just finished the show and i cannot with the emotions

i didn’t expect to come out of leverage with so many emotions about the fucking brewpub??? what has this show DONE to me

but ok. like. the brewpub doesn’t turn a profit, right. it is actively losing money all of the time, but it doesn’t matter? because of their fucking alternative revenue stream, they don’t NEED to make a profit, they literally own this brewpub for the fun of it

so, like. they COULD make it turn a profit but: eliot & hardison, working-class boys TM, they are absolutely going to:

  • make everything on the menu $0.50 less than it costs to make at least, because affordable food is important
  • just fucking give away shit for free. oh you can’t pay for this food? that’s fine don’t worry about it have it anyway, also would you like a coffee? some beer?
  • get everything locally, pay a LOT for it (let’s take a moment for all of the feelings eliot ‘grew up in a farming town’ spencer 100% has about corporations paying farmers the bare fucking minimum they can get away with. so many feelings, he goes on long & impassioned rants whenever this comes up, my bitter socialist son)
  • pay all of their staff like three times minimum wage at the least
  • all of the staff have AMAZING insurance & they always pay out if they need to
  • if any of the staff mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • if any of the CUSTOMERS mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • (i REFUSE to accept that hardison doesn’t tip, that is WRONG, the show is WRONG & i will NOT allow it, hardison tips. hardison’s elder siblings were waitstaff who depended on tips to make rent, hardison tips generously. hardison has all this money & he’s not even using most of it so he gives it away All Of The Time)

like. LIKE. the brewpub is basically a fucking nonprofit charity, they run jobs to take down capitalist scum & then come home to their aggressively socialist brewpub, this is just. this is fact. you cannot convince me this isn’t true

I’m here. {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Can I please have #11 and #33 with Peter Pan? Thanks! :3

Warnings: Swearing, crying 

Note: Not exactly Peter Pan x Reader, but kinda in the same context…?

I watched from the log I was sitting on, as Pan gave orders to his fellow lost boys. His face held this stern look, eyebrows furrowed, and his muscles flexed as he gestured for some master plan of attack. I loved to watch him lead, the way he seemed so concentrated, so focused…it made me feel safe around him. Pan and I were friends I suppose, but I wish we could have been more…I wish he could consider me a great lover…but Peter Pan doesn’t love. I remember Felix telling me those words when I confessed my love for Pan to him. 

I don’t know whether to take his word for it, or to find out myself if this demon was capable of such an emotion. I just needed the right moment to do so. 

“I need to tell him…I just got to.” I mumbled to myself, not talking to anyone in particular.

“Not such a good a idea.” Someone responded, making me jump in my seat. Turning around I see Felix, adjusting the hood over his head, so that way I could see his face a little more. 

“[Sigh] You scared me,” I scowled, turning my attention back to Pan, only to see him gone. Sighing again, I placed my head into my hands, rubbing the skin. “Great…”

“It’s a lost cause, Y/n, I’ve already told you that Pan doesn’t have time for petty love.” I felt the log shift a little, letting me know that he took a seat next to me. 

“You think my love for him is petty?” I look up at him, glaring. Felix, however, showed no emotion to my intense stare. 

“He might think it is. He’s a leader of this whole island, do you really think he’ll drop everything for you?” 

“Well, thanks for the boost of confidence.” 

We sat in silence for another moment, until I felt his hand on the top of my head, petting me. “Move on from Pan, Y/n.”

“You think it’s that easy?” I groaned, standing up from the log, dusting my bum off. “I know it’s been forever since you’ve been with other people, or to know what love is or feels like, but this kind of emotion can’t just be ignored. I-I…I’m going to tell him tonight, after he’s finished with his meeting. And as my friend, I would really like your support.” 

Felix stared at me for moment, his face still showing no emotion, but his eyes told me otherwise. It was something I couldn’t read, but I didn’t have time to wrap my brain around it. He suddenly sighed, looking at the ground and shaking his head. “I can’t.”


“I cannot and will not support you on this, Y/n, I-I just can’t. I’m telling you this as a person who cares about you, forget about Pan and your feelings for him, it’s a lost cause and you’ll just get your heart broken. And I don’t want to see you in pain.”

“Felix, I am in pain! This pain of not letting my feelings out is eating me from the inside, and I can’t take not knowing if he feels the same or not. And I’m not a child that needs to be looked after, if you won’t support me, then fine, just say that. But, don’t make up some stupid excuse on why you won’t,” I walked away before he could respond. Of course I was being a little unreasonable with him, but I am also growing impatient.

