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Borderline Make Outs

MariChat May 28th: Kiss it better


Summary: Chat provokes Marinette.

Warning: T-rated Sin ahead.

“What do you mean ‘kiss it better’?!” Marinette puffed her cheeks out in anger. “My kisses are plenty good enough you, you no good cat!”

Chat nonchalantly leaned against the rails on her balcony. “I don’t know, you seem like the type to be inexperienced.” He said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

Marinette glared at him. “My kisses are great!”

He smirked. “Prove it.”

Answering his challenge, Marinette grabbed onto his bell and tugged him down to her lips.

The feeling of her lips on his made Chat’s smirk fall of his face. They were soft and pliant and so Marinette that he couldn’t help but gently pull her closer. The tiny mewl she let out as he pulled her in made his head go a little fuzzy.

The girl’s eyes glazed over as she desperately pulled him in closer by tugging on his bell. The want for him in those eyes lit a fire in Chat that could only be cooled by more of her.

He was granted more when she pushed her soft tongue into his mouth. He couldn’t help but purr at the feeling of her exploring his mouth and fighting his tongue.

Without breaking from their kiss Chat slid his clawed hands up to cup her face and gently rub small patterns into her cheeks. She responded by entangling her small soft hands in his fluffy hair.

He couldn’t help the moan of approval when her hand accidently scratched behind his ear. Marinette’s eye’s widened a fraction and then her nails were gently scraping his scalp, paying special attention to that pleasurable spot she had found behind his ears.

In response he fought her tongue back into her mouth. The feeling of her mouth was far more than Chat was able to deal with at the moment. His tongue started exploring every inch of her hot mouth while her own more agile tongue continued to run along his.

He let out an embarrassing mewl when she pulled back to gently suck on his tongue. He felt her smirk against his mouth. He slid his hands from where they were cupping her cheeks back down to her sides where he then dug his claws into her. She let out a small keening moan in response that blew away whatever was left of Chat’s mind.

They only broke apart for a breath before Chat brought up a hand to tilt her head to the side. He pressed his lips against hers once again. He couldn’t help purring at the feel of her soft lips on his and her hands still sliding through his blonde hair, sharp nails scratching an itch he didn’t know he had.

The feeling of her soft body against his, this close, was intoxicating. Her moans even more intoxicating. The noises his cute classmate were making only fueled that new obsession. In an attempt to drag more of those wonderful sounds out of her he nibbled at her lip and smiled when he got a soft squeak out of her. He dragged his claws gently down her back and was rewarded with her parting their mouths so she could let out a low moan.

His eyes drifted to her neck and wondered what noises he could pull out of her by switching his attention to it.

He frowned when he realized he couldn’t easily reach her neck from where he leaned back on the balcony rails. Quickly pulling farther away from her, which earned a soft whimper and a plea to continue, he lifted her up by her thighs and placed her on the railing.

Her new position allowed him to drive his face into her neck. She once again buried her hands in his hair (he was starting to think she really liked it) as he gently trailed his tongue across her neck. Her low moan turning into a small yelp as he nibbled and bit at her skin. She whimpered when he pulled back to admire the small bruise he had left on her.

When he didn’t immediately continue Marinette dragged him up to her lips and pushed her tongue into his mouth. This time his cute friend dominated the kiss completely. Using his hair she shifted his head to get a better angle to deepen the kiss. She wrestled his tongue until all he could do was accept hers exploring his mouth.

At the same time she was once again scratching behind his ears which drew out a deep purr from deep within him. She hummed happily into his mouth before gently rubbing her hand up and down his cat ears. The feeling of her soft hands on his ears made him crave her even more.

They finally broke apart and Marinette let her arms slide to rest on his shoulders with a smirk, his hands still rested on her hips from when he had sat her on the rails. She was the first to speak.

“How’s that for inexperienced?” She asked breathlessly her cheeks flushed handsomely.

