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LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: jehan & cosette

braiding hair, bicycle baskets, tea and blankets in the sun, quirky vintage clothes and sifting through flea markets, berry juice on your fingertips, cloud-gazing and flower-smelling and appreciating the beauty in the world, holding fast to convictions, seeing a better future, window seats and quiet corners and soft fairy lights, reading classic novels aloud and taking turns to turn the page. (requested by @silver-soliloquy

ok but imagine faith growing up in sunnydale and Actually being friends with the scooby gang, like, imagine faith and oz being bros since middle school, imagine faith being a founder member of dingoes ate my baby even tho she can’t play guitar to save her life, imagine faith knowing cordy her entire life and freaking out when she starts crushing on her and freaking out even more when they kiss once in a party during freshman year, imagine faith getting help from willow and getting good grades in school thanks for that help and growing Really close to willow to the point where they’re always hanging out after school and going to the bronze and all that, and when buffy comes she’s There, and she’s in the fight from the beginning and dammit she Knew something creepy was going on in that town, she didnt know why, but she could tell shit was going down, but it doesnt matter now, bc all that matters is keeping her friends safe and she wants to be strong, so she spends all of her time with buffy and giles in the library practicing and then with buffy during patrols and with buffy during sleepovers and damn she’s spending a Lot of time with buffy and it’s heartbreaking bc she sees the way buffy looks @ angel ((it’s the same way faith looks @ buffy)), and when he turns into angelus it’s heartbreaking² bc even though she’d been jealous af for the past six months, angel was her friend too and she essentially let him die, just like she let buffy die when she thought the master and fuck now kendra is dead too she’s finally called and she’s so fucking powerful because all of these connections she built during her life give her so much strength and she’ll never let anyone else die, ever ((except buffy. again))

“Someone just gave me a dollar cus I’m outside with a torn shirt”