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I wish I could lose enough interest in TWD to be able to stop watching. Then I could come back here in a a few years when the show is over and find out when Caryl finally went canon, how it happened, if they shared a lot of scenes, whether they died and how they died. I don’t want to care about the struggles, separation of two fictional characters and the want for them to become a romantic couple to a degree that it affects my mood and daily life greatly.

But the only way that can happen is if I find something in RL to hold my interest and fulfill my addictive needs OR find a new show to obsess over. lol. The catch is that with the second one I’m likely to fall into the same trap I’m in now.

Eh. I’ll start with the second one and work slowly on the first. Does anyone have any good TV show recommendations? lol. For reference, some of my all-time favorite shows are: TWD (duh), Lost, Angel, BtVS, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Kyle XY, Once Upon a Time, Smallville, Dexter, Heroes, The Vampire Diaries (though I quit watching several seasons ago). I also watch the Flash and Arrow, though I don’t love them. LOL, another genre apart from fantasy/sci-fi/horror, you ask? I love Scrubs and Friends. Oh, and One Tree Hill.

eta: Want to add that I’ve seen Stranger Things and Breaking Bad, too. Both amazing shows. <3

oh no im a week late

heres kannas magical girl outfit from episode 10

i….still have not started my psych homework

@transoiks aaa i haven’t finished them all but heres one ;;u;; you inspire me to make The Softest art bless you for your content  💖 💖 💖 💖

Might be distant fur a couple of days


Tryin’ to figure some life stuff out

i just wanna ask how this is - again i’ve not been doing well lately so i’m self conscious again about my art so just wanna like ask,,