I needed to know if my love is not being wasted or not. 

After my walk around the forest, clearing my head, I was finally building up the courage to tell Pan how I felt. Heading back to camp, I look around for the leader, but came up with nothing. Scanning the area, I finally spotted the tuff of chestnut brown locks, heading in the direction of the cages. I felt my heart slightly speed up at the sight of him, my smile returning to my face. 

Looking to my right slightly, I see Felix looking in my direction, and then where Pan walked. Looking back at me, he shook his head vigorously, but I chose to ignore him. All he was going to tell me is to just give up, but I’ve made up my mind already. I’m telling, and that’s that. My decision, not his. 

Walking in the direction Pan went, I strutted with confidence, showing Felix that I knew what I was doing. But, the look on his face this time held emotion. It looked like he was..in pain. 

I made my way in the direction of the cages, looking around, seeing if I could spot him. Suddenly, I heard his voice. Smiling brightly, I head the way I heard his thick accent appear from, only to stop in my tracks at the sight of him and…some girl. Her head coated with silky, blonde locks, wearing what happened to be a baby blue night gown, accompanied with her pale skin. They both stared at each other so…longingly. As if the whole world had stopped for them. 

“You are so beautiful in the moonlight, love. I’m sorry I’ve kept you locked up in these retched cages for so long. You know it’s only to keep you safe.” He caressed her face ever so gently, staring down at her with hooded eyes.

“Of course I do, Peter. I always feel safe around you, my love.” My heart cracked at those very words she used. And to add insult to injury, they sealed those words…with a kiss. A fucking kiss. She even called him by his first name without her heart being ripped out of her chest, or struck by something. All he did was kiss her back, holding her closely…

Something he should be doing…for me.

I didn’t realize I was crying until I gasped for air a little too loudly, alarming the two in front of me. Pulling away from each other, they stared at me, Pan with wide eyes while the girl stared in confusion. 

“Who’s that, Peter?” 

Ignoring her question, he just stared at me in shock, probably knowing by now that I knew the truth. “Y-Y/n…how long have you’ve been standing there?”

I sniffled, wiping my tears away, starting to become angry. “Long enough to know that the ‘Peter Pan doesn’t love’ is complete and utter bullshit!” I growled, glaring at the man who I loved. Past tense. Loved. “How could you? After everything I’ve done for you, the sacrifices I made to make you happy, and you do this! Who is this girl?!”

“Y/n, just calm down, do you know who you’re talking to-”

“Cut the shit, I’m done with this! Have fun with your little treasure!” The tears started free-falling yet again, and this time I didn’t wipe them. “I hope you two are happy with each other…” 

I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder, making me turn around. Coming face to face with Felix, as he wore that same pained expression on his face from earlier. “Y/n-”

“Did you know about this?” I pointed to the girl, looking Felix in the eye. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. He looked down at his feet, giving me my answer. “And instead of telling me, you let me make a fool of myself.”

“I-I didn’t know…how to tell you, you wouldn’t listen. You had to find out for yourself, I-”

“You know what, it doesn’t even matter! I can’t have him, and I especially can’t even trust my own friend! Lost two guys in one day, my life just keeps getting better and better,” With a slight shove to Felix’s chest, I stomp away, angry tears running down my face as I walked deeper into the forest, ignoring the calls from Felix and…him.

I sat on the edge of the cliff in silence, listening to the wind blow and the waves of the ocean crash against each other in a soothing motion. It had been hours since the mishap, and the tears finally stopped to the point to where I felt nothing. I felt numb…so this is what heartbreak feels like. 

The sound of someone walking behind me filled my ears, as they got closer and closer to where I was sitting at. I could only hope it was one of those pirates to come and take me away from this hell, or possibly an animal here to put me out of my misery. But, alas, I am wrong on both hands. 

“Y/n.” The person spoke, making my blood run cold, but also boil at the same time. Why did he find me?

Turning my head, I came face to face with the last face I wanted to see at this moment. “Go away, Felix.”

“I’m not leaving you by yourself, I know how dangerous you can get when you’re alone all sad like this. It scares the lost boys, you know. Including myself.”

