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The first time I tried to come out to someone I was ten years old and in primary school.
I told a person who was supposed to be one of my best friends. She listened.
The next day when I came to school she had told the twins; my other friends and they all laughed at me and avoided me for days on end. I knew there was something wrong with me then, see!?? So I told them I was just joking and of course I didn’t like girls that way, I’M NOT GAY!
The next time I tried, I told my cousin, my other best friend. She didn’t say a lot about it and just kind of changed the subject. The next time I saw her she asked me if I was being serious with a screwed up look on her face that hit me in the gut like disgust. I felt so sick, am I sick?! There is something so wrong with me. I told her no, of course I wasn’t, I’M NOT GAY, NO REALLY, DEFINITELY!
I started high school desperately trying to be cool, to be normal, to just fit in, why couldn’t I be like all of them? Every now and then someone in the halls would call me a fucking lesbian. It took me right back to those laughs that I heard when I was ten. I was still friends with the same girls who’s laugher haunted me and one night I slept over at their house. They had a brother who was a couple of years older and I thought I might have had a crush on him. It was juvenile wishful thinking. I ended up in his room with the door closed, in the darkness putting his dick in my mouth. After that I asked if I could go home because I was homesick - but I was just sick, I didn’t like anything about him or his dick. I felt so empty and so alone knowing that I was not normal, I was not like any of them. I sat in the bathtub with the door locked at 1am brushing my teeth and trying to erase the stain of what happened.
I came to school on Monday, and people were looking at me. They were talking behind hands and snickering. Someone had told someone and then someone told everyone and they all knew. My mind flew out the second story window in math as a girl passed me a note telling me I was gross and a fucking slut. If anything I thought it would shut them all up? Isn’t that what normal girls do, they like boys and they don’t leave their balls blue?! I had no idea what in the fuck I was supposed to do.
I drifted away from them all, I’d still see them in the halls but we hardly ever talked anymore. I found out that there were certain boys that stayed seperate from the jocks, and their flocks, so I started hanging out with them. They didn’t really care about much of anything and for once I felt a tiny bit of what I thought was belonging. Of course I engaged in ridiculous dating charades where I was one of their girlfriends. We’d occasionally kiss and hold hands and that was it, and I thought it might finally look like I fit. But I still heard it, from time to time “HEY DYKE, ARE YOU A LEMON OR A LIME?” I’d just put my head down and hide. I’d hide behind my boyfriend who was sweet and kind and dopey and gentle, even though most days he kind of drove me mental.
One day there was a new guy at school, I saw him before roll call in the hall and thought he looked cool. Later that day in science, he was sitting opposite me, and I smiled, he smiled back. We’re still friends and it’s about fourteen years down the track - how did we get to that? Well…
The next time I came out it was to him, and he told me he was the same as me. Of course I chose to come out under the label of bisexuality, because I still thought guys were kind of cute and it provided me with a shield of a certain safety and half normality. He didn’t flinch or cringe or look at me with hate, he just said he was the same, and my shame started to deflate a little. I started to breathe full breaths for the first time in so long, and I started to believe maybe I wasn’t so fucking wrong.
The next time I tried to come out to somebody I was sixteen and it was my mother. I’d spent years in torture and isolation trying to figure myself out, who I really was, what it was all about. I told her I was bi and she was quiet for a while. After I prompted her for a response she said “but how do you know?” with a condescending smile. She told me I was young, and that I hadn’t even slept with anyone so how could I possibly know what I am?? Rage is the only thing I could feel at that stage, HOW COULD I KNOW WHAT I AM? The same way you knew you weren’t what I am, that’s how. I’ve spent years hating myself for being this way, and this is the stupidity I’m faced with now? Like I had just flippantly decided that I would announce something I wasn’t even sure of? I was floored, and thus thereafter the topic was purposefully ignored. The silence said all I needed to know, this was something I just wasn’t supposed to show, it’s just one of those things that was a no go. Certain people could be trusted with my secret, the thing that people didn’t seem to want to see, but I had to be very careful about who that would be.
So I shut it down and compartmentalised my difference and tried to survive. Three years went by before I opened that door again, to a trusted friend. I never intended to tell her, but she asked me in a way that seemed so tender, there were no teeth waiting to bite me, and even though it frightened me I told her. She didn’t even care, she was just curious, maybe she was questioning things in herself like some of us do. That was the first time I really knew that I wasn’t my shame and I wasn’t my pain and I wasn’t some thing to be hidden away. I decided then to be more open. To live authentically and do what felt right for me. But I still remained private about it unless asked explicitly - then I would answer as honestly as I knew how, because truthfully I’m still figuring all of it out. I’ve learned so much about diversity and gender and sexual identity and sometimes I find the right words that seem to fit, and other times the pressure of a label exhausts me and I get sick of it.
Sick of trying to classify myself under certain banners, sick of people asking things without any thought of manners.
I know on the grand spectrum of things I am not at all like them, I fall somewhere else along the Kinsey scale. Maybe that means in a way I fail the people like me, because I can’t cement things or write it in concrete and sign it to make it complete. Or that sometimes I still find myself in certain situations where I’m being discreet, holding my candour for fear of ramifications and slander. Maybe I’m not full of pride, maybe because for so long all I could do was hide. This makes me feel so guilty, I should be proud of who I am unapologetically! Not just for me but for the sake of visibility, so that maybe more people can see - we aren’t wrong, we don’t have any agenda other than to be able to be! Just to be; to live with an open vulnerability and tranquility and to be able to do it safely!! I’m sorry, that I could not join in on the pride but maybe you’ll know why; it’s hard to celebrate something that for most of your life you’ve had to justify to people, to justify to yourself, for most of your life you’ve carefully withheld.

“Internalised Homophobia - Where Is My Pride?”

Pride month is such a wonderful thing and I know it is over now but it inspired me to share this. It’s intensely personal, not very well written and lengthy, but I wanted to be able to share some of my experiences regarding this topic. In no way do I speak for the whole LGBT+ community in this post and it’s simply a personal journey that I wrote out for catharsis. 

No Pain-No Gain

Request:  I’m not sure if you do like one shots or stuff but I had an idea for a soulmate au where someone’s soulmate can feel there pain. Like a a person breaks their foot, their soulmate will feel it to, just not have a broken foot. Image how Clarks soulmate would react with all that stuff. I think it would be cute, but could be kinda angsty. Just an idea. Idc if you do it or not, just thought it was cool. Have a nice day.
Word Count: 9636.
Pairings: Clark Kent/Superman x Reader
WARNINGS: Lots of swearing. Mentions of: low self-esteem issues, traumas, bullying, weakness complex. Angst (personally, I don’t consider this very angsty but, you need to be warned). Also, I’m sorry for any typos since this was not edited and english is my second language.
Author’s Note: Hope this isn’t to cheesy and that you will be able to enjoy it. Also… NINE THOUSAND WORDS IN LESS THAN A WEEK?! That’s a record for me! Anyway, hope you enjoy this and that the anon who requested it isn’t disappointed.

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Yes, I totally needed three gifs of Henry Cavill. You did too, don’t deny it.

I hate my soulmate, that’s for fucking sure. I totally hate him (or her, you never knew) and I don’t give a single fuck if I haven’t met him. Also, no, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest and yes, you can hate someone you haven’t met, thank you very much (and yes, even if it’s your fucking soulmate, especially mine).

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For the prompts: "is this your first time?" "So...what are we now?" And "rise and shine, sweet thing." Some prinxiety of you don't mind. ;)

[cough] so I might have made this angsty… sorry? [cough]

Tag list: @zadi-jyne @musicphanpie-b @ajumbleofwords @love-sanders-sides @lostin–translation @holdnarrytight @strange-dark-son @mikey-girl12

Warnings: self-hatred, self-depricating thoughts, mentions of transphobia at the end, physical and verbal fighting (though v little on the physical), angst to fluff ending

They’d been sitting on Virgil’s back porch for just over an hour, silently staring up at the stars, before Virgil finally piped up.

“So… Why are you doing this? I’m clearly not your type–I mean, I’m ‘the epitome of of all things dark’ and you’re… You’re basically glitter personified; just a giant ball of shiny stuff that everyone loves. Did someone set you up to this? Oh, god, is this one of those pranks where you try to get close to me and then humiliate me in front of the school? I thought you were at least better than that.” Virgil’s voice grew bitter and quiet as he stood up and walked to the railing.

Roman’s head snapped to the darkly-clad boy standing a few feet away. “What? No! That’s–I’m not… Why would you even think that?” He moved to stand up when Virgil whipped around, tears streaming down his face.

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head in the game

member: lai guanlin
genre: slice of life, high school
summary: your small moments with the captain of the basketball team goes unnoticed by him.
requested: yes! thank you for requesting my chick son.

  • honestly, you hated basketball, so how you ended up liking the captain of the basketball team swerved you left and right.
  • lai guanlin, the tall kid that can throw basketballs in hoops without a miss, was the center of attention when it came to school. he was the star pupil and everyone wanted to be him, be with him, or be associated with him.
  • you thought it was all stupid at first. how someone could receive so much attention for just throwing balls….
  • yet you somehow started to like him.

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Something to Talk About

Requested: By an Anon haha

Summary: Bill likes to sketch so he sketches Reader when he’s bored or thinking of them, which he always thinks about them. He leaves for a second and Reader finds the book and Bill is embarrassed. Stuff happens and it’s pretty angsty.

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader (they/them)

Warnings: Uncomfortable silence and bad writing by yours truly.

A/N: Bill is one of my favorite Losers. Also, I plan to maybe make a part 2 if people like this.


