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yes, alec, your boyfriend can take you down any day

sparring idea by @lovetheskyisblue69 , bow and arrow idea by @1128sarahserrano!! thank you!

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Jace had told Alec that he wanted to get a training session in before dinner and Alec was in desperate need to blow off some steam as well. Magnus had come to the Institute after an easy day and the two walked out of Alec’s office and towards the training room. “Are you gonna stay or should I meet you back at the loft?” asked Alec as they turned a corner.

Magnus knew that Alec had been insanely stressed out recently. Apparently Clave orders were getting stricter and stricter by the day, and some of the Shadowhunters were beginning to take liberties in their duties just because Alec had been appointed Head. Magnus smiled and placed a comforting hand on Alec’s back. “I’ll stay,” he reassured, knowing Alec would want someone to walk home with. Alec grinned in response but Magnus raised an eyebrow. “But… only if you wear that tank top I love?”

Alec’s heart skipped a beat or ten thousand at the sight of Magnus’ smirk before he was able to reply. “You are unbelievable,” he replied and Magnus only bit his lip and smiled back in response.

Alec had gotten changed rather quickly and the two had waited for a good 10 minutes before Alec realised that Jace had clearly forgotten his commitment and wasn’t turning up. Alec’s sour mood had returned once again and he let out a rather loud frustrated sigh which Magnus noticed. It was getting late so the training room was empty and Magnus could tell that even though Alec was a lot more comfortable, he was looking forward to sparring with Jace.

“I’d be happy to help,” said Magnus, getting up from leaning on the wall.

Alec frowned and looked back at his boyfriend. “You can fight?” he asked, only a hint of humour in his voice. Magnus raised an eyebrow and Alec knew full well that Magnus could fight but he didn’t want this to be unfair. “Without magic?” he clarified and Magnus scoffed.

He walked closer to Alec and the boy felt his heart rate quicken. “Do you dare to underestimate the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Alexander?” he asked in a low voice. Alec couldn’t seem to close his mouth. He couldn’t even bring himself to blink. His mind went completely blank, and he could feel his heart begin to ache and his eyes go blurry just at the sight of the man in front of him.

He swallowed and diverted his eyes from Magnus’ unexpectedly intense gaze. “Of course not,” he breathed out and walked backwards to get into position. “Let’s go.”

Magnus smirked and made his way over to a chair, took his jacket off, and rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt. Alec swallowed hard, trying to look anywhere but at Magnus’ arms. Hundreds of thoughts ran through his head but an overwhelming sense of ‘how is this real’ washed over him as he looked at Magnus. Eventually, Alec rolled his eyes and shifted back into his normal state of mind, clearing his throat to compose himself.

Quickly, Alec realised that Magnus was not one to be messed with. He was aware that his boyfriend was the High Warlock but he had no idea just how good he was at hand-to-hand combat. Magnus fought well and unlike anyone Alec had encountered before. He was used to the strict rules of his training and hadn’t had the experience of fighting some who wasn’t a Shadowhunter. Alec thought that maybe Magnus had picked a lot of this up by getting into actual fights but didn’t allow himself to get distracted by the possibilities.

Though Magnus was swift, Alec had had a lifetime of fight training and took Magnus down within a couple of minutes. But Magnus didn’t back down. Instead, Alec’s stomach turned uneasily at the way Magnus only smiled. He was close enough to see the few specks of gold under Magnus’ eyes but not close enough to feel his breath and oh, did Alec want to feel it in that moment. He could feel Magnus’ heartbeat against his forearm and it reminded him of the steadiness of a clock. So much so, that Alec found himself lost in his thought for much longer than he could afford.

In one swift movement, Magnus twisted under Alec’s arm and managed to flip themselves over. Magnus slammed Alec down, a knee between the boy’s legs and an arm under his chin. Alec still couldn’t seem to wipe that silly grin off his face and the fact that Magnus was only two inches from him didn’t help. It was so silent that Alec could feel the blood rushing in his ears and just for a second, he forgot where he was.

Magnus leaned forward, almost teasing Alec, their lips almost brushing against each other’s and Alec felt his entire body warm up and tingle. He felt a burning sensation begin to grow at the base of his stomach. Magnus licked his lips and Alec lost it. He hastily leaned forwards to kiss him, to press himself up against him, to do anything but be so tantalisingly close because it was never close enough.  But suddenly, almost as if on cue, Magnus jerked his head back and stood up, a smug smile on his face. Alec let out a frustrated sigh and let his head fall back onto the cold marble floor. Neither of them could stop smiling.

“Okay…” started Alec, after he had collected himself. “How good are you with a bow and arrow?”

Magnus shrugged nonchalantly. “I mean, I may o may not have introduced archery to the Romans…”

Alec laughed. “I’m gonna go with ‘may not’.”

Magnus scoffed playfully, feigning hurt. “You don’t know,” he argued and Alec shook his head.

Alec turned towards the weapons rack to retrieve his bow and quiver and set up a target at the opposite end of the room. He told Magnus to watch and shot an arrow perfectly into the centre of the bullseye. Magnus watched him rather intently and Alec felt hot again so he stopped at handed the bow to Magnus. “You try,” he said. He only felt a little smug.

Magnus walked up to where Alec had stood and before Alec could blink, had shot an arrow that stuck neatly into the target right beside where Alec’s arrow was. Alec chuckled and cocked an accusing eyebrow at his boyfriend. “No magic, I swear,” he said with a wink and Alec really didn’t know what to think.

Instead, he crossed his arms and took step closer. “Not bad, but your form was pretty sloppy.” It was Magnus’ turn to roll his eyes and mumble under his breath. Alec stepped up behind Magnus and again, it was Magnus’ turn to lose his breath.

“Okay,” Alec said softly. “Keep this arm as straight and steady as possible,” he said, touching Magnus’ bicep, and Magnus could help but contain a smile at his comment. “Turn a little this way,” he whispered. He placed his hands on Magnus’ shoulders to guide him and let his fingers linger there for longer than both of them knew was necessary. Magnus only smiled but Alec noticed. “Focus,” he insisted.

“I am focusing,” Magnus replied in a voice that made Alec want to drop everything.

“Legs further apart, good. Bring your elbow up higher, yep. Now shoot,” he instructed, taking a small step back. Magnus let go of the arrow and watched as it hit the outermost ring of the target. Magnus clenched his jaw and Alec smirked. “Not as easy as it looks, huh?” he whispered against Magnus’ cheek and Alec could feel Magnus shift as a shiver travelled down his spine.

“It’s almost like you want me to miss,” he said, shakily. Alec chuckled and Magnus stepped down from his stance, dropping the bow and arrow before turning around and hastily grabbing the front of Alec’s shirt.

Instead of the usual taken aback reaction that Magnus received, Alec leaned in further, melting into the slender line of Magnus’ body. Alec was loosing his breath quicker and quicker by the second so he gave in, grabbing Magnus by the belt loops and pulling him impossibly closer.

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in the meantime, the scene between alec and aline that i wish we had gotten.

How will you discover that your life is about to change? For then-20-year-old English actor Tom Holland, he first learned that he’d been cast in the coveted title role in Marvel Studios’ newest Spider-Man film Spider-Man: Homecoming—after a grueling audition process—from an Instagram post.

No matter how that news arrives, being hired to play an iconic superhero is a game-changer for any young actor, and Holland has certainly earned his spot, amassing an impressive body of work since being scouted at dance school in his hometown of London. In 2008, he made his theater debut in the West End production of Billy Elliot the Musical, and has gone on to appear opposite Naomi Watts in the tsunami-soaked drama The Impossible (2012); in the miniseries Wolf Hall (2015), adapted from two historical novels by Hilary Mantel; and in Ron Howard’s Moby-Dick origin story, In the Heart of the Sea (2015). Earlier this year, Holland appeared in James Gray’s The Lost City of Z, for which he decamped to South America alongside Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson. He also has a plum role as Samuel Insull, the General Electric pioneer and onetime secretary to Thomas Edison, in The Current War, out later this year, which chronicles the rivalry between Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his fellow inventor, George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon).

In the lead up to the expectedly seismic release of Spider-Man: Homecoming in July, and with it the sky-rocketing of his star power, Holland and his friend and Spider-Man co-star, the actress and singer Zendaya, went head-to-head on an episode of the curious celebrity game show Lip Sync Battle that aired on MTV ahead of this year’s Movie & TV Awards. Holland, with a full drag-and-dance routine rendition of Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” won the day, and became a viral sensation for his efforts. In May, they hopped on the phone for a lower-stakes sort of back and forth.

TOM HOLLAND: Zendaya, how are you doing?

ZENDAYA: I’m good, man. This is my first time interviewing you. It’s kind of weird. I’m going to keep it real simple. [both laugh] What did you want to be when you were a kid?

HOLLAND: I didn’t really know what I wanted to be. My mom thought I could dance because I used to dance to this Janet Jackson song she’d play when I was a baby. Then she would take me to a Saturday dance school. I used to go every week and got spotted by a scout, who suggested I audition for the role of Billy in Billy Elliot the Musical. When I first started auditioning, I was too small and I couldn’t dance. [Zendaya laughs] I went to an all-boys school, where I played rugby, so ballet wasn’t the coolest thing to do.

ZENDAYA: Kids are kind of mean. Was that ever a thing?

HOLLAND: I think it toughened me up. I loved doing ballet. I trained for two years. I auditioned every six months for Billy Elliot and got slightly bigger every time I went, and eventually I got the job. I’m very happy I had that training. It’s been so valuable to my career, and I’ve used it on almost everything I’ve done since.

ZENDAYA: It’s probably the reason you beat me on Lip Sync Battle. I’m just throwing that out there.

HOLLAND: That was raw talent.