“Yeah, tell me when I care,” I glare, crossing my arms, shuffling away from him. He sat down next to me, making me groan. I go to get up, only for him to pull me back down into his arms. He fell back onto his back, holding me tightly to where I could no longer escape. Struggling against him only made him tighten his grip on me. “Let go of me!”

“No! You are going to be the one to shut up and listen this time!” He snapped, surprising me. I’ve never actually heard him yell before, except maybe at the lost boys giving them orders…this was anew for me. Deciding to let him speak, I sigh heavily, stopping my movement altogether. 

“Y/n…I love you.”  Well.  “I know that might seem like bad timing at the moment, but like you, I am growing impatient. I can’t ignore these feelings any longer, and when you said you loved Pan I-I couldn’t…bare the idea of him getting to hold you, and listen to you about your day or…kiss you. I can’t give you what he can. But I can give you my all,” He spoke softly, his grip on me loosening up. Sitting up, my watery eyes met his, staring at me the way Pan stared at that girl. To make his words even more sincere, he caressed my left cheek softly, rubbing his thumb over one of my eyelid to wipe the tears away, a warm smile on his face. 

“Felix I..I don’t know what to say. How can I repay you?”

“Repay me?” He raised an eyebrow.

“For always being there, even when I bugged you about Pan, or…even when I didn’t want you to be.”

His smile deepened, to where it was enough to make me smile as well. “Let me fill his place in your heart. I-I might not be much, b-but I can promise you-”

Before I let him him finish, I lightly peck his lips. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to shut him up from his rambling, and to make a light blush appear on his face. “Okay.” I nod to his offer, smiling back at him as he pulled me into a tight hug, saying he loves me into my ear. 

Little did I know, that we were being watched from the trees.

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The fool`s in love-Evansson Fiction

Chris never feels insecure in his life. He did feel nervous of speaking in public. But he never feels insecure because of a person. He did had enough experience with women, he pretty sure he also can be consider as good looking mixed up with his flirty personality. He knows that he is an attractive man. But with Scarlett, he feels that he is out of her league. She was 17 years old when he first meets her for the first time. But she already had a lot of experience in acting and life. She consults him about everything, and calm him down every time his anxiety attack. She is more matured than him even he few years older than her. This make him feels insecure. Another one her career always step ahead of him no matter how he tries to catch up. He probably had few movies he can be proud off but, Scarlett had bunch of movies and roles people talk about in Hollywood. And she continues growing as award winner actress and also as box office attraction. He pretty sure she will win Oscars one day. As the time goes on she got better with age and more beautiful each year. And not to mention her fashion, he more like simple and comfortable cloth, he hates shave his beard, while Scarlett always looks amazing. She really knows how to dress up. No matter what occasion she goes. She is a fashion icon and fashionista. If he walking besides her he will feels out of place. Beauty and the beast. True.

He not sure when is happen, or particularly when he start falling to her. They had been knows each other for a long time. The feeling he got for her he never realized, because they always be a best friend. They bantering and sometimes flirting. Love is something he never considers at all. But he did admire her, at first he thought this is kind of admiration. But every time he sees her with someone else he feels angry and regrets that he never tries to ask what are they really are? What if she said he wasn`t her type? Well her type is clean cut metro sexual man just watches all the man she had date before. He not really interested in fashion or wear expensive designer clothes but he do take care of himself or at least his image in the public. What if she said they just friend and see him as a brother? He scare that he will be rejected and he also scare that he going to lose her again.

After a few months since she divorced. They are getting closer every day. He was helping her going through this hard time. Support her whenever she needs. Listen to every problem she had. And make sure she did not feel alone, especially raising her daughter by herself. He always offering a help and does not mind at all to take care of Rose. He is willing to take care of Rose together with her. And promise to his life to love her like his own child. They kept in touch much more than what they did before. Texting and calls everyday like a normal couple would do. Sometime asking questions that quite boring like “What are you doing?” or “Are you having a lunch yet?”It is the same question but he never gets bored. He clearly makes an effort for the relationship to grow. He likes her, maybe he always in love with her. So he makes it so obvious, flirt with her and ask her out. Even call her “Honey” but she laugh it off. He said he misses her so much, and she said okay and laughing again. He calling her his girlfriend, she did not reject or either accepted but she kind of laughing about it. She probably thinks it was hard to get used to it because she and his was a best friend for ten years. So he doesn’t care if she love him or not, because he clearly head over heels over her. He fall in love hard and he not going to let her slipped away from him. When the time he did not texting or calling, she will texting him first, he knows she thinking about him as much as he thinking about her too. But she did not ready to tell the public about their relationship, especially she in custody battle of her daughter. She knows what tabloids going to say. And her publicist and his publicist had made a deal to not reveal their relationship until the right time. One of the reasons is because they are in contract with Marvel Studios, which had states about do not dating or having a sexual relationship with their co-star to prevent unprofessional behaviour on set. So Chris is very considering man and willing to wait. How anyone doesn’t want to wait for Scarlett Johansson? He will even for thousand years. So right now Chris can say they are Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

