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Haikyuu!! (The series)

Cry-o-meter: 2/5
(Definitely teared up a couple of times because of the positive emotions)

+Hinata is a good protagonist. I particularly like that he’s written as kind of naive and dumb (despite him being smarter than he seems), mediocre at volleyball, and yet even his team mates admit to being afraid of him just because of his sheer potential.
+A near-perfect manga to anime adaptation
+The character design is really, really good. Everyone has different face shapes, hair, eye shapes, iris shapes… Same-facedness is a scarcity.
+The OST is so good it’s sometimes genuinely distracting
+No seriously it has the best soundtrack out of the shows I’ve seen (my favorite tracks are Makko Shobu, Battle of Stamina, and Moonrise).
+Uplifting, inspiring and overall very positive
+Gets edge-of-your-seat intense
+The last play of Season 2 was honest to god the most intense two minutes of my life
+Within the realm of reality while still being interesting. I don’t really like sports magic in my sports anime.
+Literally everyone gets character development, and sometimes the arcs peak as late as season 3. I especially loved Tsuki’s and Yamaguchi’s slow burn character development.
+Even though it’s a show about male volleyball teams, the female characters are still well-designed and interesting
+That HYPE when the characters pull off something crazy
+That HYPE when you watch people’s reactions to seeing Hinata and Kageyama’s Quick for the first time
+All of the “antagonists” are well written and very likeable. Even Oikawa, the main antagonist of Season 1-2, and a literal trash bag, is easily one of the most popular characters.

-Not gonna lie there was a couple scenes in season 3 that were unnecessarily cheesy (specifically the visions of Ushijima pinning down the boys etc).
-Sometimes I get annoyed when Hinata just starts fuckin yelling
-I’ve encountered a handful of people who dislike the art style
-There’s a lot of characters but the writers basically give opposing teams two or three highlight characters in order to make that a little better
-I wish they had delivered exposition a bit slower, esp. concerning Kageyama’s backstory. That’s just a personal preference though.
-Unpopular opinion but the openings are kind of lackluster

Final Comments: Honestly one of my favorite shows, I love and am invested in all of the characters, I listen to the soundtrack when I draw, it’s just an all around good time. I could have given it an S but I felt like that might have been pushing it a little. You don’t even need to like sports anime to enjoy this show, as I’ve found with a surprisingly large number of people.

@ The Eddsworld Fandom

It’s been a few months now since ‘The End’ was released and I took my leave from the world of Edd. I just wanted to say… Thank you so much. Seriously. The resurgence of the Eddsworld fandom has been so wonderful to witness. During the four years of Eddsworld Legacy (and even immediately afterwards) I felt like such a failure. I thought I’d failed my goal of honouring Edd’s memory and giving his show a proper send-off. However, after seeing the mind-blowing amount of new faces, fan art, and passion in the fandom I truly believe that my team and I did Edd proud. It’s a fantastic feeling and it gives me some desperately needed closure. Thank you.

Yamato “I expect too much of him”, analysis of Yamato and Taichi’s relationship in Tri Part 2

This is a follow up to my previous thoughts on this scene between Agumon, Yamato and Koushiro. Previously I analyzed the “No, we don’t” line in detail, here I will analyze the “I expect too much of him” line. 

Conversation recap for reference, taken from Crunchyroll Subs:

Agumon: Yamato doesn’t talk about Taichi at all. You guys don’t get along?

Yamato: Well

Koushiro: Actually, they get along well

Yamato: No, we don’t

Agumon: You don’t like him?

Yamato: I don’t hate him. It’s just I expect too much of him.

Okay here I will specifically be focusing on Yamato’s comment of “I expect too much of him” and also, I will be going a little into how I feel about their relationship in Tri in general.

So, to recap I said earlier that Yamato’s primary dilemma is that he is not used to Taichi being hesitant in his actions. He expects Taichi to be the leader, constantly rushing in and protecting everyone or at the bare minimum using himself as a distraction but in Reunion he was either hesitating to contemplate the consequences or freezing up all together. The interesting thing is that Taichi almost needs to be this person now because Yamato isn’t being his normal self.

I like to think of the fight between Yamato and Taichi in episode 7 when they argue over whether to climb the mountain as the perfect highlight of their relationship, characters, viewpoints and how they play off each other. Taichi is the one who understands that to get anywhere they need to move and take risks while Yamato is the one pointing out any potential consequences and making sure their decisions have been thoroughly thought through. This relationship is very important as it stabilizes the team.

