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Tenka Moon Chapter Narukami Kyoichiro Preview

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please correct me for any mistakes *bow*


Fujibayashi Sakuya
Sarutobi Sasuke
Fujibayashi Genya
Hattori Hanzo
Kirigakure Hotaru
Narukami Kyoichiro

??? [ I knew it. You are (still) alive. ]

Kyoichiro [ You didn’t die as well, aren’t you? Saizo. ]

You met him back then at Kyoto. A merchant, Narukami Kyoichiro.

Just like you, his real identity was a “nuke shinobu”, a runaway ninja - 

MC [ Why does Kyoichiro-san operating as Ishikawa Goemon? ]

Kyoichiro [ No particular reason. I just want to do it. ]

Despite being a runaway ninja, Kyoichiro lives freely without being bound by anything.

You are longing for that way of life and chase after his back, but -

Kyoichiro [ - Shut up. ]

Kyoichiro [ I don’t care with whatever you think, since…..I’m not that sort of human being. ]

Lonely expression that sometimes shown.

The more you get closer, the more of his mind you cannot enter. 

His tormented “past” that you are not able to touch by no means…..

Kyoichiro [ *“嗚恭一郎” died at that time. ]

*Note: At first I was confused reading it, with this name difference is the kanji 2nd character of his known name -  鳴恭一郎. While inside his name is 神 (god/deity), in his name who died is 雷 (lighting/thunder). 

Then, after heated and lolol talk with Ifa @laurifakristalina, she explains: ‘kami’ in his name is  (god/deity) and  (lighting/thunder) stand for a God too which is 雷神 (Raijin) - God of Thunder, along with hiragana かみなり (kaminari-thunder).

Then - his name is still Narukami Kyoichiro, since there are also names with same pronunciation but different kanji, so he just change that 2nd kanji character of his name to show HE IS A DIFFERENT PERSON FROM WHO HE WAS BEFORE (perhaps due to something like being sentimental and unable to let go of everything). That leads to 2nd sentence of this CG preview -

Kyoichiro [ **I have no right to forgive anything. ]

**since the one/thing that needs forgiven from Kyoichiro is asking it from the old dead him - 嗚恭一郎. So new him - 鳴恭一郎 doesn’t deserve to give that forgiveness/pardon. Oh so that’s what being guessed~ 

I need to read for context danggg~ If it comes for localization, I wonder how Voltage would translate this lol, since this could be seen in Japanese context.

Two shadow overlapping in order to share warmth.

I just want to love you -

That thought carries light in Kyoichiro’s eyes.

Kyoichiro [ As the light getting stronger, the shadow would also become darker…..I am prepared for it. ]


[ Let’s settle this.
Let’s put an end to this. ]

Opening the path of love for the Shinobi with fate of living in the shadow,


Binge watching TV shows is both the best and worse thing in the world. It’s great because you get to go through it quickly, you don’t forget things as easily so you can keep up with the storyline better, you don’t have to deal with cliffhangers and stuff and the show pretty much becomes your life for like a week and I love that. But then when it’s over you’re like what the fuck do I do with my life now??

This is kind of random but I sort of got an idea for an AkoIoRyuu AU fic, based on one of the Boueibu shipping week prompts. Thing is, it’s going to be a multichapter fic because I cannot conceive oneshots for whatever reason. So yeah, would anyone be interested in AkoIoRyuu? I’ve been wanting to give a try in this OT3 since forever but I never really got around to. 

While making the next batch of Chilton gifs today, I noticed that the number of sets per episode keeps increasing…what can I say, I can’t just leave scenes out. That would be a crime, right? So I hope you’re looking forward to being drowned in a bazillion Chilton sets. If not, tough luck, they’re coming your way regardless 😂