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I really hate the white feminism in fandom. it makes it such an unsafe place for those of us who are minorities. like…everyday people i respect regularly disappoint me. 

Like…we get it…y’all like Octanakin, but please stop trying to call out WOC or really anyone, who has chosen to rally behind the POC on this show. POC are not obligated to defend your white favs for the sake of “allyship” or “feminism” and the fact that you feel as if you should be allowed to condemn those of us who don’t as subpar feminist really just goes to show how not intersectional your feminism is. 

Most of the people who dislike Octanakin don’t have a problem with her because she’s a woman who’s violent. In fact, I know a TON of people who liked her a lot (or were at least rooting for her) up until she beat her brother. 

The problem is she’s consistently shown as a white women who uses her position of power over the POC in her life (Lincoln, Bellamy, Indra, probably Ilian soon) to manipulate and control them. 

The problem is that she appropriates cultural left and right and a lot of people in this fandom use her as a self insert to explain why what they do, or thoughts they’ve had aren’t cultural appropriation (i.e. “I never felt like I belonged in my home/family/environment, which is why I decided to adopt xyz tradition, just like Octanakin!”) Pro Tip: not feeling like you belong does not and will never give you the right to just….join a culture. 

It’s the fact that this fandom is always “Go Octanakin!!! Girl Power!!!!” whenever she does something “badass” like needlessly and ruthlessly killing people because “she didn’t have another choice”, but shit on MOC (i.e. Bellamy, Jaha, Pike) for making hard decisions that might hurt people, because they actually didn’t have a choice or were following the letter of the law. 

Its the fact that this fandom can’t understand that people aren’t critical of Octanakin because she killed the Ambassador (although this is a ridiculous plot hole in my opinion-if Ilian knew that Octavia murdered Rafael you can bet your ass that everyone else knew and it’s qwhite interesting that Octanakin isn’t brought up to serve death by 1000 cuts for her actual assassination-when Raven was actually tied up to a tree for her sentence when they had little to no evidence of an ATTEMPTED assasination-but I digress.) we’re critical of her because she has no moral dilemma with doing so. Since she killed Pike’s guard Octanakin has not shown one hint that she is struggling with the weight of having to murder people occasionally for the greater good, she is killing because she LIKES it, and that’s the problem. 

Not liking Octanakin doesn’t make you a bad feminist. It doesn’t make you an internalized misogynist. It just means that your world view on her situation is heavily and directly influenced by your real life experiences and that’s OK, and honestly fuck all the white feminists in this fandom who are trying to make us feel otherwise. 

Release the Beast

This fic is for @almondblossomme who inspired me! I hoped that Oliver would confront Felicity when she got back from her blackmail excursion and we talked about Oliver becoming so upset that he would “release the beast.” Sadly, that didn’t happen so I had to write it!

Also post at AO3

Oliver paced. Where was she?

When he and John arrived back at their makeshift Russian lair from meeting with Anatoly to find Dinah alone, he was surprised. She said Felicity, Curtis and Rory had gone out to take care of some business.

What kind of business could they have? Oliver did not trust this. Something was going on with Felicity and now she disappeared in RUSSIA?

He tried to take a few deep breathes. He didn’t actually know anything was wrong. Maybe she went out to get some mint chocolate chip ice cream - he remembered how sometimes she considered that to be a necessity and if she was working hard to find Col Walker, maybe she just needed food…

No. He knew in his gut she was up to something. At least she took Curtis and Rory with her.


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3, 17, 24, 41 and 45 with Thor :)

3. I came to kick ass and chew gum, and I’m all out of gum. | 17. After we beat up some thugs, how about dinner? | 24. Can you at least pretend to take this seriously? | 41. When did you get so badass? | 45. Was that… sarcasm? Prompt idea list here

Feat. Sulking Loki lol

You and Thor were sent by Odin himself to retrieve a stolen golden chalice. Of course upon hearing this, Loki wanted in on the action, too. So the three of you set off to find the thief’s house together.

“Anybody have any gum?” you asked casually as you made your way down the road. “I want to say something cool when we show up like, ‘I came to kick ass and chew gum, and I’m all out of gum’, and kick down the door.”

Thor chuckled. “Since when did you get so badass, (y/n)?”

You shrugged, “I don’t know. I’m just in a good mood today.”

To your left, Loki sulked. “That makes one of us,” he muttered.