I swung my legs back and forth on the couch while waiting for Bill to come downstairs so we could be ready for the sleepover we’d planned. We originally invited Beverly, but she’d skipped out and said she’d be going to a family reunion in the next town over. I sighed and stared down at my shorts and worn out white t-shirt. Hopefully, Bill doesn’t mind that I used old clothes as a sleeping outfit.

“I suh-set up my ruh-ruh-room and got Duh-Donkey Kong uh-on,” Bill’s footsteps were barely noticeable and I was surprised to hear his soft voice from the stairs. I smiled and stood up, carrying my heavy but thin blanket with me while we both walked upstairs. Bill stopped at the doorway and gasped to himself before turning back around. “I fuh-forgot the soda,” I chuckled to myself while he ran past me and almost slipped while he bolted to the kitchen. 

Bill’s room was colder than downstairs, his window was open and letting in the air freely. I noticed both of his pillows were covering something in the side of his bed. I curiously walked over and lifted the first one and saw the corner of a book page. It wasn’t a written book, it was a sketchbook. I removed the second pillow and stared in awe at what was on the paper.

There was a heavy blue sketched picture of me, my hair was floating around like waves in an ocean and I was at a loss for words by the poetic like drawing. It was Bill’s, and he was drawing me. But, he’d always draw Beverly. Could it be that he didn’t really like me the way I like him? I sighed and placed the sketchbook into my lap as I sat Indian style on his bed. I bounced a bit and turned the page back, only to see more detailed sketches of me.

Maybe I was right. Maybe he drew me because I’m his friend. But these other sketches say otherwise because they’re not of me in some dorky pose. They’re elegant and breathtaking in ways words couldn’t describe. I prepared to flip another page before Bill walked in with a six-pack of sodas in his arms. 

“I guh-got the good kuh-kind…,” His voice trailed off once he saw his book in my hands. Bill hurriedly placed down the sodas on his nightstand and took his book from me to hide it under his shirt. I watched him do this before standing up and taking a step towards him, only for Bill to take a long step backward and into the hallway. “Yuh-yuh-you weren’t suh-supposed tuh-tuh-tuh-to see the-this,” His stutter gradually got worse the moment he saw me.

“Bill, it’s not something to be ashamed of,” I smiled softly and took a step back to the bed before sitting down. Bill was less tense and walked cautiously back into his room, the book still tucked under his shirt in embarrassment. “They’re amazing.”

Bill sat beside me and finally untucked his book, only keeping it held tightly against his chest. He looked at me with a confused look in his eyes. I could tell he was still upset, but I still wanted to see them. He was beautiful. I mean, his drawings were beautiful.

“Your drawings,” I cleared my throat and trained my eyes on his left hand, which was dangerously close to mine. I felt the urge to grab his hand and pull him in for a kiss if that’s what you even do with your best friend crush. I instead moved my hand a bit closer, “Your drawings are amazing.” I could just see his shy but happy smile, and as I looked up to him, low and behold, there was the smile.

He always smiled like that when Beverly passed by, or when she’d talk to him, or when she’d jump into the Quarry waters. But never was it directed towards me. Just the thought of him loving made my face red and my heart skipped a beat. I could see his laurel green eyes brighten at my words and that’s when I knew my cheeks and nose were painted pink.

“Thuh-thanks,” Bill smiled and looked down at the book in his lap. He paused a second while contemplating whether or not to show the entire book. I silently watched with my heart melting once he flipped to the first page. “Yuh-you know… I may-made this as a scrap buh-buh-book for me and you.” He traced over the cursive letters written inside the cover. “(Y/N) and Bill’s Loser Life” is what it read in thick blue letters. 

I looked up to see Bill’s eyes wavering over the title for a second before flipping to the next page. The second was a page filled with miniature pictures of us as kids. I smiled as he flipped through and my eyes teared up as it passed the pictures of us being as close as siblings, then to the years where this crush on him started. I could feel his hand linger on a certain page, one that was filled with a big picture from last year. 

That was the first year Beverly and Bill started dating for a few months before she had something for Ben. Bill’s eyes scanned the picture before he huffed softly and flipped to the next page, which was the one with sketches of me on it. Bill’s eyes widened and he looked over at me for my reaction, and all I could do was let a tear slip out from my watering eyes. He quickly closed the scrapbook and came to my rescue.

“(Y/N)? What huh-ha-happened? Why are you cruh-cry-crying?” He set his book down and scooted closer to me, his hand finally being put over mine. Once he spoke, the dam broke in my tear ducts and the waterworks came flowing. I could hear Bill’s breath hitch when I let my head hang low while I sobbed. He put his hand on my back and rubbed circles to try and comfort me, “Huh-hey, it’s okay. Yuh-you-you’re okay.” 

I gripped his hand in mine and put my other up to rub my eyes in an attempt to stop the tears, but they wouldn’t stop and I felt embarrassed for crying in front of my best friend, my crush, actually. He didn’t seem to mind though, he just sat there with a concerned frown while trying to comfort me. 

He thought I was crying because of the memories, but I only was crying because of the all-known fact that Bill still loved Beverly and only liked me as a friend. When Bill raised his hand to brush hair past my ear, I flinched back and moved away from him. His eyebrows furrowed and he looked almost heartbroken.

“Suh-sorry..,” Bill muttered to me and stood up to wipe his palms on his shorts before placing his book in his nightstand drawer. I regretted the action that made him sad and move away from me, but it was what was best for both him and me. He should be with someone who he loves that loves him too, I just wasn’t that person.

Mobbed- "Could you just hold me?"

As Shawn’s girlfriend of 3 years you got lots of attention from his fans. Although you aren’t a singer or an actor, just dating Shawn made you popular throughout social media and such.

You loved Shawn’s fans almost as much as he did. They supported him in the thing he loves to do, and that means the world to you. They make him happy, and that’s all you could ever ask for. Though, sometimes they got out of hand. It wasn’t necessarily their fault, it just sorta happened.

If Shawn was somewhere out in the public you had to be sure to have lots of security and a back up plan if something went wrong. His security team was very strict but for good reasons. Shawn was very strict with you if you went out. People recognized you almost as much as they did with Shawn.

Shawn felt bad that he had taken your privacy away. You couldn’t go grocery shopping without a body guard. You couldn’t go get new clothes without having the whole store empty. But that’s how life is now. You could sacrifice your privacy if it help Shawn sleep at night. He was always worried. He got very anxious when you were out. He would hate if something were to happen because of his popularity. But he can’t protect you from everything.

Today Shawn would be playing at the Staples Center in Los Angles. You had been tagging along with him on tour for the summer. It was a hard school year with you at your university and him traveling, but now that school was out all you did was spend time with him.

Right now you guys were heading into the Staples Center to begin sound check, meet and greet and much more. There was lots to do before each show so you had to be there earlier.

And of course Shawn had very dedicated fans that would show up and watch him walk into the arena every time. He would usually stop and take pictures with as many girls as he could, but he couldn’t spend all day out there. If it was up to him, he would.

Right now the some of the security team was in the bus with you, Shawn, Andrew, and Geoff.

“Ok we are gonna have 3 guards on Shawn, 2 on Y/N, one on Geoff and one of Andrew. Just follow them and you’ll be good,” the main guard explained. Everyone nodded then dispersed to get anything else they need from the bus before leaving to the arena.

You followed Shawn to the back of the bus where the was a queen bed that you two shared. It was like the master bedroom of the RV. You had noticed that Shawn had an upset look on his face when he left so you went to investigate.

“Babe, is everything ok? You seemed upset when we left the meeting,” you asked placing your hand on his back and running it up and down a bit.

“Yeah I’m fine. I’m just kinda upset that you only have 2 guards. You know how crazy the girls can get. Maybe we can get one of my guards to go with you,” he explained thinking out loud. You reacted quickly grabbing his shoulder and making him face towards you.

“No way. Shawn they are here to see you. They are going to want a picture with you. They are going to be mobbing you. If you want to keep me happy, then you will take 3 guards. I love you so much, and I know you are used to protecting me, but let me protect you every now and then,” you fought back.

“Ok fine, but if anything happens to you, I’m gonna lose it,” he responded letting his protective side come out again.

“Ok baby,” you said running your hands through his hair. You stood on your tippy toes and gave him a kiss on cheek before going to the bathroom to check your makeup.

About 5 minutes later everyone was gathered in living room paired up with their guards. You were standing next to Paul and Robert your body guards. Paul was about 5'10 and had a Mexican heritage. He had many tattoos up is arms. He always seemed to look pissed off which honestly scared you. Robert was about 6'1 and he was originally from LA. He had worked as a guard for many years which made Shawn very comfortable when you were with him. Paul was newer to security but he was knowledgeable and strong.

“Everyone ready?” Geoff questioned nearing the door. There were many answers but overall the were all just yes. Geoff’s guard opened the door and immediately there were screams.

First Geoff and Andrew went. Then Shawn. You watched as he stepped out and listened as the screams got 4 times louder, if that is even possible. You have them a second before walking out. The screams didn’t stop. Robert was in front of you and Paul was behind you. The minute you got on the other side of the barricade you knew this crowd was stronger than any other you had faced. There were just so many girls. This gave you an anxious feeling.

You began to push forward. There were phones in your face. People pulling on your hair. People tugging on your clothes. Paul and Robert did their best to push anyone to close away.

“We need back up, up here,” you heard John, Shawn’s guard, say into the radio that was hanging off Roberts belt. Your head snapped up looking for any sight of Shawn, though you couldn’t see anything over Roberts tall figure.