ZENDAYA: What came after Billy Elliot?

HOLLAND: My parents decided that it was time for me to go back to school. And after being at school for only six weeks, I was whisked off to Spain to shoot in a water tank with Naomi Watts for a film called The Impossible.

ZENDAYA: Your mom is a photographer, right?


ZENDAYA: And your dad?

HOLLAND: He is a stand-up comedian and an author.

ZENDAYA: Do you think that has had anything to do with your creativity?

HOLLAND: Definitely. I come from very creative parents. It’s nice to have a dad who’s been in the industry for probably over 30 years because he knows all the dos and don'ts and the ins and outs and stuff.

ZENDAYA: So now we move from Billy Elliot to a big movie. Did you want to be in the industry more and more? Because when I got my first job, I just wanted it even more.

HOLLAND: That happened for me the more I auditioned for Spider-Man. The closer and closer I got, the more I wanted it. I must have been about 18 when I started auditioning.

ZENDAYA: How long was that process?

HOLLAND: That process was five months. I did eight auditions. I did five self-tapes, and then a screen test with Robert Downey Jr. and a screen test with Chris Evans. In the screen test with Robert Downey Jr., they brought me into the room and I met him. I was so nervous. In my head, I thought, “Wow, you look really weird in person. You don’t look like you do onscreen.” I found out later that I met his stand-in. I basically got my nerves out on his stand-in and then met him. Then my screen test with Chris Evans was a movement test. I was like, “Shall I do a backflip?” And all the Sony guys were like, “Can you do a backflip?” “Fuck, yeah. I’ve been sending you videos for the last five months of me doing a backflip. How do you not know this?”

ZENDAYA: Was that the most stressful period of your life?

HOLLAND: It was stressful because the closer and closer I got, the more I could see my future changing.

ZENDAYA: And you wanted it.

HOLLAND: The thing that killed me was the waiting. Even after my self-tapes, they would call me up and be like, “We’re going to let you know tomorrow.” Six auditions later, still nothing. On my last audition, they said, “You need to stay in Atlanta because we’ll tell you tomorrow.” So I stayed in Atlanta for about a week because my cousin lives there. With each passing day, there was no phone call. I flew back to London. Five weeks passed. I kept checking my phone every 20 minutes, trying to find something. Eventually, one day I was sitting on my bed with my dog just scrolling through Instagram, and there it was. It said, “Go to our website and check out who the new Spider-Man is.” And I did. It said my name. I went crazy. My poor dog had a fit. I ran downstairs, told my family. My brother, Harry, was like, “No, dude. Sony’s account has been hacked. They’d let you know. They’d call you.” Which is so Harry, by the way. He’s so pessimistic about everything. But Sony had gotten hacked not long before. Then [president of Marvel Studios, and producer on the film] Kevin Feige rang me up, telling me, “I’ve got great news. You’re going to be Spider-Man.” I’m like, “I know, Kevin. It’s on Instagram. I’m 19. Did you really think I wasn’t going to find it?”

ZENDAYA: Everybody asks me this question: What do you see for yourself? What do you want? Obviously, you’ve done other types of roles that are very different from Peter Parker. Do you want to act forever?

HOLLAND: The 20-year goal is to be a film director. The 15-year goal is to win an Oscar. The five-year goal is to just keep enjoying myself. I really am having the time of my life. But as far as my future goes, I want to stretch myself as an actor in a way that Jake Gyllenhaal, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Meryl Streep do. I don’t want to be stuck to one character. I think that’s what can happen when you take on a superhero movie. So every conversation I have with my agent is, “What have you got for me? What’s next? Who can I play?”

ZENDAYA: It’s cool you want to be a director. When I’m on set with you, you have a very director-like mind. You’re always coming up with ideas and being as involved as possible.

HOLLAND: I like directing because I like working with actors so much. I’d like to be a director who gives my actors complete freedom while collaborating with them to find performances.

ZENDAYA: We never had this in-depth of a conversation when we were on set.


ZENDAYA: Our conversations are …

HOLLAND: Childish.

ZENDAYA: What do you consider your biggest flaw and your greatest strength? That’s a very mature thing to know.

HOLLAND: My biggest flaw is probably my attention span or lack thereof. And while it might seem contradictory, my biggest strength is my work ethic. Like, on Spider-Man, I would just try to outwork everyone. That said, if you ask me to read a book, I just can’t get my brain to focus on it.

ZENDAYA: I feel like I know the answer to this, but what role in an iconic movie do you wish that you could have played?

HOLLAND: James Bond. Or maybe I’ll do Batman.

ZENDAYA: It would be a little unfair if you got to play Spider-Man, James Bond, and Batman, Tom.

HOLLAND: It would be so unfair. But life isn’t fair, Zendaya.

Focused - Mark (M)

Originally posted by got7official

Summary: Mark comes home to find you studying and he gets touchy.

Type: Smut

Warnings: Smut & Language 

Member: Mark Tuan of GOT7

“I’ll be home late tonight babe, I’m gonna work on this choreography with Jackson” Mark was sad that he would be home late tonight and not get to spend any time with you, but it was his job, and he wanted to make the fans happy.

“Okay, don’t be out too late. Drink lots of water and make sure you eat.” 

“Always. Love you.”

As he hung up you sighed, you needed to finish this essay by 12 or else your professor would take your grade down and that’s the last thing you needed to happen. It was already 9:30 and you had almost 1,500 words left to type. 

“Well shit.” You cursed. To focus, you turned off your phone and plugged some headphones into your computer and played your favorite study playlist, and then got to work.

Mark arrived at home at around 11:40 and walked in to see you typing away at your computer. He set down his bag and walked over to you, pulling a headphone out of your ear.

“Babe. it’s 11:40, why are you still up?” 

“I need to finish this essay. I’m almost done. Just about 150 words left.”

You bit your lip and continued to bounce back between your notes and your essay, typing as fast as you could, rushing to get this done.

“Will you be done when I get out of the shower?”

“Yes, now go, let me focus.” 

He nodded and slipped your headphone back in for you and walked over to his dresser and picked out his clothes. He’d glance at you every few seconds to see you typing away at your computer, not even looking at the keyboard as you typed quickly. He bit his lip and watched you for a minute, so focused, it really turned him on.

Deciding against distracting you, Mark hopped in and out of the shower and when he came out, you were just emailing your essay to your professor. 


You nodded and leaned back in your chair, “Finally.”

Mark walked over to you and leaned down and softly kissed your neck. You hummed in response to it and closed your eyes, relaxing at the touch. 

“Come here (Y/N).” 

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The Visit

“M’am, don’t forget your drink.” The man that you just sat next to for hours hands you your coffee that is too cool to drink.

You take the drink, smiling and saying ‘thanks’, and then walking off the plane, knowing that you will have to be sneaky and throw the cup away as soon as possible. You find a trash can, and you luckily dump it into the black can before the older man noticed. You head to the bathroom to go pee.

When you come out, there’s a man with a sign that has your name on it. He’s got your pink suitcase next to him. How’d he get it so fast?

You walk over to him and introduce yourself. You find out his name is Leo, and he has a little bit of an accent, but you can’t put your finger on it. He guides you outside to his black car, pulling your suitcase along the whole time.

Buzz. Buzz.

You pull your phone out of your back pocket, and it’s Tom.

‘You landed?’

‘Yeah. See you in a bit ;)’

You debate on whether the winky face was a good idea or not. You and Tom haven’t talked since that damn night. You waited for him to call the next day, but he never did. You just got emailed a plane ticket to Vancouver, and you couldn’t pass up the trip.

The whole ride to the set, your heart is pounding in your chest. Leo asks you questions along the way, but your answers are short and undetailed.

The sun is shining through the cloudy sky, and you put the window down and let the air hit your face. Compared to California, the weather here in Canada is perfect. The cool breeze blowing through your hair makes you smile.

You watch as the car passes through a few gates, completely guarded, and you feel like you’re taken to another world. The set is spectacular, and it makes you even more excited to see Chaos Walking. You’ve been dying to read it, but Tom won’t let you. He wants the story to be a surprise.

“Alright miss, this is where you get out! I’ll take your suitcase to Mr. Holland’s trailer. Have fun.” You give Leo a smile and open the door.

You’re kind of confused when you look up and see a big brick building in front of you. You see people walking in and out, so you assume this is where you are supposed to be. You walk in and find a nice lady sitting behind a counter.

“Hi, um I think I’m supposed to be here, but I honestly have no idea.” You giggle, and she gives you a sweet smile.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” You tell her, and she looks down at a clipboard.

“Alright, you’re supposed to just go right around the corner.”

You thank her and go down the hallway that she pointed to, and you end up in a large, open room that is white from floor to ceiling. In the middle of the room there is a boxing ring, and you focus on the two men in the middle. Tom and his trainer.

You watch as his muscular arms are flexing full force as he punches the pads on his trainer’s hands in a rhythmic fashion. His tank top slides up with every swing, his low rise sweat shorts showing off just the tip of that V.

Sweat is dripping down his face, his muscles are glistening and you realize you’ve been staring too long. You blink a few times and find a chair in the corner, sitting down and laying your purse on the ground.

It almost looks like he’s in slow motion, and you’re just in awe as his jaw tightens with concentration. You start to feel yourself sweating and then your heart stops as Tom looks over at you, his mouth turning into a smile.

“Babe!” He rips his gloves off and slides through the bands surrounding the ring and runs towards you, picking you up and swinging you in a circle. He puts you down and gives you a kiss on the cheek.

“I missed you so much, Tom.” You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him to you, not caring how sweaty he is. You haven’t felt his touch in too long and you don’t want to let him go.

