just felt like sharing my day to you guys

So, i know most of you probably won’t give a damn about it, but i’ve recently came out to my parents as gay.
I mean, i don’t even know why i have to label myself as gay, like yes i like boys but does it really matter? I mean, is it so important that i’m more into boys than girls?
Anyways, what surprised me was my dad’s reaction to it.
He basically said he was given his son this way, and he would never change anything of him. This made my whole day, seriously. I was desperate because my ex dumped me without any kind of explanation, literally, he just left.
I was lonely, depressed, but my dad was there for me, and helped me get through this.
There’s nothing bigger than our family’s love, just never underestimate it.
I know i barely share private contents with you guys, but this time i just felt like doing it.
We’re almost at 95k and this is beyond amazing, considering i joined tumblr since may (and i still have to learn so many things about it lol.)
So, thanks to everyone who follows & supports this blog, i love y'all

Sexy-time update

It’s been awhile since my last update and there have been some wins and losses since!

The Tumblr couple that I met and shared my encounter with his vixen was received well.  I’ve enjoyed meeting up with her when I’m back in town, between sales trips and he has received more jerk-off material as I sent pictures and some videos of his wife and I fucking.  He bought lingerie for her to wear for me and he enjoys seeing it go to good use.  I definitely appreciate it.  He admitted that he feels a bit humiliated by it all, especially how much bigger my cock is and how much his vixen looks forward to fucking me, but glad that he can enjoy that aspect of their relationship without the rest of the world knowing.  Oddly enough, since she’s enjoyed being a hotwife, their sex life hasn’t been better and he likes knowing that he’s fucking her with my cum still inside her.

Thank you for being comfortable with me anonymously sharing your story.

Valentine’s Day friend - We’ve been fucking on and off, as we have had time, but she is in a relationship now.  We fucked while she was just dating around with some guys, but she’s exclusive now.  It took a whole of two weeks of being exclusive before she cheated on him with me for the first time.  She said she felt bad, but she did it again.  Typical.  We actually all got together at an event that she was hosting and I met the guy.  She introduced me to him as “a friend”, but all her friends know that she was fucking me.

Don’t trust a woman if she introduces you to a guy that doesn’t really know anyone else in the group and says he is just a friend.

The latest update is meeting up with a married Tumblr superfan woman while on the road and she too is ok with me sharing her story anonymously.  Anyway, I had a reason to visit with work clients, but I really went to meet her, which I did, and we fucked in my hotel room.  Her tight cunt never cheated, but when she did her pussy squeezed me with her lips pulling outward each time I pulled outwards.  No condom, no cumming in her pussy, but she was my pornstar when she took my cum on her face.  Something her husband never did.  Thank you, superfan!  I’m honored to be your first cheat and I’ll definitely be back.

Distraction (Part 1)

Prompt: Your a teacher at the school for gifted youngsters and your favorite students need help sneaking out to complete a mission but Charles said it was to dangerous so he put Peter (Quicksilver) in charge of them. You on the other hand know they are ready so you get talked into distracting Peter so they can sneak out. Jean encourages you to use any method because she plans to wipe his memory.
Little did you know she completely forgets to do so and you may have a small crush on Peter.

Request for the full two parts.

“Please! I know you believe in us I can read your mind!” Jean pleaded. “I do but I don’t want to risk my job,” You replied.

“If we succeed, you’ll probably get a promotion, were not asking you to go with us just distract him!” She said.

“Who?” You asked curiously.

“Peter,” She smiled mischievously “And don’t be afraid to use any means necessary, you need to have his full undivided attention. With his speed we can’t take any chances,“ She explained.

“What do you mean my ‘any means necessary’ exactly?” You asked. She rolled her eyes in amusement.

“You know what I mean, your in your twenties
and super hot plus I know you like him, and if
anything goes wrong or you wanna say or do-things I can always erase his memory,” She said.

You couldn’t deny that did sound appealing, this was your chance to tell him exactly how you felt and maybe some other things if you know what I mean. You couldn’t deny Peter was hot and you thought about him a lot, like one time you saw him vibrate his hands you thought about what else he could vibrate.

“Fine, but you promise to erase his memory?” You asked. “Yes, trust me now go distract him,” She encouraged.

You walked into the room and Peter was leaning against the wall watching the angry teens.
“Hey (Y/N),” Peter addressed as you walked into the room.

“Hey Pete,” You said. “Listen, I need to talk to you,” You said. “Ok? But make it quick cause I need to watch them,” He said moving aside with me.

You took a deep breath and signaled Jean so they could start moving.

“Peter, I like you a lot,” You blurted out.
“You do?-” He said almost turning around. You pulled him into a hug to prevent that. "Whoa, are you okay?” He asked. The kids started opening the window which made a loud sound so you decided to say the next thing on your mind with him still in your grasp.

“I want you inside me,” You whispered.
You felt his body tense up. "Y/N) I-” He tried before you cut him off. The kids were almost out and you only had to hold him off longer. So you decided to get all your dirty thoughts out.

"Peter, I-I need you,” You whispered leaning in closely. “Think about you and your hands, fingers, tongue,” You continued.

“Think about you and what you would do to body, Peter I want you to fuck me, fuck me so hard that I’m limping the next day,” You said looking at the teens as they finished climbing out the window.

Peter swallowed at my vulgar words and licked his lips.

“Touch me everywhere, p-please,” You finished.

You heard the click and saw that they had all successfully escaped. Stepping back you kissed his cheek and ran away in utter embarrassment leaving Peter in shock.

The rest of the night you stayed in the room hoping to avoid everyone.

Peter was dismantled.

That was an understatement.

Peter Maximoff was a twenty-seven year old virgin who lived in his mothers basement up until he moved into the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters and became a teacher.

The day he met you he swore time had slowed down and not the usual way it does when he uses his power. No, it slowed down in way where he could analyze all your features individually and grow more attracted to you. He met you when Charles asked you to show him around, you were by far the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, once he found out about your mutation he couldn’t help to be more attracted if that were even possible.

You were this gorgeous, collage educated, fully developed women who taught at one of the most amazing school on the planet.

He honestly couldn’t get enough of you.

You both became fast friends and Peter had already accepted thats all that it could have been since he thought you were to good for him. But little did he know you liked him too, liked him so much your panties would drip just from watching him exist. Like when he ate his jaw would clench and you could see all the strength and power it possessed. Or when he smiled and his dimples would appear lighting up the whole room.

The worst part of it all was that Peter was unknowingly handsy. He grabbed your waist when passing by or when you sat on the couch there was never any room between you and his hand always somehow ended up on your thigh.

It was like this for months and the only person who knew how you felt was Jean. But Peter on the other hand, everyone knew how he felt about you except, well you. He would talk about what he would do to you if given the chance with the guys and all of them agreeing since they all shared a mutual attraction to you. He would spill his emotional side to the young girls to avoid reticule.

But today was a day like no other, Peter had just witnessed the girl of his dreams, the girl he had jerked off to a thousand times beg to be fucked my him.