Since you were the only other person with more than 1 guard, your guards were the back up.

“I’m gonna help them out,” Robert yelled over the screaming to Paul. Paul reacted quickly coming in front of you. He began to push girls out of the way as Robert maneuvered through the sea of girls o make it to Shawn.

Paul was doing his best, but it wasn’t enough. The girls got so overwhelming. You began to have shorter breaths. You knew what gonna happen if you didn’t calm down, but you didn’t see that happening soon.

You knees began to get wobbly due to the lack of oxygen. You put your hand on Paul’s shoulders for support.

The girls were too much. They were loud, they were close, and they weren’t stopping. You put one hand on your throats feeling it starting to close up. Everything didn’t feel real. You felt like you were in a whole other world. Everything was spinning and every now and then thing would just go black.

You’re chest was killing you. You felt like the weight on the world was resting upon your chest. You were overwhelmed with fear. The fear of being trampled. Or crushed.

By now Paul had realized the state you were in and knew something was wrong.

“There’s something wrong with Y/N. I need help,” he said into his radio. He turned towards you putting his arms under your arms trying to hold you up.

You couldn’t breathe, you blacking out, and everything felt like it was falling to pieces.

“Y/N focus on my eyes. Keep your eyes open,” Paul instructed you. You did your best to follow his instructions but it was so hard. All you wanted to do was collapse. You were just overwhelmed by everything.

You must have blacked out for a couple seconds because when you woke up you were being transferred into someone else’s arms. You looked up and you were met with a pair of soft brown eyes.

“I got baby. I need to you to focus on breathing. Take deep breaths,” Shawn directed. You looked around you realizing the guards had made a circle surrounding you and Shawn.

“Shawn, I need out,” you stuttered. Fear was just kept washing over you.

“I know baby, we are working on it,” he responded. As a group everyone moved forward. Most of you weight was in Shawn’s arms. As much as you tried you couldn’t manage to keep your self up on your own. You were sure if Shawn wasn’t holding you up you could be on the floor. That just scared you even more.

After about 2 minutes of pushing and shoving the group made it to the safety of Shawn’s room in the arena. By now Shawn had just picked you up bridal style realizing that you couldn’t walk on your own. You were in the same state of mind but it was starting to calm down. But Shawn wasn’t calming down.

“What do you need babe? Should I call an ambulance? What do want me to do,” he pleaded. He was almost as distressed as you were. He sat informs of you on the floor while you sat on the couch speechless. You were trying to figure out what happened.

“Could you just hold me,” you asked not being able to come up with anything else. All you really wanted right now was to feel the comfort and safety of Shawn’s arms. He seemed to understand that. He silently moved to the couch pulling you softly into his lap. You rested your head on his shoulder pushing your face farther into his neck. He had one arm under you keeping you from slipping off and the other was playing with your hair. This helped calm you down. After a couple minutes you were pretty calmed down.

“What happened babe? Nothing like this has happened before?” Shawn asked.

“Everything was fine at first. Robert was in front of me, Paul behind me. Then someone asked for backup so Robert left. Which means I had Paul and that was it. Although he’s great, there wasn’t much he could do on his own. The girls just got so overwhelming,” your lip trembled as you recalled the recent events. You shook off the fear that came creeping up again.

“Babe, I’m so sorry. I gonna make sure next time everyone has more guards. That was so unfair to you,” he said his grip getting tighter on you.

“It’s over babe. Nothing we can do. Just hold me, and never let go,” you mumbled getting comfortable again.

“Ok, I can do that,” he responded.

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My Korrasami (TLOK finale) “funny” story

I don’t know how many people are still following my blog but I feel the need to share this with you, because Tumblr is the right place for it. Always.

Years ago I stopped watching Legend of Korra at the end of first season because I. Fucking. Hate. Love. Triangles.
As huge fan of ATLA I decided to wait for it to end and see if it was worth enough of my attention, and after some years… Korrasami happened.
I’m not gonna talk about the amazing feeling of POWER I felt that night when tumblr exploded because of it, and how I screamed and laughed even if I didn’t follow the series.
What I want to tell you, is how I started watching Korra last saturday and how I finished it all in one week (I know, it’s not impressive, but I work 8 hours per day now, so.)
I’m gonna give you a quick idea of what’s going on right now, then:

- I am utterly, out-of-space, crazy in love with Korra.
- Asami is a fucking badass.
- Bolin is my precious baby.
- This show is the most fucking feminist show ever.
- I don’t hate Mako, but he truly needs to improve is fucking relationship skills (meh)
- I have a total unconditional respect for Bryan and Michael.


When I watched the finale (even if I have seen billions of gifsets during my last year in tumblr), I imagined my reaction would have been a normal one, I mean… I knew it.

Oh boy was I wrong. 

I cried for 45 minutes, I watched that scene 10 times, until I couldn’t look at it anymore for the heartache. I cried and whipered “no, it can’t happening, this cannot be real.” Like I couldn’t believe it myself even tho I already knew it.

I physically felt my inner child crawling up from my memories, from the places I was hurt the most in the past, and crying with me. I felt all the frustration and the memories of why being gay is so beautiful but at the same time so exhausting, it was like my brain couldn’t believe I was watching something that was about


without queerbating, without shitty compromises or fights, in a animated show nonetheless.

So I cried for 45 minutes and then I got a panic attack because my emotions were too much. It was like opening a gate and let the water flow and crush everything. It wasn’t just happiness, it was also sadness in realizing how much pain I felt and I repressed becuase of the shit we have to put up with every day of our life. It was so overwhelming that I had to take a day off work, and I think I know that it took me so much to watch Korra because I knew it would have such a huge impact on me.

But since that day (two days ago) I feel strange, like something changed within me and I just can’t understand how a scene so simple and short can be so powerful and better than a lot of love stories I’ve read and seen before.

I don’t know how they did it but maybe (I bought all the artbooks already and read some of the notes at the end) it is beause the writers treat us like people, and not just like a rating number.

It’s such a power feeling. I still feel like crying if I think about it.

Sorry for the rant but thanks if you read it all,

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 3

Part 3 was highly requested! You guys wanted a happy ending so, here you go :D I tried but happy endings are something that I need to work on ;)

Your thoughts were interrupted with a buzz coming from your pocket. Shit! He did what you thought he was gonna do.

You slowly unlocked your phone and opened the text:

My stupid kiss, stupid leather jacket, stupid messy hair, and stupid self, say hi….princess ;)

“Thanks for leaving me on seen”, Shawn ran up to me as you walked down the hall.

You chuckled, “Anytime.”

“You’re lucky that I don’t hold grudges”, he laughed.

Something about that bothered you. Something about the fact that he thought you were good now just because of a sappy ass text. “Look, Mendes, I get that we shared a moment, had an argument, and you sent me some sappy text to make up, but that doesn’t mean that…I don’t know”, you trailed off, “It just doesn’t mean what you think it does.”

He let out a dry laugh, “I don’t know what you want from me, princess”, he threw his arms up in exasperation.

“Y/N”, you yelled, “My name is Y/N!”

“And my name is Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, what’s your fucking point”, he retorted with sarcasm which only pissed you off more.

“Well guess what, Shawn Peter Raul Mendes”, you exclaimed, “You can go fuck yourself because I know why you approached my table yesterday and frankly, I’m more into guys with class. Someone who doesn’t just want to get in my pants”, you said with frustration as stress was filling your brain.

“What”, he asked, but it was too late, you were off and heading to your next class.

“Honey are you hungry, at all”, your mom asked from behind the door as you laid face down on your bed.

“No, Mom. I’m not that hungry, I made something when I got home”, you lied.

“Um…alright”, she hesitated, “It’s nearly 11:40 so good night.”

“Uh-huh”, you replied as more tears fell down your face.

Once she was clearly gone you sat up in your bed and fixed your messy bun.

“How did you let this happen? You let your guard down, this is exactly what happens when you do some stupid shit like that”, you whispered to yourself.

You were awaken from your thoughts by your phone buzzing. You didn’t even have to look at it to know that it was him. Who else had texted you in almost a full year? No one. You didn’t want to look at it, you didn’t want to fall under his spell. You actually found it quite humorous how fast you broke down your walls for him to come in. Normally you would’ve totally closed yourself off but, Shawn, he gave you something to smile about. You didn’t know if it was the way he called you princess or the way that he wore his signature smirk, but you were falling hard and nothing was gonna protect you from the impact.

You looked down at your now ringing phone and rolled your eyes.

“Don’t you dare grab that phone”, you mumbled to yourself as you were already reaching for it, “What the fuck is wrong with you”, you whispered as you answered the call.

“What”, Shawn’s voice asked with confusion.

You mentally cursed yourself for saying that, “Um… I was talking to…my T.V. I’m watching a show”, you lied, “What do you want?”

“Meet me in the park”, he asked with sincerity.

“What the fuck–”, you began

“Look Y/N, I’m not trying to get in your pants so stop acting like this”, he sounded a bit frustrated, “I actually do like you and I have for almost four years. But you know, when people refuse to interact with others, it’s hard to try and get someone to open up. You’re making this really hard and you’re really tearing up my determination. I just–”, he was being interrupted by you now.

“Stop being a little bitch, Mendes. I’m on my way”, you rolled your eyes, “I don’t refuse to interact with people, it’s hard to talk to people who don’t give a shit”, you almost shouted into the phone.

As you walked on the pavement in your leggings and sweat-shirt you couldn’t help but be mad at yourself for the way you talked to Shawn. You wouldn’t blame him if his little school boy crush went away after that call. You felt like a bitch for putting up your walls again when he broke his down for you. You felt terrible for cursing at him, sassing him, for being so rude. You let your emotions get the best of you.