“Hey, you volunteered to come along,” you reminded him. “Thor and I could’ve handled this on our own.” You stuck out your hand, not taking your eyes off of Loki, and Thor gave you a perfect high-five. That’s how well coordinated the two of you were.

Loki remained unimpressed. “I only came because the chalice means something to dear Father,” he said. “Not because I felt like sticking around the two of you.”

You and Thor glanced at each other. Without saying any words, you both made a silent agreement: ignore Loki’s Debby Downer mood.

Thor patted his pockets. “Unfortunately I do not have any gum on me,” he said. He pulled out a piece of paper instead. “… But I found a coupon to The Yggdrasil Outdoor Cafe!”

You grinned. “Great! I’m hungry already. After we beat up some thugs, how about dinner?

Loki rolled his eyes and interrupted. “Seriously, you two? Can you at least pretend to take this seriously?

You raised an eyebrow. “The god of mischief chiding us for having fun?” You gasped dramatically. “Well I never! I forgot you were a boring old rag.”

Thor laughed at your joke, but Loki just stared blankly at you. “Was that… sarcasm?

“Duh!” you said. “Now, c’mon guys, Odin’s counting on us!”

My thoughts on Raj’s characterisation in Parabatai Lost and why it bothers me

I know that people have already talked about this, but I wanted to write about what I thought. To begin with, the writing was inconsistent. In the past, Raj has been written as a character who is just doing his job and following orders as a shadowhunter. Even in this episode, his characterisation started out that way, with him appearing sympathetic to the Lightwoods and Magnus. He says something along the lines of, “Hey man, I feel you, but you have to go since it’s not working.” This is polite and conveys that Raj is sympathetic but has to follow orders. Then, Magnus says that his magic is working by preventing Alec from becoming worse. After this exchange, why would anyone just say “I know you’re old, but I didn’t think you had hearing problems.” In addition, I assume he lives in the Institute (or at least is aware of the happenings since he’s been here from Season 1). So, he must be aware of Magnus and Alec’s relationship. Magnus has also come to the Institute before to help them with wards and stuff. So there was no reason for Raj to be so vindictive in his reply. It would have made more sense to have Raj instead say something like, “Even so, I have my orders, I need to tell Aldertree,” and then try to leave to get Aldertree, which could be enough for Magnus to get upset given his existing frustration and grief. We already saw him fling a pot across the room and close the door in Jocelyn’s face, so it’s not too much of a stretch that he would retaliate.

Second, some of this was unnecessary. In particular, I’m talking about the ‘Shut up, Raj’ and about throwing him across the room into a wall. We see other characters who are just doing their job as members of the Clave, and yet they don’t receive the same treatment that Raj did. For instance, I don’t recall anyone being so rude to Lydia when she was doing her job in Season 1 (Plus, there was no such reaction on Twitter, with people tweeting ‘Shut up, Lydia’ or any of the other things that happened after this episode). Similarly, slamming Raj against the wall felt like a bit too much. @highwarlockkareena was talking about how the writers probably wanted to show this as a badass!Magnus scene. I would add that maybe they needed Raj to be unconscious so that they could sneak Alec out. Both of these could have been achieved without doing what they did. Izzy could have stepped in just as Magnus was about to attack Raj and stopped him, and Magnus could have used a sleeping spell or something similar to knock Raj out. Throwing him across the room just makes it seem as if Raj was a bigger ‘villain’ who needed or deserved to be treated that way. Also, we’ve never seen Magnus get that violent with someone who didn’t physically attack him first. So what was the need to do that here?

Third, there’s the issue of the fandom’s reactions. Apart from any racial biases, part of the problem also lies in the fact that we see so little of Raj to begin with. Raj isn’t a properly fleshed out character, he’s just used in places where they need another shadowhunter from the Institute to contrast with the behaviour of the Lightwoods and Clary.  He’s only ever written in scenes where it seems as if he’s being an ‘antagonist’ to the main characters. It’s unfair to start hating him for doing the same things that other characters do. The difference is that we see more of the other characters, so people don’t have just these one or two scenes on which to base their judgement. Like with Lydia, we see her putting Izzy on trial, going after Meliorn, etc., but they also show her being supportive of Alec and Magnus at the wedding, dropping the case against Izzy, etc. Same goes for Jocelyn. She tries to shoot Jace, she locks up Clary, lies to Clary and Luke, and yet people can see that her character is not ‘evil’ or ‘bad’, but more complex than that. 