You let him go and he grabs his water bottle and says goodbye to his trainer. He leads you outside the building and he takes your hand in yours.

“You want to take a walk? We could get someone to drive us back to my trailer if you don’t want.” His moustache and beard have grown even more than you imagined, and it’s throwing you off in a good way.

“No, let’s walk. The weather here is amazing.”

You two walk down the long path, talking all about your at-the-moment separate lives. You tell Tom all about your new job and how your family is doing, and he tells you all about his travels and how the movie is going. You could walk with him forever.

After about 20 minutes, you end up in front of a white trailer with TOM HOLLAND plastered on the door. He opens the door and you look around and are shocked by how spacy the place is. It’s like one of those tiny houses you see on TV. You could totally survive in this space.

You sit down on the couch in the middle of the main space, and Tom says he’s going to get a shower. You turn on the TV and see that Civil War is on. How ironic. You click on the movie and laugh as “QUEENS” comes across the screen. This could not be any funnier.

You watch as your boyfriend pops on the screen and you can’t believe how far he’s come. A small London boy turned red hot superhero. You wish puberty hit you that hard.

Robert Downey Jr. goes on screen, and you remember the time that Tom introduced you to him. It was behind the scenes, since no one really knows about your relationship. But it was the coolest day ever. RDJ is one of the funniest people you’ve ever met, aside from Tom.

Speaking of Tom, just as his scene ends on the screen, he walks out of the bathroom just wrapped in a towel around the waist. He walks into the room next to you and shuts the door. Again, a twinge of confusion hits you.

Why hasn’t he made a sexual move towards you? You were already shocked he didn’t ask you to take a shower with him, but him coming out like this in front of you and not doing anything? Not like him.

You open the door and he’s curled up on the bed, wearing sweats and a black tee. You can tell that workout took some energy from him. Maybe you will just have to sneak off to the bathroom tonight when he’s not looking to get your fix.

His eyes are slowly dozing off, and you slowly get on the bed, curling up behind him, his back against your chest. Normally he spoons you, but you guess today is opposite day, so you wrap your arms around his waist and put your top leg over his. His warmth against you is soothing. You wonder to yourself how you went as long as you did without feeling that warmth.

You start to relax when he flips over and tangles you in his arms. You can feel his heartbeat against your back, and his hands are rested on the flat of your stomach. You close your eyes again, finally able to sleep because you have his arms around you once again.


You open your eyes and instantly close them, pleasure making it hard to keep them open. The last thing you remember is falling asleep. Your toes are curling and you look down to find Tom’s fingers inside your panties.

His breath is hot against the back of your neck. “I was going to punish you for what you did last time we talked, I was going to not give you any relief, but I just can’t help myself with you laying right here with me.” His voice makes your hair stand up all over your body.

You try to wiggle away, but his hand is too strong against your stomach, the hand on your pussy pushing harder and causing your legs to twitch.

“Tom, fuck hold on.”

“Come on, don’t you want to make Daddy happy? I flew you all this way, I think you owe me at least one orgasm.” You decide to go ahead and play along. You do owe him big time.

“Oh, fuck, yes Daddy, harder, please.”

You grind your ass into his crotch, and he breathes in heavy, grinding back into you. You feel his bulge against your behind, and you add a little extra pressure against him.

He places his palm against your clit and teases the opening of your slit with his fingertips. The feeling is exquisite, the tingles so close. You have no idea how long he’s been playing with you, so the fact that it’s coming on so quick isn’t shocking. You moan and push your head back against Tom’s shoulder, and he grunts.

“Fuck this.” He pulls away from you and you flip around to see where he’s going. Did you do something wrong?

He stands beside the bed and pulls his tee off, his abs more prominent than before he left. He runs his hands through his still damp hair and then reaches down and pulls off his boxers and sweats in one swipe. His throbbing cock is in the open, and you don’t care where it goes, you just want it.

He crawls onto the bed and kneels between your spread legs. He pulls down your shorts and underwear, your shirt and bra following. His hands wrap around your throat, but they never squeeze. You almost wish they were, but then Tom’s hands find their way to your breasts and you completely forget.

He grasps one with his hand, massaging it, while the other hand twists your open nipple. He leans down and bites it hard, and then swirls his tongue, causing your pussy to gush. You need more.

You go to put your hand on your clit and he lets you, which you praise him for. He normally doesn’t let you touch yourself, but I guess things are different today. You rub your pussy, covering your fingers in your juices and when Tom bites your nipple again, your back arches slightly, your orgasm growing close. He stops.

“Let me fuck you first.” He looks you in the eye, and his eyes are dark, but still have some innocence to them, unlike the sultry dominance that they typically have.

You pull your hand away and let him continue. He grabs his erection in his hand and runs the head of it up and down your opening, getting it covered with your wetness.

“Ah, so wet for Daddy. You’ve been waiting too long for this, darling.”

He slowly pushes just the first bit in, and your breathing hitches. He lets you adjust, and then pushes the rest in. “God, you’re so fucking tight. You haven’t had this big cock in so long, have you?” You shake your head with your eyes locked on his.

“Well, you’re gonna get your fill tonight.”

He starts pulling and pushing in and out of you, at just the right speed to send you close to the edge. His chest is just inches from yours, his face resting right above yours, his fists next to each side of your head. He stays at the same pace, not being too rough.

You spread your legs even more, letting him get as deep as possible. He hits the farthest parts of you, and you let out a loud moan. Your eyes open for a split second, and you see him looking straight at you while his body grinds into yours.

“Hold on, I want to cum together babygirl, just hold on a little longer.” He speeds up the pace just a tad, and with each stroke you bite your lower lip harder, holding in your orgasm for him.

“Fu-fuck love, I’m I-I’m so close. I want to cum with you.” His strokes speed up, him pushing as hard as he can for his orgasm while you dig your nails into his back.

He grabs your hand and places it on your clit. You barely can, but you look up at him. “Do it. Touch yourself. I want you to cum, please.”

You start circling yourself, the feeling building rapidly. “Oh god ye-yes, Tom don’t stop.” He speeds up.

“To-fuck TOM!” Your orgasm courses through you, your back arching and your eyes closing tightly.

Your body is in overload as Tom pushes in and out of you harder, your inner walls squeezing him as he does.

“Please, please cum for me! Daddy please!”

That sends him over, his loud groans echoing through the small room. He thumps hard into you, his warm cum shooting into you. The feeling is new, and it makes your body hot. His breath is in your ear as his body falls on top of yours, his face laying on the pillow next to you. He gets the energy to flip you both over so that your body is laying on top of his, and his arms wrap around you.

You sit up on his cock and rub your hands down his glistening chest. You notice that your hands are shaking as they follow the stunning muscles. He grabs your wrists and stops you, helping you lift off of him. He helps you to the bathroom, holding you as you fumble onto the toilet.

You look up at his naked body, and you meet his dazzling brown eyes. You wipe the sweat off of your forehead, pushing your hair out of your face.

He kneels down in front of you, giving you a kiss on the forehead. He pulls your chin up to meet his gaze.

“I missed you so fucking much, darling. You’re not going anywhere love.”

Plan: Avoid McCoy

(Bones x Reader) (Leonard McCoy x Reader)

Summary: takes place after Star Trek Into Darkness just before Beyond. In prev story “McCoy’s Dilemna” Reader is Christopher Pike’s daughter and they had been dating. This starts with them having been broken up for about 3 years, being back on the Enterprise again after Admiral Pike’s death.

Ths is for you @nervousmemzie hope you like it 

Word count: 3,301 (yowza)

Originally posted by fuckyeahteamjones


“Lieutenant Commander Pike may I have a word please” Jim asked you into his office.

“Yes sir” you nodded and followed him in. He motioned for you to sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk and he sat in the other, facing you.

He put on his friendly Jim face, so you took a deep breath and exhaled knowing this meant he was going to get personal. “I just wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing?” he asked.

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At the Comic-Con

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Featuring: the Avengers cast

Words: 1579

Warning: some swearing

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Notes: I know it’s really crap but I wanted to write something and this is what I could come up with. Sorry!

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This was the best birthday present ever. You were from San Francisco and had spent years dreaming about going to the San Diego’s Comic-con. You loved Marvel and everything that had to do with it, so that place was a dream come true for you. Sadly, the tickets used to be too expensive and were sold too fast so you never got the chance. But when you turned 22, your best friend gave you the best present someone could ever give you: tickets to the comic-con!

The moment you had them in your hands you rushed to the web page to check the program and let out a scream when you saw your friend, Anne, had given you tickets for the day when The Avengers panel would take place.

“My fucking God, Anne! I’m gonna meet Captain America!” You squealed while you were walking into the Comic-con itself.

The moment you gave your tickets you started looking around. It was much better than what you ever imagined. Many cosplays, dressed up people, photoshoot, interviews everywhere and your heroes all around you!

“Close your mouth or a fly will go in”, Anne laughed as she saw you looking around speechless.

“This is just amazing, really”, you mumbled shaking your head. “Thank you so much”, you told your friend as you hugged her tight.

The Avengers panel was at noon so you two walked around the place for two hours before going there. Somehow you managed to seat at the front row which almost made you cry. You were holding Anne’s hand the whole time since you felt like scream if you didn’t. She was truly being your rock that day.

“Ladies and gentleman, please, welcome… The Avengers! Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlet Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo!”

You got up and started clapping while all of them went up to the stage. Your eyes immediately found Chris. He was so good looking! And those damn eyes could be seen from the other side of the room. They all took a seat and you did the same, biting your lip as you looked at all of them.

“So guys, congratulations for The Avengers 2, I gotta say I loved it!” The host said. You nodded smiling, it had been such a good movie. Marvel never disappointed you.