You pushed open the gate to the little park of your hometown. The park that you used to play at, back when it felt bigger. The same playground, same sand, same grass. You hadn’t been here in almost two years, around the time when you built your walls in the first place.

You looked around for Shawn, but it was kind of hard to look for a guy who wears all black. Especially At 11:50 at night. You continued walking around the tiny area until you heard the soft strumming of a guitar.

“Do ya… do you think about me”, you heard his familiar voice sing.

You followed the sound and looked up at him, on the slide, singing you the beautiful song. Once he finished he looked down at you with bright eyes.

“I don’t think you realize how terrible I feel”, he asked with a smirk.

“It’s not your fault I’m dramatic as fuck”, you laughed to yourself, “Thanks for the song, Mendes.”

“Anytime princess”, he winked, “So”, he slid down the slide and landed in front of you, “Let’s talk romantics.”

You nodded, “Continue since you’re all of a sudden so classy”, you chuckled.

“Hey, I’m trying. I’ve read several fanfics on Tumblr and I’m not gonna lie, these guys have got game”, he laughed, “But honestly, I really do like you Y/N. I can be a douche at times, I’m not gonna lie, but I’m trying.”

You nodded, “And I thank you for that”, you smiled, “I have a lot to thank you for, Mendes. Thanks for sitting at my table yesterday, thanks for kissing me in front of the whole school, and thanks for putting me on check when I needed it.”

“Welcome”, he flashed you his bright smile as he looked up at you with wide eyes.

You took a seat on his lap as he moved his guitar and looked down at you, “I haven’t had anyone, except for family, that I’ve been able to even smile with. You were the first person to break down my walls in years. You and your stupid self”, you joked before continuing, “aren’t a douche. You have feelings too.”

“With that being said, what do you say? Give this bad boy a chance”, he grinned.

You raised your eyebrows, “Messy hair, leather jackets, and wearing all black does not make you a bad boy. It only gives you style.”

“Fine then…go out with me, princess”, he gave you puppy dog eyes.

“Sure Mendes”, you shrugged, “On one condition.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Keep talking.”

You lunged forward and tackled him to the ground as he chuckled from under you, “Thank you very much”, you took his guitar pick, “Payback.”

XF Fic Challenge: “Talking in the Park”

Author: @2moms-0fucks

Rating: Teen? Maybe

Summary: Set post Per Manum, Scully discovers something in Mulder’s apartment that leads them on a conversation of what could have been.

Notes: I wrote this a year ago, to be honest. I never fleshed it out, and simply cleaned it up to submit for the challenge. It’s cracky. BOY IS IT FLUFF CRACK. Submitted for @xfficchallenges - Dialogue Only Challenge. Ugh. This is so cracky. i’m totally geeking out on the idea of conversations because so many conversations never happened in this series. But…oh well…I DO hope you enjoy it.

“Talking In The Park” by: 2moms-0fucks

“Mulder…? Why do you have all these books?”

“I uh… I got them when you started the treatments…”

‘What to Expect When Your Wife’s Expanding’? 'Test Tubes and Testosterone: A Man’s Journey Into Infertility and IVF’…?”

“Scully… I uh”


“I should donate them or something…”

“You read them?”


“But I thought–”

“That I just wanted to be the donor?”


“You wanna go for a walk for a minute?”

“Mulder, I–”

“Come on. It’ll make more sense…I promise.”

“Mulder those books…”

“Look, I know, Scully…”

“When I asked you to be the donor - to be the father…, you never said you wanted to play a bigger role…”

“Would you have allowed me?”

“You would have been the father – of course I would have. I would have let you play as much of a role as you wanted.”

“When you asked me to help you have a baby, I was… nervous. I was terrified, actually. It’s not like my own father was the epitome of ‘Leave it to Beaver’… and I was concerned that the same men who were behind everything would somehow use the baby to…hurt you… And I was being selfish…”

“Being concerned about my safety isn’t selfish.”

“No, I was. I was entirely selfish. But I can’t really explain it. A part of me – A large part of me didn’t want– It’s complicated Scully. I don’t know if you’ll understand…”

“Explain it. I want to know. A large part of you, what?”

“A large part of me was afraid of losing you.”

“Mulder, we’re partners…”

“Scully, you don’t know that. You really think you were going to continue with our work pregnant or with a young child?

“Well. I—“

“When I said yes, I told you I was afraid of it coming between us… I knew it was going to come between us. Eventually. No matter who the father is, a baby would change–”



“For the record, Mulder, I wouldn’t have… I mean, there isn't… You weren’t my first choice.”

“That makes a guy feel good, Scu—“

“You were my only choice.”

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Reminder: Check your gear regurlarly!

Tuesday this week I went to training. I know I held my new mask in one hand and my old, dented one, in my other. The thought of taking my new one to training crossed my mind but I didn’t: “No.. It will only get dents and then I will not be able to compete with that mask.”

I put my old mask in the bag, the bag on my back together with Bengt (my sword, that is) and went to training on my bicycle. Just like any Tuesday I and Carl held our training for kids. It went pretty well, the kids being more focused then they use to be.

After the kids training I realized that our training would be full of people. More than it has been in quite a while. Of course I love when our trainings are crowded with people. But, I don’t like too many human beings in a restricted area. I’m not saying that our training hall is small, it’s just not really large either. Anyhow, I wasn’t in the mood for all that people that day. I sighed, tried to get that feeling of me and started to warmup along with the others. We went through some basic thrusting techniques. Carl adjusted my hip movement and told me how to thrust together with my hip. This was a real eye-opener, in a moment it was so much easier for me to thrust! Cool. I repeated a couple of times. Then Carl said: Put your gear on!

I didn’t really felt like it to be honest. It was one of those days when everything was a big “Meeeeeh”. I went over for my gear anyway. Put everything on, pointed out a sparring partner and began at Carl’s command. The first round went ok. I wasn’t frustrated and quite relaxed, despite my lack of motivation. After the first round we had like 30 seconds pause to find a new partner to spar with. Said and done. The bell rang again. If I remember it correctly I won the first exchange, but to be honest I don’t really know. I went to my corner, turned around for the second exchange and faced my opponent. I went in, trying to find a hole in his defense. It didn’t take long at all, BLAM. A hard oberhau against the top of my head. I know I said: OUCH. Something didn’t feel alright. He looked at me and asked: Are you okay?
I thought I were, that the hit was only a bit harder than I expected.

I went back to the wall. Feeling something warm dripping in my face. I looked down and saw some blood drops on the floor, dripping slowly from my mask. I thought to myself: Well, it’s just a scratch. Not so bad, maybe I need a plaster. I thought it would take off. It didn’t.

My mask with the blood inside

The blood started to pour down with increasing speed. I realized this was bad. First I stood alone turned against the wall. Others came next to me, looking at my face. Someone yelled: CALL AN AMBULANCE repeatedly. I saw a big pool of blood on the floor, but at the moment I was pretty calm in the situation. Someone told me to lay down, I did. I saw Carl who looked at me and said: That needs to be sewn. Then he went after the first aid kit. At that moment I had very hard to realize what actually happened. I said something like: COOOL. Now I will get a badass jacket, with blood on it! Just like Carl’s! And a nice scar to, like Harry Potter. But the words stitches rang in my head: Nooo it can’t be that bad.

My bloody jacket.

One guy held my legs high and the guy who hit me try to stop the blood pouring out of my forehead. Someone put a bandage on my forehead with the help of my sparring partner who asked me how many fingers and noses he held up. I almost started to laugh, thinking he was silly. Had to tell him that: It’s ok. I can see! By this time they also made the decision that an ambulance wasn’t needed and that someone could drive me to the emergency center.

Someone helped me out of my fencing jacket, my new white jacket, while I was laying down.

They collected my training stuff as I was laying there. I went up, saw the blood on the floor that had been pouring out while I was laying down. It looked like a lot.

Before we went I wanted to have Bengt with me. Carl looked at me and said: No, he can stay here this time.

Unwillingly I gave Bengt to Jesper. Jesper looked at Bengt in a somewhat distasteful manner. I looked at Bengt and understood why, it was blood on him as well. Everything happened fast, but still very slow. Like everything were moving in slow-motion.

Carl drove me there.

Me at the emergency center

They took a look on me after like, 30 minutes or so. Took the bandage off and gave it a look, put some new bandage on and showed us to the waiting room. We sat there for 2-3 hours before it was my turn to get stitched up. We were supervised to a treatment room, the doctor came in and asked me what had happened. I explained. She looked at me like I was some kind of lunatic. “But you had a mask, right?”

Me after they put on some new bandages.

Of course I had!
She were still a bit skeptic. “Aren’t they supposed to take this kind of hits`?”
Carl explained that these kind of injuries never occurred in our club before, and maybe just 1-2 times during competitions. The doctor explained she had to check if I got a concussion by checking out my nerve system. Had to follow her finger with my eyes and things like that.
Luckily I was fine, I just had a big hole in my head. Now it was the time to stitch me up.

They started to talk about which needle to use. Shit just got real.
I started to feel sick and began to sweat. I told them that, and they put a bag next to me if I needed to throw up. They took a needle up to give me some anesthesia straight to my forehead. This was very uncomfortable, I felt the needle all the way through. It was like something try to rip the skin of my forehead away. Euck. Until it worked, then I didn’t feel a shit. It was just nasty and a very bizarre situation. Especially when they both stick their finger in my wound to see if my bone was crushed. Then they started to sew. I just wanted to go home now. It took forever. And I was certain that it would be like 2 stitches. I ended up with five. Carl told me in beforehand that the wound was like his thumb, 5 cm or so, in beforehand. But I still didn’t think that it would end up with five stitches.
I felt like I was going to faint or something while they were sewing, but I didn’t. When they were done they gave me some lemonade and I could get home.

