours and vintage prints that have inspiring quotes on them. 

5. I am currently studying media and communication science. In March I will start my fourth semester.

6. We recently moved to a very provincial town and I want to leave it again as soon as possible. There are so many things I despise about it - especially the fact that the place has absolutely nothing to offer in winter. Everything’s just grey and muddy and wet and makes me depressive. I call it February-depression. 

7. I am a vegetarian.

8. I can very easily think of movie and TV show quotes, I really am a walking dictionary of great and/or amusing quotes. Give me the beginning of a sentence and I am sure that in 70% of the cases, I can complete it with a quote. Challenge accepted! :) 

9. Uuuh… I don’t like it when people pet my hair because it’s very curly and very hard to tame.

10. Tonight I dreamed about some kind of goat-deer hybrids da-da-ing Offenbach’s Can Can and aggressively line dancing. Yup. 

11. Whenever someone gives me chocolate, I don’t store it in my room, I store it in the kitchen. Because I know that if I stored it in my room, I’d eat it in a day. The problem is just that someone always finds it in the kitchen at some point and… nibbles off a bit. Sigh. Will I ever learn?













Sorry if you’ve already been tagged, I hope you don’t mind :)

hey o/ i’m dee and my dashboard is Dead™ so i’m looking for new people to follow!

fandoms im interested in:
 - vanitas no carte
 - d gray man
 - ao no exorcist
 - bungou stray dogs (im not caught up yet)
 - voltron: legendary defender
 - naruto
 - boku no hero academia (also not caught up with)
 - one piece (ki n d a)

i’m looking for people who:
 - tag!!!!
 - make graphics/fic/art (not necessary)
 - dont do ship wars/discourse
 - are nice people owo

pls reblog and tag what you post or just like this post and i’ll check out some Blogs thx ♥!



Hi everyone! i decided to do a follow forever for the new year because i want to show appreciation before 2016 ends.

So i hope everyone’s having a good day of a year that hasn’t been the best, but hopefully y’all have had some positive memories from it when the world goes into 2017 and that 2017 will be much better both personally and worldwide. i just wanted to thank everyone for making my time on here really great and for posting pictures, making beautiful edits, coming up with funny text posts or just cheering on your favorite football team! it has been up and downs on this site with people not being so kind to one and other but for the most part, in my own opinion, it has been awesome to come on here on a match day and being apart of a community that i myself don’t really have outside of tumblr (maybe some can relate to this)

anyway i hope 2017 will be a year of prosper, happiness, new experiences, new people, making even more memories that will last forever and that you will take of yourself because you are important, wonderful, amazing and deserve to live the life YOU want to live. so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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75 Truths From How I Met Your Mother.

1. Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m.
2. Suit up!
3. Accept all challenges.
4. Don’t underestimate the power of a good wingman (or woman).
5. You’re never too old for a game of laser tag.
6. Don’t get a tattoo when you’re drunk or feeling emotional, or both.
7. People who are texting or sitting at the bar are most likely in relationships.
8. It’s not easy to stay friends with everyone from college.
9. But cherish the friends who mean a lot to you.
10. Your drunk ideas aren’t always your best ideas.
11. When you get sad, just stop being sad and be awesome instead.
12. “The longest pause you will ever experience in your life is the one that follows asking the question: will you marry me?”
13. Make sure whoever you’re casually dating isn’t included in group photos at special events.
14. Everyone has their own special remedy for a hangover.
15. Make sure you don’t just think, think, think and you also do, do, do.
16. You’ll probably be really happy if you marry your best friend.
17. And if you can’t agree on a last name, just call yourself the “Awesomes.”
18. Don’t shy away from your past. Even if it’s embarrassing — like being an 80’s Canadian pop star — your friends will still love you.
19. “We all make stupid decision…but time can take a stupid decision and turn it into something else entirely.”
20. Don’t bring your annoying significant other on trips with your friends.
21. Learn to accept your friends’ annoying significant other for who they are.
22. If you get along with your best friend’s significant other, life will be exponentially better.
23. Dating people in your friend group can get messy and complicated.
24. But sometimes it can lead to a happy, loving relationship.
25. There’s no such thing as a “girly looking” drink — men can drink Margaritas, too.
26. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do — its OK to change your mind.
27. You should “hold out for someone who doesn’t just tolerate your little quirks but actually kind of likes them.”
28. If you run away on your wedding day, it’s polite to leave a note.
29. It’s not entirely unheard of to have an identity crisis and move across the country.
30. Pursue the career path and profession you’re passionate about.
31. Being in a relationship that challenges you can be constructive, but also exhausting.
32. You shouldn’t be constantly fighting with your significant other — relationships aren’t supposed to be that difficult.
33. Unrequited love sucks, but it happens.
34. Don’t have sword fights with your best friend.
35. Surround yourself with people who support your work and ideas.
36. Sometimes, life will throw you curveballs that you have no control over.
37. “You can let your anger go, and only when you do that is it really gone and you can move forward.”
38. You never know when you can end up losing your job.
39. But the silver lining is it could lead to other amazing opportunities.
40. Have a job that allows you to travel a lot and see the world.
41. As long as it doesn’t involve taking the overnight shift.
42. Always break up with someone before you try to hook up with someone else.
43. A Hanging Chad isn’t the best Halloween costume.
44. Dating your psychologist generally isn’t a good idea.
45. Be careful of monkeys at the zoo — they can steal your wallet.
46. Before you buy a house and commit to a mortgage, make sure it’s not built crooked.
47. Law school takes a lot of work, time, and effort.
48. High-fives are the best way to show your friends affection.
49. Be loyal to your loved ones, but don’t feel like you need to follow a strict set of rules, otherwise known as the “Bro Code.”
50. Sometimes,the universe conspires against you.
51. Befriend your regular bartender — they might even throw you the keys to the place sometime.
52. If you find a good burger place, write down the address.
53. Making bets about your friends’ futures is only OK if they never find out.
54. If you find a good apartment, keep it in your friend group.
55. And when you do need to find a new place, start by asking people you know.
56. Try to stay upbeat when someone asks you to make a speech at their wedding.
57. If your wedding day isn’t going the way you want it to, make it perfect in your own way.
58. Always be willing to entertain your childhood friend when they come to town.
59. “Sometimes you fall for someone you’d never expect, but that doesn’t make it wrong.”
60. You don’t need to move to a whole new city to start your life over.
61. But sometimes a change of scenery can help give you just the right perspective you need.
62. Owning a bar is way more of a hassle than you and your friends might think.
63. “The one” may not necessarily exist because sometimes you get more than one chance at real love.
64. Working with your friends can be a really fun way to pass the time.
65. Be mature enough to give your ex-relationships closure.
66. And don’t lie about your identity to get someone to sleep with you — it’ll definitely catch up with you.
67. Don’t rub it in your ex’s face when you’ve moved on.
68. “Whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.” 69. “The future is scary but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.”
70. Abandoned umbrellas are always up for grabs.
71. “When you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.”
72. If you try hard enough, you might be able to actually make it rain.
73. Every moment that you’re living eventually turns into a memory and, therefore, an epic story.
74. “Love is the best thing we do.”
75. Your story is never really finished.

okay, so last night i was thinking about exactly how many people i could follow. I made an alt account for this. So literally anyone, i dont care what you post or who you are, reblog/like this and I WILL follow you.

naturally I’m going to tag the heck out of this. free followers for you guys, right?

I am gonna see BatB tonight!

Tonight I am going to see Beauty and the Beast and I will definitely talk about it a lot in the following days :). I will however mark the spoilers in the text and I will tag all posts with “spoilers” “beauty and the beast 2017 spoilers” and “batb 2017 spoilers”. So, blacklist these tags to be safe, ok?

I am so excited! I just can’t believe the movie I waited for for so many years is finally here!