This morning he had received news. His agent had shows him an article from gossip column. He never bother about gossip because, he knows that fifty percent is fake news that made up by a reporter. But this one is really bother him. He calms himself down, and tries to do his job to avoid about it. But he cannot. So he going to sees her and asking about it. So he bought a rose for her and walks in to her dressing room. She just finishes a photo shoot. She was surprise to see him.

“Chris? What are you doing here?” Scarlett said and there is joyful in her voice.

“Hey, I just come here to see you. Here” He gave her bouquet of roses.

“Awww thank you” She smile and kiss his cheek and embrace him.

He tries to look normal and pray that his emotions don’t show on his face.

He sitting on the couch, and folded his arms. Telling himself try to not shows angry, or disappointed.

Scarlett put the rose on the makeup table and turn to sit with him on the couch.

“How are you doing?” Scarlett smiles while play with his shirt.

“I`m fine” He is pretending

“Ok. Why do you want to see me?” Scarlett said as she put her palm on his knees.

“Nothing, just want to see you” he said

She knows that he is lying. And he does not well at it.

“Okay what is going on? You would not come here just to see me. You can texting me” She knows him very well.

He sighed and moves his body forward slightly and look at her.

“You know, I understand that why you want to keep our relationship as a secret. I`m asking you out and you refuse because you don`t want any photo. I get it, in fact I`m very consider.” He said

“Okay, what is it? Just be straight forward!” She says more loudly because she knows something in his mind.

“I`m reading about you this morning. I`m not go to stop you if you want to have fun. And a part of our job is meeting people, partying. ” Chris said

She knows what he was thinking right now. About that guy and the stupid gossip.

“I`m make out with some guy is that what you want to ask? I don`t know where it come from. You know how the gossip column works. Not all of them are true!” She sound disappointed.

“I know, but I just want to ask, who he was. And what happen that night. The rumour wouldn`t come without reason. I`m probably wrong what is going on between us. Maybe we not in relationship, I mean a real relationship” He not finishes his sentence yet. She already standing and folded her arms while looking at him with an angry expression.

“God! you believe in this kind of thing? And you didn`t trust me? How you want to live with me for the rest of your life, when you can`t even stand me for a day? I thought you understand me, since you know me for ten years!” She finally let her anger emotions and the fact she in mood swing right now. She starts to cry. Angry and cry. She turns away and walks away before she starts to cry in front of him and smack his chest.

“Scarlett! Wait!” He catches her and makes her body turn to him. And is broke his heart when he sees she cry.

“I`m sorry, is my fault.” He holding her and try hug her tightly on his chest. She pushes him away.

“I`m tired okay! Tired to hear what people say about me. They said all I have is a good look and big boobs and I gain my fame because of my big ass. That I`m a slut that hooked up with random guy! I thought you did not see me like that way. I thought you are a different!” She yells on his face. And in fact she never yells to him for as long she knows him. Because he always being sweet and calm.

“I`m really sorry Scarlett. Is my entire fault not yours. Shussh” He holds her face with both hands. “I`m just being stupid and jealous. Because I`m in love with you. You make me happy and flutter every time you laugh because of me. And I`m being overly possessive. I don`t even knows myself anymore. And I`m really sorry Scarlett. Okay?” She looks at her eyes and says everything with all his heart.

She kisses him once, twice. “I am sorry, for make you like this. I thought I always know you. But I was wrong. Every day I learn something new about you. And this is how you are when you fall in love.” She said while giggle try to hold her laugh.

“Yeah if you knows everything about me. You probably will leave me now.” He smile and try to hold his laugh too.

“And about that, he and I just talking and drinks, is not.”

“I know. I trust you” He kisses her again and again.