Now, like I said before, it’s as if they have switched places with Taichi now being the one thinking about potential negative outcomes and Yamato being the one to say that if they want to move forward they need to move regardless of the consequences. Now this would be fine, it keeps the concept of their equalization in check so one would think the team would remain stabilized except it wouldn’t because as has been shown before Yamato is not a capable leader and so cannot fill the void left by Taichi. One of the primary reason for this I think is that Yamato, unlike Taichi, is not a very personable person. He has difficulty getting along with others and is constantly off sulking, dealing with his issues on his own. Even in Reunion when Taichi isn’t his usual self he still goes to Koushiro’s office for updates and is with the others to search for distortions in the digital field while Yamato is literally sulking at home. Or when he leaves the group in episode 45 of 01 to find himself, or when he leaves Takeru alone at the amusement park to look around (like for the life of me I will never understand that. I would argue it’s just put in their for plot convenience because they needed to separate the brothers but since it’s canon I’m going to use it to further my point). Yamato, not the best team player ever.

Now Taichi, as of the end of Confession, has stopped being hesitant. He is the first to show up to the fight with meicoomon, leads the others back into the digital world, runs after meicoomon in Loss and yet Yamato still gets mad at him in the first episode of Loss. This happens when Taichi questioned whether they could save meicoomon. Upon the first viewing I felt like maybe something had been lost in translation (I still feel like that might be the case) and then I was just thinking that Yamato needed to like calm his s***. But then I started to really think about it and I realized that Taichi saying that means that he has lost something else very important to his role in the group, and that is his positivity. Taichi is always the one that no matter what had faith that everything would be okay, it’s part of the reason he always rushed forward into battle. But now he is doubting whether they can save people. And of course, Yamato is angry that Taichi is having doubts (I still think he needs to like calm his s***). But it makes sense that Yamato would be disturbed by this, Taichi was always the one that no matter how down the group was would always be in high spirits and pushing them forward and again if he isn’t there to fill that position then a void will be left and there could be serious consequences (like the group giving up entirely which is simply not an option). This is why Yamato is so happy when Taichi says he is going after meicoomon because in that moment not only is he filing the leadership position by making an executive decision about their next move but he is also filing the optimist position by believing it’s possible.

Now Yamato has always expected a lot from Taichi. But in Tri I feel it’s even more in the forefront. Although I think that Yamato has cause to be upset because they really do need Taichi to be the leader and optimist I also think it’s really unhealthy for him to get mad at Taichi all the time for having hesitations. Seriously he needs to have these doubts, he needs to work through them and come out stronger and Yamato freaking out all the time is not helping. Honestly I sorta want the story to head in the direction of Taichi snapping from all the pressure cause it’s getting out of control and you can really see it affecting him. The scene where he is talking to Hikari in front of the TV screens is an example, he is really upset that he wasn’t able to digivolve Agumon and I would argue it’s partially because he feels like he can’t protect people anymore.

But Yamato saying that he expects to much of Taichi at least shows that he is self-aware of the fact that he places to much pressure on Taichi (also sorta places Taichi up on a pedestal a little I think, which is cute but not healthy). It was recently brought to my attention by Rainbow09 that we have seen the results of this self-awareness before when Yamato told Taichi they didn’t need Omegamon, which means some of the pressure to be the protectors has been taken off of them.

Anyway, this was really long but that’s basically the end of my analysis of that scene… pshh who am I kidding I’m sure something new will come to me in the next few days.

If you made it to the end awesome. Let me know what you think. I love talking about digimon and unfortunately don’t have many people in my real-world life who enjoy analyzing as much as I do.

Last Kiss-2


“Morgan check.” He came walking up the hill, meeting up with JJ. After following clues that lead to know where.  “(Y/N), is she okay?” He saw the look in her eyes, he felt his heart drop. “JJ, tell me?”

“She’s missing….Spencer can’t find her.” Morgan was torn between doing his job, and going to find (Y/N). 


I slowly opened my eyes, I heard whimpering close to me, my head throbbed and felt fuzzy. I was in a dark and dank basement, I turned my head towards the whimpering. “Katie James?”

“Whhhooo are you?”

“I’m Agent (Y/L/N) with the BAU, people are looking for the both of us.” I push myself to a sitting position, trying to remember how I got here. Spencer and I were canvasing the James’ neighborhood. There was a little boy about five or six that was lost. I was helping him, find his dad, I left Spencer’s side.

We found his dad, I pulled my gun, fired a shot, I’m not sure why and then everything is gone until now.

“I’ve seen the news reports, he’s going to kill us in two days!” Katie was was getting hysterical.

“I need you to stay calm, we’re going to get out of this, either on our own or my coworkers will come for use.” I felt my ankle, the unsub got that gun. Hand to hand combat it is, I just had to wait for him to show up. “I need you to play along, with whatever he wants. It will buy us some time.”

“He wants a wife a mother….”

I closed my eyes. “Then you play along, you tell him that you want to get know him first. I will take care of you.”


The whole team was worried when there was no sign of (Y/L/N), a second team was called in to help with the case.

Morgan was on his third cup of coffee, pacing the conference room. Spencer stood in front of him. “I’m sorry Morgan, I didn’t protect her….” He had tears in his eyes.

“Kid, this isn’t your fault.  You had a job to do, we’re going to find her.”

