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Day 18! This took longer than I thought, but it’s all good! Here we have The Sides™ all dressed up for Halloween! And yes! I seriously believe Patton would dress up JUST to say a dad joke!! (Thanks for the idea, Sammy) I had multiple ideas for Virgil, but at the last minute I decided to go with his own version of Jim’s Halloween costume from The Office, 3 Hole Punch Jim! Since Roman is a diva I figured he’d go all out for his costume and go as Winifred Sanderson Sister (and yes he’s upset none of the other sides wanted to dress up as the other sisters) and lastly we have Logan, I had multiple ideas for him too, but in the end I decided he’d go as a jar of Crofter’s! The costume isn’t sponsored, he’s just a fan. The only jelly he’ll put in his belly. Crofter’s.

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More Lance head cannons please? (He's my fav)

lance is my son thank you for this opportunity

  • “hunk, what’s lance doing?” “his best”
  • is That Guy who’ll stand in the same room as you and groan and sigh dramatically until you ask him what’s wrong
  • get really homesick easily which is sad but also kinda funny?? he starts tearing up over the weirdest shit
    • *sees a plant* “this reminds me vaguely of a flower in the bouquet my mamá gave my tío antonio at his wedding four years and nine months ago” “is lance crying”
  • has gone into battle w the face mask and lion slippers on
  • occasionally gets the vague impression that shiro is gonna pull La Chancla on him and it stresses him out
  • his self care routine is religious and he’s too proud to actually ask anyone for advice so instead he just follows coran around the castle for days trying to figure out how he keeps his mustache so perfectly coiffed
  • “keith that’s a stupid plan and there’s no way i’m going along with it” “why, are you chicken?” “…..fuck you i’m not let’s go”
  • is still lowkey bitter about allura’s comment about his ears
  • pidge: “i would sell you to satan for two corn chips” lance, patting pidge on the head: “love u too lil buddy”

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Could you do a got7 reaction like the BTS reaction of you refusing sex?

Of course, Lets start with a little back story.

There was something comforting about going rehearsals with him, a sense of comfort in knowing that those he works with know you exist and that you belong to him, just like he belongs to you. But this was the first time he had asked you to go with him to a live show to watch. Usually, he liked to keep his business life and personal life as far away from one another as possible, not because he was ashamed, but just because he wanted to save you from all the pressure media put on idols who are dating.

You were so excited to go with him, and he was so excited to have you there, to show you exactly what its like for him. You spent all morning stuck to one another, his hand never leaving its secure place on your hip. Even when the other members excitedly bounced over to say hello and give you a sweet hug he was still there, making sure to pull you back. The two of you would laugh as he was put into wardrobe for the show, nd he would blush when you told him how good he looked. There was even a moment where he when he walked over to you, half way through going over what would be done and talked about during the show, just to plant a deep kiss on your lips because ‘you just look so cute.’

You sat by him during hair and make up, you knew these girls didnt like you. You were honestly expecting them not to. The thought of them with their hands all over the hair your tug at when hes pleasuring you and the lips you kiss when your feeling down sent a wave of jealousy through your stomach. It didnt matter though, you knew that, for the entire time he sat there his hand was on your knee, and his eye kept opening so he could look at you.

It was when he was getting the final touches on his make up done that your silly jealousy took a pang. The make up girl told him to look at her, which fine, she needs to make sure everything is even. But when she tilted his chin up with the tip of her pinky and blushed you wouldn’t help the feeling in your stomach.

‘Ive always thought you have the prettiest smile.’ She said stroking a brush along his bottom lip gently, making him smile.

‘Good, I always thought I was the best looking one out of this group.’ He joked. You would have laughed, but his hand left your knee and folded with his own in his lap. The artist looked at you, a smug look in her eyes that made the back of your neck tingle.

‘That feels really good.’ His voice brought you back to look at him. His comment was far from appropriate so why he decided to say it floored you.

‘Of course it does! I know how much you like this part.’ She said making him smile again.

You watched as she continued to apply the numeral pink to his lips. She could have stopped four seconds ago and it would have been perfect, but she had to keep going until their was a light shine on his bottom lip.

‘Whoops, too shiny let me fix that.’ She said bending closer to his mouth. She puckered her lips and blew gently, as if that was going to solve the problem.

You looked forward as she smiled triumphantly, the noise he had made making the smug look in her eyes grow darker. Crossing your arms you turned to face the mirror in front of you and you couldn’t help but catch the eye of another member who had witnessed the whole thing. Seeing that you stood and left the dressing room, not caring that your boyfriend was calling after you.

Not having any way to get home you just took your seat and waited. You tried to smile and laugh when they finally made their way onto the stage but there was no hiding the fact that you were hurt. If he was doing that around you what was he doing when you weren’t? Thinking only made you madder and seeing him staring at you with worried eyes only made you fuming.

In the car afterwards you tried not to sit next to him but he made people shift so he could. He tried to place his hand on you knee but you moved away. He tried to kiss you cheek but you pushed his chest. All you wanted to do was cry.

Getting back to your shared apartment you ignored him, even though he was talking like nothing was wrong. He wold have finally stopped when you walked into the bathroom and slammed the door, taking your clothes of angrily before stepping into the hot shower you had started for yourself…


You slamming the door would make his mind race. What had happened that you were now slamming doors? When you got out of the shower he watched you B-line it into your shared room. The sight of your bare back with pearls of water still holding to your skin made him smile, he loved your back. He’d stand and make his way over to you, licking his lips in the process before he was right behind you. You knew he was there but you had nothing to say to him, so ignoring him was your best option. That was until you felt his lips start on your shoulder and move up your neck. You stepped forward, continuing to ignore him as you reached for a set of comfy clothes. ‘Baby.’ he’d say wrapping his arms around your shoulders to try again. The thought of his lips made you sick, so you pushed him off of you. ‘Leave me alone.’ you said taking the clothes and heading back towards the bathroom. ‘Jagi, whats wrong?’ He’d say, his voice giving away the concern that erupted though his stomach. ‘I said leave me alone.’ You spat. You were just about to slam the door again when he caught it and followed you into the bathroom. ‘Tell me what is wrong.’ He said with stern eyes as you angrily pulled the shirt you grabbed over your head, scoffing when you realized it was his. ‘That shit that you pulled? That was embarrassing. How dare you let shit like that happen especially when I’m sitting right there next to you.’ You said, tears welling in your eyes.

‘Y/n, what are you talking about!’ He said trying to reach out for you again only to have you pull away. ‘Really? Are you that stupid that you didnt even realize that whats her face was all over you! Blowing on your fucking mouth, are you kidding me!’ You said, your loud voice now echoing off of the walls. ‘She was practically rubbing it in my face.’ You added, this time a bit quieter. He rubbed the back of his neck before rubbing his face and trying to pull you in one more time. This time you let him, you hated it when he looked upset. ‘Im so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.’ He said wrapping his arms around you tightly. ‘I can’t handle that kind of things. And if thats happening when I’m sitting right next to you? What happening when I’m not.’ You said, tears now falling.

‘Im so sorry. Nothing. Nothing is happening. Please, Jagi.’

He was your sense of comfort so as you cried you couldn’t help your hands that had wondered up to hold on to his back. Seeing how upset this had made you ruined him, he never wanted to see you cry and the fact that he was the one who made you broke his heart. He’d hold onto you as long as he needed too and although he knew you handnt fully forgave him, it wouldn’t stop him from making it very known that the behavior that had happened was uncalled for and would never happen again.


Mark would never do anything he thought would hurt you in any way. All he wanted was to be the best version of himself just for you. So when you started acting cold towards him his mind would race. He wouldn’t be able to focus during the show, talking less then he already did and when questions were sent his way he was having trouble answering them. When you stormed into the bathroom he figured maybe you just forgot to but deodorant on? He knew how weird you got when you thought you smelt so He’d leave you be, settling himself on the couch and turning the tv on. When you walked out with wet messy hair and in your pajamas he figured you were just tired, but he knew you were never to tired for him. He’d try anything to make you feel good. He stood, corning you in the kitchen before dipping his head down in attempt to kiss you. When you turned your head so he caught cheek his eyebrows would push together, you never turned down a kiss from him. He’d catch your chin and make you look at him, trying to bring his lips to yours again only to have you push his chest hard do he stumbled back away from you. ‘Don’t touch me.’ You said shooting daggers at him before picking up the drink you had poured and walking past him. You only made it half way to your bedroom before his hand caught your elbow. He spun you causing the drink to spill slightly and you to cuss. ‘What part of don’t touch me did you not understand!’ You yelled, trying to fight the lurch you heart gave when his eyes turned from confused to hurt.

‘What wrong?’ He’d ask in a small voice.

‘Whats wrong? Whats wrong is that my boyfriend Someone who is supposed to love me drops me in the blink of an eye when someone else is flirting with them. And the best part? He doesn’t even try to stop it.’ You yelled, pointing a finger at him so he knew exactly who you were talking about. His shoulders would slump and he’d take his bottom lip between his lips. ‘Jagi I-’

‘Dont Jagi I me. I saw what happened. I was there.’ You said turning to leave again. His hand reached for yours again and pulled you back around but this time when he turned you he saw just how hurt you were. ‘Please, I didnt mean it. I didnt think.’ He said trying to pull you into a hug. ‘Mark, stop.’ You said taking in a shaky breath. The hurt in his eyes made your heart turn over and you knew he meant it, you just weren’t ready to forgive him. ‘Im so sorry.’ was all he could whisper as he let you walk away again.

He knew you too well. The moment you were wrapped up in your blankets, tears slowing down and the need for him to hold you over powering you he was already in the room. He’d muster out a small ‘Jagi?’ Seeing if you were willing to talk to him and when you let your head poke up from the covers he’d rush over to you, making you scoot onto his side of the bed so he could slip under the covers in front of you and pull you into his chest. This brought a new wave of tears as you fisted the fabric of his shirt and cried. ‘I love you so much, I’m so sorry.’ you cried. He stroked your hair and made soft shushing noises to break up the sad ‘I love you’s’ he was whispering back to you.