He couldn’t even move because it felt like a dream.

He looked down to see a throbbing hard on and he groaned. He swore that was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

The next day was a new day. After a night of picturing you naked screaming underneath him he was going to take action. That was until you all got called in to the office for disobeying the rules, thats when Peter had noticed he had failed at his assigned task.

And now here is where you all were.

Getting scolded by Charles despite completing the mission effortlessly.

“Are you insane? Do you have any idea how this could have ended up?” He yelled.

You were getting yelled at for aiding the delinquents in escaping but you couldn’t focus because Peter had been eye fucking you from across the room.

You were one-hundred percent sure Jean did not erase his memory because the way he was looking at you now made your panties drip in curiosity.

“Peter! Get over here!,” Charles called him.

Peter stalked slowly and stood closely behind you, close enough so you could feel his hot breath on the back of your neck.

“What do you have to say for yourself? You were suppose to watch them! How did you manage to get distracted?” Charles asked.

Peter chuckled a little and looked up. His whole demeanor had changed and he seemed like he had gained a sudden new confidence.

“Why don’t you ask her?” He said referring to you.

“Fine then, explain,” Charles demanded.

“I told Peter a couple jokes and he got distracted,” You lied. “Bullshit, she came at me with some pretty nasty things Professor,” He said.

“Like what, Peter?” He asked. “Like how she wanted me in-"Don’t you think this is a little ridiculous?” You cut off.

“Im giving you a chance to tell me, you know I can use my power to check the whole situation,” Charles said. “Continue Peter,” He said.

“She told me she wanted me inside her, that she wanted me to fuck her so hard she couldn’t walk the next day. She said she wanted-"Thats enough,” Professor said turning red faced, he had always seen you more like a daughter he didn’t need those images.

Scott and Kurt both turned to look at you in amusement

“I rest my case then, nobody would be able to think straight after she said something like that to them,” He defended.

“Ok, I believe you based on the uncomfortable air in this room and you need to keep your thoughts to yourself this is a place of learning,” He said pointing at you.

“Jean, detention for a month everyone else three weeks plus no training for four months. As for (Y/N) and Peter I think you need to have a private adult talk in Peters room,” He said unable to look at you in the eye.

You were not about to face Peter, hell to the no.

You hurried out of there but you weren’t so lucky since Peter’s mutation was super speed.

Next thing you knew you were in his room and staring at the door to afraid to look back.

A little bump here and there

There’s so many things I’ve been wanting to do for a long while now, but I’ve let a pretty bumpy year get the best of me.  I’m human, and not perfect, sometimes things bring me down too.  My outlet to de-stress used to be games for the most part, but since starting Youtube I rarely have time to play things to just to chill / unwind.  That’s not to say I don’t have fun recording games for YouTube, I just miss out on so much stuff that I’d normally just geek out about by myself with no commentary or anything to de-stress.  For example, I still haven’t played more than an hour of The Witcher 3 when I was so hyped about it.  One short term goal I have is to make sure that I don’t let that happen to Fallout 4, I need to play it.

I do want to say though that this whole journey on Youtube has ultimately become one of the proudest achievements in my life.  I've put everything I have into it, and pushed through so many challenges along the way like doubt, and near endless uncertainty.  Way before I could even call this a job I just loved hearing how just watching me play and have fun with something brought a smile to your face, or made you think a little bit less about something that was stressing you out.  I know that my content can vary quite a bit with all of the different games I play, and with friends swapping in and out often, etc. but it’s so awesome to know that you guys always have my back as we experience this journey together. 

With that said, I really do need to find a way to find some balance, and pick myself back up as I’ve been feeling a bit down for a while.  There were a lot of bumps in the road that I didn’t anticipate surrounding the move, and even when the move stuff was mostly taken care of it felt like a bunch of other things fell off track.  I’m trying to fix that, but there are some things with dependencies that I have little control of.  Still, I’ve been doing my best, and while I might not have the solution to all of the challenges just yet I’ve always been strong, and adaptive.

No matter what though I always want you guys to know how much I appreciate you.  For some of the very difficult things I’ve had to go through in the past (I’ve shared a few bits), and even with some things still on my plate in the present (maybe one day I’ll do a draw my life to go into more), having had the chance to experience all of this in my life has been a true blessing that I will be forever grateful for.  Seriously, it is still hard to believe how far we’ve come. 

So to all of you out there that have been here for me thank you all so much for supporting who I am, and what I do, and for helping me work towards what’s essentially a dream.  I care so much about this community, and I feel like every day I get to know more and more of you a little better as I read your comments, tweets, emails, and everything else.  I may not have met you in person, but I’ve come to know many familiar names and faces over the years.  Remember that I read almost everything, even if I can’t always respond.  

Again, thank you for everything, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. 

neodicronus  asked:

Can I request some more Dva x reader imagines? the first one was absolutely adorable =3

A/N: I do love me some Hana Song and I haven’t really written anything for the ladies yet which is a goddamn shame.

Originally posted by franziskavonkarma

You didn’t get to see Hana much anymore, so it was always a good time when you could meet face to face again. The two of you were used to having a long distance relationship, what with her living and working on a military base and all, but every now and then—by whatever miracle Hana managed to perform—you were cleared to visit.

“This is perfect!” Hana stared at the small cake that you had managed to get made. It was pink, white and purple, topped with cream, sprinkles of hearts and stars and an edible decal of her D.Va bunny icon. She had gasped in surprise when you had revealed it and your reward was an excited hug and a sweet kiss.

“I just thought I’d get something to celebrate your success as a hero.” It was a cheesy idea with a cheesy reason and you couldn’t really fight the blush creeping over your cheeks. “Glad you like it though.”

“Aw, I love it. I do. Look at that cute bunny icon!” Hana took both of your hands in her and held them close to her chest. “Let’s eat it right now—” She quickly left towards the kitchen before you could stop her.

“Ah, is that a good idea? Isn’t it dinner time for you soon?” Your warnings fell on deaf ears as Hana disappeared around the corner and you were left standing awkwardly on your own in the mess hall with a cake. “She’s not going to get into trouble, right…?” The words were muttered under your breath, but someone was close by enough to hear it.

“Nah, as much the parentals like to gripe, they can’t really get D.Va to do anything.” Lúcio suddenly appeared from behind you and you jumped back in surprise. “Whoa! Sorry, I thought you might have heard me. Guess you were too busy doing the lovey-dovey thing, huh?” He wiggled his eyebrows and you turned away to try and hide your blush, though it seems his attention was diverted to the delicious looking treat sitting on the table. “That is a wicked looking cake.”

“Um, you’re welcome to have some?” You offered automatically. It was mostly from nerves and not wanting to cross any lines with people on the base, but then you remembered you had brought the cake for Hana. “Ah, well, I mean if Hana says—”

“Heeeey. No, no!” The streamer ran back waving angrily at Lúcio with two spoons in her hand. “Get away you scavenger! This cake is for me and my bunny to share.” She points to the D.Va icon sitting on the cream. “See? That says it’s mine.” Her finishing argument was to tug on your arm and pull you to stand in front of the treat to shield it from view. Your darling D.Va might not have realised how embarrassed you were looking with each passing second.