“And you a kinda cute when you are jealous and sexy.” She laughing and not holding it anymore. She feels something in her heart. Like her heart sink deeper. It`s a happiness, feeling she never felt since the divorce. They kiss longer this time and it become hotter. They not even realize when her back hit the makeup table and laughing about it. So this is how it feel when Chris Evans in love with you.

Week after that, they back shooting an Avengers movie. He walks out from his trailer. And she chases him to walk together side by side, and she holding his hands like a normal couple would do. He turn back to look at her, like he did`t believe her. But she smiles and he smiles too. Everyone on the set staring at them, not believe what was just happen. They know someone will take a photo but they don’t care anymore to hold any secret. They are dating.

A Warrior's Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think. 

RATING: Mature. 

Thor led the way back down the hillside to the village, looking back every few minutes to keep an eye on Loki, who was holding a rope that was forcing the young woman along behind them. She seemed to fight it every few minutes, and try to pull away, but in all honesty, it seemed only half-hearted, as though she could not summon the willpower to do what she so desperately wanted to do. It was as though she knew it was futile to fight, but still felt she had to try, but a quick pull of the rope and she obeyed once more. Though the look in her eyes told Loki, that had she not been exhausted mentally and physically by what had happened her kin, she would be far more difficult to control. He was unsure why exactly he had thought to bring her, but she had nothing left behind, and it was normal to bring back slaves, she was strong, she would be of use. His brother warned him that she reminded him of the horse father had tried to break when they were boys, Loki recalled the beast, no matter how often it was saddled, it would not break, and it would not lose its wildness. He had hoped she was the same, and when he told Thor such, the older man had thought him mad.

“What will we tell Baldr? We cannot turn up without Cnut and Tyr and no explanation. And I doubt we can tell them we think she did it, not that they would believe us anyway.” Thor asked as they came into view of the others, who were walking away from the village, laden with bounty.

“Have you lost your senses brother? If they ever suspected she did it they would each rape her in turn and then slit her throat. The purpose of keeping her is to keep her alive, to give her a chance.”

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Update: I just finished Good Bye Farewell Amen, and officially MASH, and I know it's the best show of all time. I'm crying, it's midnight, and I love it so much.

i’m guessing you’re both the same people? lol but dude, last time i watched GFA, it was at about 2 in the morning, and 4 in the morning found me sobbing in bed because sleep-deprived me just CANNOT handle emotional stuff. just… oh man. the entire episode aside, you’re also watching their second to last episode together (the time capsule episode was their real last one they filmed) and you can tell how high emotions are running because they’re basically saying goodbye to each other for real. gah. GFA. i’m gonna have to wait a loooong time before i watch it again or i’ll get a bad case of burnout :P 

He’s Just a Boy.// Draco x Reader.

 ➣Title: He’s Just A Boy.

 ➣Prompt: “He’s just a boy,”

 ➣Paring: Draco x Reader, even though you don’t really talk about him.

 ➣Warning(s): None? Based off of when Narcissa and Bellatrix went to Snape. Let’s pretend Voldemort is still alive, you and Draco had graduated from Hogwarts and Scorpius is a death eater (as so you and Draco)

I stood beside Bellatrix, and Narcissa as we walked down an ally way. Narcissa was leading us to Snapes house thing; I looked at them both before knocking. Wormtail had came to open the door, giving me a disapproving look. I simply rolled my eyes, and followed them. When we got in there Snape was sitting in a chair, waiting I like to imagine. “Wormtail, leave.” Snape said Wormtail handed all of us a drink. Snape slammed the door in his face before turning back to us, “What are you three doing here?” Snape asked, I looked at him before looking down, “I’m not suppose to talk about it,” I whispered, “Speak up,” Snape commanded, “I’m not suppose to talk about it, the Dark Lord forbids me.” I say as I look up at him, “Well, the Dark Lord has told me about your situation,” Snape said looking at us, folding his Newspaper, “The Dark Lord told you?” Bellatrix asked, laughing slightly.

Snape wasn’t taking her sass, “He’s just a boy,” I gave a sad smile to Snape, “I could protect him,” Snape offered, I narrowed my eyes slightly, “What do you mean?” I asked, this is something Draco made me swear that I wouldn’t ask for help and yet here I am, asking for help. “If Scorpius cannot do the deed, I will do it for him.” Snape told us, “Swear on it,” Bellatrix butted in, “Make the unbreakable vow,” I looked at him, “Bella its okay,” I started she stopped me by saying “It’s just empty words,” she walked around him, taunting him, you could say before she finally finished her little speech, “Coward.” Her words sounded harsh, and I couldn’t blame her. “Take out your wand Bellatrix,” Snape allowed himself to say, he showed little to no emotion as he said and of the words.