“It was a fun movie to film, to be honest. I mean, working for Marvel and with the Russo brothers is always such a rewarding experience”, Robert talked on the microphone while the rest of the team nodded.

“So tell us, where did you film it?” The interviewer asked.

“Actually, we did a lot of filming in Europe, the Avengers facility was in Norwich and Sokovia was actually in Italy” Chris explained.

“Italy? Wow!” The host replied.

“The team made such a good work to make it look like…well, Sokovia”, he said making you laugh a little.

“Indeed, I would have never said it was Italy”

The interview lasted for like 15 minutes before the audience started asking questions. You didn’t ask anything since you were too shy and shocked to say anything else. Before you even noticed, this part of the panel was gone and now you had 30 minutes before the signing started.

“I can’t do this, Anne”, you said holding your Avengers’ poster as you waited in the line.

“You’ve been waiting years for this, of course you can”, your friend encouraged you.

“But he’s so hot! I won’t be able to say anything coherent”, you sighed looking at the table where they were already seated, waiting for the signing to start.

“Then be incoherent but don’t be quiet! It’s not the moment to be quiet”, Anne said as she pushed you a little to move forward.

You didn’t have to wait long and before you could realise what was going on, you were in front of Scarlet Johansson and she was signing your poster as she talked to you.

“How are you? You seem nervous”, she smiled at you.

“I am. I’m freaking out. I had been waiting to come to this Comic-con for years now and I can’t believe I’m here”, you said as fast as you could.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed it”, she replied with a smile.

“Indeed”, you said while you moved to stand in front of Robert.

You looked around for a moment just to discover that Chris was just next to Jeremy and Renner was the next one. Just with that, you started freaking out once again.

“Someone’s nervous”, Robert smiled at you. You nodded biting your lip. “Don’t worry, Jer is a good guy”, he winked at you and passed the poster to Jeremy.

You looked at Chris for a moment and for some reason you saw he was actually looking at you. Immediately, you felt your cheeks getting red as you tried to focus on what Jeremy was saying, but all you could do was smiling at him.

“Hi”, Chris said as soon as you were in front of him. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“I…I’m… (Y/N). My name is (Y/N)”, you managed to say. He smiled at you and looked down at the poster to sign it.

“Such a beautiful name that one”, he said and looked at you once again before writing something on the poster. “Read that”, he winked and passed the poster to Mark.

Once you passed Chris you felt a bit calmed, but the fact that his eyes were on you the whole time didn’t really help. Somehow, you still managed to have a short conversation with Mark and Chris. Once you were finished you took the poster and looked at all the autographs. It was just amazing!

Looking around for Anne you hurried to where she was waiting for you just to show her your signed poster. This was going straight to your wall. No doubt.

“(Y/N)… What’s that?” She asked taking the poster.

“What’s what?” You said taking it from her hands.

She pointed at the Cap’s image that was covered by his signature. But there was something else: “meet me after the signing at the back of the stage where we had the panel ;)”

“Oh my…” you mumbled and looked at Anne who was looking at you shocked. “This is a joke, isn’t it?” You said.

“It doesn’t look like a joke at all, if you ask me”, she replied looking at the message. “You have to go”, she immediately said.

“You think so?” You asked unsure.

“I didn’t give you tickets for this so you missed a chance like this one”, she immediately replied.

She was right. Maybe it wasn’t true, but how many times would you have a chance like this one? Ever again. So you had to take it. Biting your lip, you looked back at the table just when Chris was looking at you again. When your eyes met, he winked at you before focusing his attention on the guy in front of him.

You two decided to sit down on a bench and wait for the signing to be over. When there were only three people left on the line, you looked at your friend before going to the spot Chris had told you. It wasn’t actually easy to get there since there was security everywhere but you managed to sneak in the back somehow.

“Hey there”, you looked around for the source of the voice and felt really nervous when you saw it was Chris. “I thought you wouldn’t come”, he said walking closer to you.

“Sorry I…it was hard to sneak in here. It’s crowded with security”, you explained.

“I’m glad you made it”, he nodded.

“So…why did you want me to come anyway?” You asked. He chuckled a little and ran a hand over his head.

“This is going to be so creepy but… there was something about you, besides the fact that you’re so beautiful, that made me want to get to know you”, he said with his hands in his pockets.

You looked at him like you didn’t even hear him. He had to be kidding you. It was a bad joke, but it had to be one. There was no way he could be interested in you. Not in that sense at least. It was Chris Evans we were talking about.

“Don’t mess with me”, you laughed nervously.

“I’m not”, he said smiling as well. “We will be in town for another couple of days and I would like a date with you in that time”, he added.

“Are you serious?” You asked still not believing what you heard.

“I am”, he replied. “So? Do you want to go and grab a coffee once I’m finished here?” He suggested.

“A coffee sounds good, actually”, you nodded.

“Great. Then…meet me at the parking lot at 7?” He asked.

“I’m with a friend. I can’t leave her alone”, you said biting your lip.

“Oh…eh… I can tell Scar to come with us so you can bring your friend”, he said.

“Ok, it’s settled then”, you said with a big smile.

“Good…see you later then”

He moved a bit closer and kissed your cheek softly. Damn, he smelled so good. Then he looked at you for a few more moments before walking away. Probably he had another interview but you didn’t care anymore. You had a date with Chris fucking Evans and you just couldn’t wait to tell your best friend.

GOT7: s/o brings home a pet

Hey, hope you don’t mind but I changed this to like, small, cute animals in general. Funny story- when I was on a trip with my friend’s family, we saw these amish people on the side of the road selling baby bunnies. Naturally, they bought one and naturally, the amish people gave us a bojangles box to keep him in for the road. The bunny is named Bojo. Ok, reaction now


Mark loves animals, so as long as you two were able to take care of it and all that, he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, when he steps through the door to see you playing with it, he forgets everything that happened to him during the day and freaks out because it’s so cute it’s so cute omg(!!) and he loves it already. Probably pays way more attention to the new pet than he does to you, at least for the night, to be honest, besides asking you where you got it and if you’ve named it yet. If you haven’t, he’ll come up with a sickeningly sweet name for it on the spot, don’t worry. Expect him to do nothing but play with your new pet for hours, petting it, holding it, hugging it, kissing it, telling it that it’s the greatest pet in the world, etc. He’s the happiest boy on the planet rn


Jaebum tries to reason through this, saying you should’ve called him before adopting a pet, but he can’t be serious for long in the face of a fluffy animal. Eventually, he just stops talking mid-sentence and looks at it, sighing as a smile breaks over his features and reaching out to pick it up and hold it against his chest, laughing lightly at how cute it is. Probably insists on it not sleeping with you, but ends up falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie, the animal on his lap. He’d be such a good owner of this pet, ok? He doesn’t need to be reminded to refill its food and water bowls and makes sure it gets the attention it needs every single day, regardless of how tired he is. 


Jinyoung is initially too stunned by the sight of a new pet in your house that he doesn’t move or say anything for a second, staring at it blankly. Then he’ll look at you and sigh because yes, of course, it makes sense now. Pretends not to like the new addition to the household, but it doesn’t work very well because he loves it very much and hasn’t stopped trying to earn its affection for at least thirty minutes. If you give the pet too much attention and subsequently not give this boy enough, he’ll pout so hard and will teasingly mope around until your eyes are back on him. 


Jackson flips his shit. As soon as he sees the new pet, he’s screeching, which probably scares it away, and then he’s screeching more to try and get it to come back to him that’s not how it works bb. You’ve just made his entire year, ok? When the poor animal finally comes out of wherever it was hiding, he’s going to lie down on the floor with it and try and get it to play with him for hours. Probably rolls all over the floor squealing because of how cute it is, tbh. You could literally adopt the ugliest animal on the planet and in his eyes, it would still be one of the greatest things he’s ever seen. Will let the animal sleep on the foot of your bed, saying that it needs to know that you two love it he just wants to pet it more smh


Youngjae loves animals, ok? And when you bring home a new one, he doesn’t hesitate for one second to coo over it and kiss it’s head and rub his face all over it and hug it and well, the list goes on. He probably takes at least 100 photos of it and sets one as his lock screen, literally not caring that previously, his lock screen was a picture of you. You have been put aside for the next three hours, his only focus rn is the adorable animal at his feet. He’ll try to get it to play with him, using whatever happens to be on hand as a toy (goodbye, shoelaces). Youngjae is seriously going to be the most smiley person on the planet that night because not only does he have a small animal, but he feels like you two are parents now


BamBam freaks out when he sees the animal you brought home, letting out some strange noise and bending down to its level so he can pet it, looking up to you with a huge smile and asking where you found it and did you name it yet? because if you didn’t, he’s going to name it Dab. That’s just a thing that’s going to happen. Get ready for him to tease you about the new pet loving him more just because it happened to brush against his leg and not yours on the way to its food bowl. He’ll take a million selfies with it and send them to everyone he knows because he’s so happy he has a new pet and is oddly proud of it like hell yes, he’s the owner


When he walks through the door to see you cooing over an animal, Yugyeom’s first reaction is to laugh because wow he really should’ve expected you to do something like this sooner or later but it’s still a surprise. “Who is this?” he’ll ask, coming over to pet it and attempt to play with it. If you haven’t named it yet, he’s going to suggest the first thing that comes to mind- like Sneakers or Branch, for example. And then he’ll call the animal by whatever ridiculous name he decided on for the rest of the night so that the next day, it responds only to that name and you’re forced to give in to his absurdity. 

Chameleon [part 6]

Synopsis: [still in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: nudity

Preview: Part 4; Part 5/ Masterlist

A/N: After quite long, I’m back. Enjoy!