The stitches will be removed on Monday. I’m ok and most of all: I’m happy that it didn’t got worse.

With this story in mind I want to tell you all:
Check your gear. Take care of each other and always wear a mask. Don’t ever take things for granted. Ok? 

My mask after the accident. It had massive dents in beforehand and I will never, ever train with a dented mask again. Neither should you. 

Code Black


Request : “hey! 76 and 200 for Peter please. thanks!!!”

»  “Stop talking about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours… make me up a future.”

»  “You’re really proposing to me? For real? Now?”

   + “Prompt 25 + 198 with peter”

»  “He was unconscious when I found him”

»  “Promise me you’ll come back… I need you to promise me.”

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1750

A/N : I feel like I haven’t posted in forever ! So here’s a lil request, sorry but college takes a lot of time and I can’t really write :((

He looked at his phone, turned pale, then quickly left the room. You watched him, smiling. But if only you knew what was going to happen, you wouldn’t have been. Your life was going to change in a few hours, in all the possible ways.

When he came back, something had changed, he wasn’t wearing casual clothes but his spider-man suit. You frowned and sighed, understanding that he wouldn’t be able to attend your movie night.

“Again… ?” You stepped forward to take his hand, but you would have prefered it to be naked so you could feel his warm skin. “You already had so many missions this week, and it’s just thursday. Can’t someone else replace you ? I need this movie night, really…”

Peter’s hand ran through his hair and he looked directly into your eyes. He was pale, and had a few bruises on his jaw and his eyebrows from his previous fights. But nothing could stop him. “It’s more important than the others babe. The… The text said ‘code black’. Everyone’s going.”

It was your turn to become paler. The idea of Peter risking his life have always been hard, but the words “code black” seemed too much. You shook your head, Peter hearing your heart beating way faster as the seconds passed. “Don’t go..” You begged. And your lips started to shiver, and you tried your best not too cry, and you were too weak to succeed, and the tears fell, and Peter had to look away. “Just stay with me, run away ! You don’t have to do this.” Your voice was unsure, and you had trouble not to stutter. “I need you, don’t leave me.”

“Y/N !” He tried to reason you. “You know I need to go. We’re talking about billions of lives, I can’t… I can’t… I have to, don’t make it harder, please. I need you to support me, you’ve always supported me before.”

You looked away, you knew you sounded slefish, but you just couldn’t live witout this boy, he was your everything, he had been for years now. “But this is a code black, this is more than serious, you could… You could…”

He put his hands on your shoulders, gently rubbing them and forcing you to look in his eyes again. “Hey, Y/N, baby… You trust me, right ?”

You shrugged, your tears have stopped falling but you knew it would be a matter of time before it’d start back. Promise me you’ll come back… I need you to promise me.

There was a silence before Peter took the talk again, unsure if it was the right rhing to do. “I promise I’ll come back.” He nodded. But he knew that promise could be broken anytime soon tonight, he knew what he was getting into, and it was all about death. Of course he’d to the best he could, he didn’t want to leave you, he didn’t want you to be alone, but he didn’t know anything about the future.

You leaned in to kiss him, putting all the love you could as if it was the last time.

You were stuck in your bed, watching the news as mayne journalists were recording the fight out there, risking their lives, but not risking it as much as all the heroes protecting the city. You were afraid, not only afraid for Peter, but also afraid for you, hearing many explosions all around you, trying not to look through the window to not see dirty ruins floating in the air.

“Iron Man’s down, I repeat Iron Man’s down !” Shouted the reporter trying to avoid wreckage. You could tell there was panick in her eyes, but also in her voice. You weren’t surprise though, everyone was terrorized by the abominable giant red alien who wanted to conqueer the city. If he was green, he could have been mistaken for Godzilla, but that would have mean the situation was risible, and it surely was not.

The city was being crashed by both the villains and the heroes, many lives have already been saved but a lot have been taken. It was war, and during war, there was no way not having loss. If Tony Stark was a part of that loss, then how Peter would he end up ? A new tear fell on your cheak and you pulled one of his sweater you carried with you since he left closer to you.

And suddenly the TV wasn’t the only sound in the apartment. Glass. Broken glass. A shout got off your throat. That was it, they were there, the aliens were there.

“Y/N ! Y/N !” Someone called your name.Well, not a someone, nor an alien. Peter. It was Peter. You got up faster than you’ve ever had before and ran to the kitchen, where your super-heroe just got the window broken to get in easier.

He was seriously injured, he had blood everywhere on his face, small and huge wounds, his suit was ripped and you noticed he was limping. How much he might suffer didn’t stop you to jump onto his arms. He was alive. “Peter I was so scared ! They… They said Tony is… He is…”

Peter didn’t let you the chance to finish your phrase, he leaned in to kiss you, and you didn’t mind the taste of iron the blood on his lips had, all you cared about was the fact he was alive, still able to kiss you, or love you, or just breathe.

“Marry me.” He whispered taking his breathe back, his swollen eyes injected of blood looking right through yours which widened. Marry me. Those words got your head spinning. You and Peter had already talked about marriage, but you were both 21 and he said it was too soon. You never understood that, because for you it only meant he didn’t think his life would end with you. “Y/N ?” He called your name, you have maybe be thinking for too long.

But this was definitely not something you could not think about at the moment. How dared he ? “Really ? Really Peter ? You’re really proposing to me? For real? Now?” You shook your head, it felt… So selfish from him, he had always say no, he had always refused to. “Why ?!” You shouted with a thrilling voice meanwhile tears were now flooding your face. “You always said we were too young, why are you doing this to me, why now ? You told me you didn’t want to, you told me it wasn’t a good idea ! You-”

“Y/N !” He shouted back, wanting you to stop talking. Which you did after hearing his tense voice. “Stop talking about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours… make me up a future.” Your eyes widened and you were too shocked now to keep crying. Your hand hit his chest and Peter coughed, he was already badly injured and it didn’t help him.

“Stop talking like this !” You screamed. Dead. This word got your heart to stop beating. Dead. He couldn’t. “You promised me you’d come back, fucking alive Peter, fucking A-LIVE !”

He grabbed your wrists in his fists and shook his head. “Y/N ! Be my fiancée. Please I need to go back there now, I can’t stay. So tell me you’ll marry me, tell me you’ll carry my children and help me eat when I won’t be able to do it myself because I’d be too old. Tell me you’ll be mine forever and never get away. Please, please Y/N I need your answer, will you forgive all my bad behaviours and marry me ?”

His fingers left your wrists and got up right to your cheeks, grabbing your jaw. He was waiting, again, for your answer. And the only reason you took your time to answer wasn’t because you were confused anymore, but because you felt like he’d leave just after you would have said him, and you didn’t want him too, you needed the time to stop, to live in this exact moment forever. His fingers put more pressure on your bones, hurrying you to respond. “Y-yes…” You looked away. And his lips crushed on yours again, for a more passionate but rushing kiss.

And without a word he left you, and the only thing you could do was watching him getting out through the now broken window. Another promise. A good one, and you didn’t even fell good about it.

Crying was tiring, and it wasn’t a surprise you have felt asleep with all the crying you have had. It appeared Tony wasn’t dead, he had only been beaten up at a point he couldn’t get up and he had been taken to the hospital, but not everyone got his chance. You heard Clint Barton, a former agent of the S.H.I.E.L.D had left, like the one and only Captain America whose loss got the country in mourning, and some others you didn’t even know about.

But no news from him, you have felt asleep and he was still alive, still fighting to save as many lives as possible, and especially yours. He was a hero, your hero. No. Your fiancé.

Your phone started ringing and that was what woke you up in a leap full of surprise. You grabbed your phone and immediately picked up with a sleepy but caring voice. “Peter ?!” There was a silence, your nose wrinkled. Peter… “Hello ?”

He was unconscious when I found him.” This was not Peter, this was definitely not Peter. It was Sam, one of his co-worker, well when the didn’t fight one against the other in fact.

“What… What are you talking about ?” Your voice was as shaing as your lips, and even all of your body. But you knew what he was talking about, he was talking about him. He was unconscious. “N-No… You… How-how is he now ? Sam where is he, I gotta see him, I got… I gotta see him !” Yyou got up but the whole world seemed to spin way faster than it usually was, and you fell on the ground with your eyes so full of sadness you couldn’t see anything.

But you heard one last thing, guessing your phone had fallen not far from you. The impact had put the call on speaker, and the voice echoed in the small bedroom.

“I’m sorry. It’s too late.”

But he had promised.


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Second day of waning gibbous of the twelfth month. Winter.

Dear Diary,

This weekend has been quite lively. Despite being on the early days of the coldest season, I woke up to the weekend quite toasty, comfortable, and very not in my bed.

You see, Link and I met again in my room after the talk we had. We had tea by the fireplace, he told me about the avalanche and how he survived using Nayru’s Love. He was quite scant on details, but I think he just wants to move on. I cannot keep thinking if it was not for such a fortuitous fact, he would be dead. I must thank the Goddesses again for their constant protection of him.

I tried to teach him another spell, but we certainly got diverted because of two reasons: one was that when we resonated our triforces, we saw each other’s thoughts.