“But the gun shots…”

We call everything on the ice, “Love”.

Let me just say, I was pretty late in the sports anime fandom. Even being a person that participates in sports, I just never thought it was my type of anime. I only really ever watched fighting/war/apocalyptic kinda shows.

I knew Yuri on Ice was airing, and I was curious, but a few months ago I had nothing to do and when I saw there was only 12 episodes I decided to just go for it. I smoked a bowl and sat in my room and started it.

It only took minutes to get hooked. I spent the majority of the first episode with tears in my eyes. Being a person that suffers from mental illness, anxiety being one of them…I felt Yuri on a very deep level. I played soccer from the age of 5 to 16, and my disorders took my love for the sport. My eating disorder destroyed my stamina and my health and I just couldn’t continue doing something I completely lost passion for.

As cheesy as this sounds, this show changed me. I realized that I needed to reclaim my passion for the things I care about, and give less power to the dark parts of my mind. And now?

I’m on a soccer team again. I’m playing the piano again. I’m participating in yoga again. I’m looking to coach a youth soccer team, and I’m planning on going to college this fall. I won’t be able to regain everything I’ve lost, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. The old me is the one that got sick, the on that spent years on end in a state of self hatred and self deprication.

So many horrible things happened, but I am growing. I am building, and I am finding happiness. I’m moving forward everyday and I becoming a new person. I don’t regret what’s happened. I never will. Because this was the end game, and things are working out.

I know it’s not over, and it may never be over, but it’ll get easier, and I will be able to cope and fight back the further along I get. It no longer controls and dictates everything I do.

This show gave me the courage to change. To grow, to build. And I am loving things I never thought I would again.

I’ve truly gotten my “L” word from Yuri, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

LoT S2 Rewrite

I don’t normally write critical posts, but I’m a bit fed up with the LoT fandom lately.

I was very intrigued to see the Legends of Tomorrow S2 rewrite first episode go up on AO3, and then thoroughly disappointed by what I read. Having looked through the author list and the drafts, this isn’t a very friendly project to those of us who actually like Rip Hunter. In the very first episode rewrite we have Rip telling Mick that he’s stupid, something which he doesn’t say in the show at the same point. I know people will point to the “IQ of meat” incident, but we all say things we don’t mean when we’re angry and under pressure (and I know that’s not an excuse, but it is context). There are lots of other instances later which show that Rip doesn’t actually mean it and that he respects Mick’s skills.

But I can forgive a bit of unsympathetic writing because really, it’s so prevalent in the fandom that it’s become how people write Rip without going back to the source material to check whether its accurate.

What really annoys me is that later on, the entire debacle with the Spear is transformed into being Rip’s fault, because instead of helping to protect the Spear he ends up “activating” it to protect New York. This is something which doesn’t really add anything and I can’t see a valid reason for making him the scapegoat. It’s just putting more blame on Rip’s shoulders, and the show already has him make a few dubious calls. Now, dubious calls are fun because they’re part of his flawed character, but this takes it to a much more obvious and unnecessary level.

Finally, when Rip discovers that Stein now has a daughter he wants to correct the aberration. Given his previous comments about ensuring Martin doesn’t lose his wife, the fact he doesn’t mind about Jax warning his father about the IED, and that family is the most important thing to Rip, I have no idea why anyone would think he’d act that way. He’s not an unfeeling monster and Martin is someone who’s important to him. He’s not going to refer to her as “the aberration”, he’s going to see her as Stein’s family and let her be.

I like to think that whilst I have a favourite, I don’t treat any of the other characters in the show unsympathetically. I try to write them as they’re portrayed. I’d just like other writers to consider taking a step back and rethinking some of their misconceptions.

Several fanfic writers have come together to work on the rewrite and they’ve clearly put a lot of time and effort into that, which I think just makes me extra disappointed in what they’ve decided to do with it. Fans of Nate are also going to be quite upset with a lot of the choices that have been made about his character too, but I’ll let the Nate fans complain about that.

The Rewrite clearly had some big and laudable goals, such as getting more actual history into the series and having a poc villain, and that’s really nice to see. I just wish they’d actually got one of the RipFic writers out there to be part of the team, even if only in an editorial capacity, and then maybe this would actually improve upon the character in the show rather than carrying on the fandom fallacies.

Anyway, I felt the need to rant and that’s my two cents worth. Feel free to rant back at me if you think I’m wrong. I can take it, but I will block you if get nasty.

Diary of a Mad Genius

Previously On…


Entry 7

The definition of insanity is classified simply as doing the same exact thing over and over again and expecting different results. And while I am not at all a fan of derogatory terms such as “crazy” or “looney,” there’s really no other way to accurately describe my behavior for the past three decades. After all, you would think that after my dad walked out on me when I was eight and based on the fact that almost every friend I had before I reached college never really stuck around for very long, I would have known by now not to get attached to people. I should have known by now not to make friends with anyone.