10 Things I Am Most Looking Forward To:

1) Dan Stevens. Seriously I love that guy. I could imagine other people in all the other roles but Dan Stevens will always be my only choice for the Beast. Suck it, Ryan Gosling!

2) Emma and Dan’s singing. I actually like Emma’s singing voice a lot and I don’t care whether it’s autotuned or not. In my opinion, Belle doesn’t have to be a perfect singer. You know who has to be an accomplished singer? Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (who was given “the gift of song”) or Ariel (of course). Not Belle.

3)  Belle and Beast arguing, becoming friends and slowly falling in love. It sounds like a natural thing, but in the original film we didn’t get a chance to see them interact much, even after the wolf attack, there was the library scene, the Something There scene and then only the ball and the end. The Broadway show had them reading “King Arthur” and talking about how they feel like outcasts. I want to see something similar in the movie. I want to know more about how they spent their time together, what books they read, what they discussed.

4) The West Wing scene! It’s my favorite sequence in the original film (the animation! the mysterious music! the moment Belle looks into familiar pair of eyes!) so I hope it will keep its charm in the live action.

5) The Prologue scene, the Enchantress and the Beast’s backstory!

6) The transformation/kissing scene. But I understand that they couldn’t possibly trump this:

Because that’s literally the best animated kiss of all time (the second best is from Anastasia, the third one is from Tangled <3)

7) The musical numbers! Not just the music but the choreography, the scenography…everything!

8) The new songs! I didn’t listen to the soundtrack (which was released on YouTube by Disney for those of you who don’t know), only to Evermore by Josh Groban (which I had on repeat for hours), so I am really hyped about How Does A Moment Last Forever, Days In the Sun and Evermore sung by Dan Stevens!

9) The old songs! Belle, Belle Reprise and Something There were always my personal favorites.

10) And everything else! :D It’s Beauty and the Beast after all! <3


my lil beautiful wifey @cutestshua tagged me in the selfie bias tag :D

kookie doesn’t dye his hair strange colours so i just went for similar pose things? idk (also the top picture of me is the latest hair colour i change it way too often i know)

he’s like 5000% more beautiful than i will ever be ;w;

i shall tag @hoseokloved @strawberrie-kookie @hohbi @sweaterpawsyoongi @jungkookfortunekookies

and i’ll tag any of my followers that want to do this! Show me your pretty faces ^-^ although obviously no pressure to do so if you don’t want to :)

I originally made this blog to post doodles, drawings, writings, and whatever I wanted but as more people started following I got really scared. I’m happy my stuff is being seen more, so thank you so much for following me and sharing my work.

I think I might do more of what I intended in the first place, to use this blog as a blog, and not solely a place to post stuff I’m a bit more proud of than usual. If you dislike long-winded text posts, I’ll tag journal entries with “sheejournal” so you could blacklist, or I guess you could just unfollow me! Don’t worry, I don’t think my life is so interesting that I’d have one everyday.

Today around noon, on the way to Costco, the sky looked like this:

It was filled with clouds and I couldn’t find the sun. When this happens I get kinda nervous. Later on, there wasn’t a proper sunset either… And then with cloudy nights, the sky is pitch black and I can’t find the moon.

My sister made silly putty at school and it’s so cute. If it stretches more than 30cm it snaps with a “thup!” sound.

She’s a kid but sometimes I envy her ‘cause kid-me wasn’t even close to how cute she is. She’s smarter than me too, and more mature. Hmm, nevermind, I don’t think I’m envious anymore. I’m so proud for her. Today she was wearing the shirt I got in middle school from the Bluenotes boys section. It says “Hire me! Me! Me!”

I looked at my new haircut in the mirror many times and it’s always different. I think short hair is like that. I looked better with long hair but I feel so much happier now with my hair to my chin!

When I look in the mirror my face is always blurry ‘cause I never wear glasses.

Sometimes I think I look nice and sometimes really ugly. It’s not like back when I disliked myself, now I look ugly and laugh, and I don’t really wanna change anything unless I look really hard.