Being completely oblivious of what had happened he’d be all over you the moment you stepped out of the shower. His hand would reach out for your towel and tug at it, laughing playfully as you tugged away from him and continued your way towards the bedroom. He’d then wrap his arms around you and continue to walk you forward, kissing your bare shoulder as the two of you went.

‘I swear to God, Jackson. Get off of me.’ You said shaking your shoulder hard, not caring as it ran gently into his chin.

‘y/n?’ He said, he would have thought you were just kidding and would have jumped right back into playing around, but the fact the you didnt apologize for hitting him in the face set his alarms off. You ignored him, and not caring if he was still standing there watching you, you stripped. Replacing the towel with your pajamas you climbed into bed and pulled the covers up, biting your lip as your eyes began to water. Jackson would call your name again and soon the feeling of the bed dipping down around you told you that he was sitting next to you. ‘I said leave me alone, Jackson.’ Your voice failed, giving off the fact that you were now crying.

‘Jagi, whats wrong? Hey, hey!’ He’d say softly, pulling at your arms till you were sitting up with your face in his chest.

‘Don’t touch me!’ You yelled hitting his chest, but as you tried to pull your arms out of his grip he just held on tighter, not letting you go.

‘Talk to me, why are you mad!’

‘You!” You screamed, finally getting him to let you go. ‘You sit there and humiliate me letting that… that bimbo actively flirt with you! She knew exactly what she was doing and stared at me while she did it! Obviously knowing that you weren’t going to do shit! You-’ He cut you off by pulling you into his chest, tears stinging his eyes as he realized what he had done and how much he had actually hurt you.

All he could do was say he was sorry as he buried his face into your neck, holding onto you tightly. His sorries would be staggered with a string of ‘please don’t leave me, please ill change.’ It would shock him how much this actually bothered him. You half expected him to laugh at your tears and tell you you were dumb, but how upset he had gotten only told you how much he loved you. You’d surprise him when you wrapped your arms around his head, your fingers gently playing with his hair as you silently cried realizing how rude you were being.

‘please don’t give me a reason to think you don’t love me.’ would be all you said before letting him kiss you sweetly.


Conversations from earlier in the day would sent him in a certain mood and while you showered it’d be all he could think about. He’d have trouble containing himself as he waited for the water to turn off and as soon as it did he was outside the bathroom door to wait for you. He’d smirk as you opened the door and looked up to him before walking right past to the bedroom. He followed you, watching the way your hips swayed under the towel and how your wet hair left streams of water down your bare back. You’d have walked up to the bed where your usual sleeping shirt was laying, not even realizing Jinyoung was standing behind you until his hands were running up your bare arms. You ignored him while reaching forward to slip the shirt over your body before stepping just out of his reach to slip on a pair of shorts. He’d step to you and take your cheeks between his hands before trying to lean down to kiss you. When you pulled your face from his hands he’d look at you with upset and confused eyes, confused as to why you were acting like this when not even three hours ago you were whispering things to one another. ‘Are we not going to do this?’ He’d ask, the throbbing in his pants subsiding as he thought about your buzz kill mood.

‘No, Jinyoung. Were not ‘doing this’.’ You said scoffing at him before walking back into the bathroom. He’d roll his eyes and turned around, readying himself for bed. Lights out and laying as far from him as possible you started to cry. He didnt care, if he did he would have figured out that you were mad at him by then. You’d sniffle once as his arm lazily found its way around your neck like it did every night, but still nothing. You’d take his arm off of you, removing yourself from the comfort of your blanket. He’d watch you stand up and make your way to the kitchen, eyebrows pressing together when you refused to return. He never was able to sleep well without you.

‘Jagi? Are you okay?” He’d finally say, bringing him from the bed and making his way over to you.

‘Go back to bed Jinyoung.’ You’d say. He’d realized that it wasn’t the kitchen that you had gone to, but the couch in the living room.

‘What are you doing in here?’ He said, eyebrows still pressed together.

‘Sleeping. Go away.’ You said rolling over so your back was not to him.

‘I dont understand why you would sleep out here when-’

‘Of course you don’t understand, Jinyoung! You never understand. You never open your eyes and realize how big of an idiot you are!’ You said, sitting fully up. You couldn’t help but cringe slightly at your choice of words.

‘Why are you acting like this?’ He’d say crossing his arms over his chest.

‘Why are you putting me second place to other girls? If i knew all it took was a few bats of the eyelash I wouldn’t have waisted any of my time!’ You said standing up so you were now practically nose to nose.

‘When did i put you second-’

‘The fact that you even have to ask that question is the reason why. I get it, girls flirt with you all day long, its apart of the job. But when Im- me the girl you live with and say ‘I love you’ too every night, when Im sitting there and its very obvious you’re into the attention the cute make up artist is giving you its very obvious I’m second.

‘Thats not true, y/n.’ He’d say making you scoff.

‘Then how about this,’ You started standing up, now more angry than ever. ‘You get to sleep on the couch tonight. See for yourself how it feels to be second.’ You said throwing the couch pillow at him and storming off into the bedroom. He wouldn’t let it drop that easy and would come bursting into the bed room, grabbing your hand and pulling you to look at him before you could get into bed.

‘Nothing. No one comes before you. Let that be clear. And now being aware of it I will make sure to put you where you deserve to be.’ He’d pause, hastily reaching for your cheek to stoke it, smiling slightly to himself when you let him. ‘I love you so much. Im so sorry you have to put up with my shit.’


The moment you had started to act distant towards him he’d know something was wrong. Usually when you got upset with him he’d wait it out, apologizing for what ever he did and you would turn around, tell him it was okay and the two of you would cuddle it out. This time was different. He had tried to hold your hand on the car ride home only to have you turn your attention to Jackson and start talking about how he thought the day went. He’d try again a little later, this time apologizing, but when you rolled your eyes knowing perfectly that he had no idea what he was apologizing for you’d just give him a stern look before folding your arms across your chest. Once home, he followed you like a puppy just trying to get you to talk to him but when you slammed the bathroom door in his face and turned on the water to drown out his calls he finally stopped. He’d go to your bedroom and sit on the bed with his head in his hands trying to figure out away to get you to tell him what was wrong. He ended on trying something new. No more pleading, just your favorite acts of love.

He’d watch you walk into your bedroom with just a towel wrapped around you. The daggers you sent him before turning back to your closet made him nervous. With a mental Fuck it He’d stand and close the space between the two of you. Just like he hoped you melted under his touch, letting him kiss up your neck till his lips landed on your cheek. You turned, ready to finally say anything and he’d press his lips to you, giving you the rough passionate kiss that always took you by surprise.

‘Im so sorry, I love you so much.’ He’d say between kisses. This brought reality back into your mind and instantly you pushed him off of you.

‘You don’t even know what your sorry about.’ you said softly, no matter how mad you were you couldn’t get yourself to yell at him.


‘Jae, you… That girl was all over you and you did nothing.’ You said biting your lip. The hurt in his eyes making you feel small and want nothing more than to wrap your arms around him. He hurt you though.

‘I didnt even realize it.’ He said, now knowing exactly what you were talking about. You gave a sarcastic laugh and shook you head, turning away from him once more.

‘You could have anyone and the fact that she felt like she could do that right infant of me just proves that you aren’t as serious about this as I am. I love you with all of my heart and you give girls the vibe that they can take you from me when ever they want. If that happened while I was sitting right next to you what happens when I’m not?’ You said, his eyes began to glisten at what you were suggesting.

‘I would never let anyone come between us, y/n. You know that.’

‘Do I? Because the one time you had a chance to actually prove that you did nothing.’

Thats what would wreck him. The fact that you were right, a girl was actively flirting with him and instead of stopping it he let it happen and he let you see it. He wouldn’t say anything other than a small ‘you’re right.’ to which you’d nod and let him pull you into another hug, this time accepting his promises to always be more attentive to what was happening around him, wether you were there or not.


You could hardly walk out of the bathroom you had been silently tearing in for the past hour without BamBam coming up behind you and slipping his hands under the towel that you clung to your body. ‘God, I want you so bad right now.’ He’d say, his lips grazing your ear before he nipped gently and started to kiss on your sweet spot. Normally you would be a giggling mess right now, already pooling in your panties just with the sole fact of getting him naked. He didnt seem to notice your lack of excitement through the feeling of your next to naked body was pressed against his already growing member. ‘You horny cause that bitch turned you on?’ You said finally getting enough courage to pull out of his grip. Not waiting for a response you walked into the bedroom and slammed the door, and quickly changing before he could walk into the room.

‘What do you mean?’ He’d say with a light bite to his voice.

‘Do you feel obligated to come back to me every night? Is that why we literally have sex all the time? Because girls at work are basically dry humping your dick and you feel like you can’t act on it? Do you picture them when you flip me over?’ You said throwing your towel at him. He caught it, his expression going from 100 to 0 real quick.

‘How could you say that?’ He said, his voice now small.

‘How could I say that?’ You started crossing your arms over your chest. ‘How could you basically let every girl in that room earlier know that Im just a show? That anyone could have you if they just tried hard enough!’ You said throwing the towel that was on your head at him now.

‘Does she fulfill your needs when I can’t? Will she let you do things that I’m uncomfortable with? Was that her marking her territory? Letting me know that you really don’t work late hours, that you spend more time with her?’ You yelled, frustration making your face read and your eyes tear up again.

‘Are you really- do you really think I would cheat on you?’ He said trying to take a step forward, but the look on your face told him he’d be better staying where he was.

‘I didnt think you would actually engage in a flirty conversation in front of me, but here we are.’

He was speechless. He knew there was nothing he could say to make you feel better and it was overwhelming. He’d move to sit on the edge of the bed and dropped his head into his hands, wracking his brain on something to say that would make you feel better. Your heart lurched for him and for a second you wanted him to hold you, but you were to proud. It didnt help that he thought of him knocking boots with the make up artist in a closet kept running through your mind. With a single tear running down your cheek you started to walk out of the room, the sight of him making your feel sick. You had been so convinced up until now that he was the love of your life. That nothing could touch the two of you.

