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I c a n’t not share some art especially since I’m taking forever to finish;;;

@pandateddyclaws request for modern witch Gaara (bless you for this request)


Intermission before the next (½?) chapter hits the fandom like a brick.

I really want to know what Chang Ge thought about slashing Sun back at the Temple…The guy seems to suffer physical pain A LOT because of her.

Also….I made a tumblr for nsfw stuffs (…most likely just cgx nsfw stuffs…).  Fair warning though: ooc-ness is involved.

magnolia nine nine: episode 2

rating: T for language
pairing: Natsu/Lucy
summary: With only a few days left of his bet with Lucy, Natsu seems to be having some problems solving his cases. Will he be able to figure them out as well as his feelings?

note: i know i said i wasn’t gonna continue it but the newest season of b99 came back and oops my hands slipped so here you go! s/o to my supporters, fellow b99 enthusiasts, @snogfairy and @not-just-any-fangirl ty for your love

Magnolia 99th Precinct, Meeting Room
Tuesday, 10:02 AM

“Annnnd with three cases solved so far this week, that gives me…” Lucy finished writing the number on the board with a flourish, “…31 solved cases.” She capped the marker before she waltzed over to his table to shoot him a smug little grin. “Looks like you might be losing after all Dragneel.”

Natsu scowled at her as everyone in the meeting room cheered and applauded. She quirked a saucy eyebrow at him and he rolled his eyes. “Alright alright, laugh all you want, but I have until Friday so don’t get too cocky. I am this close to solving all my cases,” he said, kicking his feet up onto the table.

“Really, Detective Dragneel,” Laxus crossed his arms, “Then can you tell me about your Aggravated Assault Case?

“Yes I can tell you about it!” Natsu pointed a finger at him, “I can tell you that I have no new leads whatsoever. But I will. Soon.”

“And the Santiago Drug Bust?”

“Nothing. Zip. Nada.”

“And what about the Linetti Street Arson?”

“Once again, I got nothing. But that doesn’t mean I won’t solve them all, I just need some time!”

“Mmmm I don’t know,” Cana drawled as she spun in her chair, “Sounds like you might be in a….slump.”

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Ironic Advice

 “Mother, may I ask something?”

Sakura turned at the sound of the voice, only to then have her head tilted upwards at the sight of the young paladin. “Oh! Hello dear!” Soft, small hands cupping together, the priestess flashed a sweet smile at her tall son. “What did you want to ask?”

 The smile was obviously returned with a curve of his own. “Well…” Head briefly turned to shyly avoid her curious gaze, Siegbert brought one hand up and mindlessly fumbled with the ends of his pink hair. “I uh…” The more he thought about it, the more embarrassed he got. “I was wondering, Mother…”

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Inktober Day 26 + happy birthday Oda

I put them both in sweaters because why not

Happy birthday, Odasaku. I will always love you.

I finally read watercast last night by @fishwrites and I can’t stop laughing cause the Lance is the exact same as my siren Lance except for the gill placement I doubt they copied me and I didn’t read this until literally last night so it’s just a really funny coincidence omg maybe we just both love the idea of killer siren Lance

Here we go again ✨

I really wanna write about the take over of Insomnia after the bombings, and show whats happening at the civillian level. I wanna feature some OC’s abd use them to explore humanity, and the idea of what it means to be a hero, and what is worth fighting for…and the future Nyx spoke of. I think Petra Fortis would be the perfect ‘hero’ of that particular story. He has such underdog potential and an unyielding character.

I think its perfect, and the amount of feels i have for this potential project is through the roof.

anonymous asked:

I do not think that people will find your fic boring! Your writing is amazing and I'm sure that it will be just as amazing as well! People will enjoy reading it don't you worry!

Thank you so MUCH AAAAAH!! This message means a lot. <33 I think I’m just over thinking things? Because I’m writing it and I guess I kinda… feel like it’s lacking and there’s not any action. It’s more centered on feelings and setting. It’s very Lúcio centered, which probably seems weird since this is criminal anon and that’s about Junkrat’s journey, but there will probably be chapters when the POV changes, but I really wanted to focus on Lúcio first.

The first chapter is a bit awkward and stuff and I think that’s just because that’s how some of the characters feel. They’re in this really strange situation and they have to work through it. They haven’t had time to talk about what happened during the criminal drabble, so things are a little tense. 

But I’ve spent hours planning this fic out. Figuring out places and times and cities and towns and looking up lore stuff, making some shit up. I’ve done a lot of research and I hope it shows. 

I just don’t want people to be turned off by the fact that there’s no sex and that  Lúcio and Junkrat aren’t kissing and being all cute together in the first chapter. This fic… idk. It’s heavily centered on feelings and thoughts and the complications of friendship and romantic relationships. And I’m just hoping that that interests people.