Lúcio raised his hands in the air, but stayed put. “Alright, if you’re using that kind of logic, I’m going to draw frogs on everything and claim it all as mine.” The sly glimmer in his eyes indicated that he was joking, but you felt like he was the type of guy to actually start drawing some frogs in places just for kicks. “C’mon, there is no way the two of you could eat all of that cake alone. Things taste better when you share!”

“We’re sharing with each other.” Hana gestures between you and herself. “I have to share everything in this place with you every single day. I’m lucky if I get to see the love of my life like once every six months face-to-face, let alone share something like a kick-ass D.Va themed cake.” You were too busy absorbing Hana’s mention of ‘the love of my life’ to take in the sight of your Korean badass forcefully turning Lúcio around and giving him a hard shove in the opposite direction. “And stay away!”

“You know, we could have given him a little piece.” You tried to reason seriously, but you couldn’t keep the grin off your face seeing Hana’s pouty look; her cheeks were slightly puffed out and her lips were puckered. She was so lovely looking even when she was mad.

“No! This is ours. I don’t want to share with anyone else.” She enveloped you in a hug and tucked her head under your chin. “I really missed you. I don’t want to share you with anyone else either.” Hana buried her face in your chest and you sighed into her hair. “I’m always scared you’ll leave me. We hardly ever see each other and it feels like I can’t be there for you. What if you get bored of what we have?”

“What?” You were surprised at her admission because Hana had never told you anything like that before. Was she really worried about the long distance relationship? Why hadn’t she mentioned it sooner? “Hana, I’m not going anywhere and I’m certainly not bored or feel like our relationship is lacking.” You shifted her in your arms so your lips to press against her soft skin at the corner of her mouth. “Yes, I miss you a lot, but that’s kind of normal, I think? I don’t resent the fact that you can’t be with me all the time because you’re out saving the world.”

Your Korean bunny didn’t seem so sure. “Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. I’m so proud of you Hana and I love you so much. Saranghae.” Your lips met hers in a gentle, reassuring kiss. “Anyway, if anyone should be worried in this relationship its me. It’s not like I’m anything close to being a hero or a pro gamer.” That managed to net you a smile from Hana.

She stood on the tips of her toes to nuzzle your nose and giggle. “Your APM is pretty awful.” She kissed you again, slowly, open mouthed, warm and loving. “Okay, give me more compliments. I have to take as many as I can while you’re here—oh! We have to eat the cake too. Sit down!”

“What about me? I want compliments too.” You did as you were told, sitting in front of the cake.

Before you could pull your seat in towards the table, Hana planted herself right in your lap. “I already called you the love of my life—I said it to Lúcio too, which means everyone is going to hear about it.” She reached for the cake, spoon in hand and dug into it, lifting a chunk of the baked treat smeared in cream. “Don’t be greedy!”

“M’okay.” The spoon is shoved into your mouth and you grinned.

You could settle for that.

Our House (Part Two of the Spideypool Series)

Part One  Part Three

Hey lovelies! How’s it going? So far, so good - just one more to finish today till my goal! This one is not quite as heavy on the romance, but if you want to, you can consider it a prequel to Fish Tank. Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing (as usual), and one part with Wade’s healing power that’s kinda creepy (body horror, I guess? Stay safe, everyone!)

*Three Weeks Ago*
You turned over in bed, eyes still scanning every unfamiliar corner of your new bedroom. It felt like staying in a hotel - but then, you couldn’t exactly expect to feel at home on your very first night. Especially when one of your roommates was Deadpool.
You yawned again. Maybe you should turn out the nightlight? No, you’d definitely have nightmares if you did that. You sighed; you had work tomorrow. Sleep was needed - but the more you thought about it, the more stressed you’d get, and the next thing you know you’d be glaring hatefully at the rising sun.
(This was not your first time at the Sleepless Night Rodeo.)
The bed creaked slightly as you shifted - and through the walls, there was a bang in the other room. The bedroom where your two roomates slept. There was a muffled yell of a very obscene word, some more banging around and then silence. Then footsteps. Your door banged open.
“Are you okay?” Wade demanded. His mask was lopsided, and his hands were uncovered. You smiled nervously.
“I’m…fine. Did something happen?”
He didn’t answer, just turned his head away. “Nightmare,” he said gruffly. “Just had to check.”
You tilted your head. “I’m fine. You should get some sleep.”
He nodded and left; as he closed the door with a soft snick, you heard him muttering under his breath. Wow, he really did never shut up.
You stared at the ceiling, a smile growing on your face. You wouldn’t think sharing an apartment with a lanky, brown-eyed  photographer and a masked mercenary would ease your mind. But it did. You blinked, yawned, and let your eyes drift shut.

*One Week Ago*
“Are you fucking serious right now?” you snapped, hands on hips. Peter, your younger roomate - the one you’d thought was normal.
That is, until now - when you’d walked into the appartment to find him hanging upside-down from the ceiling, eyes deerlike and wide.
“Uh….” He effortlessly flipped down and landed catlike, but still tongue-tied. “I - I’m Spiderman, by the way.”
“No shit.” You crossed your arms. “I can’t believe I’m sharing rent with two superheroes.”
“Mercenary,” Wade called from the other room. “I’m a mercenary.” If you weren’t mistaken, he was holding his own head - detached - and poking it out the doorway because he was too lazy to get up. You pinched the bridge of your nose and resisted the wild urge to laugh.
“And I’m a fucking seagull,” you muttered bad-temperedly. There were occasions when you had time for their shit; this was not one of them.
“Two!” you scoffed.
Peter rubbed the back of his neck, wincing. “I know, I’m sorry. I know how dangerous it is -”
“Are you kidding?” you interrupted. “I don’t care about that. You think I would’ve agreed to room with Deadpool if I was worried about damage control?”
You huffed and uncrossed your arms. You couldn’t stay mad at someone so adorable for long. “I just wish you’d told me sooner,” you said softly. “You know you can trust me, right?”
“I - yeah, I do. I do now.” He nodded.
“Good.” You turned around and headed for the door. “I’m going to buy popcorn - you guys can pay my share of the netflix bill this month.”
*Present Day*
“I’m home, guys!” you called out, shutting the apartment door behind you with one foot. You looked around, still holding the week’s groceries (at least you hoped it would last the week - you could never be sure with these clowns). The place already felt like home - pale beige carpets and brown walls, mismatched furniture cobbled together from yard sales, dents in the walls from Wade and Peter’s sparring matches (just one casualty of living with a pair of superheroes) - it was a cozy, homey, lived-in kind of place already.
“Hello?” You called out again; nothing but silence greeted you. Oh. You couldn’t help feeling just a little bit let down; you’d gotten to like having roommates, and it was nice to have someone there when you got home, instead of just an empty appartment. You shrugged; they were probably out superheroing and slaying ninjas again. And they’d probably be starving when they got back. Time to make dinner, I guess.
But as you were chopping onions in the tiny kitchen, the hairs on the back of your neck rose. You couldn’t shake the feeling that you weren’t alone. But wouldn’t they have answered if they were here? With a huff, you turned, knife still in hand. If checking every room was what it took to feel safe, then you’d just have to do it.
Bathroom - empty, dark, febreeze-scented. It was still fairly clean, but one of the boys had left the seat up again. Living room - nothing, not even behind the couches. You peeked into your bedroom, but it was as neat and silent as ever. Just one last room to check.
The door to Wade and Peter’s room was slightly ajar, and you tiptoed closer. Something in your gut twisted with tension. There! Whispered voices, secret and sweet. You frowned. What was going on? Inching closer, you peered through the crack.
Wade and Peter were both there, and while you couldn’t here what they were saying, the tone of the whisperings was tender. Then, right before your eyes, Wade lifted the bottom of his mask, one hand grabbing the back of Peter’s head and pulling him to his lips. Peter’s hands flailed for a second, then wrapped around Wade’s back.
You withdrew, an unquenchable grin on your face. Your stomach felt full of fireworks. What you’d just seen was absolutely, unmistakably, irrevocably adorable….and somehow, you couldn’t help feeling like it meant something big was coming for you, too.