When I put my hand on Snapes wrist I felt intimidated instantly, looking at Narcissa as she stood beside me, “Will you, Severus Snape, watch over Scorpius Malfoy as he attempts to fulfill the Dark Lord’s wishes?” Bellatrix hummed, “I will,” Snape agreed, “And will you, to the best of your ability, protect him from harm?”

“I will.”

“And if Scorpius should fail, will you yourself, will you yourself carry out the deed the Dark Lord has order Scorpius to perform?” Bellatrix looked at him, as Snape hesitated to respond. “I will.”

Narcissa had taken me back to Draco and I’s shared house. “Thank you,” I whispered, looking at her. “I want him safe too,” she whispered as she hugged me, I felt a couple tears fall from my eyes, “You should go,” I nodded towards the gate, “Before Draco comes out and we have to make up a lame story.” I laughed, she smiled nodded. “Tell Draco I love him dear,” she looked at me, and smiled before walking off. I opened the door and looked around, and walked inside the house. Draco had been in the kitchen with one of the house elves. “Hello Y/N,” he said, I gave a faint smile as I sat beside him, “I know what you did.” He said, I looked down at my knees once I made eye contact with him, “I’m not mad,” he clarified, my eyes had gone up to meet his, “Really?” I chocked, he nodded putting his hand on my shaking leg, “I understand why you did it,” he whispered, “He’s just a boy.” I cried.

➣ A/N: Okay, this turned out kind of weird?? Kind of cool though. Shout out to that random website I used to get the script!

A Not-So-Tiny Meta for a Tiny Scene

After the release of the teaser, I’ve been frantically coming up with theories and justification for the goddamn thing, and I think what I have concluded is about the same as what all of you have, but I’ll lay it out anyway. If not for the good of you readers, then at least so I can begin to wrap my brain around it.

PART I - Observations

1. Sherlock and John are sitting in their chairs in 221b, which is filled with an estimated foot of clear water in their flat.
2. 221b is a flat on the second floor of a building, so extreme flooding of this sort is an unlikely scenario.
3. Neither Sherlock nor John speak a word.
4. John is looking at Sherlock, and Sherlock is looking down.
5. Various items are floating in the water: the violin, sheet music, etc. However, each of these items has had a direct influence on the show/characters and there are no unnecessary objects floating.
6. The water level is not rising - it remains level throughout the teaser.
7. Sherlock and John are wearing their outfits from (I’m pretty sure this is true, I’m functioning based off of memory for this one part) The Six Thatchers.

PART II - Inferences

From these observations, there are a few things we can assume.

221b is on the second floor of a building - the chances of it flooding are quite minimal. If it really was flooded, the last thing John and Sherlock would be doing is sitting artfully and looking sad. Additionally, the flat below theirs is Mrs. Hudson’s - if 221b were to be flooded, Mrs. Hudson would probably not be alright, and John and Sherlock would never just let her drown. Since their clothes aren’t wet on the top, it’s safe to assume that they haven’t tried to save her if she is in danger. Therefore, the entire unlikeliness of the entire scenario mostly erases the possibility of this scene being an actual event.

Throughout the teaser, John and Sherlock do not move or speak. John is looking at Sherlock, and Sherlock is uncharacteristically looking down. The only other times Sherlock has looked down purposefully in the show without seeing a body or something worth inspecting, it’s because he is feeling emotional turmoil. Guilt, sadness, melancholy - each of these has prompted him to look down and away from whatever usually would be capturing his attention. Perhaps the only other occurrence, which I had ruled out but now am not sure of, is when Sherlock is intensely thinking. These inferences can have one of two reasons: Sherlock is guilty or upset over something, most likely something that he did. John is staring at him, perhaps even expectantly, waiting for something - an explanation? It is either this or the slightly less likely scenario of Sherlock thinking and John waiting to hear whatever it is he’s thought about. However, I think this is less likely because it seems a rather simple thing to release a teaser for.