Because all of the friends I’ve made in life all have one thing in common: they all leave.

Though I may have never really considered my father a friend in my life (we weren’t really that close even when I was younger), losing him at such a young age really set the bar for what I should have expected in the future. While I didn’t have a whole lot of friends growing up, the handful that I did at some point become close with only stuck around as long as it took for them to get something from me. Sometimes it was the answers to the day’s homework. Sometimes it was because they wanted me to do their homework. And sometimes it was just a ploy to lure me into the latest form of humiliation that my classmates insisted on consistently inflicting on me.

But then, after college, after finishing up obtaining my third PhD, I finally made my way into the FBI and became part of a team where I had colleagues who, while maybe not fully understanding why I was the way I was, actually accepted, unique qualities and all. Though it took a while for them to stop seeing me as just a kid, I actually found several of them to start treating me in a way that seemed almost…friendly. Was it possible that I had actually found people who were finally going to stick around and truly be there for me?

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for them to start abandoning me one by one. And though I know I wasn’t the only one on the team affected by the departure of our fellow team members, I don’t think it was pure coincidence that every time I found myself finally feeling comfortable with someone, the day came all-too-soon when they were no longer on the team. And no longer in my life.

Elle was the first one. Though she took a bit for me to warm up to, I realized that we had a lot more in common than we may have initially believed. Like me, she also felt like she needed to prove herself to the rest of the team. While I was significantly younger than the rest of the team, eager to show them that I was more than “just a kid,” Elle was desperate to show the “boys’ club” that she was just as good at performing this job as any man who had been considered for her position. And honestly, I think she did the job better than most of the men who had been considered for her position (even though I did save her life during the train hostage situation, no matter what she’ll try to convince you).

But then, we met the Fisher King, a man consumed by an overwhelming amount of pain and grief, who sent the BAU on a twisted version of an Arthurian-style quest in an effort to save his only living daughter. In an unexpected twist of events, Elle wound up getting shot in her apartment, the one place where she was always supposed to feel safe. Though she (barely) survived, and though she took the allotted and required time off to heal and recuperate, she was never the same after. The chip on her shoulder had grown into a crevice, and though she repeatedly proclaimed that she was fine, the PTSD ran deeper than she had let on. I spoke to her that night. I knew she wasn’t fine. And yet, it was only after she shot and killed our potential unsub in cold blood that I finally said something. I often wonder, if I had spoken up sooner, would she maybe have stayed?

Gideon was the next one. I attached myself to him right away before I fully realized what I was doing. I don’t know what it was about him. Maybe it was the fact that, being the senior member of the team, he almost became like the father-figure I’d been missing for most of my life. Or maybe it was the fact that he was the first person to beat me at chess ever since I was six years old. Or it could be that he never missed an opportunity to correct people who insisted on calling me “Agent Reid.” (He knows that people see you as a kid and he wants them to respect you. That’s what Hotch had told me.) And let’s not forget the fact that he was the first person to whom I openly admitted that I was struggling with my dilauded addiction.

Gideon was a special case because I lost him, not once, but twice. The first time was nearly a decade ago. Something happened to someone Gideon cared about. He lost her in a brutal and horrific way. And no matter what we did or said, he never could come back from that. In a way, it had been time for him to leave for a while. Emily had tried to make me feel better by pointing out the fact that he left me a letter. No one else; just me. But she couldn’t have been more wrong. All the letter did was just prove to me that he felt I was important enough to receive a note, but not important enough to receive a decent good-bye. And when we made our way to his cabin seven years later to identify his body, my heart sunk as I realized that I never would get that chance back.

About three years ago, after Emily took on her new position working for Interpol in London, the BAU welcomed a rather skilled linguist to our team: Dr. Alex Blake. Similarly to Gideon, I found myself quickly and easily latching on to her, seeing her as both a colleague and almost like a motherly figure. And even though my mother is alive and well and even though I’ve been able to talk to her in the past, it had been a long time before I had been able to make a connection with her like I made with Blake. She was one of the few members on the team who was able to easily follow my fast-working thought process, and I think she may have been one of the only people I ever met who liked crossword puzzles as much as me.

What I didn’t realize, however, was that while I was viewing Blake almost as another motherly figure, she was actually seeing me as someone that she lost a long time ago. The truth about what had happened to her son finally came out after I nearly died myself. During a particularly violent shoot-out, a stray bullet managed to find its way into my neck. And as I lay there, steadily bleeding to death, Blake’s frantic voice was the one thing that broke through my subconscious. Ethan! Ethan! Though I know a big part of her reason for leaving was due to her desire to spend more time with her husband James, but I also knew that case hit her hard. Nearly losing me had sent her back to one of the worst days of her life. With tears sparkling in her eyes, she had smiled up at me and proclaimed, Ethan would have been a lot like you, before handing in her credentials and walking out of my apartment one last time.