You weren’t even able to make it to the door when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you hard. You didnt even have a chance to stumble before he was hugging you tightly, his arms wrapping themselves around your neck and shoulders.

‘Please, please don’t. I would never… I love you so much, please don’t walk away.’

‘Then give me a reason to stay.’ you said, both of you crying silent tears. He’d sniffle and lean back just enough to take your cheeks between his hands. He looked at you longingly, thumbs softly stroking the backs of your cheeks. There was a slight hiccup in his chest before he kissed you softly. Despite how angry you were the same feeling of excitement and passion erupted through your entire body. It was so loud in your ear that you didnt even realize your arms had reached up to hold him to you.

‘Please believe me when I say Id never do anything like that.’


Walking out of the shower you’d walk right into his arms. You had looked so amazing that day and he could hardly wait to get you home and express just how beautiful you were to him. His lips would be on yours in an instant as he softly held your head to his. He’d tried to deepen the kiss but you weren’t budging. You couldn’t ever get yourself to hurt Yugyeom, no matter how stupid he could be at times. Even now as you were held tightly to his chest, the sight of the make up artist blowing on his lips and the noise he had made kept running through your mind. You finally pushed him off of you, feeling like you could taste her breath. ‘No. Not happening.’ You said walking away from him.

You’ve played this game before, let him kiss you a bit and then moving away. He knew you loved to be chased so with a goofy grin he’d walk quickly after you, bending so he could get a good grip of your waist before picking you up off the ground.

‘Yugyeom I said no!.’ You yelled prying his hands off of you before turning around and pushing his chest. His face would fall in confusion, now not quite sure how serious you were being. You’ve never pushed him away that hard before. He decided to try again thinking maybe third times a charm.

‘Get off of me!’ You screamed raising your elbow from his grip. ‘Do not touch me. Do not touch me, do not touch me! Damn get it through your thick skull!’ You yelled as you turned to face him.

‘Why are you being like this?’ He’d say, it now fully registering that you were pissed.

‘Oh I don’t know, maybe its the weather, maybe I’m on my period. Or maybe, and you’ll laugh at this one, maybe my boyfriend was sitting there letting some girl mock me while she basically pissed all over you!’ You yelled, not caring how loud your voice had gotten. You watched as his eyes closed and he sat on the bed.

‘What, you’re mad she proved to me how easy it is to get to you? How easy it would be for her to take you from me?’ You bit.

‘I would never leave you for her.’ he said, but it seemed to just make things worse.

‘Fine, maybe not her. But if she could get that close to get under my skin I can only imagine what someone else could do. You’re gone a lot and I thought you understood how i felt about you and how I feel about not being able to be with you all the time. Why shouldn’t I get mad when a girl who sees you more then I do starts blowing all over you. Actions speak louder than words and you the letting go of me the moment she batter her eyes at you was a message I received loud and clear.’

‘Y/n,’ He said looking back to you. You waited for him to say something but ended up scoffing as he took to long to find his words.

‘Y/n please, I didnt even realize-’

‘Of course you didnt, why would you.’

‘Don’t be like this.’ He’d say standing up and making his way over to you.

‘Like what? Worried that the one person I love more than anything else is allowing girls to throw themselves all over him? And then does it when I’m sitting right there? Do you know how much that hurts?’ You said, clearing your throat to try and hide the way it had faulted.

‘I messed up. I wasn’t even paying attention to her, I… Its sounds cliché…’ He started, but bit his lip and looked at the floor when you had risen an eyebrow at him. ‘Its just you looked so pretty today and I was embarrassed cause, well you do things to me…’

In that instant your hard face fell and your eyes widened.

‘Wait.’ You said, covering your mouth. ‘You were sitting there letting me scream at you because you were horny and trying to hide it?’ You said trying to hide your laugh.

‘Dont laugh at me, you always do that to me.’ He said giving you a small worried smile.

His body would relax when you reached out for him and hugged his was it tightly. ‘Im sorry I assumed the worse.’ You said into his shirt.

‘I didnt realize how bad it looked. Im sorry.’ He said hugging you back.

Unpopular opinion but “clean eating” itself is not the problem and is a step in a right direction- getting away from foods our bodies don’t recognize and the effects of which we haven’t really bothered to study, getting back to food that can be cooked and grown and therefore reduce our reliance on mega corporations and manufacturing and therefore is more sustainable and frankly the kind of food you would hopefully eat in a social collapse/the kind of food a community could create on its own, getting away from the convenience foods that are not only full of trash but which were developed specifically to increase time in the workplace and decrease time spent in the home cooking, eating more plants, all that stuff is good. The problem is that most women either have moderately disordered eating patterns or used to, and that therefore any food movement or food ideology would be incorporated into the existing misogynist structures guiding food, nutrition, and health science and especially food, nutrition, and health cultures. So of course you get “eat more salads without prepackaged salad dressings chock full of corn syrup not to take care of your body but to not be a fatass anymore” because that is literally the only frame of reference a lot of women have for food consumption and nutrition. When people figured out that calories in/calories out was a decent way to understand weight loss for people with “average” metabolisms (which, for many reasons including sedentary lifestyles, lots of people do not have) diets became popular that were chock full of just shit, nutritionally empty food packed with vitamins (like SlimFast shakes, or prepackaged food stuffed with preservatives and low quality, overcooked veggies drained of nutritional value) and before that, scientists obsessing over certain kinds of fat as the cause of poor dietary health and related issues is how we got low-fat foods stuffed with other oils and sugars, and 100 calorie packs of unrecognizable fake food.

Now Alfred just doesn’t allow this.

The thing is, Bruce can cook, despite what the kids would like you to think. He isn’t a gourmand, but he’s definitely better functioning in that aspect than most single men who for one reason or another grew up never thinking they would have to cook.

Except Bruce knew he would have to cook one day (Bruce had a concept of mortality: Alfred would, eventually, die. And leave Bruce alone. And it would be terrible, and he would need to cook for himself while also sobbing and watching his world fall apart. Ergo: chase down that particular panic attack with the initiation of cooking lessons.) and the socio-economic reality of sexism and entitlement that left men largely helpless and nonfunctional without a woman (whose life expectancy and happiness were statistically rapidly lowered as the man’s rapidly increased) came later.

…but the bottom line was, Bruce could cook, and sometimes, it was even nice.

But Alfred, who follows his role as Butler like a pre-Lutheran Catholic, would never give permission to be served his ward’s cooking, and perhaps once it was a defense mechanism.

Now, it’s just a little strange when Bruce wakes up before Alfred (who must sleep sometime) and decides to just scramble some eggs, and Alfred refuses to have any when Bruce offers them.

Dick did not get the cooking lessons Bruce did, but he managed okay with reading the instructions, as long as he remembers to read instructions. He doesn’t actually believe there are people who can’t cook. He’s never really met someone who cannot cook. He just assumes there are people who know about cookbooks, and people who don’t even want to try.

He’s pretty sure he’s right.

Anyway, Dick knows about cookbooks, he just doesn’t use them so often when a bowl of cereal or some heavy caloric fast-food is easier. But sometimes it’s a quiet night in Blüdhaven and he just gets that itch for chocolate cake.

And he’ll buy the pre-mixed cake mixes! Which Alfred says ‘isn’t really cooking’ but… it’s just not cooking from scratch, and Dick doesn’t feel like melting a lot of baking chocolate in the microwave (also illegal in Alfred’s opinion) and going out and buying flour and baking soda and… yeah. He’d rather pick up two chocolate cake mixes, some eggs, corn oil, and a bunch of powdered sugar and milk (because he will do homemade buttercream, as one of the few times the extra effort is indisputably worth it).

…and then he realizes he can’t make a triple-decker chocolate cake with raspberries and chocolate buttercream icing and like. Eat all of it entirely on his own?

He’s eating egg noodles for dinner and drives back to the batcave just to get rid of some of this cake. He figures he can stick an ‘eat me’ sign on it and Bruce or Tim or Damian will do the rest. But coming in, Dick spots Alfred first, and–

…Alfred refuses the slice, thank you Master Grayson, but it will just be too rich for him.

(Dick isn’t sure if that’s a joke or not.)

Jason didn’t start cooking until he was long gone, which shouldn’t have been as strange a thing to say as it was, but– “long gone” was definitively an euphemism in the Wayne household.

He certainly didn’t cook at the house.


Timothy mostly made smoothies.

Alfred had explained that one could not, in fact, get the total nutritional count of a meal out of a smoothie, due to the disruption of the stability of the food, but Tim just lifted up his brusselsprout-banana-kale-mango-oat-and-protein-powder smoothie and asked Alfred if he wanted a sip.

Alfred did not.



Damian has never dipped strawberries in chocolate before.

He is meticulous. Exact. He holds each strawberry by all of its leaves, never once letting them dip into residue, and he spins the strawberry just like that until it is covered on all side by chocolate–an even spread on all sides.

Then, he holds the strawberry above the chocolate, watching it drip until the outer shell hardens enough that it will not become flat upon being laid down.

Then he cuts off the stems, leaving the entire berry edible, with no refuse to deal with upon consumption.

The whole time, his other hand stirs the pot of dark chocolate, not wanting it to fully solidify, but wanting the temperature low enough to allow it to truly stick to the berry.

…and before eating any, he presents them to Alfred. Stoically. On a tray, each berry on its individual small dish, each cored and presented uniformly; all facing the same direction.

Alfred is reading the morning news with a small cup of coffee when it happens.

He doesn’t look surprised, but this hadn’t been planned, certainly.

He looks at Damian.

Damian looks back at him.

Not a word is spoken between them. Not until Alfred slowly raises his hand, plucking the smallest berry’s plate, holding it by the rim like a tea saucer, and plucking up the small berry with a careful daintiness.

It fits in his mouth without having to bite. For a moment he considers carefully, chewing.