I spent so much time with my sister today and I’m so happy. March Break started so we’ll get to talk and play more. At night, she gifted me a beautiful Coatl dragon. We did a trade, I gave her an indigo Pearlcatcher. She’s so generous, she said her dragon was 60k. I was going to gift her a 6k dragon… When I heard her say that I felt so guilty! I got her an expensive one too.

I love this dragon a lot, I named it after her.

A lot of things happened today. My friend came back from Japan and I bet there’ll be tons of snacks for us to munch on.

Goodnight! 🌙

Just a little...follow up on my last long post :)

So yes, people being assholes and ignorant on the internet is normal, I know, but I couldn’t ignore this one. So I decided to respond in kind to every piece of anti-asexual bullshit a particular bigot decided to spew. Be warned, this is a really long post, but I do hope you take the time to read it, especially if you’ve seen my previous post here. I’ll refrain from tagging this individual. I’m sure they’ll see this anyway:

So to this asshole individual (and any one that thinks like you), sweetie, take a fucking seat. We are going to have a nice long talk about why everything you said is complete horse shit, paragraph by paragraph.

“op I have to tell you that what youre saying is complete and utter bullshit. First off, the split attraction model is bullshit. Second off, yuri is g a y”

I’d like to direct you to this informative post on the split attraction model. You see, often times attraction is split into either sexual or romantic attraction. For some, this helps them being able to identify themselves. To quote the post I linked at the beginning of this paragraph, “If someone is ace and feels romantic attraction only to the same gender, they might identify as asexual homoromantic, but could also just as likely call themselves ‘asexual and gay/lesbian’ or ‘a lesbian/gay asexual’.“

For a personal example, I would consider myself a panromantic homosexual, because I’m romantically attracted to everyone but I only feel sexual attraction for females. I can branch off from this if I wanted to, so far as to say I could also consider myself demisexual, because my sexual attraction for a female only occurs when I have developed a strong emotional bond with her.

Your claim that the split attraction model is bullshit is incredibly ignorant, because you fail to realize that attraction is a very diverse and unique feeling that is experienced differently by everyone. Some people may find the split attraction model helpful, for it helps them understand themselves better and they find comfort in being able to identify those feelings. Others may not find the split attraction model of any use or help for them, and guess what? That’s okay, too. Because to again quote the post:

Your orientation is yours to define. What’s important here is that you use whatever makes you comfortable when talking about your own orientation. And remember that, like any orientation related term, it’s 100% okay if you don’t want to use it for yourself…The purpose of the split attraction model is to help us understand ourselves better, and then communicate that understanding to others. If you don’t find it helpful for you/ don’t feel like it applies to you, then it might just not be a useful way for you to express your orientation

If the reason you’re so against the split attraction model is because you’re struggling with your own identity and it wasn’t of help to you, I’m sorry for that and I hope you find a means to express yourself someday, but it’s not a reason to be a huge asshole about it and jump down the throats of others.

Yuri could totally be gay. He could totally be asexual. He could totally be both. He could pan, he could be demi, he could bi, he could be whatever someone head canons him to be. If you think he’s strictly gay, with only romantic and sexual attraction to men, then that’s awesome! But just because that’s YOUR head canon, that DOESN’T mean it’s someone else’s, and just because you feel one way about a character doesn’t give you a right to attack someone for having a different interpretation that allows them to connect to a character they love.

“hes fucking gay. Hes gay. He kissed another man. Don’t come at me with that ‘hes bi’ or ‘hes homoromantic ace uwu’ then yes there is a fucking issue and that is homophobic because you have made it so goddamn obvious you’re uncomfortable seeing 2 men love each other outside of your dumb shipping fantasies”

Sweetie I hope you’re still sitting down.