Last year hit me the hardest of all, though. It was definitely a tough blow for the team as a whole when Morgan made the decision to end his stint at the BAU, but we all knew it was coming. After all, he’d just gotten married and his son had just been born. And after what he went through as a child following the death of his own father, it made sense that he wouldn’t want his child to have to grow up without a father of his own. And as much as I didn’t want him to leave, I knew that he needed to. I knew how important it was for him to be there for his son.

Hank Spencer Morgan. Named for his father and the best little brother anyone could ever ask for.

Here’s the thing about my relationship with Derek Morgan. If it hadn’t been for this job, it’s highly doubtful that someone like him would have ever become friends with someone like me. In fact, he was a lot like the kids in school who used to kick my ass on a daily basis. And when I did first start this job, I’ll admit, I was afraid of a repeat offense. And though he never did anything to me even remotely close to the torture I went through at school, he did never miss an opportunity to tease me and give me a hard time. And it wasn’t until a few years later, as our relationship began to grow, that I realized he was doing it out of love. He didn’t see me as the scrawny little nerd who was just asking to get the shit kicked out of him; he saw me as a younger brother who maybe just needed someone in his life to look out for him and take care of him. And not a day goes by that I wonder if he ever truly realized just how important he really truly was to me.

However, I didn’t think anything could ever be as horrible as what happened four years ago when I lost Maeve. I know I’ve talked about her before, probably to the point where people are getting sick of hearing about it. I mean, it’s not as though she was ever officially my girlfriend. It’s not as though we ever went on an actual date. Hell, I didn’t even see her face until four minutes before I watched her die in front of me. One minute, she was there, alive and beautiful and more perfect than I could ever have imagined a person could look. And the next minute, she was sprawled out on the concrete floor in front of me, her long, dark hair splayed out amongst the growing puddle of crimson beneath her head. And as I sank to that ground, crying myself into complete exhaustion, I doubted that I would ever truly recover from this. The first (and only girl) I’d ever truly loved was taken from me in the most horrific way I could ever imagine.

She left me. Just like everyone else.

I knew not to get attached in this place. I knew that no one here really wanted to be my friend. And, with any luck, I would be out of here in less than three months, and I would never have to see any of these people ever again. But try as I might, I couldn’t stop myself from growing attached to Luis. Like I said before, I saw a lot of myself in him. He was a young guy who had been thrust into a horrible situation. He had been seen as vulnerable and easily manipulated, just like I had been most of my life. And if it hadn’t been for Shaw on that first day, I would have been the one in his position. And after the events of yesterday, they’re going to be looking for someone to take over for him.

I was in the laundry room, same as every day before. Luis and I were midway through our shift. We were talking literature (despite what people may initially believe, Luis was quite a well-read young man) and I was actually finding that I was enjoying myself for one of the first times in this place. That is, until the drug lords decided to crash our party. One of them grabbed Luis by his hair while his friend held me back as I attempted to reach my new friend. Though we swore to them that we hadn’t told anyone anything about the movement of their product (I wouldn’t be a genius after all if I hadn’t learned my lesson from before), they needed to ensure that their message was getting across.

And that was when they slit Luis’s throat.

I don’t know how long I knelt on that laundry room floor, screaming until my voice was gone and my throat burned raw, my hands and shirt covered in blood as I attempted to staunch the wound on the young man’s neck. But I knew almost from the beginning that it was too late. I knew even before I heard him utter his last choked breath, or before his body finally stopped twitching and lay still, or before the prison doctor came in and covered his corpse with a sheet. I knew that he didn’t stand a chance. He made one very simple mistake: he got too close to me.

The prison wants me to attend some mandatory counseling. They’ve even told Emily about it, as she informed me during our visit this afternoon. She wanted to talk to me about it, trying to reassure me that they were here for me and that I could talk to her if I needed to. But I don’t need to talk to her. I don’t need to go to counseling. I don’t need someone to reassure me that things are going to be okay. I don’t need them to go over the psychology side of it. Don’t they know that I’m practically an expert in dealing with loss at this point. As I mentioned before, they say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

And as my life has consistently reminded me: eventually, everyone leaves.


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friends with benefits au

This is the second part of the childhood best friends au. First part here.

Words: 1.6k
Rating: Mature

“Holy f-“ Percy’s curse was muffled by a hand over his mouth. Jason laughed behind him, before he got back to sucking a bruise into Percy’s neck. Jason rolled his hips again and Percy had a hard time keeping his voice down or controlling the noises spilling from his throat. Percy’s jeans were bunched around his knees, his shirt half pulled up his torso and his head thrown back to rest against Jason’s shoulder. His knees were getting weak, but Jason held most of his weight with an arm snaked around his waist. Jason was the worst tease, thrusting into him with a pace slow enough to be considered torture and touching him everywhere but where Percy wanted him to. He hated it as much as he loved it. 