And boy, I had no idea how I made him feel. Some of his thoughts and sensations were quite arousing - we made out on the carpet until we were too short of breath to go on; actually it was more due to prudence than lack of desire. Which takes me to disclose the second reason, which is…

That later, the very same night, I went to his room and gave myself to him.

It was amazing; tender and rough at the same time. The sensations are quite hard to put into words, but in short being intimate is pure, untamed bliss.

I was woken at dawn, with strands of dirty blond hair tickling my nose, and soft kisses all over my face.

‘Love, wakey wakey’. His voice whispered tenderly in my ear. I felt fingertips caressing my cheek. 'I gotta leave to train’.

His gaze was one of pure, inmense love.

I slowly sat on the bed, realizing he was sitting there fully clothed, light armor and all. I was still naked.

'I didn’t have the heart to wake you up before’, he handed me my nightdress. ‘go back to your bed before one of your maids or Impaz arrives, love’.

The idea of being caught in the act, especially by Impaz, ended to wake me up. I quickly slipped my nightie over my head and got up, heading straight to the mirror door.

‘You forget something, milady’. I was about to open the door, when a pair of knickers - mine- flashed in front of my eyes. ‘This ain’t the kind of loot I’m used to, but I can get a likin’ to it’.

‘Cheeky’. I snatched them out of his hand, my face incandescently red as an ember.

‘And this’, he turned me, and kissed me goodbye.

I crossed immediately to my chamber, put on my knickers, and dunked in my bed to do what I have not done in the last hours: think about what I have done.

The only thing I could conclude was: nothing, actually.

So, to avoid having an unnecessary breakdown, I decided to go with the natural flow of things, at least for this weekend.

I called for Impaz earlier than usual, since it was useless to stay in bed any longer. She obviously noticed my lack of sleep.

‘Something on that restless mind of yours, dearest?’, she asked, pouring down some tea for the both of us. ‘You know you can trust me’.

‘I… confessed my feelings to Link’. I sighed, and sipped my tea. ‘my love is certainly returned’.

‘That’s marvelous, dear child!’, she was rejoiced, ‘being loved is a beautiful thing, and by such a good man!’

‘I laid with him last night, also’.

‘And you think this old lady is dumb’.

My jaw dropped.

She remained silent for a moment and looked at me.

‘You have the rosy cheeks and glow only someone who has been thoroughly laid can have’. She sipped her tea. ‘You are a grown woman, and also the ruler of this country. No one should ever even dare to judge you for what you do with your personal life’.

Her reassurance made me feel better. I smiled widely.

‘That’s my girl’, she patted my hand. ‘Now I have to ask you, is your love the real thing?’

‘What do you mean?’, I enquired.

‘Love is not just the “happily ever after” feeling’, she cleared, ‘It’s a conscious commitment to accept a person just as they are. You have burdens and duties not everyone is ready to face, so does Link. Not all days will be a bed of roses, nor you will be able to be always together. You will see the best and worst of each other’. She paused. ‘Life will change both of you. In short, is he the one you want as your consort?’

I stayed thoughtful. Her words are really important. I know what I feel for him is real. I am quite sure his are real too. He has done a really good job with the Army so far, but does he have what it takes to be… my husband?

‘Absolutely’, I realized, ‘I need to talk to him about this; I think it is mandatory to tell him from the start what are the challenges he will have to face if he agrees to be proclaimed my betrothed, but I think we can discuss that matter later. For this weekend, at least, I want to take things slowly’.

I took a deep sigh after that statement.

‘Oh, my!’, Impaz laughed at me. 'You have been fully lovestruck, dearest!’

I just wanted to hide my blushed face.

'He is training now. Is it bad that I want to go to see him?’, I asked, feeling already somewhat ridiculous for even saying those words.

‘If you want to go, then go!’, Impaz cheered, ‘I’ll help you get dressed’.

With a not so elaborate, but warm dress, boots and cloak, I headed to the training grounds.

What I did not expect was to find Link surrounded by his trainees. The soldiers froze and immediately bowed as I approached their Commander. His eyes widened at every step closer.

‘Good morning, Lord Commander’, I greeted him, controlling myself to not turn red, ‘How do you fare this cold morning?’

‘Good morning, my Queen, I fare more than well today’. He grinned and made a small curtsy. Cheeky. 'What a lovely surprise to have you visit us’.

'I thought it might be interesting to spectate your work with the trainees’  - a huge stray from the actual truth - ‘since I saw you on the early days of the process’, I commented. 'To oversee your improvements is certainly a part of my job’.

Link’s smirk read “worst liar ever”.

‘The Queen has amazing marksmanship skills’, he noted, ‘I wondered if you could show all of us here’.

He handed me a bow and three arrows, which all struck center on the aims. The rookies were impressed - some people still have the impression I am some sort of frail creature.

‘I shall not interrupt you more’, I retired, Link accompanying me to the exit. ‘Have a good day’.

Out of sight, we could leave our charade.

‘I thought you trained alone today’, I explained, ‘It seems I was wrong’.

‘I did! They just started joinin’ me outta the blue’, he shrugged. ‘It’s been like that for a while’.

‘That is a consequence of good leadership, dear’. He blushed. ‘I just wanted to ask you to have lunch with me, and maybe, if the weather allows it, go out for a stroll’.

‘Like a date?’, he asked, looking flattered by my proposal. ‘I’ve never been on a date before’.

‘It is alright, I have never been to one either’.

As we smiled discreetly to each other, he kissed my hand and went back to his labor.

I rushed to my room, meeting Ashei on my way back. I just waved, and I could swear she greeted me “hey, Mysterious Lady Z” as she waved back.

I put on some lighter dress to be more comfortable - and pretty. I have never been vain, but I have been more worried about my outward appearance than before.

A cart with the food arrived some time before my guest, who came straight from the training grounds, apologizing for his apparent delay.

We ate in silence the sweet potato and pumpkin soup we had for lunch, stealing glances from each other, giggling when our eyes met, like silly kids with a crush on each other. It did not feel awkward, just as if we were sharing a little secret without words.

‘You like me’, he started, in a singsong voice, putting our empty plates aside on the cart, ‘you wanna marry me and have my babies’.

I felt myself flushing from my toes to my head. ‘What is your age, again?’

He chuckled, leaning on the table, resting his chin on his crossed forearms.

‘In all honesty, love, I do want the whole thing’, he admitted. ‘To wake up every day with you by my side, some kids, a bunch of pets, y’know, the real deal. I wanted to ask Auru ‘bout the whole “may I have permission to date you” protocol at the beginning of the next week’.

A warm feeling spread from my chest. 

‘Impaz asked me something on the same page this morning when I told her what happened between us’, I revealed him.

‘How much does she know?, Link’s eyes widened as he asked.

‘Everything’, I confessed, ‘I cannot lie to her!’

‘That’s why she told me “I was radiant” when I met her before I came here!’, he realized. ‘Darn, she’s sassier than Elder Nabooru!’

After a good laugh, I addressed the subject of the strange nickname Ashei called me when I passed by her. He told me a story about the trainees finding out Link loved someone during the training at Snowpeak, but not realizing this Mysterious Lady Z was actually me. I think more than one of them tied the knots correctly after my impromptu visit.

I find the nickname rather amusing. It is like the name of the heroine of an adventure novel.

The snowfall was quite intense during the afternoon, so we stayed talking by the fireplace, lying on the rug, asking each other things we did not know about each other.

'Cats or dogs?’, he started.

'Both, except for the lapdogs of the court ladies, they are scary… one bit me when I was little’, I disclosed. 'I know from a trusted source you are mainly a cat person’.

'True’, he chuckled, 'Next one. A funny childhood memory’.

'My father had a portrait of me made the day before I turned thirteen’, I narrated. 'I had to sit for the painter for hours while the girls of the court made funny faces’.

'Does that painting still exist?’, Link asked. 'I’d love to see your baby face’.

'It does! It is on the Royal Family Hall. We can go if you are curious’.

In some minutes, we were looking at the faces of the kings and queens of yore. Link’s attention was caught by the portrait of a very familiar face to me.

‘She’s the Princess of Destiny, the Zelda before me’, I explained to him.

‘Her eyes are so sad’, he observed.

‘It is said the portrait was painted around the time she was about to be crowned’, I added, ‘we both know the story, and how that ended’.

‘At least it’s gonna be a different story for us’. he held my hand. ‘C’mon, show me your painting’.

A couple of portraits later, after the one of my parents, was the one depicting my twelve-year-old self. Link observed it carefully, eyes wandering to the image of my parents from time to time.

‘You were so cute with your flower crown! Look at your lovely chubby cheeks!’, he commented, eyes still on the painting, ‘You look a lot like your mom, with the dark hair and fair skin. Your eyes are like your dad’s though’.

‘Thanks for the compliment’, I noted, ‘But being on the rounder side and a bookworm was not a good thing in the eyes of the court girls; some of them were quite mean. Fortunately, puberty was kind to me’.

Kind?’, he laughed. ‘You went from cutie pie to heavenly creature. Don’t kid me, woman. I’ve seen ya naked’.

‘Anyway’, I sighed, ‘we are going to commission my official portrait soon. I’ll have to sit still and stay pretty for some hours’.

'I wanna be there and do my job!’

'You want to pose with me as my champion?’

'Nope, Imma gonna tease you! Maybe I’ll give you smoldering looks’ - he gives me this ridiculous fake suave look- ‘until you turn like a red carnation in full bloom’.

I did not know if to kiss him, laugh, or throw him in the dungeon. Silly pumpkin.

'Don’t give me that look’, he pleaded, 'consider that I’ve pined for you for a long time, and now I have you all for myself, and I feel I can be as silly and cheeky as I want with you’.