He sets the plate back down on the tray.

“Excellent work, Master Damian. Truly a mastery of the art.”

And Damian beams.

Dark Nights (Part 10)

Originally posted by deanandimpala

Summary: With the Alphas dealt with, Dean and the reader embark on the next part of their lives together…

Dark Nights Masterlist

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: language

A/N: This was my first A/B/O series and it was definitely an interesting ride but I really enjoyed playing with these dynamics and hope you guys had as good a time reading it as I did writing!…

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the-heart-alchemist  asked:

I'm sorry for always asking: but white rose with sunlight? Or coming home? Or both! :)

Of course Robyn! To help you survive the rest of your first week back at school ;)

Ruby very nearly didn’t hear her phone ring over the sound of the oven timer going off, but as soon as she heard the blare of Weiss’ signature ringtone Ruby was across the kitchen answering the call without a second thought, cookies long forgotten. Tonight was the big night, after all.

There was a dragged-out second as the call connected. Ruby took a deep breath, shaking out her free hand. Whatever she was met with on the other line, she would deal. And maybe it had gone well! Maybe…

The first thing Ruby heard on the other line was crying. Things had definitely not gone well. “Ruby, thank God you answered.”

“Weiss, are you okay? What happened? Did your dad…?”

“I told him. About me…being…gay. Ruby, I’ve never seen him so mad. I was so scared…” Weiss let out a choked sound that made Ruby’s throat clench.

“Did he hurt you? Are you still at home?” Ruby did her best to keep calm, to be strong for Weiss, but the words still came out in an anxious rush.

“N-no. I panicked, threw some clothes in a suitcase, and ran. I’m in a park somewhere with no money and I don’t know where I am. I don’t know what to do and it’s getting dark I’m so sorry to bother you, but I- I didn’t know who to call.” Weiss sounded like she was nearly hyperventilating. She must have been terrified, Ruby knew she would be.

“Okay Weiss, it’s okay.” Ruby didn’t know if she was reassuring Weiss or herself. This was pretty clearly a massive crisis and she didn’t know what to do and Weiss was all alone- deep breath, Ruby- you can do this. “Can you describe the park?”

“U-um, well… there’s a play structure, with three red slides. And a giant turtle? Is-is any of this helping?” Weiss managed, her voice still sounding thick with tears, but a little less freaked out.

The description was one that Ruby recognized, thank goodness. “Yeah! Yeah that’s really helpful. I think I know where you are… is there a dog park next to the kids’ area?”


“Awesome. That’s Haven Park. Dad took me and Yang there all the time when we were little. We’ll be right there to come get you.” Ruby let out a sigh of relief. It was going to be all good. She’d get Dad and they’d find Weiss and somehow they could figure out what to do. Ruby went to hang up the phone, but suddenly Weiss’ voice crackled through the speakers.

“Wait!” She yelped, “Please don’t hang up. I need to hear your voice right now.”

Ruby immediately pressed the phone back to her ear.“Okay. I’m staying right here. Just hold on one second.” She sprinted up the stairs towards her dad’s office, phone in hand. “Hey Dad! Dad!!”

Ruby nearly ran straight into Yang as she came rushing around the corned, eyes wide. “What is it Ruby? Is something wrong?”

“We need to pick Weiss up from Haven. It’s kinda a long story but she’s there and she’s alone and she’s kinda freaking out,” Ruby explained hurriedly, “Where’s Dad?”

“He had to work late tonight. I’ll get the keys. Tell Weiss we’ll be there in five minutes.” Ruby felt a swell of gratitude- she really had the best big sister ever. She wedged the phone between her ear and her shoulder as she pulled on her shoes.

“Hang tight, Weiss! We’re coming to get you!”

Ruby didn’t know all that much about driving, but she was pretty sure Yang broke a whole lot of rules on their way to the park- not that she was complaining. Anything that got them to Weiss faster was a good thing right now. She stayed on the phone the whole ride, giving updates on their progress every few seconds.

They pulled up by the park just a few minutes later, and Ruby was out of the car before it had even fully stopped. She spotted Weiss immediately, hunched over on a bench, head in her hands. At the sound of Ruby’s footsteps she glanced up, her face immediately lighting up.

“Ruby!” Weiss leapt to her feet, rushing down the park path.

“Weiss!” Ruby met Weiss halfway, sweeping her friend up in her arms and holding her with all of her strength. Weiss held on just as tight, and stayed there for a long time, face buried in Ruby’s shoulder.

When she finally let go, apologies were already spilling out of her mouth. “I’m so sorry for causing all this trouble. I-”

Ruby pressed a finger to Weiss’ lips, shushing her. “Nope. No apologies Weiss, you needed me and I came.”

“But I made you drive out here to come get me…” Weiss said with a sniffle.

“What were we gonna do? Leave you here all by yourself? Make you go back to your dad? No way Weiss.” Ruby slung an arm around Weiss’ shoulder. It hurt to hear Weiss say things like that- as if everything she did was somehow a burden to everyone, like she didn’t deserve kindness or care.

She and Weiss squeezed into the back of the car, Yang greeting them as they got in.

“W-well thank you, Ruby. You too, Yang.” Weiss buckled her seatbelt and arranged her bag in her lap, holding herself stiffly.

Yang shot Weiss a look of concern.“You’re like an honorary sister to me, Weiss. I’m not gonna let a sister- or should I say shneester- spend the night in the cold.”

Ruby groaned at the pun and aimed a kick at the back of Yang’s seat. But Weiss just laughed. Ruby’s jaw nearly dropped- Weiss was laughing at one of Yang’s awful, awful puns. She held back a comment-whether it was that Weiss was in shock or just eager to have something to laugh about, it felt good to see her smiling.

“What’s going to happen now?” Weiss asked as she composed herself, the tension that had bled out of her shoulders quickly returning.

Yang shrugged. “We go home.” She turned the keys and put the car in Drive, pulling away from the park.

Ruby picked up on the terrified expression that flickered across Weiss’ face. “She means home-home, not your… house.” Somehow she couldn’t make herself think of the Schnee Manor as a home at all.

“We have an old air mattress we can pull out, and we can set you up in our room. Ooh, I can invite Blake, and we can make it a slumber party.” Yang grinned at them through the rear-view mirror. Ruby couldn’t put into words how thankful she was for her sister’s presence- she brought a much-needed lightness and energy to an otherwise grim situation.

“Are you sure? I really don’t want to be a bother. If I-”

Ruby once again cut Weiss off before she could finish being stupid. “Nonsense, Weiss. You’re always welcome in our home.”

That made tears well up in Weiss’ eyes again. She swiped at them, letting out a huff of frustration. “S-sorry, I don’t normally cry this much-”

The sight made Ruby want to reach out and take Weiss’ hand- so she did. Maybe it was a bad idea but Weiss needed her. “Cry as much as you need, Weiss. I’ll be right here.”

Weiss laced her fingers into Ruby’s “You know I’ve never been to a sleepover before,” she said after a beat of silence.

“What?” Ruby and Yang let out twin cries of shock. What kind of childhood didn’t come with sleepovers? A pretty terrible one.

“Oh man, Weiss, you have been missing out.” Ruby said excitedly. “We can make popcorn and watch movies-”

“And talk about cute girls!” Yang chimed in.

By the time they got home, Weiss’ face was dry and she was grinning from ear to ear. There might be more tears later, Ruby knew, and that was okay. For now, Weiss was happy and safe and that was really all that mattered right now, right? No matter what happened next, she’d be right by Weiss’ side for it all.

So I kinda accidentally spurred a witch hunt for @wanderingcas the other day because of her taste in candy and I promised to make it up to her. I’m sorry, Sam. Please accept this fluff as an olive branch.

Dean has walked in on Cas doing a lot of weird things. 

Hanging dishes to dry, vacuuming his sheets, cursing at the bread ties, squirting toothpaste directly into his mouth.

Cas was a weird guy with a lot of weird habits, but Dean just rolled with it.

 But eating candy corn is where he draws the line.

“Cas, what the hell are you doing?”

The ex-angel’s head perks up from where he’s curiously leaning over a bowl of old Halloween candy, something orange and white-tipped in his hands.

He lips turn down in a guilty pout. “I thought you said it was okay to eat anything in the candy bowl except for the Snickers.”

Dean hurries to take the offensive triangle of sugar from Cas’s fingers before the man actually puts it in his mouth. “Yeah, Cas, but I didn’t mean you should eat the fucking candy corn.”

“What’s wrong with the candy corn?”Cas asks, eyeing the stolen piece Dean is now holding at arm’s length as if it might self-destruct. 

“It’s gross!”

“Oh, well, I found it quite tasty.”

Dean’s nose screws up and he barely resists gagging. “Oh, Cas, no! Candy corn is literally the lowest tier of candy in the candy hierarchy. No one actually eats this shit.”

Cas does his trademark head tilt. “Then why do they make it?”

“I look like Willie Wonka to you?” Dean scoffs. “I can’t believe you see a huge bowl of candy and you go for the fucking candy corn.”

“I apologize, Dean.”

Dean just shakes his head, figuring they’ll both be better off if they forget this little incident ever happened. “What else have you tried?”

“I’m afraid the candy corn was the first and only candy experience so far.”

“You’ve never had candy before?” Cas gives a little head shake and Dean is immediately lowering himself to the couch. “Oh, dude, you’re missing out. Okay, you gotta try some better stuff. First, the Smarties.”

Dean pulls a roll from the bowl and turns the ends to release a few pills. 

Cas squints at them when Dean drops them in his palm. “Just put them in and chew,” Dean instructs. 

Cas obeys and Dean watches closely as Cas begins to nibble, eyes closing against the sour assault to his tastebuds and Dean can’t help chuckling. 

“Those are not pleasant,” Cas decides when he finishes.

“Okay, so sour is out. Let’s just move straight to the good stuff. Chocolate.” Dean wriggles his brows and begins to open a full-sized Twix. “Okay so this is like a little cookie covered in caramel and chocolate.”