The various items floating around in the water are all items of value, of which the meaning behind each can be explained. I reblogged a post from @jenna221b that explained each of them fairly well, and I don’t want to spend time going over this again because the bell at my school is literally about to ring and I want to finish this. But what we can assume about these items is that they are all definitely of some importance - that cannot be questioned because of the meticulous nature of Mofftiss and everything about the show.

The water level not rising is a quizzical aspect of the teaser. As we have all figured out, water=emotions. So it should seem that the water was threatening to swallow them whole, correct? But as I just realized two seconds ago while worrying over how to justify this, it’s because the water is a second layer, sitting by their feet. Never mentioned, never discussed, never dealt with. Several things have been sent astray by this flooding. What could have done such a thing? Maybe… Reichenbach?

John and Sherlock wearing their TST costumes are most likely the most straightforward things about the teaser, but at the same time the most cryptic. What seems to be the reading behind these costumes is to avoid spoilers - TST will be the first episode, so using those costumes means that things from TLD and S4:E3 won’t have to be revealed until later. Using random costumes would be dangerous, because it could lead the viewers down the wrong path and potentially bring confusion, and the writers don’t really want to mislead us. The other hidden possibility is that these events have something to do with the Six Thatchers specifically - perhaps the dealing what whatever the water represents. By instinct, I’m willing to go with the former option, but I am not willing to rule the latter out.

PART III - Conclusion

Throughout the entirety of the show, the show has never lied to us. A majority of the language of this show is subtext (cough, TJLC, cough), but it has never tried to mislead us. So if we apply this subtextual idea to the teaser - that the answers are surely there if we look for them - we know that something important is given to us in this clip.

Reichenbach is still and always will be a sensitive subject between John and Sherlock, and as far as we know, the two have never talked about what happened during Sherlock’s time away. The emotions, the water has been sitting there, never rising but never falling, and it’s sending all of the important values and things in their life adrift across the water. Sherlock is still guilty about this as we can tell from how he looks down, and John is still waiting for an explanation. If they don’t talk, the water will never go away.

This teaser is cryptic, confusing, and hard to understand. Without looking for the subtext, there is nothing we can understand. The teaser is a subtle way of showing us that without subtext, the show is meaningless. If we don’t search for the answers, we will never understand. And those answers always, always lead back to TJLC.

From here I assume that you understand what it is that I’m trying to say: the teaser represents their need to talk about what happened, but it can only be found in the subtext, which shows that subtext is the answer to any problem we want to solve in this show.

And another thing; something a user called @eleanr-x just posted and I reblogged mentioned that the water could be representative of Sherlock’s feelings for John. It’s a very good post and just enlightened me to the possibility that the water might not be Reichenbach feels, but instead gay emotions. To be honest, I’m very happy with either result, and I think it makes a world of sense because of how Moriarty wants to burn out Sherlock’s heart, but water can extinguish fire. And TAB, Sherlock fell in a waterfall, which can represent him letting himself fall in love with John. I take that as the truth based on the excellent explanations of Rebekah from TJLCE - seriously, if you haven’t watched those videos, go do it. I really appreciate the most recent videos and cannot recommend them enough. So here is the alternate conclusion: it’s gay. Everything’s gay. They even hint at it with the ‘it’s not a game anymore’. @ BBC: this is so gay literally how did you achieve this level of homosexuality

Tonight is the premiere of Harvey Beaks, the first TV show I have had the pleasure of working on as a staff writer.

About a year and a half ago, Carl hired me and the rest of the dorks above to come up with 52 hilarious and hear-warming stories for season one of his new animated show. He wanted stories that pulled from our embarrassing childhoods, true stories about friendships, and stories that felt real and sweet. Yes, this is a show featuring a bird and some imps in a magical forest, but the emotions are 100% human.

The staff writers just finished the season one writing about a week or two ago. Looking back at the entire first season, I gotta say that I am incredibly proud of the stories we have written and cannot wait for the world to see them. This show is truly something special. It is fun and sweet; hilarious and charming.

The premiere is tonight (Sunday March 29th) at 7PM on Nickelodeon. I am extremely grateful to be associated with this show, and I hope everyone checks it out so we can continue making more!

Pictured above from left to right: Dani Michaeli, Katie Mattila, Carson Montgomery, me, Amalia Levari, and C.H. Greenblatt. Not pictured is staff writer Kevin Kramer who is behind all of us, shocking us with a cattle prod. Dani is the only one who enjoyed it.