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Take up a false identity and immerse yourself into the Bloodborne academia experience. But…try to get along.

A Pint-Sized Heartbreaker Part 1

Kazui: *stops trotting towards the school building long enough to turn around and wave at his parents one last time*

Kazui: Bye-bye!

Orihime: *can’t reply because of the lump in her throat, but tries to keep her tears under control as she smiles and waves at her son*

Ichigo: *chuckles under his breath as he reaches around, pulls Orihime against his side and waves to Kazui with his free hand*

Ichigo: Have a good day! We’ll be right here when school lets out!

Kazui: *nods enthusiastically before heading inside*

Orihime: *takes a deep, shaky breath*

Ichigo: Hey, hey now…

Ichigo: *reaches into his pocket and pulls out a packet of tissues he had made sure to grab before they left the house and hands them to Orihime while trying to keep a straight face*

Ichigo: I thought we agreed last night that we were ready for this.

Orihime: *takes the tissues from Ichigo, struggles to open them for a few seconds before they finally fall from her trembling hands*

Orihime: I know…but he’s my baby!

Orihime: *buries her face in Ichigo’s shirt front and tries to keep her voice down while she attempts to recompose herself*

Ichigo: *keeps one arm around her shoulders while wrapping the other around the back of Orihime’s neck so that he can cover the grin on his face with his hand; also, it’s really difficult for him to keep himself from laughing at first, but then he thinks about having to sit through one of Urahara’s lectures and the urge dies very quickly*

Orihime: *finally gets her emotions under control enough to peek up at Ichigo and ask in a quiet tone*

Orihime: Could we pick up a treat for Kazui on the way home? To celebrate his first day?

Ichigo: *reaches up to take one of her hands*

Ichigo: Anything you want.

Ichigo and Orihime: *walk hand in hand away from the school*

THIS IS NOT OK. JYPE please let him rest. they’re giving him great opportunities, but i rather not watch him on those shows than see him so exhausted and overworked like this. he’s completely run down. he didn’t deserve this. he needs a break. 

Just for fun: KBTBB Coffee Shop AU

So yeah, a kbtbb coffee shop au where mc’s a barista and eisuke’s a frequent customer

The first time he visits the shop, he orders a latte. MC makes his latte, but she unfortunately spells his name wrong and puts too much milk and sugar in his drink

MC: One tall latte for… Ass-ke?

So lol Eisuke’s like wtf man, but he takes a sip of his coffee anyway and much to his surprise, it’s delicious lolol

Since then, he’s been a regular customer of the shop, ordering the same thing every single time, but even then, she still writes ‘Ass-ke’ on the cup
He doesn’t know if she purposely misspells his name to annoy him lolol but oh well at least the coffee’s great and the barista’s hella cute

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I thought you guys would like the idea lol


The four seasons…


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