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And SUDDENLY, O’Solo returns

“The day after the World Cup started, Alex Morgan came and found me. In the past, Alex said, she might not have approached me, but she felt that our relationship had come so far because I had opened up more to her and the rest of our team over the past several months. She said, “I just want you to know that the team has your back.” Not long after, Kelley O’Hara came up to me and said something similar. Throughout, everyone showed their support in their own way.” -Hope Solo (official blog)



 As many have correctly assumed, I will not be moving forward with the series finale of THAT GUY, nor am I continuing my partnership with Black&SexyTV. The details of my choice to separate are irrelevant and don’t negate the fact that amazing content was made through blood, sweat, and many tears.

I would like to thank my fellow co-founders, Dennis Dortch, Numa Perrier, and Brian Ali-Harding for one of the greatest and most eye opening experiences of my life. I’d also like to thank my mom (aka “The Den Mother”) for making sure that our “little company that could” had whatever it needed, whenever she could provide it. I thank my Dad for being one of the dopest writers I could ever have on my team (even though it was #HellaAwkward when he asked me what “an Aquafina flow” was referring to.) I have to thank my squad, who has come through for me, time and time again, during the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. And last but not least, I thank the fans who have supported me from my very first creation, The Couple, all the way up until now. I see you. I appreciate you! 

Almost 4 years ago, I was laying in the bed thinking about the dudes I had let slide into my DMs (or life for that matter). And, although not disappointed about my choices, I was definitely concerned about the two types who seemed to be a constant. One was ‘the sweet broke dude" who just couldn’t, or wouldn’t, get it together, forcing me to do it for him. And the other was “the charming asshole” who was always too close to getting me to play myself. But when I hit my girls about it, I realized, I was not alone, we all shared a commonality in dating these two very specific men. “But why? Why do we date them? What is their story? And can I tell it as a woman ?” I wondered. 

 After things didn’t go as I planned on other shows, I felt like I needed to tell a story that was my voice, my vision and my journey, and viola…THAT GUY was born. After assembling my autobots (cast & crew), I ripped pages from the Book of Jeanine, and set out to make a loosely scripted show about two homeboys just trying to figure out life. Who knew this guerrilla style, 1st person shot narrative would eventually, after many fumbles, develop a heavy cult following and the loyalist fans I have ever seen. And when I say loyal, I mean LOYAL.

For 3 seasons (or 2.9) & a movie, my team and I produced one of the most game changing series to have ever hit the internet. The fact that some people weren’t sure if it was reality tv, scripted or a vlog is proof enough that we did something special. Despite a lack of funds, miscommunication, egos, massive rewrites, and Murphy’s Law, we managed to come out on top as the crowd favorite. 

I’ve been blessed to have created many shows but I truly believe THAT GUY represents my life’s work to this point. Judah, Mike & Deon are not just property to me. They are my fictional blood relatives. Nothing is more painful than to leave them behind. But I know that what lies ahead will grant me the opportunity to create more characters, twist more storylines, and force me to add more money to my swear jar.

A former mentor of mine once told me that I was nothing short of a Mafia boss. Offended at first, I kept questioning why. I now see that the comment was about loyalty. It was about my goodfellas and me moving forward swiftly and firmly in this unforgiving business of entertainment maintaining our loyalty to one another. Mafias, ever so organized, stick to a code of honor, and everyone has a chance to play to their strengths. 

My tribe has made it clear they trust me and have chosen me to lead.

I graciously accepted the role. 

Dick Wolf once said, “It’s show business. No show, no business." 

I’m excited to move forward with nine27 Entertainment, vowing to continue creating "unapologetically” creative content that speaks the truth of my generation. 

I promise to be in your house, on your screen, in your ears and on your mind, while genuinely, and honestly representing the souls of the underrepresented, millennial African-Americans, those left behind, and all those without a soapbox.

I will continue to create happily and, God willing, fruitfully through music, TV, film, web series or any other platform that comes my way. 

So thank you to everyone for directly or indirectly, helping lay the foundation for my next stage in my life as a creative.


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 photo by Dasha Chadwick

Parallel-universe A-Team cast

On a tiny road trip up to Sacramento, I ended up putting together what might be the best A-Team cast of all time with my pals James, Kirsten, and Brian. If anyone in Hollywood wants to forget about that one movie and just reboot the show on TV, we’ve got you covered, though we did mix things up a fair bit.

Let us begin.

CCH Pounder as Hannibal. We just figured she’d make a badass leader.

Walton Goggins as Murdock, because none of us felt like messing with the whole skinny crazy pilot guy thing. It makes sense, you have to admit.

Tatiana Maslany to be Face, because obviously.

We needed somebody scary to take over for Mr. T who could also do funny, and we figured The Rock would be too busy. Hence: Danny Trejo.

The original A-Team only had four people on it, but it just seemed like a no-brainer to add Adam Savage. He doesn’t even have to play a character, he could just be a lightly fictionalized version of himself and it’d still make sense within the context of the show.

In 2015, a highly-trained special mission unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These people promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the San Francisco underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.