The only issue present here is your incessant need to be such a bigoted asshole. You apparently have this extremely black and white view of sexuality, as was made pretty obvious by your first statement above. Which makes you a painfully ignorant individual, to put lightly. The only one being “phobic” anything is YOU. And I’m sorry, but please explain to me how head-canoning characters as ace or bi or pan or what have you, makes that person uncomfortable seeing two men love each other? So are you saying that there’s only one way to love someone? Are you accusing asexuals of not loving their partners because they don’t feel sexual attraction for them? Because that’s what you are implying, and frankly it’s sickening. Is the only way for a man to love another man only possible if he feels sexual attraction? Are you seriously incapable of realizing there are thousands of healthy and beautiful ways to express love for someone other than bending them over a table? Do you not realize that a relationship can be supportive, healthy, loving, and emotionally fulfilling without sex being a factor?

“I couldn’t give any less of a shit about what dumb crap ace people wanna do but don’t try to force your identity onto a community who gets so little representation”

Sweetie pie, allow me to inform you that those who fall on the asexual spectrum are, in fact, members of the same community you are referring to. But you’re treating them like their some nasty species plaguing society, when in reality it’s people like you plaguing society with your hate. The entire LGBT, LGBTQIA, LGBT+ –whichever acronym you choose to use— gets so little representation. If there’s an LGBT character in a book or show, they’re usually killed off or made up of negative stereotypes (or both). In fact, asexuals find themselves even less represented, because there are people like yourself beating them down, invalidating them, and trying to make them inferior to the other members of the LGBT community, which they are NOT. No one is above the other. And head-canoning someone as ace isn’t forcing an identity on someone, bud.

“the lifeless plants who do shit like that to characters like viktor and yuri are fucking homophobic, because they’re erasing an existing identity and replacing it with one that is not lgbt”

You’re honestly giving me gray hair at this point. By “shit like that”, are you referring to the fact that people seek out and find connections and understanding in a character they love? That’s part of the reason authors and animators come up with their characters because they want their audience to be able to relate to their characters. They want their audience to be able to interpret the characters in their own way. For example, people can either interpret Hermione Granger black or white, JK Rowling doesn’t specify her race at all, thus deliberating leaving that open for interpretation for her readers.

Those liking ace Yuri aren’t forcing their thoughts down other peoples’ throats, they’re not erasing anyone’s head canons or replacing them, in fact, I guarantee to you they’d be more than happy to share their head canons with others who have different head canons, and then we can all celebrate each others’ head canons and talk about them and enjoy the characters together, because that’s what should be happening, not this bullshit you’re spewing.

Asexuality is just as equal a part of the LGBT community as all gays, lesbians, transgender, transsexual, queer, non-binary, gender fluid, agender, and so many many more. By denying one identity or orientation, you are denying all of them, and they are all equally deserving of love, representation, and the ability to enjoy their favorite characters in fucking peace.

“and another point! Saying he’s ‘homoromantic ace’ is also bullshit! Because first off, the split attraction model is garbage, and second off it also shows that you’re uncomfortable with sexual love between two men lmfao”

My dear, the only thing making anyone uncomfortable is the knowledge that such ignorant and hateful people like you exist. Also, in the future I would generally recommend you refrain from repeating the same things you said in previous paragraphs, because in your case it’s not providing any other emphasis other than proving you’re an asshole. Please re-read everything above for your answer for this paragraph ^^

“if you can’t accept romantic and sexual love between a m/m relationship and you wanna force a non lgbt identity onto it, then you’re homophobic and nasty as fuck”

Your attitude is nasty as fuck. Would you mind explaining how exactly head-canoning someone as ace is being unaccepting of a romantic and sexual relationship between men? Bro get the fuck out. I cannot express enough how high your level of ignorance is. Asexuality IS an LBGT identity, has always been, always will be, and again, the only one forcing anything on anyone is YOU with your spiteful, cruel, and utterly baffoonish stand on the subject.

Continuing on from an ace supporter’s reblog of “Why are you so against ace??? Are you saying if you love someone you’ll have to sex with them??? Is that what you’re trying to say??? Because that’s fucked up man”

“i………no? my point is that if youre going to support m/m you need to support m/m for what they are sexual love or not lmfao”

Diddykins, the case you’ve made so far for yourself is that you only support m/m relationships with a sexual love component to them. So you literally just contradicted and made a hypocrite of yourself. Though with bitter people like you, I suppose that’s to be expected.