It felt like hours until the door was finally open, but in reality it took only mere seconds for the Winter Soldier to do so. You were now facing the gorgeous man that was Bucky and if you could, you would just dive in his eyes that, for the most cliche that it could be, were just like two oceans. You hated how much cheesy and at the same time true this affirmation was. 

He had a no-feelings expression except he was actually feeling a nervousness run inside his stomach just from seeing you. And he knew it wasn’t for nothing, but for the simple fact that it was you. He still didn’t know if the thing in his stomach was good or bad, he only knew he wouldn’t be the first one to talk. 

Your mind was still trying to absorb so much realization since you talked to Vision and apparently you knew how important this would be to try showing Bucky how much of a human you still felt like. You had to remember multiple times that you were a good person, and you should just let him know your true colours. Maybe not at once but slowly as you had planned from the beginning for everybody else.

Certainly that he wouldn’t say anything until you did, you decided to start speaking. It was the moment you should use your best communication skills and talk to the man visioning the best situation possible.

“Hi.” good start, Y/N. “I wanted to talk to you if that is okay.”

“Sure.” He said but didn’t move an inch from the door to let you in. You could barely see what was behind the man.

“I am sorry.” his eyes were glued on you, they wouldn’t move until you were done. It seemed like he was examining all your expressions. “I didn’t mean to hold your hand to-”

“I felt violated.” His deep voice was being harsh on you. But he had a point to be like this towards you, no?

“I am sorry, Bucky. It wasn’t my intension, I just wanted your support.” in contrast with his voice, yours was low like a whisper. You just went there to make him believe you but you just realized how bad of a persuasive girl you were.

“Why would you want to hold my hand anyways? To give you moral support none of this was needed and still you had to copy my DNA or whatever is this thing you do.” Bucky barnes was getting mad but above that he was sad. Lucky you he doesn’t turn into a green massive creature when something get to his nerves.

“I can’t control it. I don’t know how to block my powers and stop copying combinations.” you told him and you notice some agents passing by the corridor where you were both talking. 

Bucky also noticed the movement and didn’t want to have anybody else participating the conversation. He finally opened the space for you to pass and enter his room. Your reaction was confused but once you got inside, you noticed how similar to your room was his. Nothing was in there, the walls had nothing hanging on them, there was no pictures on the shelves, the blankets were purely white, his clothes were all in the closet… It was lifeless. Completely lifeless just like your room.

“Bucky…” the soldier turned around to face you and you had no choice but feel overwhelmed at this moment. You didn’t know how to react anymore because now you were the one who had a million questions to ask. “I wanted to hold your hand.” the lump in your throat was present now. It meant you were nervous and were afraid to make this situation even worse. “I got here and everybody looks at me with their judgemental eyes. And I thought I could never fit in, that I could never make it right or the way Fury wanted me to do it. But then you were there and smiled to me as if you knew me somehow…” you stopped. A small laugh of self pity came through your nose and you couldn’t help but feel ashamed of how much of a loser you realized you were right then. 

“It was just a small gesture that made me notice how hard it was for you as well. And still you made it. I need your support because you were in a similar situation before. I didn’t think about your DNA, your skills, your brain. I just wanted a hand to hold.” he was impressed. You had convincing words that was making him believe in you. You hoped it really had worked because that was the pure truth and if not, there wouldn’t be a thing that would make Bucky Barnes smile to you again. 

“I also want you to know that I will never clone you in respect to you. I know you felt violated but it wasn’t my intension. I know now it is too late and all I can do to compensate is to never turn into Bucky Barnes.” 

Said that, the soldier didn’t reply. He had things to say, of course, but he was still trying to organize his thoughts. He took too long to say anything, so you decided to just leave. There was no use being there anymore because you didn’t expect Bucky to speak again. His silence could mean two things and none of them were good. They still meant silence and it was something you didn’t like because you had experienced silence before, and it hurts because it screams the truth. You had your hand on the doorknob when you heard Bucky object.

“Wait!” you turned around and saw the face of a miserable man. It was curious. You pulled your hand back and waited as he asked. “I need you to do something for me.”

A favor. You didn’t expect Bucky to ask you for a favour but he did the moment he realized you could actually, for real, clone him. And by copying his DNA, when your body turned into him, it would be the pure and raw James Barnes, the one from the 40′s. Bucky had not think about it until then, until hear what you had to say and promise to do the right thing. But for now, one minute after your promise, he wanted you to break it. He wanted you to do what could really upset him if done in any other circumstance. 

“I need to see you in my skin.”

“What? No, Bucky, no. I just said I wouldn’t do it.”

“I am asking you to. I need to see it.” he walked closer to you and now you felt like his proximity wasn’t because he forgave you but because he wanted something from you. 

“Why?” you shouldn’t have asked. Bucky would feel like humiliating himself if he answered. You notice how tense he was now and his hands were in fists. You took notice of his metal arm and your mind clicked instantly. You debated about it in silence whether or not to do what he asked you to. You didn’t know what impact it would cause into him. But you looked back up into his eyes and saw how much he wanted and needed to see good old himself again.

You looked down at your clothes and knew how it wouldn’t fit for this moment. You turned your head to look behind you where was Bucky’s closet and pointed to it. “Can I?” he didn’t answer but you already had walked over the closet’s door opening it and looking for just a pair of pants a shirt. You didn’t bother going to the bathroom to change, you just did it there in front of Bucky as if you had nothing to hide. And you didn’t. As you were getting rid of the clothes quite slowly, Bucky was frozen on his spot just watching you not knowing for what he was more nervous about. 

When you finally got completely naked, you put on the pants and the shirt your chose from his small variety. You turned around to face again the man in the room. His clothes didn’t fit you but it made you look adorable anyways and Bucky took notice of it hoping could remember you in this condition. He smiled. It was all you wanted, a smile. It gave you the motivation to keep on going and finally do your thing. In mere seconds, your body was changing, was changing form completely in such impressing way that Bucky had his mouth partially open, completely amazed. 

You were taller now. You felt your body heavier and larger. Whenever you turned into a man was always hard for you to get used to the new shape. But it wasn’t the main issue now. You were facing Bucky looking like him and the way he checked you up and down was heartbreaking. He was nostalgic and sad. 

You decide to approximate your figure so he could see it from close. You lost your balance almost falling still not used to his stature and weigh. He got you before you smashed your face on the floor. When you went back to you posture, Bucky touched both your arms. He was so scared but amazed at the same time that he didn’t even know how to react. He was seeing himself from about 70 years ago and it was crazy! 

“Aren’t you gonna say anything?” your voice came out sounding just like his and it made him take a step back scared of it. 

“Jesus…” his eyes wide open clearly showed how weird was being this situation. Much more than it was with Natasha. Maybe because she was much colder than was Bucky. 

And suddenly look down at yourself, you saw the complete imagine of Bucky, the one you haven’t met. It caused you a headache as if your brain could remember, through your powers, things from Bucky’s past. It wasn’t much and the memories weren’t clear at all but you knew how much this view of your body was affecting your memories. You knew your power could bring some memories with it, of course. It brought personality, skills, and a little bit os basic info. 

He didn’t know what you were feeling, Bucky didn’t know you were quite capable to do much further than just cloning. But there were you, feeling a little bit of Bucky’s emotions and getting scared of maybe knowing or feeling too much. You changed your focus from “your body” to the soldier who still looked shocked.

“How are you feeling?” you asked carefully not to scare him again. 

“This is insane.” he said. “I… I miss my old self.”

“Is it okay if I turn back now?” you asked feeling uncomfortable under his skin. It was being too much for you to participate of such intense moment.

Gladly Buck nodded and you did as you wanted, quickly going back to your original form amazing the man one more time. He looked at you back in his clothes and the purest look in your face, he knew how much it also had touched you but you could never, ever, ever, feel what he felt looking at the past right in front of his eyes. 

“Thank you.” he said in a whisper. 

Of course it wasn’t anything usual to happen and you both decided to keep it as a secret. To remain the good relationship growing between the two of you, it would be your little secret, your shared moment that nobody would ever know about. And because it wasn’t any ordinary thing, you decided to move on from it. The less you thought about it, the best it would be to maintain yourselves healthy and safe. 

Next: Part 7

-Pearl Writer

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Helping Tony through an anxiety attack...

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A/N: Please, don’t read this if you know this can cause an anxiety or panic attack on you. Also, you’re not alone. Come talk to me if you feel you need to.

Tagging: @letsby (because we both know Tony only needs a hug sometimes)

Writer: Jess

  • It happens after an argument he has with Steve about the Sokovia Accords
  • Accidentally (because you know he would never do something like that on purpose) Steve mentions one of Tony’s triggers during the fight
  • Which makes him scream and leave the room, his vision getting blurred for a reason he knows really well
  • He ends up bumping into you while he’s trying to get to the lab - the only place he knows he will have some peace
  • He grabs your arms, desperately gasping
  • His body is shaking and he’s trying to focus on your face
  • “Tony, are you okay?”
  • When he doesn’t answer you, you just pulls him with you, taking him to the bathroom
  • You make him seat down, crouching in front of him and holding his hands
  • He’s not breathing like he should and there’s tears all over his face
  • He shut his eyes, trying to scream - but nothing comes out of his mouth
  • “I’m here with you, alright?”, you calmly tell him, massaging his hands
  • You know that “just calm down”, “you’re gonna be fine” and “look at me, Tony” wouldn’t help
  • He needed to let go, somehow
  • Then, you put one of your hands on his chest, pressing it and slowly massaging too
  • “Look up, Tony. You gotta breathe, okay?”
  • Tony cries, and cries, and cries - his whole body shaking and sweating
  • He slowly looks up, opening his eyes and taking a deep and desperate breathe
  • “That’s right. Take another deep breathe, count to five, and do it again”
  • You start to do what you said, breathing deeply, while your hands are still on his chest
  • Tony then starts to mirror your actions, and suddenly he’s not feeling like he’s choking anymore
  • Or like he can’t breathe
  • After some minutes, he looks down, his vision now blurred only because of the tears
  • And when he sees your face, he starts to cry again
  • You hug him right away, pulling him into your arms and caressing his back
  • His body is still shaking, so you make sure to massage his neck a little bit too, so he knows he can relax
  • “I’m not going anywhere. You’re not alone, okay? Just think about everything that’s bothering you, that’s causing you pain - try to see which color it is. And let go, love. Just let go with your breathe and your tears”, you tell him, pausing every time he squeezes you or when you hear him sobbing
  • And when he feels like he’s ready, he lets you go, looking at you with red eyes and a wet face
  • “I’m sorry”, Tony whispers
  • “Don’t. I told you, I’m not going anywhere”
Operation: Baby Jones

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists. 