Your Sweet Words Never Hurt.

Genre- Fluff.
Warnings- yes, but only if you consider the word ‘crap’ a swear. Otherwise, no.
Shoutout to the anon who requested this- Thank you so much! This is the first request I’ve ever had, and I hope that you like my interpretation of your prompt. Thank you!
PS- WTH even is that tile I don’t even know it’s like midnight right now and I managed to sneak my iPad under the blanket, so that’s why I was able to post it right now.


“Zoe, for the last time, I was NOT flirting with Dan! There is a difference between flirting and genuinely complimenting a person on how I really like their hair when it is kept natural,” I said, exasperated, as Zoe pointed out the same thing that other YouTubers had been pointing out for days- Dan and I flirting with each other.

Allow me to introduce myself first.

I’m [Y/N], ambiguous nerd and famous Canadian YouTuber. I had started my channel, ’[insert channel name of choice]’ around 3 years ago and, as of June 2017, have 3.5 million subscribers on my main channel, and around 2 million followers on my side channel, where I posted Behind The Scenes videos, vlogs, and bloopers. I never really though I was 'world famous’, but that was until I got an email, asking me to join the huge, annual YouTuber convention in Florida - VidCon.

I had, obviously, been overly joyous that day. Being a very jobless 26 year old, with the exception of YouTube, I threw a party for myself- pizza, red wine, chocolate, re watching episodes of Yuri!!! On Ice- basically, something I did every night, with the exception of the red wine, which I took out only when it was absolutely necessary, and the excitement. The announcement video I made of me joining VidCon caused tickets to sell out very fast, considering that there had only been a few thousand left.

It was at VidCon where I first met Daniel James Howell, popularly known as Dan Howell, danisnotonfire, and an Internet Cult Leader. It was quite an exhilarating experience meeting him- also, quite embarrassing for him and me as I literally gaped at him with my mouth open for the first few minutes after he said 'Hi’. Then, I just had to embarrass my self further by choking out a faint 'Hello’ before running away from where he was stood. I had been a Phangirl for as long as I could remember. Phil, however, had caught me in a hug the first time he saw me, clearly recognising me, which was a huge shock. I was pretty surprised that I didn’t go into cardiac arrest in that very moment.

Later that day, Dan had come up to me in my room and we started to talk over a cup of tea, after I offered to make him one as an apology for being so socially inept. He left a few hours later, us very good friends.

And the next day was precisely when the flirting started.

I didn’t notice it until Tyler - yes, Tyler Oakly, but thankfully he was very flattered seeing me fangirl over him- pointed it out to me as all of us sat in the back room, Tyler and I sharing a huge beanbag, relaxing after a long day of panels and meet-and-greets. Don’t get me wrong- I love my followers, but it all gets very tiring sometimes.

“[Y/N], I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but Dan was, like, totally flirting with you all throughout you guys’ panel today.” I immediately felt heat rushing to my cheeks.

“No, he wasn’t! He was just complimenting me on how I looked today, like a lot of people, because Zoe and Louise picked out my clothes today. That’s not called 'flirting’!” I had said, incredulous. Tyler just scoffed at that.

“Could you name some of the lovely people who complimented you?” He said, leaving me speechless. Truth be told, no one had quite noticed my outfit today, because I had picked it out on my own- of course, sticking to my normal black skinny jeans, ripped at the knees, and a random shirt on top of it. I felt the heat rise up to my cheeks again.

“Okay, fine, no one has,” I sighed, accepting defeat, and Tyler just grinned at my reply.

“[Y/N]- it’s okay if you don’t want to- but I want you to show him that two can play at that game,” he said, winking, causing me to softly laugh. I rolled my eyes and muttered out a “Okay, boss, whatever you say,” before I got up to get a slice of the cheese pizza Joe had ordered for us.

The flirting back hadn’t been intentional, though. And it hadn’t been leading Dan on. I mean, who can blame me for having a bit of a crush on him? Okay, maybe it was kind of a bigger crush, but can you blame me? If you say that you wouldn’t swoon over a guy with those dimples, that smile, and those eyes- well, stop lying to yourself.

Back to the present, Zoe was currently laughing at my reaction to her pointing out my 'obvious crush on Dan’. Louise, whom I shared my room with, asked me to just 'go and tell Dan’ about how I feel about him.

By now, even clueless me had started to register the 'playful banter’ as 'flirting’. Today, however, I made a comment that made everyone sit up and take notice- even more than they had done before. Today, I had been an idiot.

At breakfast, all of us YouTubers were sat at a table, me enjoying strawberry waffles and coffee, when Dan walked in like he owns the place, hobbit hair, sexy smirk and all, and I almost choked on my coffee. Hannah took notice and looked worried for a second, before realising what had happened and smirked at me. Dan wished everyone a good morning as he took the chair next to mine.

“Hey, [Y/N]! How do you like those strawberry waffles? I think I might get myself a plate of those, they look almost as ravishing as you do,” he said, earning a few snickers from Tyler, Louise and Zoe, who had heard him. I felt my ears and cheeks get hot, and had a drink of water to compose myself before I replied.

“Yeah, these waffles are pretty good! But I don’t know if you’re all about the strawberry- I just have this mental image of boys who look so bad-ass like you eating the meat of their enemies for breakfast,” I said, causing Dan to laugh pleasantly.

“Wow, good mental image, right? Well, I guess I’ll get a plate, but not before telling you that I regret not straightening my hair before talking to such a beautiful woman,” he said, softly. This time, however, I tried not to blush, and it took my entire resolve not to.