Flushing himself Chat chuckled, pulled her closer, and hummed in consideration. “I don’t know.” At her offended look he placed a gentle kiss on the side of her mouth. “I might need some more demonstrations.” He winked.

Marinette wasted no time and soon enough he was once again drowning in her.


I’m sure the fandom is already aware of the incredible fanfic, The Way He Looks by @gafou! These are just little snippet comic pages of my favorite parts from the story, so there’s absolutely no flow to it.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! I hope you all like it~

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Mammi Water

Alright so, I wrote another thing. My mind just can’t stop sometimes and I should be focusing on those two prompt requests that are still in my inbox (I haven’t forgotten about them). I saw a post on here and I just… couldn’t help it, lol. Hope you like it.

Michonne basks in the sun by the bank. She rolls over onto her side, propping her head up with her hand as she runs her free fingers through the luscious green grass. She lets out a sigh. Maybe today isn’t the day. Her dark eyes scan over the tall palm trees, whose large leaves provide shade from the piercing sun. She peers up into the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds as they pass. It’s a beautiful day. She doesn’t even regret venturing out of her home, even if she returns with nothing in hand. She closes her eyes a little as she revels in the feeling of the sun warming her glistening dark skin.

There’s a rumble in the bushes to her left. She turns her head slowly, her eyes squinting as she sits up on her knees. There’s a low growl as two yellow eyes peer back at her. Out steps a black panther, slow, meticulous, his large paws digging into the sand and dirt as he moves. Michonne lowers her head slightly, mimicking the wild cats’ behavior as they size each other up. He growls again but she doesn’t flinch. He bares his large canines then lets out a ferocious scream, all the while keeping those eyes on his prey. Michonne merely smirks at the animal as he circles her, growling and hissing to intimidate her.

“Hush now.”

He stops, ducking his head low, his nostrils flaring as he collects her scent. It’s different. She’s different. His tail whips behind him as he screams again, this time a little quieter and less menacing. She holds out her hand to him, raising her eyebrow, that smirk still playing on her features as his eyes soften just a little. He’s still cautious, his stance still menacing as he eyes the woman.

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Taekook au

Okey but what about this au idea

The year is 3017, a 1000 years from now. Soulmates a really a things since scientists have found out there is indeed a special conection who bounds people together for life. Everyone has a soulmate, and it’s important to find them if you want to have a long healthy life.

Jeon Jungkook is 21 years old when his mother takes him to the place where they tell you where to find your soulmate. He is exited untill he sees the lady look worried and confused.

The lady, Mina, is from long long ago, in 3017 they found out a way to bring people back from the death or make them time travel, Mina was the first one to actually come to this time alive and well. She tells him, with a worried face that his soulmate is no longer here. Tha he has died a long long time ago and can’t be reached.

“You’re a verry special case my dear boy, the soulmate we are talking about is no longer here. He might be somewhere in the ground but we can’t reach him.”

“Under the ground? But I thought that the people indergrounds don’t bother with people up and that they could never have a special bond. A-am i a special case?”

“You sure are but it’s not like that.” The woman speaks and takes his hands.

“My dear, your soulmate lived on this earth of the time of phone’s and laptops, of concerts and festivals, of north and south-Korea.” The woman spoke and Jungkook gave her an puzzled look.

“You’re soulmate is Kim Taehyung, he w as an art student and died this day, a 1000 years ago.”

you’re my boyfriend i decided

Seokjin/Jungkook | Teen | ~1,130 words

Jungkook wasn’t used to a lot of attention at clubs. He came to have a few drinks with Taehyung and Jimin, dance when he could be convinced, and go home feeling buzzed and tired and happy. He pulled back from strangers who talked to him, politely smiling and letting his more outgoing friends handle the social interactions.

So he was completely baffled when a good-looking guy came up to him on the dance floor and put his hand on Jungkook’s waist.