[Trigger Warnings: Guns and Blood]

“I need you to fake date me.” 

“…Michael.” Lindsay arched an eyebrow. “We’re already dating.” 

“Not like that.” Michael explained awkwardly. “I mean like for a heist.”

“I’m listening.” Lindsay folded her arms, curious. 

“I’d just need you to go undercover with me for a little while. You know? As a distraction. No-one will be looking at me if there’s a pregnant teen to gawk at.”


“Yeah, that would be part of the disguise. If that’s cool with you?”

“Sure.” Lindsay shrugged. “I love dress up.”

“It’s not dress up!” Michael protested. “It’s a very dangerous heist.”

“Which involves dress up.” 

“…I guess.” He admitted reluctantly.

Lindsay laughed. “Okay, I’m in. But if we get caught I’m blaming you.”

“That’s fair.”

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anonymous asked:

chocobros & s/o got together only for a week. s/o accidentally walks in on them dressing after showering. it gets awkward. s/o freezes. they can't look away cus of shock & embarrassment. s/o tries to ease the awkwardness "Umm... Nice? ...No wait it's not-that's not... uhh.." s/o runs out of the room & forgets to close the door. s/o goes to the living room to try to distract themselves by watching tv but they're not watchin cus they're covering their blushing face with their hands.

Hey, Anon! :3

YAS just YAS! This is awesome, thank you! 

This sounded like it’d be worth some scenarios. I kind of adjusted it for Iggy and Gladio but it’s still the same setup. 

I hope you enjoy it! :3

Noctis: (Mr. Awkward-But-Trying™)

Aah shit, I forgot my phone in his bedroom..” Noctis’ S/O thought to themselves as they rose from the couch in his luxurious living room. 

Although they had only been dating for a week, they were already having sleepovers. Innocent sleepovers - cuddly sleepovers with lots of adorable moments. Not too much touching as of yet and definitely nothing going further than that.
The second they carelessly strode into his room, their eyes luckily focused on their hands for a moment, Noctis blushed furiously and his eyes widened. He grabbed the first object he could find to hide Noctis Jr. It so happened to be the towel he clutched onto.
His S/O lifted their eyes from their hands and were greeted by an embarrassed, tomato red and completely naked prince. They also blushed right away and an awkward silence filled the room. They couldn’t move, he couldn’t move. The whole situation was embarrassing and an absolute shock to both. Noctis didn’t expect to be disturbed and his S/O didn’t expect to see him naked. They both stood still, only stared at each other. 

Don’t look down.. Don’t let your eyes wander,” his S/O thought, biting their lip hard. 

And then their eyes slowly traveled down his body, their cheeks becoming crimson red. He was hot, they couldn’t tear their eyes away from him.
Minutes passed by in which they only stared at each other, then his S/O finally broke the silence. 

Um.. Nice..!.. Uh.. Wait. No. I mean.. It’s not-..you’re..- that’s not.. Uh.. I.. I’ll..“ they stuttered, attempting to say some words but their eyes were fixated on his six pack. 

After shaking their head really quick, forcing their thoughts to wander off into a different direction, they stormed out of the room. In their rush, they almost stumbled over their feet and even forgot to close the door but they somehow found their way back to the couch.

Oh my god he’s so hot.. He’s SO hot,“ they thought, their blush not decreasing a tiny bit.

They switched on the TV, tried to focus on watching the cartoon that was playing but it didn’t work, it was to no avail. He. Was. Too. Hot.

I can’t even..“ they whispered as they covered their face to hide their blush. 

Are you okay?“ Noctis asked, sneaking up to them and plumping down beside them. 

S-sur-.. Sure,“ they stammered, peeping through their hands to check if he was still naked.

Noctis ran a hand through his hand and chuckled, the embarrassment still very obvious, written all over his face. Regardless of that, he gently pulled on his S/O’s hands in an attempt to remove them. 

It’s okay.. I .. I mean. I.. I assume.. You’ll eventually see me.. That way.. Anyway, right? It’s.. Normal,“ he tried to make them feel better by just furiously blushing all over again. 

Noctis, stooop,“ they shook their head rapidly, trying to get the images out of their head. 

Once he saw their red face, he couldn’t help but smile. Both of them were endlessly embarrassed. At least he was dressed now, so it was easier to speak to him. In order to help them calm down, he placed a chaste kiss on their cheek.

You’re adorable,“ he mumbled, squeezing their hand gently. 

And you’re ho-” they almost blurted out, immediately covering their mouth as their eyes widen.

Noctis laughed from embarrassment, running a hand along his neck to help ease his tensed up muscles.

Well.. Uh.. I’m glad you think that way. You’re pretty hot, too,” he tried to be smooth but he really only made it worse.

Graaah Noctis, noo,” they groaned, sliding their hand up to cover their eye and cheek area again. 

Don’t hide your blush, it’s cute,” he stated, removing that hand as well. 

This is embarrassing.. I’m sorry I walked in on you,” they apologized, avoiding eye contact.

“It’s fine, don’t worry,” he assured them, placing a gentle kiss on their forehead.

(There’s a read more here, just in case it doesn’t show up)

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Dear uri leader Kim Jong Hyun, don’t be sad. You’re the greatest leader I’ve ever known.

I know you won’t read this, but I’ll write it anyway because I need to transform this sadness and disappointment into something else and hope that someday you will read this and know how much you mean for a lot of people.

I first knew you from Produce 101 as a part of trainees who have already debuted. I didn’t even know that a group name NU’EST exists (so I will thank Mnet for this, and just this). At first, I didn’t really notice you until you told the story about being NU’EST leader during Sorry Sorry period, and how you feel that the group’s failure is your fault (just to be clear, it’s not!). Since then my eyes are drawn to your hardworking and sincere image – and when you made a miracle by believing in Hyunbin until the end, transforming him into reliable member of the team, that’s when I knew that you’re an amazing human being and leader – not many people will go to such length to make sure other people be better at what they do, sacrificing their own practise time to teach the lacking one(s), and from that day, my fixed pick is you.

Seeing your legendary stage with Justice League team made me feel so proud and happy as your fan, and I became more curious about you. I tried to look for more of your footage but you’re hardly there haha I was so frustrated as you didn’t show up that much in the whole episode. But then Mnet released the individual cam, and I came to learn that you’re actually an amazing dancer. Maybe not as reknown as Taehyun, Samuel, Daniel or Ong, but you have that power that draw me into your stage performance. It’s like you became different person on stage and that really fascinated me. I also really love your signature ‘ha ha’ laugh, it’s super adorable >.<

Since then, I started rooting sincerely for you. I saw the ‘leader’ sticker has been pasted again on your shirt during the Position evaluation mission (Fear), and can’t help to wonder about the process as it wasn’t aired by Mnet. Again, you helped the inexperienced member to become better in rapping. The output? Look at Guanlin! I believe you have a role in his rap development during Produce 101. After that, I finally got to watch your performance and I was really touched by your rap lyrics in ‘Fear’. It must be hard to bear that huge responsibility since you’re young, right?  It must be suffocating to hold it by yourself, right? My heart aches by just imagining myself in your position, from your trainee period until 5 years as NU’EST leader and going through ups and downs during those hard time. That’s why I sincerely wish you all the happiness in the world – you have no idea how happy I am when you finally reached number 1 position in the 2nd elimination. I brag about it all day to my friends, even the one that don’t know anything about Kpop haha.

Then come the concept evaluation stage with Never (my favorite!), and you instantly picked as a leader again without me knowing the process as Mnet just edited it all out. I wanted you to become greedier and get more part as I really wanted to see you shine more (because you’re the coolest when you’re on stage), but what I got is 4 seconds footage of you instead. No worries, because that 4 seconds were the killing part for me. You’re such a great performer! Eventhough the team didn’t win, you managed to score 1st spot in various music chart so I was (and still am) extremely proud and happy for you! I understand that the filming process and practising the song must be exhausting for all of you, so I wanted to cheer you more. Your hardworking, selfless and genuine self is an inspiration for me to be a better individual. Everytime I’m having a hard time, I always remember that you must’ve experienced it way harder than I do, but you strive towards it anyway.

Last Friday, that ‘leader’ position was automatically yours again in Super Hot team (4 times leader in a row!). This week, watching the last song evaluation when all of the trainees danced for center position, I was thrilled because finally I was able to witness you as center position! Never have I imagined in my life that this day would come, even if it’s just for the 40 seconds test video (because I know eventually you will give up that position to someone else). Your video was my favorite by the way in terms of dancing. I was so worried when I saw your birthday prank, it must be very overwhelming for you to be pointed out in front of the ‘juniors’ for the mistake that didn’t even exist.  