“No, Dan, please, never straighten your hair again. It makes you look sexier and more attractive than you are when you straighten it,” I said, probably a bit too loud, as everyone heard me. I felt myself morph into a tomato, as I quickly gulped down my coffee and what remained of my waffles before quickly excusing myself to my room. What made it worse was that the entire table was silent the whole time I was sat there after the incident, and Dan was smirking at me, leaning back in his chair. Zoe and Louise soon came up to the room, and were now helping me pick out an outfit, which was actually code language for 'confronting me about my comment’.

“So what you mean to say is that telling your crush who has obviously been flirting with you for the past six days,” Louis said, “ that their curly hair makes them look 'sexier and more attractive’ than when they straighten it, is just a harmful compliment?” She said, an expression of 'I-am-so-done-with-her-crap’ adorning her facial features.

“Okay, fine, I was flirting back, but what else could I have done in that one moment? You tell me- your crush of a few years calls you a pretty lady and then says that he does not like his hair curly when you find it absolutely and completely attractive, what would you have done? Put a pillowcase on his hair and said that you hated his curly hair too, or just told him the truth?” I said, somewhat angrily, tugging at the roots of my hair. Zoe pulled my had away from my hair and took it in her soft hands.

“Look, [Y/N], all we’re saying is that you have to tell him how you feel, or you’ll probably never meet him again!” She said, trying to reason with me.

“But Zoe,” I whined, “even if I do tell him, what if he doesn’t feel the same way? What if he’s just been leading me on these few days? And even if he does feel the same way, as you said, I’ll probably never meet him again because I live in Toronto, and he lives in bloody London!” I exclaimed.

“Who said I haven’t been looking at flats for you, [Y/N]?” Zoe said, her grin nearly splitting her face into two. I just stood there, dumbfounded, for a few minutes, before I started to squeal and jump up and down.

“You actually did that for me? Thank you so much! How’d you know I was planning to move to London in the back of my head?” I cried out, not believing my luck. Zoe grinned even wider, if that were possible.

“Well, I remember you telling me about it once when I asked you where you lived, and Louise and I’ve actually gone and booked a flat viewing for you! You can call the realtor about the date and time later,” she said, me very grateful for such great friends.

“One thing, though, [Y/N],” Louise said, me turning towards her, joy still visible on my face.

“You’ll have to tell Dan how you feel.”

And that is when my confidence disappeared, evaporating into thin air. That was also when I decided that I had to do it.
“Hey um, Dan-” I said, getting cut off by Dan himself.

“I have something to tell you,” we both said, together. How more cliché could this get?

His cheeks had a pinkish tint to them, as though he was blushing, and I felt a surge of happiness- was Dan Howell actually blushing because of me? I cleared my throat.

“So, Dan, you wanted to-” I began, but was cut off by a very strange, tingly feeling.

A very strange, tingly feeling cause by Dan’s smooth lips on my slightly chapped ones.

Needless to say, I was glad that I had had a Tic-Tac right before this.

I melted into the kiss, leaning into Dan. I just really hoped that we were hidden from all the viewers as we kissed backstage. Breaking apart, I smiled at him, touching my forehead to his. The sweet taste of his lips still lingered on mine as he flashed his famous smile at me, his hands still around my waist, mine on his broad shoulders. He leaned in for another kiss that I would’ve gladly obliged to, when we jumped away from each other, because of Phil yelling, “I knew it!” And smiling like the dork he is. We turned to look at him to find all of our friends and fellow YouTubers there, standing at the door.

“Guys- they FINALLY kissed!” Yelled Hannah, dragging Dan and I onto the stage she had just come off of, being met with the loudest cheering I had ever heard in my 26 years of existence.

The last thing I heard was Alfie yelling, “The ship has sailed!”, before almost passing out from giddiness as Dan knelt down on one knee and asked me to be his girlfriend.

That was when I knew, that was when it was confirmed-

Dan Howell was a dork, but he was my dork, the one I was, and will forever be, in love with.

Falling in love with Lay

 First of all, welcome everyone to my first smutty blog. I hope you like it, request are welcome since I want everyone to get their fantasies acomplished :) 

Love story, smutty content
Characters: Zhang Yixing & Reader.

It was really late, and you had been waiting for more than 1 hour the bus. Since it was Thursday, you were really tired after work, and expecting for the bus at 10pm was the only choice since you wanted to save the money for the end of the year. You were expecting to travel somewhere to stop thinking about your ex, and get your mind somewhere else. As the time went by, you decided to put some music to make the waiting shorter. 

At some point, you knew it was pointless to keep waiting for the bus, and decided just to walk home since you couldnt afford the cab. On your way home, you thought about your ex, how could he have treated you like that, and left you for that girl that he always denied loving, what did you do wrong.

Suddenly, you started hearing some footsteps. Scared, you began to walk faster, but the noises kept coming. Laughter and male voices where approaching you, as you kept kinda running.


Someone tapped your back, and you screamed as he turned you around.You could not believe this, you were looking at the most beautiful face ever.

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Lay: Easy there! I’m just trying to help you, your bag is broken and your wallet fell off.

You just, couldnt speak, everything was so sudden, so fast, and you didnt even answer

Lay: Hey, are you ok?

Y/N: Sorry, yes, uhmm… i’m…*sigh* I was really scared, sorry. 

Lay: What are you doing walking at this time of the night on the streets? You should be with someone anywhere you are heading. Do you need a ride home?

As he spoke, you just kept looking at his smile, why was he so kind with a stranger? 

Y/N: Uhm, I think i’ll just take the simple way walking, but thank you so much.

Lay: But, how long you have to walk?

You knew you have 30 minutes, but you wanted him to push harder.

Y/N: About an hour, but it’s ok, i always do this.

Lay: I will walk with you till i asure you’re ok. I’ll say goodbye to my friends and we’ll go. 

As he went to say goodbye, you texted your mom: “Mom, im on my way home, this is my location, and a guy is walking me home.” You knew you were kinda over reacting, but somehow you where kind of scared of the fact you just met and he cared about you.

On your way home you and Lay talked about yourselves, he introduced himself, you did the same. The talking was so good, you laughed, shared some special thoughts, and it was only 1 hour, but you felt it was more like days. Something about him, the sweet eyes, his amazing smile, made you feel secure. He kept joking about everything everytime, just to make you smile. 

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But the journey was ending, since you just got to your place.

Y/N: So, this is it. This is home

Lay: It was really nice to meet you. With a really shy face he stepped a little closer - I wish I could keep in touch with you, can i have your number or something?

Y/N: Sure, write it ______ (After giving the number and talking a little bit more he aproached you and gave you a cheek kiss.)

Lay: Bye bye ____ 

As you opened the door, you couldn’t resist looking back.

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He was the most fucking sexy thing that ever walked you home. Not even your ex was at this level.

You waited the full week for a signal, but he didnt appeared anywhere. It seemed that was all a fantasy or a really good dream. His face, the laughter,  the body of that guy. Everything was too perfect to be real. 

Again after work, the other week, you went to the bus stop a little earlier, because she decided that you deserved some rest to have dinner since you have been working so hard.  

The only thing that kept you happy was that you were doing really good at work… but your expectations with Lay where falling everytime you looked at your phone.