CS AU Week 2016 Day 4 - Complete AU: Modern CS Pokémon Go

(A/N: Hello, CS shipmates! For the fourth day of CS AU Week, I wrote a little modern CS fic in which Emma and Killian meet as Pokémon Go trainers. This is probably some of my worst, most rushed, and unbetaed writing ever, but I didn’t want to not have anything for today. My other plans fell through, and I ran out of time. Still, I hope you enjoy it, and there will be more (and better content) to come this week. :) )

“Oof!” Emma exclaimed when she walked into - something, oh there’s feet - a person. “”Hey, watch where you’re-” A very cute person, she noticed, when she raised her gaze from the phone in her hand to see his face. Deep blue eyes, ruffled dark hair she could imagine running her fingers through, and scruff to match. “Oh, sorry, I should have been watching where I was-”

“No worries, love. The fault is all mine. I tend to forget to heed the warning to be alert of my surroundings.”

“-going. Um…”’ Trying not to blush, she glanced back down at her glowing screen. “It’s just this game.” Just a stupid game, so embarrassed. “There was a Snorlax on the corner and I-”

“Ah, so you were going after it too then?”

“Yeah but then the server crashed and - wait, what?” So, very cute person plays, too?? Maybe it’s not such a stupid game.

His smile was soft as he offered her his hand in greeting, straightening his back. “Killian Jones, Team Valor.”

“Emma Swan,” she replied, shaking his outstretched hand, “Team Instinct. I’ve had to rely on mine for everything my whole life, so I figure Pokémon should too.” She tilted her head to peek at his lit up display. “LieutenantJones300. Nice.”

“My brother Liam is in the navy, and I hope to enlist within a year or so. ‘S probably relevant to my affinity for water types.” He showed her his - rather impressive - Pokédex, filled with quite a few water types she’d never seen on her nearby list anywhere she’d been. “I believe in good form and fighting for something you believe in. That’s why Team Valor.” She angled her phone to check her map, but he saw it too and read aloud, “TheLostDuckling.”

Emma felt her cheeks redden a bit, trying to think of a way to explain without saying too much. After all, she did just meet the guy. He didn’t need to know her life story. “I’ve just always felt out of place here, like it’s not where I belong. I’d rather not go into details, but long story short I’m still looking for my place in this world, searching for any little shred of something that makes sense to me, y'know?”

“Aye, I do, actually.” Killian paused for a moment, and she felt like she could burst, tell him everything, but she couldn’t pinpoint why and she wasn’t ready to let down those walls already, to be vulnerable again. “Say, there is a Pokéstop down the street that way,” he pointed in its direction, “see it on your map? I was planning on heading in that direction after catching the Snorlax, an unfortunate loss but one that was out of our control. Would you care to come with me? It’s right in front of a diner I know, and since it is just passing noon, we could stop in and get some lunch if you’re up to it.”

Emma felt her stomach grumble at the mention of lunch, having eaten nothing more than a granola bar on the way out the door that morning. “That would be wonderful, thank you.”

“The pleasure is mine, Miss Swan.”

“Emma,” she offered.


anonymous asked:

How would you have felt if lok ended with that scene of mako and korra's "I'll always follow you into battle" moment and then the music and then the "the end" title?

As much as I shipped Makorra, I always said that I didn’t think it should be the last scene in the series. I always said that I didn’t think the last scene in the series needed to romantic period. I felt like with the title of the show being “The Legend of Korra” that it honestly needed to be just Korra in the end, or rather Korra standing with her friends. I was craving for the ending to be her looking over Republic City like she was in the first poster we ever saw. 

My ideal perfect ending in the finale we got would’ve been Korra and Mako having their conversation they had, then Korra talking with Tenzin. Then she’d be standing alone overlooking the city and smile, and then all of team Avatar would walk up behind her and pat her shoulder and they’d all hold hands. It would parallel the scene in “When Extremes Meet” where she was crying on the cliff and her friends came to find her, but this time she would’ve been happy, and her friends would’ve still been there for her. 


“The Master” Zinedine Zidane | Issue 4, SoccerBible

[The following are excerpts taken from the magazine, which was released prior to Zidane’s appointment as manager of Real Madrid.]

Growing up in Marseille: “I had always been called Yazid by everyone: my parents, my friends… but now everyone calls me Zinedine. Except for my family at home, to them I’m still Yazid or Yaz. Being raised in La Castellane had a huge impact on me because I had to grow up quickly and stand up for myself. In the neighbourhood I had to protect myself, even though I had my friends and brothers around me. I am a very different person today to who I was then. Today I am a calm and laid back person, all the more since I’ve had kids, but when I was young I was very boisterous. That was my personality then and I needed that, not to survive, but to impose myself, to make my own way.” 