“im not against asexuals lol do what you want but these people invading a community of the oppressed on the basis that someone who wasn’t educated questioned their identity a few times or their parents said ‘well you have to have sex” or something along those lines doesn’t translate into oppression, it translates on an ignorant minority”

People like you are the reason why I drink. On the contrary, you are quite the ace-phobic individual. And I’m appalled by your word choice of “invading”, as though asexuals are some kind of fucking pest. Let me explain something to you. It’s not a matter of someone just not understanding the identity (in which case, so long as said person isn’t an asshole about it, an asexual should explain and spread understanding). It’s not just a matter of parents saying “well you have to have sex”

It’s people who spend their whole lives wondering what’s wrong with them, feeling like there’s something broken, something damaged about them.

It’s people who lie awake at night, terrified they’ll be forever alone because the one they love wouldn’t understand.

It’s people who have their self-worth crushed because their parents or an important person in their life sneered at them when they came out, and told them they’ll “get over it”, or they “just haven’t met the right person yet”, or others who say shit like, “don’t worry baby, I can make you feel good”

It’s people who have their hearts torn apart because they came out to their partner and they were abandoned and made to feel like how they feel is an inconvenience, that there’s something wrong with them.

It’s people who look into a mirror and wonder if anyone could ever love them as they are.

And you know what? These aren’t thoughts that go through just the mind of asexuals. These are thoughts that go through the mind of every member of the LGBT community at some point in their life. Thoughts that could possibly have crossed YOUR mind at some point in time.

The only thing here translating as an ignorant minority is you, sweet pea.

“no one ever said u had to have sex. Not sure where you got that from”

Why, from you, honey bunch! You made it pretty clear you think the only way for a relationship between two men to work is if they’re both sexually attracted to one another :)

“my point is that asexual is not an lgbt identity (lgbt identities are //not// things besides hetero lol) because asexuals are not systematically or inherently oppressed”

Precious, you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the LGBT community. It exists for the purpose of support, love, and solidarity for those who don’t fall into the dominate group of being a cis-gender heterosexual. That includes asexuality, and any identity on the ace spectrum. Everyone within the LGBT community has experienced some level of being systematically and inherently oppressed, be it at micro or macro sociological levels.

“and no, yuri is not fucking ace. He is a gay ass man and yes it is homophobic to erase a given identity in favor of your own dumb headcanon”

Yeeeaahh, if you could stop invalidating an entire sexuality, that would be great, thanks. As I have stated previously, Yuri could be ace, he could be gay! He could be both! :D I don’t think it’s dumb you headcanon him as gay, and I don’t think it’s dumb that someone else headcanons him as ace. What’s dumb is your piss pants attitude.

“take your homophobia and your pass towards gay representation somewhere else and if it bothers you that theres ~gays~ in media instead of whiny aces then that’s your problem to deal with and not mine lol”

Take your narrow minded, ignorant, hateful ace-phobia and your bullshit claims against asexuals being invaders of the LGBT community somewhere else, or even better, learn from your ignorance and grow to become a better and more understanding person after all this.

You made it your problem when you not only invalidated the existence of millions of people, you invalidated a wonderful and beautiful woman whom I hold very close to my heart and love dearly. So fuck off to you and everyone like you.

so foggy following up on “you’re just a guy. a really good looking guy.” with “girls must love the whole, handsome, wounded duck thing” is absolutely him scrambling and sticking his foot in his mouth, right? that’s foggy going, “oh no. i called him hot and he’s not into that how can i play that off in a straight manner. i can say girls are into him? yeah. that works. girls are into him because he’s handsome. fuck. that’s too gay. girls are into him because he’s a handsome duck. ducks aren’t sexy. that sounds objective enough. perfect. ”