The bus stopped, and you got in with your earphones on. As you took them off you asked for your ticket

Y/N: One for

**Open the door please!**
It was him… your eyes widened as you sighed

Y/N: What are you doing Lay? 

Lay: Come! I need to talk to you-

Y/N: (Talking to the bus driver) I’m really sorry, I’ll go down. As you got off the bus, you missed one step. You fell just in his chest, but he hugged you in order to stop your fall. But after your fall, he kept hugging you…

Lay: Are you okay?

You swallowed, couldn’t believing that, again, everything was happening so fast… His breath so close to yours, and his eyes stucked in yours. 

Lay: How could you not text me, or call ____. You told me you would contact me. I have been waiting the whole week. 

Y/N:  I was doing the same thing, waiting! You can’t blame me for waiting the same from you!

He pushed you softly against the wall and asked you:

Lay: Are you telling me the truth? 

Y/N: (Swallowing again and really confused) I swear.

Lay: Ok, so you better be ready for what i have planned.

He walked with you holding your hand to a limousine.

Lay: Tonight you will be mine. 

Having entered to the limo, he took you to a very fancy restaurant were you ate and drank some wine. 

Y/N: So, is this a date?

Lay: This is whatever you want it to be.

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Y/N: I think i’ll go to the bathroom.

All fluffly and happy, you couldnt stop smiling. When you got back, he had already payed the check, and waiting for you with his hand waiting to be held. Everything was perfect.

When he took you home, you realized there was some post-it paper on the wall: “I’ll come back in 2 days, got a really important interview a little far away. I’ll call you tomorrow, left some food for you.. your favourite! XOXO- Mom”

Lay: So, it was really nice meeting you again ____.  - He approached and kissed you on the cheek.. again. But you knew both desired something else -

Y/N: If you want, you can come in and hang a little more.

Lay: Can I? -You nodded as he smiled at you.- Thanks

You showed him every single corner just to make him stay longer. You felt every second closer to him, wanting to kiss his whole body.

Lay: What do you think if we go to the garden and look at the stars? Its a really beautiful night. 

Y/N: Sure, i’ll bring some water and something to eat.

As he headed to the grass you went to the fridge and saw what your mom left, that strawberrys with Nutella that you loved. You brought them outside and began talking.
Looking to the stars together as he held your hand was just so dreamy, everything seemed to be a fantasy.

While you were eating the strawberries, he cleaned your mouth softly with his fingers in a sexy/cute way that was just getting you out of your mind, when he suddenly took your face with his palm and took a deep breath.

Lay: Can i tell you something? *You nod as he burries his eyes on you* You are the most wonderful girl ever. I never thought i met someone like you. And everytime you laugh, I…feel like.. (starts pulling you against him) I.. need to (your lips are closer than ever) 

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The kiss became so sweet and soft, that you realized just then, that you were in love.

Lay: Please, be mine. You are the most beautiful person on this earth

His hands went straight to your hips, then even lower, lifting you and taking you to your bedroom. He took your shirt off as he kissed your stomach slowly. 

He took his shirt off and started touching you so good that you couldnt stop moaning in pleasure. After he hits the Gspot, puts 2 fingers on you. Lay wouldnt stop biting his lips as he looked at you enjoying. 

Lay: Let me go down ____. 

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He undressed you and tore appart your panties; puts softly his tongue in you. Your head was going mad, and he knew it. Fast, slow,  he had the control. As he stopped, looked at you and got on top with his huge back. Starting to lick again your nipples and never stopping touching you with his long fingers.. your moans turned him crazy so he couldnt stop. His back was already full of scratches while you moaned.

Lay: Say my name 

Y/N: Lay oppa

Lay: Say my real name now, louder.

Y/N: Zhang .. ahh** yixing***

Lay: Arghhh jeez _____, your moans are so sexy. I need t…..

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You stopped him to touch his lower part, and pleasured as fuck, he started to touch you even harder. Zhang yixing layed you on bed, and asked with his face and eyes for it, you nodded and he took off his boxers. He took it inside you, looking at you making sure you were ok. When he already felt you have adjusted to his size, he started moving slowly as you both moaned of pleasure. Every hit, his big back, the perfect face, was making you crazy almost making you cum.

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Every second, he went faster, harder and you felt him going bigger.

Lay: If you keep moaning i think…

You moan as he hits you faster and faster

Y/N: Please… keep going

Lay: ____-ah, i’m so close.

He started touching again your g-spot, and you knew you were about to die

Y/N: Lay….. i can’t… ahh….I need to…

Finally he hitted you so hard that you both cum together, and he felt into your chest. Barely breathing, he hugged you.

Lay:_____, you realize you are the most beautiful girl on this earth? *Looking at him, he kissed you and made you smile one more time* 

So, you realize you are my girlfriend now, right? Because i wont share you with anyone. 

Y/N: You wont be with another one either right?

Lay:____, I’m only yours, forever.

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Ok guys, i hope you liked it. Remember it’s my first time ever writing something like this!
Love you, and send me any request you want.

that whimsical feeling that i was talking about
whoopi listening to something
that whimsical feeling that i was talking about

      { Damn okay so apparently I’m gonna be out the whole day today but I just felt like sharing this with you guys while I’m gone; this is the song I was talking about on this post, and the last crescendo in this audio was the moment I felt the thing so..yeah. }
     { Kind of disappointed that the recording didn’t catch it as clearly as I wanted to but I can remember every detail listening to this recording when I walked backstage omg }

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What do you think most affected the amount of personal videos the crew of Mega64 put out? Just a few years ago you were putting out one a day with the other guys less so. It felt like a good insight into your guys' lives and were some of my personally favorite videos from Mega64.

I don’t really want to speak for the other guys but if I had to guess, the changes YouTube made to their site over the years made it not that much fun to interact with. YouTube used to be a big hangout for all of us- making, favoriting, and sharing videos- video responses, etc. It was like the hub of a lot of fun stuff. Then they shoved Google plus into it, removed video responses, hid favorites, etc and the whole thing became less human. Subconsciously, there was a lot less desire to go there. So much heinous stuff happened behind the scenes of the site in early 2012 that I really think it pushed everyone out. But again, that’s a guess based on the feeling of things- I can’t legitimately speak for why the other guys post less videos.

As for me, I’m still going and posting when I can. I honestly still desire to post daily– because I just have fun doing it. However, over the past few years I felt a real push to take Mega64 as a company more seriously, and work hard as hell on stuff behind the scenes. I found that I was trying too hard sometimes to come up with a “video of the day” instead of spending time on worthwhile bigger projects. So I’m struggling with walking that line, still, but I swear I really do try to post as much as I can when it’s something worthwhile… and there will be much more to come, I promise!

The Jealousy Party (Part III)


Part I :Imagine one day Vision needs advice on how to ask Wanda out and you tell him a nice home made meal should do the trick, but he doesn’t know how to cook well. You help him and get a little too close. Wanda accidentally sees you guys and gets jealous so she goes off flirting with Bucky to make you jealous.