His footballing idol: “[Enzo] Francescoli inspired me. He was a stylish player. He was beautiful when he played. That’s the perfect definition of him: he was a beautiful player. We never saw or heard much about him outside of the field, he was very discreet. But once he stepped out on the field he was beautiful. I had the opportunity to play against him. I told him what I liked about his play, and he told me that in his opinion, the student had surpassed the teacher. That went straight to my heart because every time I touched the ball, every single move I did, I wanted to look like him.”

His personality: “I’ve always had a strong personality. That’s who I was on the field but then very discreet outside. I would keep silent and spend time with my family. It totally suited me and I wouldn’t change a thing to what I did then because I expressed myself on the field but then I kept calm outside. That was a good compromise. My parents and siblings taught me those values of respect, hard-work and steadiness. My wife later played that role too. She’s the one who helped me, stayed by my side and gave me great advice in complicated times. Because she has a very strong personality like I have, it was great: I’ve listened to her advice very carefully. Thanks to her I never lost my mind.” 

Being manager: “Between 2006 and 2015 I’ve done a lot of work on myself. When I put an end to my career in 2006 I decided to be calm and focus on my family. But when you decide to go back to business as I do today, as a coach, you must show your claws again. The one piece of advice I always give to football players is that there are only two key ingredients to getting better: keep focused and bring intensity to your play. Those are the two things that allow a player to improve. A player with talent and qualities can have a great career if he adds these two ingredients. Then, hard work, training and respect are important too. I sometimes hear that today’s young players are different from their elders, that they lack respect but it’s not true. Players are a reflection of their coach’s behavior. They react and play according to the morals he’s given them. That’s why I show my claws again today; players need to be firmly shown the right direction.”

Comparison to Michel Platini: “Replacing Platini never crossed my mind. People mentioned his name though, because when I joined I played as number ten and had been selected in the French national team. I just wanted to be a good player. Italians did compare us, inevitably but I never really cared and never felt any pressure about it.”

On Paolo Maldini:  “I admired several players such as Baggio, but to me the ultimate football player, the one who embodied football at its best and who was an absolute role model, was Maldini. I see professional football as a whole - what counts is not only the attitude of the player on the field but also outside, how he reacts, how he speaks. Maldini has a lot of class. He was a great example.”

Advice to players: “I tell my players to love what they do, keeping in mind that it only lasts 15 years. I often remind my team, made up of young players who have barely started playing, that time goes by quickly and things move fast. I told my players to enjoy what they do, to make the best of every single occasion they touch the ball. Football players should have exactly the same attitude during a match: They should stay focused and bring the same intensity into every single move, pass or shot, I did just that when I trained to shoot the ball with my left foot. I spent hours after hours shooting balls into a wall and I am now almost a better striker with my left foot than I am with my right foot.”

Current player that shows the most focus and personality: “[Cristiano] Ronaldo. He is so focused in every move he makes. He has a true eagerness to be the best and that’s simply what he is. That competition between Messi and him is beautiful and very healthy. That explains why they are both at their best. It’s beautiful to watch. Ronaldo scored 300 goals in 288 matches. No one can beat Ronaldo.” 

Coaching tactics: “I teach young footballers to defend when they don’t own the ball but feel entirely free to take risks when they have the ball. That’s the lesson I give my players in the team I coach: be defensive when your team doesn’t control the ball but then, if you’re in the 30, 40 meters area from the opponent’s goal, that’s when you have to be creative and use your imagination. That’s the time and situation when players shouldn’t feel constrained, they must be left to express themselves.”

His World Cup final boots: “Adidas offered to create a boot for me, for the World Cup, in a colourway that I would only wear during the final. I was asked to pick a colour. Gold is my favourite colour it made sense to me to wear golden boots. I still have that pair of boots at home. Over time I have given away shirts and boots that I have worn. I am a very generous person, a bit too much sometimes! But I have always kept these boots. They’re in my closet at home right now. I’ll never get rid of them, I’ll pass them on to my children as a souvenir of their dad.”

this episode was SO GOOD

Confirmation that Pearls are a class need guidance and are some kind of helper.

Peridot being Invader Zim/Team Rocket crossover embodied

Garnet explaining WHY SHE HAS TO BE STRONG! I felt that in my soul!!!!!

Amethyst SAVING STEVEN was AMAZING precious baby Ame!!!!!!!

Pearl acknowledging her mistakes, with Garnet explaining she can’t MAKE Garnet forgive her and has to just BE BETTER. Such a good lesson and exactly what I want from this Pearl arc!

I LOVE this show!!

Quick Trip

A/N: I’ve gotten into reading the manga and have really started getting into AsaNoya now. So yeah, this is just spur of the moment. Since it’s spur of the moment, this hasn’t been edited as much as I’d usually edit a story.

Pairing: AsaNoya

Warning: Heavy petting, implied sexual content, language

Disclaimer: I don’t own Haikyuu!!

“N-Nishinoya…we shouldn’t…be doing this here-” Asahi mumbled out in-between kisses, his fingers digging into the libero’s jersey.

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