You cannot fight those kinds of arguments, especially when he involuntarily makes puppy eyes.

After looking at some other paintings, we went back to my room. There was a cart with food and a note.


I told people you felt indisposed and didn’t want to be bothered until tomorrow noon.

It’s not the first time a sheikah has to cover for her liege, so don’t worry and have fun.



The message made me smile. I am so grateful for her.

‘We can do as we please for the rest of the day… and night’, I informed him.

Link’s eyes lit up at my words.

‘We can sleep together again! Or keep chatting in front of the fireplace ‘till we fall doze off!, he enthusiastically proposed.

‘As you wish’, I told him, ‘I am good with all of your ideas’.

‘Alright, then, love’, he huffed, ‘wait for me, I’ll go to my room and be back in fifteen’.

He dashed through the mirror door.

I took that time to undo and brush my hair, the loose braid making soft waves on the ends of my hair. As I untangled some strands, the mirror door suddenly opened, and Link - or what appeared to be him under a duvet and pillows - came out of it.

‘Put on your nightie, love’ he ordered, head popping underneath, ‘We’re making a pillow fort tonite!’

‘I have absolutely no idea of what that is’, I answered quite puzzled. ‘Care to explain?’

‘You have never made a pillow fort?’, Link was outraged at my statement. ‘What did you do as a kid?’

‘Study to prepare myself to be the Queen of this land’, I explained, ‘or as I like to describe it, the most non-traditional upbringing ever’.

‘Over-the-top uncommon, for sure, love’. He threw the bundle of bedding on the carpet. He was wearing pajamas already. ‘Go get changed, quick!’

I started taking off my dress behind a divider screen - he might know my body now, but struggling to take off a corset and petticoats on your own is quite… unromantic. Once free from restraints, I put on a lovely white nightdress with thin straps, and a matching robe. Not precisely the most cozy garment, but my intention was to look attractive. As I came closer, his face blushed more and more.

‘Holy Three, what did I do to deserve this?’, he gasped. ‘You look beautiful’.

I just chuckled at his compliment and looked away, then proceeding to build the pillow fort - which is basically camping on your own room, but fun. We brought food and all bundled up in front of the fireplace, we continued our little question game.

‘First kiss’, he started. ‘There is no way you are such a good kisser out of nowhere’.

‘I was sixteen’, I answered. ‘Milena, a girl from court, taught me’.

‘You kissed a girl?!’, he almost yelled.

‘It is a perfectly normal thing, alright?’, I explained him, ‘She was the only friend I had for a while’.

‘What happened to her?’, Link asked, ‘Just curious’.

‘She married, later died during childbirth’, I remembered with sorrow, ‘She was seventeen and a half; so young. Her baby survived though, which is a good thing, despite the grim outcome’.

Link shuddered. ‘I’m sorry’.

My father died soon after she did. It was not a good year at all. 

And then the Twilight came. Not good at all, absolutely.

‘Let us move on to happier matters’, I changed the subject. ‘Your first kiss’.


Now, I was surprised.

‘I told ya I was an innocent country bumpkin’, he said sheepishly, ‘You took my innocence’.

‘Cut it out, you silly pumpkin’  - I pushed him playfully - ‘do not act so childish, you are a grown man through and through!’

‘I don’t think of anyone more perfect than you for the purpose anyway’, he commented, ‘so I can’t complain’.

He rested his head on my lap, arms wrapped around my hips. His posture was positively feline, which elicited a small chuckle from me. I stroked his hair gently, and his eyelids slowly started to close.

‘I wish we could stay like this forever’, he snuggled against my lap, ‘I know we can’t, but we should do this often; I liked it’.

I just hummed affirmatively.

He mumbled something else, and fell swiftly asleep.

I should do the same probably, to enjoy our remaining hours together free of the hassle of formalities, reveling in being wrapped in his warm embrace.



P.S.: I have run out of pages on this notebook! This is perhaps the last entry on this one. It is certainly metaphorical.


A/N: Here’s the fluff! I’m sorry it’s a bit delayed. Enjoy it. And remember, a dose of smut is due on Sunday.


Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: This is part of mine and @buckyywiththegoodhair‘s Christmas Drabble Party. Request: Steve Rogers + Blizzard. Thank you to the lovely @httpbarnes for your wonderful request! I hope you like it!

Words: 1.1k+ (yeah, this one turned out longer than a drabble, oops.)

Warnings: Fluff and making out :):):)

Originally posted by ncoleys

Steve and you were stranded in Stark Tower. You’d booked your flights way too close to Christmas and now you were stuck in a blizzard, all flights cancelled until after Christmas. 

You sighed. You should’ve listened to Wanda and booked your flights well before Christmas, like the rest of the team had done. You were just dreading going back home and having to deal with your mom getting on your case about what you’ve chosen to do with your life. She was not a fan of the whole Avengers thing. So, you’d booked your flight for Christmas Eve. But now, the weather was so severe there was no way you were getting home in time for Christmas. Even though you’d been dreading spending so much time with your mom, you still missed her. And your dad. And your brother. You’d never spent Christmas away from them before.

You decided to venture out of your room and look for Steve. Steve had no place else to go, and when Sam had invited him to spend Christmas with him and his family, he’d politely declined. Insisting that he just wanted to spend Christmas in New York again.

At least you weren’t completely alone. But it was funny, really. Out of all the Avengers you could have been stuck with during a blizzard, it had to be Steve. The man couldn’t stand you. It hadn’t always been like that. Things were good, amazing even, with him in the beginning. You’d found comfort in his baby blue eyes. The two of you had been close. Which is why it hurt so much when he’d become so cold to you all of a sudden. 

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Can I Trust You On This? | {Theo Raeken Imagine}

Can I Trust You On This? | Theo Raeken x Reader

Part 2 to “Why Do You Hate Me So Much?”

  Part 1


Song Suggestion:

Wiggle Onderkoffer Remix by Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg

A/N: I had no idea where to go with this or how to end it so I literally just went with what came to mind.


You walk back to the field,

Your mind still replaying the previous events.

The way his soft lips pressed against yours,

The warmth of his hand cupping your cheek keeping your body close to his,

The way your lips fit in each others so perfectly and moved in such sync.

You yearned for his touch, you needed to feel his body against yours again.

Your thoughts were cut by the sound of a whistle blowing your way.

“Y/L/N, We don’t have all day!” Your coach yelled your way, causing you to smirk and jog your way back to the match.

The coach blows the whistle again and you start running towards the ball and quickly stealing it and running towards to goal,

You spot Malia near the goal free for the ball and quickly kick the ball towards her,

She kicks it towards the goal and scores.

You run up to her as you two share a fist bump for the wonderful team work you two put in.

You two stand next to each other still slightly out of breath before she turns to you with a slightly confused look on her face.


“Yeah” You turn to her.

“Where were you before?”

“I was at the locker room freshening up.”

You could tell she could sense your heart rate speeding up and she probably caught Theos scent all over you.

“You’re reeking of Theo.”

“Shh.” You sush her to keep quiet.

“Don’t you hate him?”

“I do, But you can’t tell about this to anyone. Especially Scott and the pack.”

“Sure.” She gave you a small smile before you two turn back to finish the game.


You step out the locker room to be greeted by Theo and his famous smirk.

You roll your eyes and keep walking only to find him walking next to you.

“What do you want Raeken?” You asked slightly annoyed.

“Its not what I want Princess, Its what you do.

We both know that you don’t hate me.”

“First of all we’re not talking about this or what happened, or at least not here.

And second of all I don’t want you so please just leave me alone.”

“Your heartbeat says other wise Princess, You know they’re going to find out one way or another.” He smirked at you.

You pull him down to you by his collar.

“Listen up Raeken, You better keep quiet about this.

If the pack finds out they won’t trust me anymore and I could lose them so I suggest you keep your mouth shut.”

“Babygirl I don’t need to say anything, You reek of my scent.” He said with a smirk plastered on his lips.

You bit the inside of your cheek as your eyes flickered from his crystal blue eyes to his soft smooth lips then back to his eyes,

To be honest all you wanted to do at that moment was to feel his lips pressing against yours but you weren’t going to let him win.

You let go of the fabric in your hand as you watched him straighten up before you.

“Just don’t say anything.”

“As you wish Babygirl.” He smirked before you turned your way to your last class of the day.

You were more than willing to finally have this day over with.


After probably the longest 45 minutes of your life your school day was finally over and you couldn’t wait to get out of this place.

As you were about to leave you were stopped by your favourite not-so-redhead.

“Hey Lyds.” You greeted her.

“Hey, You coming to see the lacrosse practice?”

“To be honest I’m dying to just go home already.”

“You do remember we have a pack meeting right afterwards right?”

“Shit, I forgot about that.

Fine.” You smiled at her as you both went on your way to the field.

You two go up to the bleachers to find both Malia and Theo already waiting for you there.

“You know what Lydia I really do need to go, I’ll meet you later.”

“Wha-“ Her sentence was cut off by you quickly turning your way back to the entrance.

You couldn’t bear to be around Theo,

He knew exactly what buttons to push and you were not going to let that happen, especially around the pack.

As you reached the bottom of the bleachers you were stopped in your tracks when you felt someone grab your wrist firmly turning you to face him.

You turn to find yet again Theo but this time missing his smirk.

“Let go of me.” You said trying to free your wrist from his tight grip without success.

“We need to talk about this, about us Babygirl cause you can’t keep acting like there’s nothing between us.”

“There is no us Theo, And there won’t be anything so please let me go.” you said as the your eyes started tearing up and the lump in your throat grew bigger.