Part 2: The date is still on the roll. The reader feels betrayed by her bestfriend and goes out for comfort with Natasha. Bucky speaks up and expresses his feelings to the reader but things don’t go as planned

Part 3: Reader and Bucky talk through some things. Wanda and reader’s friendship is recovered. Fluff..

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Vision x Wanda and some Love doctor starring Steve Rogers.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,525

Here it is, the ending…


The Jealousy Party (Part III)

It has been at least a week since you last saw Bucky, Wanda, and Vision. You avoid Wanda and Bucky because you didn’t feel the need to remember the kiss. You couldn’t even look Vision in the eyes when he asked you if you were okay. You were actually trying to move to a hotel until things settled down only coming back to the tower when you needed to train, but Natasha said that was way too overboard.  So you settled with takeout pizza, Netflix and only going outside of your room when you were on a mission, training or when the alcoholic drinks supply ended.

Natasha would go on a daily basis to check on you and tell you gossip about Bucky and the newly formed couple. She would also tell you that everyone was asking about you and if you were okay. Physically and mentally you were okay but emotionally? That was a whole different story. 

At the moment you were at your mini bar, drinking wine while changing the channel on the TV looking for some entertaining, comedy, and romantic TV show but didn’t find many since you’ve already seen all the good ones.

There was a sudden knock at your door startling you, “Who is it?” You asked making your way towards the door. “It’s Steve.” With that, you checked yourself in the mirror before opening the door. “Come on in.” You smiled at him leading him into your room. He took a seat on one of the beanbags you had near your bed as you took a seat on the rocking chair that faced directly at him. 

“Wine? You look more like the beer type of dude.” You handed him a beer that sat on the nightstand. He took it from your hand, opening it and taking a sip. You guys sat in silence as the both of you watched the Big Bang Theory. You explain some things that didn’t make sense to him mainly ruining his innocence when you explained dirty jokes. After an hour of the TV show and two beers down you finally spoke. 

“So what brought you here, Cap? I don’t think you came here to bond.” You asked cutting it to the chase. 

“About that…”

“Is it a mission? I’ve been dying to let some energy out.”

“Yeah you can call it a mission but first, you need to go to the training quarters and get some new equipment.” But before Steve finished his sentence, you were up on your feet and putting on some Nike shoes. 

“See you there, Cap.” You bounced on your feet, making your way towards the hallway. Steve easily caught up to you with his long strides as the two of you made way towards the elevator. You pressed the button that signaled going down. 

As the elevator doors opened, it revealed Bucky who was on his phone and hadn’t noticed you. “Uh…” You turned around not wanting to talk to him but Steve pushed you inside the elevator. But what Steve forgot was that you were quite clumsy and tripped on your own feet. You close your eyes waiting for the impact. Bucky looked up from his phone and noticed you trip. He immediately dropped his phone and caught your waist pulling you back up. 

“Now talk things through and stop acting like little kids.” Steve said never entering the elevator. 

“What about the mission?” You yelled, taking Bucky’s hands off of your waist. Just as the door closed you heard, “This is the mission.” The elevator started going down.

“Ugh, I hate guys.” You didn’t give a second glance towards Bucky as you pressed the button to take you back up, but first, you’d have to wait for him to get off.

“You’re going to have to get comfortable; I’m going to the first floor.” He smirked as you turned around to glare at him. You guys were on the 40th floor. 

“Fine, I’ll just get off at the next stop.”

Bucky took a step, making the space between the two of you smaller but with every step he took, you took one backward. “You are the most naive, self-centered, selfish, egoist person I have ever met.” By now he had you cornered and placed either hand on the sides of your head leaning towards your body. “Just because you had some issues with some of us, it does not mean you can go run away from your problems. Just maybe for one day you can put on some pants and act like the woman you are then go running behind mommy’s legs.”

You pushed him off of you and turned him around so now he was against the wall, “And maybe just oh one day, you could not be a man whore and actually confess your feelings for someone before you kiss their best friend? Maybe then I can actually be a woman.”

Just then the elevator door opened and there stood Natasha and some new agent but the two of you didn’t notice, too busy in the moment, “Y/n how many times do I have to tell you, it was all a damn accident!” 

“Uh….can we get in or…?” The agent stepped in finally capturing both of your attentions. 

“GET OUT!” You and Bucky yelled at the same time. 

“Accident my ass and I’m not wearing pants? Really? Says the man who had to get his friend to get me here. You just couldn’t go to my room. Very manly if I can say.” 

“Y/n,” And again he turned you and now you had your back faced to the wall and held your waist close to his body. “can we just stop the fighting for a second and please listen to me.” You kept silence giving him the sign that you were also tired of fighting.

“I don’t know if I explained myself right about that day’s events.” He let go of you. “The day you saw us kissing well…when we had just arrived back to the tower, Wanda went to the kitchen to help you guys cook but saw you and Vision getting really close and that got her really jealous. So she decided to find me and kiss me, a sort of payback to what you had done to her. But back then she didn’t know what really happened.

“When she told me what really happened I knew I had to find you. But when I told you how I felt that day, you stormed off and I stayed there waiting for you until the night but you never came.”

“Yeah I went to the bar…and drank like crazy. Trust me that migraine was not good. I think I slept in for more than half the day.” Both of you smiled as you remembered about that day.

“I honestly thought you got laid.”

“Oh trust me I can’t get laid even if I paid anyone.” You laughed watching his reaction but all he did was frown but then a smirk appeared on his face, “You don’t need to pay me.”

You punched his shoulder, “Who said I wanted to get laid by you?”

“You did.”

“When did I ever sa-“

“Right now.” He kissed your lips, pressed your body against the wall, pulling you up and in instinct you wrapped your legs around his waist.

After a few minutes, the elevator doors opened to the 1st floor where Steve, Tony, Natasha and Thor stood, a few surprised and others just glad that you guys got together. “That’s my girl.” Tony lifted his arm and placed his hand into a fist as a sign of victory.

The two of you let go, you fixed your hair as Bucky fixed his shirt and said, “That’s my girl.”


The next day the two of you made your relationship known to the rest. And Tony decided to throw a mini party, just the avengers and few of the other people who had worked with them. Mostly people who felt like family.

At the huge diner consisted of, Bruce and Natasha sharing a large plate of fries, Clint with his family, Pepper had just arrived and Tony was treating her like a queen. Thor, Jane, Steve and Sharon talked about some mission where Thor made a fool of himself. Sam brought a new girl since he doesn’t seem to ever settle down. This left Vision, Wanda, Bucky and you to sit in one corner discussing the day of the kiss. “Yeah Bucky explained everything, honestly, I guess I should forgive myself for getting too close with Vision?” You looked at Wanda.

“God no, the only one who should be forgiving is me. Because I got jealous over something I didn’t even know about.” Wanda stood up and hugged you.

“I think we were all jealous over something stupid.” You laughed letting go of Wanda. You looked back at Bucky who pulled you into a kiss and you noticed Vision doing the same.