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tfw you love both Hanzo and McCree but don’t ship them together while still supporting those that do

Originally posted by pikeahlia

anonymous asked:

Hi love, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic can you rec some twink!louis fics? x

Of course nonnie! I’m sorry this is quite late, but here you go:

Not So Boring After All

so hard that i couldn’t take it

Smoke Some Tree With Me (Let’s Get High)

boy you know, I’ll be saving my love for you

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moon light?

Soft as Snow, but Warm Inside

Guns and knives

teenage kicks (right through the night)

subluxate, dislocate, replace - Sovin - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables - All Media Types
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Relationships: Joly/Bossuet Laigle/Musichetta
Characters: Joly (Les Misérables), Bossuet Laigle, Musichetta (Les Misérables), Grantaire (Les Misérables), Les Amis de l'ABC
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Disabled Character, Friendship, Chronic Illness, Found Family, Family Issues

Chronic illness is hard, is lonely, is exhausting. Joly isn’t used to being believed or supported, though he’s used to hard and unrelenting work. The friends, those are a surprise. So is the self-trust. He’s working on it.

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Even if you don't like your old fics, they're still really great! You have probably improved so much since then, but they look great to the rest of us. Whatever you decide to do I just wanted to tell how much I love your writing. Even if you don't think its so great your readers think you're an awesome writer and even awesomer person, and I just wanted you to know.

Thank u. This means a lot, and I’m so sorry for taking so long to reply, but I wanted to keep it in my askbox for a while so I could keep looking at it <3 <3 <3

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I feel like I should give a little thanks to the anon who got the ball rolling on the whole “Han calls Luke ‘kid’ forever” discussion today. And to whoever made the gifset of Han calling Luke 'kid,’ because I’m pretty sure one of the tags I put on that reblog prompted that ask.

So–thanks, it was fun! I sort of feel like I need to write a fic in which Han, Luke, and Leia are really old now. And maybe another inspired by that side conversation about baby names.

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Hi! Idk if you planned on actually writing a full fic on that shrunkyclunks prompt thing but if you're thinking about it I just wanna say that there can never be enough shrunkyclunks fics and I'd be super excited to read it if you did write it!! (Also just wanna add I hope this doesn't make you feel pressured at all I just wanted express my interest) Have a great day! :)


Aaaawwww nonnieeee <33333

Don’t worry, this is just the right way to ask someone for fic! You’re not making me feel pressured at all, and it’s always good to know there’s interest! ^^

Tbh at first I wasn’t planning on writing that at all. Like, the whole point of making that summary-drabble-sort-of-thing was to just release the idea into the wild in case anyone wanted to run with it, but I wasn’t expecting people to actually want it, omg. So many people have asked for more that at this point I think I might just have to cave and write it XDD


On the other hand, it’s not gonna get much better than that summary-thingy, really, and I feel like I’d disappoint a fuckton of people… so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cana, zero (mystana, 1/1)

pairing: mystana (Mystogan x Cana)
words: ~980
rating: c for cute (k+ probs)

38: I work pretty hard around here, but you get all the credit (prompt from here

Cana sniffed the drink a frazzled bartender shoved into her hand, eyebrows shooting up at the scent. Either the bartender was an idiot – which she didn’t rule out immediately when she spotted him – or some dunce thought she wouldn’t tell if someone tried to mix her drinks with something else. She couldn’t tell what, just something out of place among the ingredients of her favorite beverage. With another sniff, she detected something like magic. Oh, someone in here was very naughty indeed and not in a good way.

Well, no time like the present. 

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Hey, guys! Since this season of The 100 is over and I have the next two days off from work, I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing fic. SO. Send me a sentence and a pairing/character/whatever the hell you want and I’ll write you a drabble? 😙

Writing for:

The 100

  • Bellarke
  • Braven
  • Clexa
  • Memori
  • Murphven


  • Beronica
  • Bughead

vld has flaws with character development but every character is well-rounded in the respects that they have a balanced amount of good and bad traits and i feel like fanon forgets that