“That sounds good,” Cas says and takes the bar, taking it right to his lips.

“Cas, no!” Dean says, yanking the candy bar away.

Cas’s eyes widen. “What’s wrong?”

“You can’t just shove the whole damn thing in your mouth. Are you an animal?” He takes the wrapper all the way off and snaps the bars apart. “It comes in two for a reason. Here.”

Cas takes the bar Dean offers, a little more hesitant this time, and lifts it to his mouth to take a small, clean bite.

Dean bites into his own, smiling around the caramel at the way Cas squints as he chews and deliberates. It’s cute.

“I like this one,” Cas says at last.

Dean smirks. “Better than candy corn?”

Cas returns the grin, his a little resigned. “Much.”

They try some more, Cas carefully tasting and judging each piece of chocolate.

Butterfingers are okay.

Almond Joys are abomination.

Reese’s are a gift from God. 

Cas is still gushing about the wonders of peanut butter and chocolate when Dean pulls the telltale red wrapping of a KitKat from the bowl. “This is pretty similar to the Twix, but there’s no caramel and the cookie is crispy or whatever. Pretty good.”

Cas has the sense to break the bars in two this time and he bites off half. His frown deepens this time. “This one is not as good.”

Dean’s head snaps back, face disbelieving. “You don’t like KitKats?” 

Cas chews a little more before handing the rest of his candy bar to Dean. “No,” he finalizes. “It’s boring.”

All Dean can do is shake his head with disapproval. “I don’t know what I ever saw in you.”

The couch shifts as Cas’s shoulders are thrown back. “You saw something in me?”

Blood rushes to Dean’s face and can’t bring himself to look at Cas’s face, which seems closer than it had been a minute ago. Much closer.

“I-it’s not, um, y-you- you should try the, ugh, you need to to try a Snickers.”

Dean grabs for the piece of candy, nearly sending the bowl off the table, and tosses it into Cas’s lap. 

Cas is still for a long moment and Dean can feel his stare but he doesn’t look up, just prays and waits for this to pass. And it will pass — they always do.

He hears the crinkling of the wrapper as Cas rips it open and a few seconds later there’s a softened crunch. It’s the only sound between the two of them for almost a full minute and Dean doesn’t breathe.

“I like this one,” Cas says at last, deep voice startling Dean into a sharp inhale. “This is your favorite, correct?”

Dean gives a nod, not trusting himself with words. 

There’s a pause, Cas waiting for Dean to chime in but he can’t. So Cas continues, “It’s very good, Dean, though I’m not sure it surpasses candy corn.”

Dean looks up then because that is the craziest thing Cas has ever said, and he’s about to tell the man off but he catches Cas’s sly smile and he stops.

“Gotcha,” Cas says with a wink and Dean can’t help the laughter that bubbles from his chest.

“Very funny, Cas,” he says, hiding his soft smile in his lap. He gestures to the bowl. “So… which one is your favorite?”

Cas sighs. “I don’t think I’ve tried it yet.”

“What? Cas, you’ve literally eaten every-”

The movement is quick and completely unexpected and for a second Dean doesn’t understand why his lips can’t move. Then he registers the foreign warmth slipping into his mouth, the heady taste of peanuts and chocolate and a hum that makes his brain short circuit.

Then it’s gone and Dean can only blink, a pair of smiling pink lips coming into focus before his gaze flicks up to pools of blue, looking equal parts excited and scared. 

“That one,” Cas says. “That’s my favorite.”

And maybe it’s the sugar, but suddenly Dean is vibrating with energy, like there’s sunlight in his veins, and he launches forward, tackling Cas on a pile of candy wrappers as he tastes his lips for the second time.

“Mine too.”

Mockingjay Inn

Written by: @burkygirl

Prompt 25: Katniss and Peeta are both frequent pop-in guests at an out-of-the-way B&B. One weekend, it is surprisingly booked up and the manager asks if they can share a suite in an effort to be less of an inconvenience for such loyal customers and since they sort of know each other. (Submitted by @roseymama )

Rated E, Trigger warnings for smut, a few curse words and mentions of a dying family member.

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Love Triumphs  Chapter 3: Barbecue

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1200 Words

Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Your face still sore, you kept the ice pack on as Jared drove the two of you to Jensen’s BBQ.  Zipping along the busy highway, Jared was humming slightly off key to the Pearl Jam song playing on the radio.

“I take it you’re a Pearl Jam fan.” You said, trying to take your attention off of your nerves and slightly aching cheek.

“Yep.” He answered, giving you one of his megawatt smiles. “My all time favorite band.”

“They are pretty cool.” You answered, but truthfully your favorite band was_________. It was the right thing to say however, because he started going on about his favorite song, and the time he fangirled so hard when he met them. By the time he was pulling up in front of a nice house, you were laughing, the ice pack laying forgotten in the cup holder.

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Grantaire being indoctrinated converted by Bossuet and Joly (1.2 k)

Bossuet chains his bike to the fence with three locks. He really likes this one, he’d hate to lose it. He trots up the stairs, whistling between his teeth, but when he reaches Joly’s floor he stops. There is a boy standing in the gallery. His back is turned to Bossuet but he seems to be staring at the closed front door. It’s covered in random stickers, a staple of student housing architecture.

“Excuse me,” Bossuet asks. “Are you lost?”

The boy turns around. Actually, he doesn’t look that much younger than Bossuet. Hell, maybe he’s older. His face says twenty, the shadows under his eyes say forty.

“We are all lost,” he replies, his voice level. “Lost in the empty space of existence.”

Okay, that’s different. Bossuet gives him a bemused smile.

“No, I’m not lost,” the other replies. “I live here.”

Bossuet takes in the messy hair and the green checked shirt and his face lights up. “You’re Grantaire!”

Grantaire raises his eyebrows. “Okay that’s creepy, can you tell me my purpose in life too?”

“I’m Joly,” Bossuet says, extending his hand. He shakes his head. “I mean. I’m Joly’s friend. Bossuet.”

“I was going to say,” Grantaire says, shaking his hand with a lopsided grin. “There can’t be two Joly’s. I’m surprised there’s even one.”

Bossuet doesn’t know what he means by that, but he gives Grantaire a friendly grin. “Joly told me you made a great first impression.”

“On him, apparently, yeah,” Grantaire grimaces. “Not sure about the others.”

Bossuet laughs, but suddenly he frowns. “Wait, Joly said you were a math student.”

Grantaire gives him a blank stare.

“Shit, really?” Bossuet gulps. Grantaire does not look like a math student. He grimaces. “I didn’t mean it like that,” he says, feeling a little ashamed. “I-”

“Oh no, I agree,” Grantaire says bitterly. “I should not be a math student.”

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Mewman Magic, Monster Magic, and Star’s Mediation

aka: Why Star’s solution to Baby’s apple test is Really Fucking Important

we’re all familiar with the sparkly cloudlike pink magic star uses, and mewman magic been referred to several times by name as well as in stuff like “mewman force field” and buff frog’s line  “[toffee] knows about you, and he does not like your magic”. mewman magic spells can be used for a huge array of things, probably nigh limitless provided the user is creative/skilled enough to figure out a spell for it. 

we’re also well familiar with the jagged green magic ludo begins to unlock with the cleaved wand in s2. i think pretty much everyone has just been calling it “evil” or “dark” magic or whatever, understandably so. so far, we’ve pretty much only seen it used for destruction. it makes star’s summons behave erratically, it made a hole in in the corn field force field, it’s broken up the ground in addition to having particularly strong basic beam attacks, you get it. but this magic has be very subtly shown to be capable of more than just destruction, if wielded by the right person…
they’ve never talked about “monster magic” specifically by name, but rather than being something nebulous like evil/bad magic, i believe the green energy is simply monster magic, and we just don’t see it used for more than destruction because ludo isn’t “using his imagination”, as glossaryk said [and also is under toffee’s control.]
so if monsters have their own magic too, why haven’t we seen any in play? simple- until now, they didn’t have a wand to channel it, or probably any recent knowledge that they even CAN use magic [if they didn’t use it in the monster/mewman war, i doubt they knew they were capable, period.] sure, going without an instrument is technically an option, but mastering magic with a wand is already hard enough, and with them getting the shitty side of the Mewman/Monster Accord after the war [mentioned in Star & Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension; unfortunately the thread where i’d gotten to read most of that got shut down really quickly so no picture proof, but as a funfact: ludo, toffee, and  rasticore are all wanted on mewni for violating it],  monsters likely didn’t have anyone that could teach them [whether that be the obvious glossaryck or simply an elder of some sort ], or probably even much of a way of finding out themselves.
now that monsters have a wand, they have a way to unleash their own kind of power.

though as my friend pointed out, that’s not to say “dark” magic doesn’t still exist

glossaryck even SAYS “this stuff is…dark”, but eclipsa is something for s3 to tackle, probably.

back on track: if all monsters needed was a wand, why didn’t toffee just take it like ludo had been trying to? why destroy/cleave it and end up leaving mewmans able to fight back with their own powerful tool?

mewman and monster magic are both incredibly powerful, as we’ve seen. but..

both of them pale in comparison to the power of magic of monster and mewman brand combined.

and it seems that toffee knew this. i don’t know specifically how, but i’d wager his being an “immortal monster” has a lot to do with it, maybe it’s like some ancient knowledge that’s long since been forgotten by everyone else.

both that beam and the tree that grew from it are a distinct mix of pink and green. the fact that star has demonstrated that she is able to wield both types simultaneously when she’s focused enough is huge.
another quick derail: it seems that the wand will output whatever kind of magic a user is concentrating on more. spellcasting comes very easily to star and it’s a low-effort thing for her, while ludo constantly has to ham-fist his way into getting it to work, so if ludo and star are both using it at the same time–see: Wand to Wand–ludo’s efforts are almost always going to overpower star’s, UNLESS she gets serious [i.e. when saving marco from the enraged cloudy at the end.]
ANYWAY, this moment isn’t important for just the power it’ll grant her.

y’see, star is basically steven.

just as steven was made to be a bridge between gems and humans, i believe star butterfly is going to mediate between and unite mewmans and monsters

the seed was already planted way back in Mewnipendence Day when she began having hesitations after realizing that things were horribly, unfairly skewed in the mewmans’ favor in their history, and maybe monsters weren’t just this terrible, ugly group that’s a plague to the lands.

but what’s MORE is that group of “alternative monsters” who are huge fans of her and her being a “rebel princess” who “does things her own way”, perhaps in vague hopes of her being less tyrranical to them than previous mewman queens.

there’s also her alliance with buff frog, and when you look at it, the monsters aren’t really shown [to the audience] to be implicitly “evil”. they’re either employed under someone, or just trying to make end’s meet with their shitty living conditions.

baby’s remark of “i haven’t seen anything like this since queen eclipsa” is not just about the magnitude of star’s magical power. it’s about her unorthodox ability to dual-wield its types, because she, unlike any queen except eclipsa before her, has had heavy involvement with and sympathy for monsters. “monster love”, as king river gravely adds after baby’s remark, seems to be the missing key to truly kickass magic.