“Hey, there are children here!” You heared Clint yell as  Bucky let go of you and Vision did the same causing the four of you to laugh.


The End!

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My dad just asked me about my preferred pronouns and it just so happens that today was the anniversary of the day he kicked me out for coming out to him as trans. For any of your followers that read this, there is hope guys. My father gave his non binary child a big ol bear hug today and I've never felt prouder and more alive. Also your blog has been an inspiration to me since day one of my transition. You're a lovely person inside and out and I'm so very excited for your phalloplasty!!!!

YOU are a lovely person for sharing your story and giving everyone else hope! I’m so glad things worked themselves out, and your dad has come around. You deserve nothing but respect, love and happiness, just like everyone else. Thank you for taking the time to message me and let me know I was able to help and inspire in any way! I wish you all the best, and I’m always here if you need anything!


Of early relationships, heated kisses and broken hearts 
Word Count: 3,472 

omfg this is my first smut ugggggggh it was really embarrassing to write it because it’s in the first person POV and i seriously do not have experience in this ugh udsh us fhsiuasdfghk  if this makes you hate smut, then forgive me 

there will be a part 2 but i still dont know when i’ll start writing. my chaptered fic is still incomplete sooo…. hahahahahah btw, the name of the OC is Maeri. ^_^ enjoooy~

Being a Korean star’s girlfriend is not always fun and games. We don’t always go out for dates like normal couple do. We can’t be seen in public since our relationship is not known to everyone. We argue about even the tiniest things. All in all, it’s quite a challenge.

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Hey guys I finally managed to hit 1k followers and just wanted to say thanks for following me. I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of cool people on here I never even imagined I would’ve met. This is a little late since I’ve been sick, but without further ado I present to you a list of blogs whose content I thoroughly enjoy.  they are all weebs still tho


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I just went to Creed’s show and I decided to stay a half an hour later inside the venue because it was cold out and I just felt like being by myself. Eventually I headed to the parking lot on the dark, alone. And I heard a very familiar voice around the corner, it was Creed!! So I quickly walked up and thanked him for the show and he said “thank you so much for coming, sweetheart!” And took a few pics with me. It made my day :-) such a funny and thoughtful guy.

Dear F,

When I used to think about you, I’d get a knot inside- twisting its way around my delicate heart and squeezing so tightly. It hurt so bad. What we had wasn’t a relationship. What we had was a despondent friendship-bound together by glimpses of hope and me wondering, “Does he like me as more than a friend?” I know it’s cliché to say you were my best friend, but you were. You were the best guy friend I’ve ever had and I am sorry. I am sorry I was a terrible friend, I am sorry I cried after you told me you didn’t feel the same way about me, I am sorry I kissed you on my driveway on August 13, 2015. I miss the way I felt when I saw you just as a friend. I miss that day we flew home from Guatemala together and we shared ginger ale on the plane and listened to Taylor Swift songs together. I hope you remember that day. My dear, sweet friend, I hope you remember.

I remember with a nostalgic ache the day you called me up, sobbing on the phone saying how you had a really rough day at swim practice and when you saw my simple text afterwards stating how much I cared about you, you broke down. I wanted nothing more than to hug you and hold you and help you stick all those pieces back together inside you.

You told me about how others thought you were gay, you told me about the girls you loved, you told me about how you got along with your mom better than your dad.

You came to me one day with a collection of beach houses on the Oregon coast and said, “Hey, I found a few beach houses for us!” Other people thought we were dating. I thought you liked me. I definitely fell in love with the way your blue-green eyes were so damn expressive.

We saw The Oh Hellos on New Years Eve together and I thought you might kiss me. You didn’t.

You were Homecoming King and I followed suit as Homecoming Queen the year after. I thought we were meant for each other. Our families liked each other, I had known you since the third grade. We went to Sunday School together and I remember when I thought you were an older, “popular” kid who wouldn’t ever talk to me. But you did.

It was your junior year of high school and my sophomore year. I was dating another boy. We had just become friends. I was sitting on my friend’s bed. She was probably painting her fingernails black and we were discussing boys as most typical fifteen year old girls do. She mentioned you. “Hey, he said in P.E. class that he’d like to marry a girl like you.” I responded with, “Ew. That’s gross. I have a boyfriend. He is just a friend to me.”

I was wrong.

I wrote you a letter about how I loved you so. I became brave somehow and gave it to you the summer before you went off to college. We had a picnic up in the Colorado woods a week later and you said, “Sorry, you’re just a friend to me.”

I’ve watched you go from an extraverted, friendly, open 17 year old boy with so much potential, to a 20 year old man who is cold and distant and does things he vowed as a 17 year old he would never do. You told me over this summer how you get along better with your dad than your mom now.

We spent one last day shopping and eating sushi and as you told me you friendzoned me, I felt I had nothing left to lose. You are still a good guy, my dear friend. I know you are. You gave our leftover food to a homeless man that day and you let me pick all the music on our car ride and you still know where your heart should be. It’s just not there yet.

When I asked if I could kiss you, you responded with, “Yes, please.” And as our mouths became familiar with one another, I had a glimmer of hope. Friends shouldn’t kiss how we kissed. You said, “See you sometime.” And drove away.

We don’t talk anymore.

When I used to think about you, I’d feel heartbroken. But now when I hear a familiar Mat Kearney song, I think of you and I don’t feel empty anymore. When I hear someone say, “Oh my lanta!” I think of you and I don’t feel empty anymore. When I smell chlorine, I think of you and I don’t feel empty anymore. My wonderful friend, our time has passed. I understand now. Your journey is no longer connected to my journey and I will forever have our memories. You taught me so much and I don’t see you as a wonderful, precious, extraordinary thing anymore. I can’t idealize you any longer.

You’re just a boy.

And you’re going to be alright. And I’m going to be alright. And maybe we’ll run into each other in an airport or something someday, and we’ll catch up. Remember, my beloved, flamboyant, giving, artistic, talented, forgiving friend, you are loved. “And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite.”

Eternally sending my gratitude,


anonymous asked:

I just felt like sharing this silly story with you guys to share with your followers. So I have a transguy friend, and one day all of his shirts were in the laundry except this one white see-throughish shirt. He didn't know what to do, since he binds with a black sports bra, so he decided to paint his entire torso and back black so it looked like an undershirt.

Jay says:

Oh my god, that’s amazing

Starting yesterday I can officially say that I am no longer single and that I have a boyfriend. None of you probably care but this is my first real relationship ever and I am just so happy right now and I just felt like sharing. I hope one day you guys find someone you like and hold on to them as long as you can and treat them right. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!😊 11.28.14❤️

The Picture He Posts Of You Two When He Announces You Two Are Dating

Of Mice & Men Preference


I guess you could say she lights up my world like nobody else…. :*


Sorry for spamming you guys with naked pictures but what can I say Y/N’s just so beautiful I felt like sharing.


Y/N might be a bit short for me but she’s pretty awesome.


Beach day with Y/N.


Hanging out with Y/N and her beautiful daughter again today, I think the little one likes me as much as her mommy does… :)