“But what if I don’t want to.”

You looked up at him slightly confused.

“W-What do you mean?”

“What if I don’t want to let you go, What if I want something to happen between us.”

You continued to look at him, you were caught off guard and didn’t know what to say.

You couldn’t believe that Theo was the one behind these words.

“Look, When I kissed you today, I felt something and I know you did too so why do keep ignoring it? Why do you keep up this stupid act when you clearly know that we both feel the same way.”

“Because i’m scared okay? I’m not used to having these feelings.

Everytime I felt like this towards someone it would always end up with me having my heart crushed.

Thats why I put up this stupid act because I’m falling head over heals for the guy that in a matter of minutes could crush me.”

“I just don’t want to get hurt again, I don’t want to feel this way, I don’t want to feel this way towards you.” You said with tears in your eyes.

You could tell he was hurt from your words, He loosened the grip from your wrist as you pulled you arm back and started walking towards the parking lot.

You walked only a couple feet until you feel something in the pit of your stomach,

Something is telling you to turn back,

Something is telling you to fix this,

Something is telling you to make it happen.

You turn back to see Theo still standing there, His back facing you.

“Raeken.” You yell as you walk closer to him, He turns to face you.

You walk closer to him, Your bodies only inches apart.

“Do want to make this work?” You ask him, your heart racing in your chest.

“I do Babygirl.”

Can I trust you on this?

“Babygirl, I don’t know who fucked you up before this but I won’t be like them, I feel something I can’t explain towards you and I won’t hurt you like they did.”

You sighed as you still tried to make up your mind.

“I know this isn’t easy and it may seem scary but we both know we have something between us and I’m willing to make us work, all you have to do is trust me.“

“I do, I trust you.” You smiled at him.

He brought up his hand to your cheek storing in softly,

Just the touch of his skin against yours was enough to get your heart racing and send shivers down your spine.

You missed his tough, How it made you feel.

You looked into his crystal blue eyes in pure adoration, As much as he made your heart race and your cheeks turn red he calmed you, his touch was soothing.

Looking into your eyes he pulled you slowly towards him, his lips ghosting over yours.

You could feel his warm breath creep upon your lips.

You felt his soft lips press gently against yours,

Your kiss was slow and gentle,

Your lips moving in sync,

Your lips fit with his as if they were made for each other.

Your lips pulled apart as you rested you head against his chest near the crook of his neck as he held you tightly into his embrace.

No matter what The Pack thought of him you felt safe in his arms,

You knew you made the right choice.

                                  Keith Powers  - Wonderland.

Talking Man Crush Monday and more.

“I was not even thinking about acting,” says the model turned actor, Keith Powers in response to a question about his initial interest in the craft.

You may have received your formal introduction to Powers in the wildly successful 2015 biopic, Straight Outta Compton, in which he played Dr. Dre’s younger brother Tyree Clayton, or as Ronnie DeVoe in the 2017 miniseries, The New Edition Story. Easily becoming Hollywood’s new ‘IT’ guy, thanks in no small part to an impressive line-up of film and TV roles, in his current show, the Bella Thorne boasting Famous in Love—which comes from I. Marlene King, executive producer/co-showrunner of that other not-so-obscure teen series, Pretty Little Liars—he plays young actor and in-house bad boy, Jordan Wilder.

Eager to hear about the life of a star on the rise, we grabbed five with Keith to learn more about the journey to success.

So first off, how did you get into acting?

I got into acting simply through being signed as a model; it gave me the necessary tools to make that step. I remember, I was not even thinking about acting.I had this agent who would always ask me, “what do you want to do? What’s your end gain?” I’m like’ I really don’t know’, but I always thought TV personality would be interesting. I liked seeing hosts and stuff like that.

She recommended me to an agency for commercial talent and I got signed. The agency then happened to become theatrical, so I signed to the theatrical department and took a step back to think if I’m really going to do this, I have to study. I read a few books, I went from class to class and after I booked my first film, House Party: Tonight’s the Night, I literally fell in love. I caught the bug and it was over.

Let’s talk Famous in Love, what attracted you to the role of Jordan?

What I liked about Jordan was that they had already told us, kind of early on, that he would be dealing with a lot as a character. So I felt like if I’m going to be on the show – that has the potential to be on for years – I want to be a complex character; I want to be able to show my talent and range in a character.

And did you find it easy to relate?

I relate to his desires in the sense that when he wants something and tries to make something happen, something bad always pops up. No matter how good he’s doing, something will happen but he always finds a way to get it done. That makes him so much more of a human and I can relate to that. We all make mistakes, or something will happen, and we have to bounce back from it.

You’ve been privy to some super varied roles, from Straight Outta Compton to The New Edition Story and Famous in Love.

Every role is so different and it’s all about research. I didn’t know much about Tyree. Nobody did; it was a dope character to introduce to the world. That was different than playing Ronnie DeVoe in New Edition because people know who Ronnie DeVoe is. You’re not introducing somebody; you have to amplify that character on screen for people to fall back in love with that person. I had to really ask Dr. Dre what was his brother like. I had to bring the little brother to the screen so that people could feel that and when he passed it really hurt. For New Edition so much went into preparing for that; from dance rehearsals to coaching.

Going into Jordan, I felt so free. The preparation was more fun in the sense that I get to create the character for everyone else. I get to come up with what I want him to be in my head, given the guidelines from the writers.

So your roles have undoubtedly led you to the Man Crush Monday title. Is that a bit weird?

Haha, I think that when you’re put in a position like that it’s easy to get big headed and really just think about yourself, to be like, ‘I’m hot and I love everything that I do,’ but for me, I’ve tried to appreciate the fact that when women appreciate my acting, it means something. I’ve always believed that women are the tastemakers for everything. They devote their time and emotion into everything they like. So the fact that I can be a Man Crush Monday – and then a woman tells me she really loved my work in something – it’s a big deal of responsibility. With the position I’m in, I want to lead by example.

Who are your acting influences?

I have so many. I would honestly have to say, of course, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx. Then there’s Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep…I have so many influences. I look up to and identify with the people who made me fall in love.

You’ve mentioned your modelling. How does being in front of the camera compare to walking the runway?

You just have to sell to the audience. A camera is right on you so the audience can always depict when you’re not being truthful. Acting lives in truth, whereas being on the runway, there’s more emotion and fierceness.

Cool. So what’s next for Keith Powers?

I feel like I’m still so much on the come up and I still have so far to go. What’s next? I don’t even know. I want to be doing a bunch of movies. I have a movie coming out called Reality High on Netflix this summer. I’m on a show called Tales; a rap series by Gotti on BET. So I have some little things dropping but there’s so much I want to do. I want to be in different movies and play different characters and at the same time, I want to be on your TV every week with Famous in Love. I just want people to fall in love with my characters and really grow with them.


Title: Confession

Characters: Reader x Renjun (ft. Jeno)

A/N: These are just too fun to write! This is also the longest scenario I’ve written :)

 "Y/N please just confess,“ I was used to Jeno badgering me about this, but never this much in one day. I’ve literally heard this sentence 9 times today and it was starting to get on my nerves just a little bit.

 “Why’re you on my case so much today Jeno?” I snapped at him. I felt bad for being so irritable with him, but I’m honestly too shy to confess and he knew that.  

 "For months you’ve had a crush on him, why don’t you just suck it up and make a move?“ He seemed concerned about the ordeal in general. There had to be a reason why this blew up so bad today.

 "If he likes me as much as you say he does, why doesn’t he?” I rolled my eyes. Everything seemed to be put on my shoulder in this situation, I also didn’t want to sacrifice this friendship is this doof is lying to me.

 "Oh, trust me. He gets the same treatment.“ Jeno laughed and took out his now consistently vibrating phone. “Speak of the devil,” He smirked and showed me the most recent text. ‘I think I’m finally ready to confess to Y/N.’

 I stared in disbelief at the screen. “Y-You weren’t kidding?” This whole time I just thought it would be a running gag between him and Jeno. I mean, even when we were little Jeno would play stupid games with me like this so I had my reasons.

 “I’m disappointed that you would think I’d do something like that to you,” Jeno scoffed. “He said he’s on his way here, I guess I’ll make an excuse to leave when he shows up,”  My face immediately lit up. The next ten minutes were spent calming me down and making sure I was ready for everything.

 “Jeeeno, I forgot my keys.” Renjun shouted from the other side of the door. My breath sharpened and Jeno spared one last look over at me and smiled warmly.

  He grabbed his bag and opened the door, “Just in time to entertain Y/N why I run something over to Donghyuck real quick,” Renjun mouthed something that I couldn’t make out, but his laugh made me realize it wasn’t anything bad.

 "Hey Y/N. How have you been?“ He set his bag down and began rummaging through it as he spoke. 

 "Hi Renjun, I’ve been doing fine, just soo ready to finish this semester. How are you?” I fumbled around with my fingers and looked around the dorm.

 “I’ve been doing just fine,” He stopped going through his bag but whatever he found in there stayed hidden behind it. “I know this is kind of sudden and I don’t know if you’d ever feel the same, but Y/N I really like you.” He pulled out a cute little flower, just like the one he gave me when we first met.

 "Huang Renjun, You have no clue how long I’ve been waiting for this moment,“ I smiled, I could feel my cheeks heating up and I could see his were too.

 “Does this mean, you would be my girlfriend?” He sounded nervous, but tried to be loud to sound confident.

 "Yes, it does.“ We both giggled and he put the flower in my hair. Jeno took this as the best minute to walk through the door. He looked around with a stupid grin on his face and then left to his room.