I think I understand what happened, now:

It was all a dream, i.e. a “parallel identity crisis” (see: Lost Highway) / fugue state suffered by “Dale Bartholomew Cooper”, which I suspect isn’t even his real name, now. Maybe he really is “Richard”; maybe his unconscious chose a new name reflective of the infamous and mysterious “D.B. Cooper” of true crime lore. Dale/Richard suffered a tragedy involving someone named Judy and is probably institutionalized, now, and doesn’t want to “talk about Judy” (an incident he regards as an ”extreme negative force”; his psyche shrouds the memory in an invented mythology) with his psychiatrist. Instead, he imagines a world in which he is out solving crimes and trying to make things right. He goes so deep into this fantasy that it becomes his only reality; he is “like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream.” When we hear Dale whisper Judy’s name in TP:FWWM (some have mistaken this for a repetition of Jeffries, but listen again: that’s Kyle MacLachlan’s voice), there is an image of a monkey’s face onscreen (a primate, perhaps alluding to the primal/instinctual brain, or the primal fear associated with the buried memory of Judy) immediately following the creamed corn scene (consumption of “garmonbozia”/“Pain and sorrow”). Judy is Cooper/Richard’s deepest pain and sorrow; his “garmonbozia”/what his demons feed off of, fueling his unending fever dream. Her story is being retold and reimagined through the Laura Palmer character; it’s “the story of the little girl who lived down the lane,” and the story is being rewritten again and again by a tormented, broken soul who can’t figure out how to fix it in a way that his fractured psyche will accept.

When Dale/Richard becomes Dougie!Coop, he might have just underwent shock treatment (electricity), or have been given a stronger dose of psych meds. The treatment is partially successful, getting him out of the “lodge” (i.e. mental incapacity), but he doesn’t emerge from the resulting stupor until even stronger treatment is administered. Still, the delusions and psychogenic amnesia persist. We know that Dale is canonically wary of doctors… Is Diane his therapist? Does he fantasize about a romance with her?

Bear with me here – but I think Audrey might be a woman he met inside the psychiatric facility (another patient), and maybe she got drawn into the fantasy world along with him. Perhaps all the residents of Twin Peaks and beyond are based off of fellow residents at the facility, their visiting family members, staff, etc (it’s not hard to imagine that’s where Nadine came from), in a Wizard of Oz-esque, epic dream scenario. This would also explain the dreamlike tone of the original series and the bizarre behavior of the characters. I haven’t checked out the other theories that are going around yet and this was probably better articulated by somebody else already*, but wanted to write it down before other ideas could influence my own.

(*EDIT: apparently I’m the only one who has postulated this so far? So I went ahead and expanded this theory in three four parts: 1, 2, 3 and 4)

The Luckiest Man

Summary: You’ve been running the same route and visiting all the same places Steve does, unbeknownst to you. He tries to introduce himself, but every time he does, a group of his fans get in the way. 

A/N: Hey, guys! So if you want to be tagged in my random ones hots/drabbles/any other little stories I write, let me know! I’m more than willing to share my stories with anyone who wants to read them. Happy reading!

The morning was crisp and fresh. The sun was out on the summer’s day and the park was still quiet, not yet bustling with runners and families going out for a day at the park. Your every day job seemed to take up most of your time, so you tried to squeeze in running times every weekend mornings. Today was no different. You grabbed your phone and headphones and plugged them into your ears before running out the door. 

Steve started to get recognised more and more ever since it was revealed that he hadn’t died. History teachers wanted him to talk to their classes, World War II fanatics wanted to meet him and thank him for her service, and teenage girls thought he was the cutest man to have ever lived. Steve was grateful that people supported him, but sometimes meeting them in public became too much. 

The both of you usually ran into each other by the lark eucalyptus tree by the fountain. You paid no attention to the surroundings around you and tried to focus on the music guiding your pace. Steve, on the other hand, purposely left his headphones at home to give him an incentive to talk to you. He didn’t need distractions. Steve saw you were close by and started to jog over to you. He planned on tapping your shoulder and introducing himself, but suddenly, he heard a scream and turned towards the sound, thinking somebody might be in danger. Nobody was in danger, but a few girls ran up to him and blocked his path. 

“Oh my god, you’re Steve Rogers!” one girl announced.

“You’re like, so cute in person,” another said. Steve awkwardly smiled and tried to move around the group, but they kept him in place. They started taking out their phones and tried to take photos of him and selfies with him. He was still a little fazed by the concept of not actually talking, but rather taking photos and leaving.

“Thanks, girls, but I’ve gotta run. I have some things to take care of,” Steve said. The girls snapped a few more photos before letting Steve on his way. He didn’t exactly like lying to them, but he knew he’d never leave if he didn’t. He looked around to see if you were still there, but you weren’t. He sighed and finished his morning run, coming home later than usual. 

The next time he sees you is at the movie theatre. He and Sam wanted to get away from the tower and decided on watching some new action film that had just recently come out. While in line for the popcorn, Steve noticed a familiar face from the corned of his eye. He whipped his head and turned to see you standing by a movie poster. He assumed you were waiting for a friend and thought it was the perfect time to introduce himself.

“Sam, get a large. I’ll be right back,” he said, patting Sam’s arm. Sam looked confused but didn’t question it, figuring he had to use the bathroom. As Steve was about to approach you, he bumped into a woman.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” the woman said. Steve smiled.

“It’s no problem, ma'am,” he replied. The woman looked up and adjusted her glasses.

“Well, it’s not every day you run into Captain America!” The woman turned and called her daughters. “Martha, Angie! Come quick! It’s Captain America!”

“Ma'am, I really have to go -”

“This is Captain America,” the woman said to her daughters. They looked no older than thirteen. Steve looked at the movie poster you stood by, but you were gone. Sighing in defeat, Steve put on a smile and introduced himself to the girls and took a few photos with them before heading to the theatre with Sam.

“What was that all about?” Sam asked.

“Fangirls,” Steve replied. They went and sat down and no one noticed Steve frowning in the dark. 

It had been trying times for Steve when it came to meeting you. Something always got in the way and he wondered if it was even destined for you both to meet. Steve was on the jet with a few of his teammates, returning home from a mission not too far from New York. He desperately wanted to get back home and take a shower, and sleep. Once the jet landed in the hangar, Steve wasted no time. He stayed in the shower for a while, thinking about all the times he could’ve met you. You were undoubtedly the most beautiful person he had ever seen, but it seemed that fate never wanted you two to meet. 

He closed his eyes and let the warm water run across his face before deciding he didn’t want to waste more water by sulking. Steve dried himself off and made his way to Tony’s lab. Tony had told him to come before he went to bed and Steve wanted nothing more than to sleep.

“Ah, Steve!” Tony said from the table. Steve walked towards Tony and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Is there something you need?” he asked Tony.

“Not really, but I wanted to introduce you to my new assistant. You’re the only person who hasn’t met her yet.” Tony looked around to where you had been standing, but looked puzzled when he realised you weren’t there. “I swear, she was right there a second ago.” Steve was about to turn around and leave when the door opened.

“I couldn’t find the original set of data so I took the liberty to search for it. I think this should help us with the algorithm for the blasters,” you said, pushing your way past the gigantic glass doors. “Oh, hello,” you said once you saw Steve. 

He couldn’t believe it. The girl he was pining after, the one he decided fate wouldn’t let him meet, was standing in front of him in Tony’s lab.

“Steve, meet Y/N. She’s my new lab assistant,” said Tony. Steve was awestruck and couldn’t seem to say anything. His mouth was partly hung open, but he composed himself and stuck his hand out.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said. You grinned and shook his hand. He noted how soft and delicate your hand felt.

“The same goes to you. If you’ll excuse me,” you said. You made your way to the computer and began typing. Tony looked pleased.

“I’m gonna make a coffee run. Y/N, your usual?” You gave a thumbs up, not looking up from the keyboard. “Steve, do you want anything while I’m feeling particularly nice?” Steve chuckled and shook his head. Once Tony left, Steve decided he wouldn’t waste this chance. He grabbed a chair and set it right in front of you.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” you asked, your gaze focused on Steve.  

“I know this sounds weird, but I pretty much see you everywhere I go. I always want to introduce myself, but things prevent me from doing so,” he said.

“Oh? Like what?”

“Fans, mostly. I’m really grateful and all, but I just wanted to introduce myself to you,” Steve said. 

You smiled. “Well, I’m glad you found me. It’s kind of ironic, though. I’ve been working in this building for a couple of months,” you said. Steve laughed.

“Yeah, it is kind of ironic. Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your work,” he said as he stood up.

“Wait, Steve. I know you go on runs in the morning. Could I maybe accompany you tomorrow morning?” Steve couldn’t help but grin at your request and nodded profusely.

“Of course! I’ll, uh, see you tomorrow morning.” He exited the lab feeing like the luckiest man on the planet.