You always work the hardest among the trainees (do you know how I can’t focus during seonho & daehwi self cam because I was busy looking at you keep practicing your dancing and look so tired?!) that I know and I want you to receive as much love as you give to other people, not only in Produce 101 but also NU’EST fans before. I want you to re-debut through Produce 101 and walk the flower path from now on. But as international fans, all I can do is just hoping and praying that Korean public realize your potential as much as I do and vote for you to become the top 11.  However, apparently God has other plan for you. I honestly wanted to jumped out to my laptop screen and give you the biggest, warmest hug when they announced your rank. I can’t bear to see your disappointed face again leader nim, and witnessing you holding your emotion is heartbreaking to me.

I just want to say, you’ve worked very hard and I want you to know, that no matter what happens, I’ll will always support you and other NU’EST members. You’re the greatest leader for NU’EST and the one leader that Wanna-One team will regret to never have. I long for the day when I can see you again on stage, singing and dancing, showing off your skill to lots of people and do the things that you love the most. Please don’t worry dear leader nim, this is not the end. This is the beginning of new chapter in your life. Like your lyrics, even though it’s a one way path, I’ll walk the opposite way with you. 힘내세요, 김종현! 사랑해요!

Nevada Ramirez & Sonny Carisi / Collecting Crybaby’s Collectibles

Previous Story regarding this can be read HERE.
Previous Stories re ‘Crybaby’ Caroline & Nevada can be found HERE.

Small Review: After a fight, Nevada left his ‘Crybaby’ Caroline for a few weeks without contacting her. When he came back, he discovered she was seeing someone new- a Detective Dominick ‘Sonny’ Carisi Jr.

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Warning: Cursing. & Nevada’s an asshole, so ya know.

“… Nevada?”

Caroline slid through the door, Sonny close behind her. She’d been trying to call, give her ex a warning that she was on her way (and that she wasn’t alone).

Considering the dent in the wall, and the shattered cell phone on the hardwood beneath it; she suddenly wasn’t surprised he hadn’t answered.

“Oh geeze,” Sonny walked on past, noticing a collection of liquor bottles on the coffee table. Tequila, crudely cut limes, powder that certainly wasn’t salt… He flinched away, trying to fight past the urge to bring his career into this. “Caroline, let’s just get your stuff and head out, even if this is all from last night he’s not gonna be in any mood to-”

The suggestion was interrupted, by the sudden appearance of the dark man himself. Arms stretched out, spanning the hallway, so he could balance himself to standing with palms placed on either wall at his sides. “Yea, Carooooliiiiiiii-nuh.” He spoke around a cigar, propped in his lips. “I’m in no mood to deal with this shit.”

Caroline’s brows furrowed together at the sight of him; her once-strong man was a wreck. She’d seen him in plenty states before- but this was worse than any other. Worse than when he got too drunk and too rough with her, worse than when he did too much coke and couldn’t stop jabbering on, worse than the nights of sleep he had lost after his nephew passed.

No: Nevada looked broken.
And, for some reason, it broke her heart as well.

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Nova vs 19: Friday

Hello everyone, Mr.E here with the newest nova chapter and the start of the new arc which is exciting yay! I hope everyone had an amazing week and has a great weekend. 

So the title? what’s it mean? easy. that whole last arc? was one day, Thursday. yep it all happened in a matter of hours. Friday has come and with it, a chance to play with your exceptions. So i took a chance with this chapter and i promise none of you could’ve seen this coming but I still hope you enjoy it. 

for anyone stumbling upon this, here is the link to the story on ff. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11773524/1/Nova-Butterfly-vs-the-Forces-of-Adolescence 

so have an amazing day, a great weekend and please let me know what you think of this chapter. I took a chance and I want to know if you all want me to keep trying this out.

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Hot for Teacher

[Part One] [Part Two]

Eggsy would really like to leave his office right now.

There are three sniffling university students outside his door waiting to talk to him though, which is his primary dilemma.

The secondary dilemma is that they’re all here to talk about the same issue.

“He’s as old as my dad,” Amelia sobs, using her skirt to dab at her tears, “that can’t be normal to be attracted to him. But Professor Hart just looks so good in those suits he wears to class, and I can’t focus and my grade is falling but he’s so nice and offers extra credit if you’re trying.”

“It’s plenty normal,” Eggsy says gently, offering Amelia another cup of tea. “Many people are attracted to Robert Downey Jr., and he’s in his fifties.”

“But he’s a celebrity,” Amelia moans, “he’s a pipe dream. I see Professor Hart every day!”

“Amelia, I wouldn’t worry about your attraction to Professor Hart as long as you don’t act on it. I would, however, worry about how you’re letting it distract you from your work. If you can’t take notes and listen during class due to visual disruptions-“

“Visual disruptions?”

“The suit.”


“I suggest you bring in an audio recorder, so that after class you can take notes from the recorded lecture. Does he use PowerPoints?”

“Yeah, he uploads them after class.”

“Download those in addition to the recordings, and hopefully you can get your grade back up.”

Amelia finishes her tea, smiling softly as she places the porcelain cup back on Eggsy’s desk.

“I think I can do that,” she agrees. “Thank you so much Mr. Unwin, for being so patient with me again.”

“I wouldn’t have this job if I didn’t want to help.” Eggsy gets up to walk Amelia out of his office, making sure she gets her class excuse note from his secretary before he turns to the next student waiting by his door. Digby follows him into his office morosely, slumping into the seat opposite Eggsy and sighing.

“How are you doing today Digby?”

“I’m having a sexual identity crisis,” Digby mutters, clenching the fabric of his trousers as Eggsy nods, shifting through his past sessions with Digby to figure out where this is going. “Professor Hart bent over today to pick up a book.”

Oh for fucks sake.

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The process of watching my aggressively white republican 58 year old mother slowly become obsessed with Hamilton has been the most entertaining thing I’ve ever witnessed omfg because starting from when I got obsessed with it to last night she,

  • Originally thought it was just a modern, musical retelling of Hamlet
  • Got super confused over who the hell Alexander Hamilton even was (“Mom, you’ve worked in banking for over 40 years!”)
  • Became massively offended that Ben Franklin does not appear in the show
  • Did not understand the concept/importance behind the non-white cast and refused to listen to my explanations or read articles I sent her because they were “too long to hold her interest” (“Your five minute attention span is everything wrong with the human race.”)
  • Started just rolling her eyes every single time I mentioned it and speaking to me in that whole ‘that’s nice, dear’ not listening tone. (“Molly, it’s just a silly show, it can’t be that big of a deal.”)
  • Started getting annoyed when she was around my friends and we’d talk about it
  • Was just downright confused when I had a New Years party/sleepover and everyone kept singing songs from it
  • (“Who actually likes rap music anyway? It’s dumb.”) (“Mother, You haven’t listen to it.”)
  • Turned on the daily news just in time to discover Leslie Odom Jr. is from Philly like we are, decided to become lowkey obsessed with him. She does this weird thing where she makes it her goal to know every actor from Philly or the surrounding suburbs
  • But then, refused to listen to any of his songs from Hamilton, instead decided to focus on the fact he played Paul in the obc of Rent
  • Kept talking about Leslie???? Still would not listen to the show. I grew weary
  • After a few weeks, she appeared to forget her weird Philly obsession with Leslie, resumed the eye rolling every time she heard the word Hamilton
  • One time I was watching the History channel (as I’ve grown up doing) and they were having a marathon about the Founding Fathers. My mom walked into the room the exact second they started mentioning the Hamilton/Burr duel, proceeded to lowkey make fun of me for being too obsessed with the musical, apparently forgot about the past two decades of me already being a history loving nerd
  • Later that day, I caught her watching the history channel just as they were talking about Alexander Hamilton. She claimed she had started watching because they mentioned Ben Franklin and was just about to change the channel. That night over dinner, she started spouting random facts about Ham that she had learned from the program
  • Started saying when we go to NYC in April, we have to win the lottery- not because she wanted to see the show, but because she wanted to see me see the show
  • She saw Lin on a talk show and found him utterly delightful
  • I took the opening and sent her a bunch of youtube videos of Lin. She quickly became obsessed.
  • You don’t understand. I’ve never seen this woman fangirl so hard like she does with Lin.
  • Started off claiming she was a fan because she “just likes Latin men”, but quickly started talking about how he just seemed so nice/funny/talented/smart/etc
  • Found out he wrote In The Heights, which we couldn’t afford to see when it came to our area a couple years ago, but she had really wanted to see because it was getting such good reviews
  • Kept mentioning our upcoming New York trip, saying how we absolutely need to win the lottery (“I don’t want to really want to see the show, but I want to see him. I’m a fan of the Lin guy”)
  • I made her watch the Grammy performance. She legitimately burst into tears during it and tried to deny the fact she was crying even though she went through half a pack of tissues
  • (“This doesn’t mean I like the show, Molly! It was just very good and the pause he took for applause at the beginning really got to me!”)
  • Went to a family party, and her sister, my aunt Kathy, randomly started talking about how much she wanted to see the show. Listen to me, guys. Kathy is possibly the most boring person on the face of the planet. She can have an 'exciting’ conversation about buying packs of applesauce to eat with her pork and doesn’t realize no one cares. So her wanting to see Hamilton caught my mom off guard.
  • Apparently, she had seen the 60 minutes interview online, and thought “the guy was so charming and it looks so good”. ( @linmanuel , apparently you have a way with seducing 50/60+ year old suburban moms. Congrats?)
  • My mom stopped complaining if she heard me blasting the album, but still made no mention of wanting to listen to it.
  • Freaks out every time James Corden mentions Hamilton on the Late Late Show, aggressively wants him to do a Carpool Karaoke with Lin (which I agree would be RAD AS HELL) 
  • Kept talking about how amazing Lin is every single chance she got. If she met someone who hadn’t heard of him or the show, she made sure they learned everything.
  • (“Okay, Molly, we’re getting closer to the New York trip. The key here is to VISUALIZE. If we can VISUALIZE ourselves winning the Ham4Ham lottery, we WILL win. Stop rolling your eyes! You need to take this seriously!”)
  • Started getting really mad at me because she’s all happy-go-lucky-dreamer thinking we’re actually going to win the lottery and I’m standing there like “Mom they pick like 20 people out of thousands. Have you seen our luck? We’re not gonna win.”
  • Honestly she’s so pissed at me for thinking logically about this omfg
  • Has begun liking every single thing Lin posts on facebook. But the thing is, most of his fb posts just link to his twitter, and twitter is blocked on her work computer, so this woman is just liking everything he posts with absolutely no context.
  • Yesterday, she watched that live Q&A Chris Jackson did at the White House. Sent me a facebook message saying “I’m not entirely sure who he is, but I support him”. I responded by sending her that Ham4Ham video of him singing with Elmo, to which she responded “OMG I REALLY SUPPORT HIM”
  • Finally figured out that it’s called Ham4Ham because they sell the tickets for 10 dollars and that’s the bill that Hamilton is on, thought it was the most clever thing in the world
  • Last night I could literally hear her listening to all the White House performance videos she could find, didn’t say anything
  • She walked downstairs at like eleven pm, saw me on the couch, loudly sighed in defeat, and whispered “I need to see this fucking show”
  • Spent an hour talking about how amazing it looks and how talented everyone was and how much she needs to see the damn show.
  • Dedicated 15 minutes of the hour to talk about how adorable she thinks Daveed Diggs is. She didn’t know Daveed’s name so she just kept calling him “The Tall One”
  • (“Lin was free styling!!!! With Obama holding the words!!!! It was so cool!!!!!”)
  • (“I didn’t listen to all of the songs they did because I want to experience it live, you know?”) (“Mom, you should just listen to the songs. Better chances than with the lottery.”) (“MOLLY!!!!”)
  • There was a whole part where she was like “Why is room where it happens such a good song???? I don’t understand??? Why are Hamilton and Jefferson even fighting???” and I was like “Do you know anything about Thomas Jefferson?” and she said “Well it’s good music but they need to chill”
  • My mother used the word chill end me
  • “But Lin and that Tall Guy are just so adorable and everyone was amazing!”
  • She literally just called me from her work as I’m typing this because she had to give someone a bunch of ten dollar bills and it 'feels different what the hell’
  • So yeah my mom is now absolute Hamilton Trash and it’s amazing and hysterical God Bless America

(Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: I wanted to write something where you guys are filming an avengers movie or something and Seb’s totally smitten with you and then everyone teases him about it. So in that case if that kind of stuff interests you, I hope you enjoy!

Everyone, from the directors to the actors, sat at a large conference sized table inside a room you’d never been to before. It was pretty hidden being tucked in the corner of the studio, and from all the dust it looked as if it was rarely used. An emergency lunchtime meeting had been called by your directors for Captain America Civil War to talk “Important Business”, as the email stated. You looked around and all your fellow cast memebers were here except for one. Sebastian.

“Okay guys so I’ve got some bad news-” Joe begins however is interrupted as the door swings open abruptly.

“Sorry I’m late.” Sebastian exclaims out of breath with sweat glistening on his forehead.

“That’s alright just grab a seat.” Joe smiled at him.

He passed plenty of open seats until he finally reached the one he wanted; the one next to you. You greet him with a short smile before you focus your attention on your directors. He sits down the brown drink tray he had in his hands and settles back in the black leather office chair.

“So what I was saying is that it looks like we’re going to need an extra month to finish filming.” Joe sighs expecting everyone to be upset.

“That’s great!” Chris says enthusiastically.

“What?” Joe asks, clearly puzzled by the the reaction he was receiving.

“Yeah I think it’s great. It’s fun to film when you’ve got great people around you.” Sebastian says while winking at you.

“You’re talking about me right, Vanilla Ice?” Anthony inquires jokingly causing scattered laughs throughout the small room.

“C'mon Mackie, we all know you’re not the only person he’s happy about spending more time with.” Robert adds while pointing at you causing everyone in the room to laugh even more.

“Alright, well thank you guys for being so understanding, we’ll continue filming in thirty minutes.” Joe says letting out a chuckle and sighing as if there has been a weight lifted off his shoulders.

The directors leave, however your cast members remain seated indulging in the food they have brought for lunch.

“Hey is that a cool lime refresher with my name on it, sexy seabass?” Anthony asks from across the table.

“Not today Chocolachino.” Sebastian laughs while handing you the drink Anthony thought was for him.

“Thanks Seb.” You say gratefully with a hint of surprise considering you never asked him to pick anything up for you.

“Wow Y/n you’ve got him whipped.” Anthony yells jokingly imitating a whip noise resulting in ‘ow ows’ and ‘oohs’ being thrown about the room quietly by your cast members.

“I am not whipped. I’m just being nice, she didn’t even ask me to get it for her, it was just an act of kindness.” Sebastian says partially defending you, partially defending himself.

“I believe it, he is so smitten with Y/n. We’ve all seen the way he looks at her.” Chris says smirking, adding to Sebastian’s existing embarrassment.

“Yeah seriously Stan, when are you going to ask her out?” Robert questions tilting his head slightly to the left, “Y/n he talks about you all time.” He says directing his attention towards you.

You however were looking down at your salad trying to avoid this conversation for yours and Sebastian’s dignity’s sake.

“Okay enough already, leave the lovebirds alone.” Scarlett laughs hitting Robert in the shoulder gently.

Exasperated sighs were let out as Jeremy let everyone know they have to be back on set in five minutes. The room begins clearing out as everyone packs up their things. You stand up and collect your belongings and begin walking towards the door when you hear Sebastian call your name quietly.

“Y/n?” He says while running his hands through his hair.

“Yeah Seb?” You answer politely, turning around to face him.

“I’m really sorry about that, I know that must have been really embarrassing for you and I kn-” He rambles adorably until he is interrupted by your soft lips on his.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a really long time.” He whispers breathily once you end the kiss, “I’d like to take you on a date Friday night, I’ll pick you up at 6?”

“That sounds wonderful.” You grin back at him.

The rest of the day he could not wipe off the huge smile that was plastered on his face. He finally got the girl of his dreams, and little did he know, but he was the guy of your dreams too.

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3WP: chapter four army!spy

fyi: I’m editing a new book, and I’m exactly halfway through but it’s the reason I’ve spent zero time on tumblr or written anything new in regards to fanfic


#285 (continued from 284)


“Vegan?” she said, twisting on the spot to stare at him. “You’re taking me for vegan. Do I look like a girl who eats tofu?”

He was rooted to the sidewalk by her acidity. “I eat vegan.”

“You do not,” she scoffed.

He frowned. “I’m Special Forces.”

Beckett put her hands on her hips. “So?”

For the first time in nearly fifteen years, Richard had no idea what to say to that.

She dropped her hands and her body shifted away from him, a flash of something he didn’t understand going through her. “You’re serious. What the fuck does vegan have to do with being Special Forces?”

“Clean body, clean kill.”

She tilted her head. “Are you kidding me?”

“Kidding about what?”

“Richard - Rick,” said almost laughing. And no one had ever called him Rick. He was entranced, even while she laughed. “I mean, this isn’t… okay, all right. I’ll give it a go. Vegan. I’m sure they have veggie burgers.”

He stared after her as she yanked open the door, strode inside without him. He didn’t understand what had just happened; the motto was sound. Of course, the Army gave the soldiers shit MRE’s to eat every day, simply because it was more cost-effective, but they were loaded with supplements and vitamins and a balanced diet. All the guys had their own thing - menus or superstition, didn’t matter - they all worshipped at the temple of their bodies.

He was more than just an Army Ranger though - he was Special Services under the CIA. And as such, he’d given Beckett too much information, too much jarring information, pieces that didn’t fit.

What the fuck had he been thinking? Showing her he was vegan.

“It’s not in philosophy,” he hurriedly explained, following her inside the local ethnic place. The owners were Iranian, he saw, and he scoured their reactions to be sure nothing pinged their radar about him. He’d heard a story - a legend - about how his father had come back from the Vietnam War and found a fucking criminal war lord right in New York City, operating a laundry service with his cousin.

But the Iranians were fine; he’d only been in Iran for four months anyway, immediately after his service in Afghanistan.

“Not in philosophy?” Kate echoed. “Then what the hell is it for?”

“You don’t agree?”

“I don’t think it’s you,” she shrugged.

He stopped in the middle of the restaurant, a thigh knocking against a cheap wooden chair, arrested by the casual way she’d said that. She was starting towards the counter to order. “Wait.”

“What?” She paused just head of him, her face blank of all expectation.

“Not this,” he said quickly, glancing back at the couple manning the counter. “It’s not me? Then what is me? Where did you think I’d go?”

“Spicy curry?” she murmured, slowly turning to him. She hesitated for a second and then she came back for him; this time she was taking his hand, squeezing his fingers as she led him out of there. “I know exactly what you need.”


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I Only See You: Jinyoung

badboy!jinyoung x university!au
[ req.  ✉ ]
Unbreakable | 005/100 writing prompt challenge

The revving engine of Jinyoung’s motorcycle turned heads as he zipped through the university campus grounds. You jabbed your fingers into his side, silently telling him to slow down now that you two had reached the student parking lot. A playful smirk could be seen through the clear protective screen of his helmet and without even glancing over his shoulder at you, Jinyoung could picture your irritated face you always made when you scolded him.

“Park Jinyoung! Slow down! You’re gonna hurt someone!”

“If they were smart, they’d move.”


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