Conquering a World: Part 2

There were only three other houses, putting us at a total of thirteen people. The youngest was a 5th grader, and the oldest was Chad’s father, Mike Findlay, who was about 58. We had two construction workers, two landscapers, an OB-GYN, a nurse, a farmer, and a Veterinarian. Add to that Ava as a secretary with excellent managerial skills, and my weird combo of degrees as a Forester and Botanist and we had enough skills to allow us to survive for a good stretch of time if we worked together.
“You’re a what?” Chad asked.
“Forester…and botanist. I deal with plants and nature. The purple grass here tastes like lemon, and smells like lemon pine-sol, if you were curious.” I stroked Gigi’s ears, keeping myself distracted. “Guess they actually had some method to their madness. A plant person, an animal person, two medical personnel, two construction workers, a farmer, and someone with excellent organizational skills. They plan for us to be out here. To conquer this world for them.”
“They said settle it. I don’t know how much more settled we can get, other than getting a lot more food in the works.” Patricia Ledford, the veterinarian, was holding her youngest daughter, Kelsey—the fifth grader. She seemed to have a nervous disposition.
Granted, normally I couldn’t form a coherent sentence when I was in a group this size. I was just so…done.
“It’ll take us a while to figure out what’s edible here. We’ve got some stray corn that came with our house, and our vegetable patch. We also have a bunch of seeds. Our garden needs to be weeded, desperately, but I can probably identify the weeds and discern what can be used first. I know we have some food. Generator is solar powered, sump pump is powered by the water that runs through it…not that it matters since we have no idea what they did with the pipes…”
We were in the Findlay’s house since they had the biggest area to gather in, and I could tell that their construction business had been successful.
Walter McNeal, the OB-GYN and single dad of Juliet, who was a freshman in high school, shook his head, “We don’t even know if we’ll be here long. What if we get put back tomorrow?” He was rubbing his forehead.
I glanced at Ava, wondering if she remembered the story that my brother had told us of the…problem that came about when some aliens had taken an entire city. By the time it had been returned…twenty years had passed.
Chad shook his head, “The Fraxaplilliiannun race stole a city thirty years ago, it took twenty years for the government to get them back and the city was a major thing. Four random houses and thirteen people? Low priority, especially since none of us are politicians or celebrities. None of us are working on government projects. We’re…”
“Dispensable.” Ava got up and got another scoop of ice cream.
“Thirteen people. We have to survive until we do get out of here.” Mike Findlay frowned at the ceiling, “We’ll have to see if the wood here burns. We’ve got enough to power our wood heater for a couple months, but we have no idea how long we’ll need it.”
I glanced around at everyone, then shrugged, “No point in sitting around, I’m going to go set up a place to test the local flora. Here’s hoping that tests that worked on earth will work here.” I got up and headed for the door.
“You should assess the plant life we have from home first.” Ava caught my arm, “I’ll start looking at the pantry, fridge, and freezer, but you’re better with plants than landscapers would be. You’re always ranting about how landscapers use invasive species.”
I tilted my head in a sort of nod, “True, never thought I’d be grateful for invasive species like the ones in three out of four of the yards. I’ll let you all guess which yard doesn’t have invasive plant species. Fine, I’ll look at what plants are in the yards, make a list and then give it to you. Then I’ll set up a testing lab.”
“I’ll go with you, write down what you list. It should make things faster.”
“I have a list of the trees and flowers planted here,” Chad offered.
“Give it. I’ll still need to look at the weeds, but that should at least help.” I waited while he got that.
“I can look at the animals we have, make sure they’re all healthy before moving on to trying to find local animals.” Patricia offered.
Ava nodded, “Just be careful going into our house. We have three cats, and a dog in there.”
Patricia nodded.
“I suppose I should see what medical supplies I have,” Walter rubbed his head again.
“I’ll help.” Beatrice Findlay said softly. She was the nurse. “Permission to go through the rest of your medical supplies?”
“Go ahead, anything to help.” John Ledford put an arm around his wife.
“I’ll look at the houses, make sure they’re sound. Same with the barns or sheds. Andy can help,” Mike said, nodding to his younger son.
“Juliet, Kevin, can you watch the girls?”
Kevin nodded, “Sure mom, we’ll keep them in the basement. Safest place right now, right?”
We were all nodding.
“Yeah, we can have them color or something for a while. And I have a portable DVD player that should still be fully charged. We can at least get two movies out of it.” Juliet got up, pulling Talia up with her.
“I’ll walk them over,” John told the rest of us. “Just holler if you need me to do anything.”
I nodded sharply, taking the list from Chad and glancing over it. “Norway maple, of course.” I headed out the door with Ava right behind me.
“Were you serious?”
“Making the aliens pay?” She asked, glancing back toward the house.
“Mostly,” I responded, “But I guess I was also just thinking about how…what the heck is that?”
She followed my gaze to the monstrous pink and purple fuzzy thing that was about the size of an elephant, and looked like a dolphin had grown legs and fur, gotten a rhino horn, and a second mouth, as well as a tongue the size of a compact car.
“Heavens to betsy…” I breathed, “Patricia! Get out here!”
Everyone came. Everyone stared.
“Mom…how do we find out if it’s friendly?” Talia Ledford asked. She was in seventh grade, so about twelve years old.
“We see if it attacks us.”
Ava nudged me, “Fred is coming around the house.”
I groaned, “Stupid rooster, we need him.”
Fred Astaire, our rooster, spotted the large thing and crowed, then started his attack on the thing that was about a thousand times larger.
The thing followed Fred’s movement, then went back to sniffing our garage.
Okay…thirty seconds. Thirty seconds of insane bravery. I just needed thirty seconds.
I went forward, slowly. Still holding my baseball bat.
The creature must have smelled me, it looked my way, then boomed closer.
I looked up at it, still moving myself.
It moved when I kept moving, staying a few feet away at all times.
Finally, I stopped, and turned toward it.
It moved closer, just a bit. Then carefully leaned down to smell me.
I held out a hand.
It didn’t move back.
I stepped forward and touched it’s furry snout. It was like those super fuzzy blankets.
It finally straightened up, and walked off, careful to avoid me and Fred. It lumbered into the forest, making a path that we could easily follow.
I turned back to the others, “Good news…it didn’t eat me.”
They were all looking at me like I was insane.
I was starting to think they were right.
Ava came over, “That was stupid.”
“I know,” I said, “I’m scared out of my mind, I think. Let’s focus on our job. I need to focus on something.” Plants were a good distraction. They were what would probably be keeping us alive. For once it was a good thing we hadn’t waited to get out canning supplies. Ava had wanted to do pickles and try to can tomatoes, maybe pickle some peppers. Make salsa.
Ava pushed me toward the house, “Come on, before we do anything, let’s put some of our canned foods into the panic room. I’ll explain why later.”
I nodded, “I think I understand why, but it’s best if we get on the same page later.”
We moved the canned goods that had the furthest expiration dates into the panic room and closed it off.
“You still have the pain killers from getting your wisdom teeth out?” Ava asked.
I frowned, then nodded, “Yeah, they’re in my nightstand. Think we need to put them in here, for emergencies?”
“I’m expecting full blown panic.” She froze, “What’s that sound?”
I shook my head and darted up the stairs and outside.
I froze as an alien transported to the spot in between our yard and the Findlay’s.
This one was different from the species that had been in our back yard earlier today. That one had been like a praying mantis and a Jaaarskil had a demon. This one was more like a Triwlkaan, which was like a gecko and a springer spaniel, but it also looked like the cheetah-like race of Riichalka.
“Greetings, I am Traaiillooonn. I am a documentarian for the Pqnxallaxis Domain.” The alien had a breathy voice, and finished it’s statement with a whistle.
“That’s not a word,” I said, officially fed up.
“Documentarian is not a word. You’re a documenter, not a documentarian.” I folded my arms, “Let me guess, we’re supposed to feed you and house you? Well, guess again. We were brought here against our will, we’re not going to cooperate with anything you try to force on us.”
“Interesting first statement,” Traaiillooonn murmured, marking something on it’s device. “But did not your government authorize the Pqnxallaxis Domain to select their team to settle this world?”
“What?” Ava asked.
“It says in the Richter Accords, the Pqnxallaxis domain may select a team of four households and all things therein to settle planets of interest provided they give the information previously collected to the residents selected.” Traaiillooonn was consulting it’s device.
I closed my eyes, realizing exactly what the alien was saying.
We would never go home.


Hayseed!Junkrat & Reader | NB Reader | 2730 words | ¼
[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3]  [Chapter 4]  

While staying with your grandmother, a daily chore mending a scarecrow for her turns out to be a different sort of experience than you expected.

Possible Continuation in the Future, Possible One Shot, depending on response.
Possible smut in the future but rn it’s sfw

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@ whoever sent me this story, this was amazing work! Keep it up! And remember, send me more stories!

“Now introducing, for the first time on the ring, Quick Quentin!!” A young kid stepped in the ring. His heart flooded with excitement. Finally he was going to be about to show what he had in the ring, unexpected. He was just filling in for another wrestler who stepped out and was picked last minute, he couldn’t be more happy. That smile couldn’t be wiped off his face.
“And now, bringing in the giant we all know and fear, a man of men, Thick Thunder!”
Quentins eyes froze as a giant man stepped on the other side of the ring. He was wayyy out of Quentins weight class and was enormous. He was only wearing tight spandex briefs hugging his body. His belly protruded out and he had hair everywhere.
Thunder scratched his beard and smiled as his new prey. His eyes were wild just like his smile.
The announcer called them to the center ring.
Announcer: Alright thunder, this kid is new so try to take it easy in him.
Thunder: No promises
He pulled Quentin towards his close, he could feel his body heat.
Thunder: He’s the one who signed up for a humiliation match
“Humiliation match?!?!” Quentin thought. “What could that mean?”
Thunder: just follow my lead and I won’t make anything too rough for ya.
Announcer: Ready!?!?!
The crowd erupted with excitement.
“Wait wait, what is this? My trainer didn’t tell me it’s a humiliation match! What does that even mean?!”
Announcer: Set?!?!
Thunder took position prowled over, arms out ready to grab.
Announcer: Rumble!!
Before the announcer could even step back, the giant man dove to Quentin. One hand reached behind the boys head while the other raised to the sky.
Quentin: Mmpf!
Thunder shoved all of Quentins face deep in his hairy armpit nodding his head in delight.
Thunder: ahhhh that feels good.
He whispered just for Quentin
Thunder: it’s been a few weeks since I’ve showered. I was saving it for wrestler that stepped out, but I guess I’ll just have to take my anger out on you.
Quentin wiggled and strained to get out but the man was too strong. The odor was so atrocious he could barely stand up. Thunder then closed his arm down trapping the boy completely. He picked Quentin up from his back and slammed him on his front side to the ground. Quentin his the floor hard and squealed when he hit. Dazed on the ground he tried to recoup himself but he couldn’t get the stench out of his nose and he felt a prominent hair of Thunders in his mouth. This is not what he was ready for but he had to prove himself with the show he has. He rolled slowly on his back only to have his heart drop. Thunder’s immense belly was right above and coming fast.
Announcer: Ohhh! A full weight body slam right on top of this newbie! That is hard to watch!
Quentin has wrested people before but none at this size of this man. It felt as is a refrigerator fell right on him. Thunder got up on all fours and smiled to the crowd who cheered him on. His belly was just barely covering quentins face who was slapping at his sides trying to free himself. Thunder rubbed his sweaty hairy stomach all over this kid using him as a sweat rag all while laughing a heavy laugh.
Thunder: Gwa ha ha! I love crushing tiny pipsqueaks like you!
He jumped up from his legs and slammed into Quentin again.
He was sweating so much Quentin could feel it all soaking around him on the floor. Thunder rose up and quickly said to Quentin
Thunder: Now stay down and follow my lead, you’re doing great being my personal rag doll so keep it up.
You didn’t have to ask Quentin twice, he could barely move. Thunder grabbed Quentin by the arms and slid him to a corned of the ring, propping his head up. Quentin could barely understand what was going on, he was just trying to catch his breath.
Announcer: Oh no! Is thunder doing what we’re all fearing?!!
Thunder spun around and put his arms on the ropes behind him and squared down. Quentin looked up to see a huge figure blocking most of the light.
“Stinkface!” He thought frantically. He tried to scramble out but Thunder, all in one motion, grabbed the kids legs on his own, bent over, and shoved his gargantuan ass right on his face.
The crowd blew up in satisfaction.
“It’s okay, you knew this might happen. It was your worst fear but you knew it was a possibility. Just take it for a bit and we’ll move on. It shouldn’t be much longer”
Thunder was really putting the weight on this kid, squeezing his ass down and down on his face. It went down on all side of this face and Quentin sank deeper in. Quentins face was being crushed on both sides of his face from the cheeks, while he was still feeling a great pressure from the front of his face. It smelled terrible in there. Weeks of unshowered, hairy, sweaty booty was enveloping his face. Thunder was loving it and putting on a great show. He started rubbing his crack up and down his face.
Thunder: Ahhhh, keep squirming! It feels good in there!
Then, without warning, Thunder raised one leg, gave a huge smile and
Thunder farted all over Quentins face. That’s when he really started freaking out. His arms and legs were moving the fastest they had the whole match.
Thunder: oh yeaaaaah that feels amazing. I think I’ll keep going.
Thunder raised his hand for the mic which the announcer threw to him. He brought it to his butt and ripped another loud one for the whole arena.
Quentins eyes were watering and he knew he couldn’t do this anymore. He never thought a stinkface would actually involve any real farting. He thought they just rubbed their asses all over their face. Thunder pulled his butt off but to everyone’s surprise, Quentins face followed.
Thunder: BWA HAHA! The little guy got trapped in there huh?
Quentin was scrambling around but then Thunder squeezed his cheeks hard causing Quentin to collapse.
Thunder: One way to get him out!
Thunder hunched over and pushed out letting out a steady stream of gas all over his ass- trapped face.
Pfft! Pfft!
Thunder squeezed harder trying to push him out.
Soon Thunder blasted Quentin out of his ass with a thunderous fart. Quentin slammed his head back on the floor. The stench was so powerful he tasted it to his gut. His lungs were filled with nothing but the torturous gas. His vision was blurry from all the tears. He couldn’t ever hear the crowd, on their feet, chanting Thunders name wanting more carnage. Quentin rose up his hand feeling for rope to pull himself up blindly fishing around. He felt something to grasp and pulled up. It must have been a weak rope because instead of pulling himself up, he pulled down. His vision came back in time to see a enormous, bare, sweaty ass staring back at him and his hand on the man wrestlers briefs. Thunder started to lose his balance. The crowd stood silent.
Thunder: Woooaaah!
BOOM! The impact was heard throughout the arena. Thunders full weighted ass fell right on top of Quentins face, squashing him with his bare ass. Thunder was just as stunned, but a big part of him was loving this outcome. Quickly he started wiggling his bare ass all over Quentin. He could feel it sliding all around with the sweat his was spreading around.
Thunder: I didn’t know you liked it so much boy! I was about to stop, but here’s some more!
Thunder let loose a monster rip shaking Quentins whole body
Thunder: who wants more?!
The crowd cheered him on.
Thunder rose up and slammed back down hard on the kid. He shook his ass side to side giving a reverse motor boat.
Thunder: wanna know why they call me thunder?
Quentin: mmmfff! Mmmmmpf!!!!!
Thunder: I’m taking that as a yes!
Thunders mouth made a giant open smile. It soon clenched as his pushed out his worst, smelliest one yet directly on him.
Thunder sighed feel phenomenal after letting that go. He got his bearings and got to his feet, squashing Quentin more shifting his weight around to get up. Quentins face was radiating the smell that he could not escape. He felt humiliated. The whole crowd loved watching him be tortured and embarrassed. He couldn’t take it anymore. Who cared about wresting? Quentin tried to make a break for it out of the ring. He threw half of his body out but before he could get out something grabbed his leg. He turned around to see thunder holding him. His face was now fiery and mad. Quentin hadn’t seen this yet.
Thunder: I told you to follow my lead. Now things are gonna get really rough for you…

First Sight (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Request from anon: “your writing skills are amazing. if you haven’t already, it would be cool af if you made like an imagine about something like ‘how you met gray for the first time’ if you know what i mean lol. ILY”
Word Count: 1,327
Warnings: None.
A/N: Thank you babe for the request. I liked writing this one! Also fun fact, the record store thing is inspired by Pretty In Pink. This might not be what you had in mind, I’m sorry if I butchered your idea. Tell me if I did, anon! xx

The first time you saw Grayson was at a bowling alley. You were sitting with your friends in your booth, cheering whenever someone got a strike and laughing when the bowling ball missed the pins. He was with his brother and three other guys, being as loud as teenage boys were, causing a ruckus beside your lane. But you didn’t mind because it was a Friday and the music was loud enough to drown out most of their cheers and yells.

You had excused yourself, taking a quick break to head to the toilets because all those sodas were starting to affect you and when you came walking back, somehow you ended up walking into Grayson, him spilling his soda all over your arms. You couldn’t help the shriek that left your lips because the beverage was cold and it was so unexpected.

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15 Day Challenge; Day 8: Hayride

A/n: Sorry I’m a day late again, but I got busy last night. It’s a bit short like the others, but I didn’t know exactly what to do for this part. -G

Pairing: Loki x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: none

Originally posted by thehiddlestonchonicles


What had began as a team gathering soon became just the two of them. Y/n was still in her boot and couldn’t go on missions, and Loki was still tasked with making sure she didn’t hurt herself again. She had planned for them to go to a small pumpkin patch, the other Avengers still needed pumpkins, and she figured while they were there she could introduce Loki to all of the things she had done as a child. The corn maze, hay rides, pumpkin chucking, and of course caramel apples and cider. Unfortunately for her most of the team was called out on a mission leaving her and the god behind.

“We can still go if you want,” he said as he sat beside the pouting girl

“Yeah but it won’t be as fun,” she moped “I was going to get Thor to carry me around, and convince Steve to get a crummy airbrush tattoo which would lead to everyone getting one. And we were going to do zombie paintball, and Tony was going to pay for it.”

“We can still do all of that,” Loki reminded her

“But I’m actually going to have to walk,” she whined making the god laugh

“If it’s really that big of a deal we can go some other time,” he told her

“But I’m bored now!” she cried

“Then let’s go,” he threw a jacket at her

She slid her jacket on “I’m not taking those,” she motioned to her crutches

“If you don’t tell I won’t tell,” Loki smirked

They arrived at the pumpkin patch, and already the god could tell how upset Y/n was that the others weren’t there to see it. It may have been a childish thing to do but as far as Loki could tell the Avengers were children.

She lead Loki around the area not stopping once to try anything out. She made her way to the table with cider only to find they were out and most of the places were closed or closing. Neither of them had realized how late it was.

“I’m sorry I dragged you here,” she sighed “usually it’d be more interesting.”

“It’s alright,” he said “the hayride seems to be going we could do that,”

“If you want,” she tried to smile as he took her to the line

“It could be worse,” he reminded her

“Don’t say that or it’ll get worse she mumbled

The line was pretty short considering, and soon they were on the cart. Hay was scattered everywhere and as much as he hated how messy it got the god tried to look like he was enjoying himself.

“I saw a sign for a corn maze the was still open,” he mentioned

“It’s probably a haunted one,” she sighed

“Then I’ll get to cross off two in one,” he smirked

She shook her head “I dunno, I was hoping we’d have a larger group,”

“Are you scared?” he asked. She hesitated but nodded “I’ll be there the whole time. I promise nothing can or will happen to you.”

She looked up at him “You promise for real?”

“I’ll protect you,” he paused “You have my word.”


A/n: Again requests are open, I already have storylines written out for the ones I have in so those should be up shortly when I’m done with this little series. -G