In all of this, I don’t mean to say that Raj should be promoted to a main character, or that he needs to be included in more scenes or anything (though that would be nice). However, the fact remains that he is the only representation for many fans of the show. Yes, this show has done well in terms of POC representation (with a few exceptions), but the term POC literally covers most of the world. Therefore, even though there is POC representation, many of us are more protective of Raj since he represents us in particular, and there isn’t that much (good) representation of Indian and/or desi characters anywhere else either. When this interacts with everything I mentioned above, of course desi fans are going be upset and we have every right to be! 

3 in the morning (Peggy Carter x Fem!Reader)

Anonymous requested:

Can you do Peggy Carter x fem!reader, something angsty?

  • Words:  1.713
  • Pairing: Peggy Carter x Fem!Reader
  • Warnings: Angst.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/F/C) is your favorite color, (Y/L/N) is your last name.

Originally posted by jmma-simmons

It was around 3 in the morning and you were sleeping in the king size bed in your bedroom. Well, you were not asleep anymore and you were missing something. Well, somebody. You touched the spot beside you with the false hope of finding her to your side. But she wasn’t. For like the hundredth night in a row, Peggy wasn’t there.
“Peggy?” You mumbled, trying to turn around in your own bed “Peggy?” You sighed and freed your body from the covers.
Still sleepy, you put on your fluffy slippers and walking towards the wardrobe you grabbed your silky (Y/F/C) nightgown hung up on the door of you’re the piece of furniture and wrapped yourself with it. The night was still warm so it was hard to focus on staying awake. You called her name again but she wasn’t answering. Perhaps she wasn’t even there.
You kept walking towards the improvised living room (well, you couldn’t ask for much more after having and demanding for a king size bed on a military base) and she wasn’t there either. ‘For the love of God, Peggy. Where are you?’ You thought to yourself.
Walking through the door of your “house” (if you could even refer to it as that) in your nightgown you saw the amused faces of the cadets who were still awake and probably taking watches.
“What? How long since you haven’t seen a woman?” You asked them and they ran away from you “Ugh, boys” You muttered quietly and rolled your eyes. “Peggy, where are you…”
You kept walking through the military base and some of the older men, those you knew you waved their hands at you. You replied politely and kept walking to a small bunker with the S.H.I.E.L.D logo outside it. You opened the door and finally found Peggy fast asleep, surrounded by files, files and more files. You taped her shoulder to wake her up and saw her immaculately pale skin ruined by two dark bags under her hazelnut eyes.
“What time is it?” She babbled, clearly not awake yet.
“3 in the morning” You answered “Bed. Now”
“N-No. I have to. Finish. Paperwork” She mumbled incoherently “Lots of work”
“Peggy” You grabbed her arms and pulled it to make her stand up “Peggy let’s go. You’ll finish this paperwork tomorrow”
She walked literally sleeping, with you dragging her around the base. You didn’t even bother on hanging her clothes or removing her make up. This was the best punishment you could come up with for her behavior these last couple days.
You didn’t remember how, when or why you agreed to live with her in the base. Things had gotten more complicated between you two since your arrival. Peggy was the type of person who worked until very late in the nights, and sometimes she could stay up the whole night doing paperwork, and trying to get a clue of where Steve could be. She did everything to save everybody but your relationship.
The next morning, she woke up with clumps of mascara on the area of her eyes and her hair was evidently ruined as well. Her voice was husky when she said hello and what it seemed to be an apology.
“(Y/N) please don’t be mad at me” She begged but she couldn’t get a word from you, not even a hello that morning “Oh, the silent treatment?”
“Why would I do that?” You asked her “It’s not like you’d stop taking care of everything else but us” You shrugged.
“Don’t say that…”
“Look” You showed her a toast “You are this toast” You started putting butter, jelly and whatever you could find in the breakfast table “This is how you live. With tons of different things on your shoulders” You left the uneatable toast on the plate next to your coffee. You wiped your hand with a paper towel and went back to sip your drink.
“Well, somebody has to get things done in here” She replied
“Margaret, there are hundreds of people in this place” Using her name was something that bugged her to death “You are not a one woman army” You sipped again.
“What did you call me?” Her eyes opened wide with an irritated expression. It meant victory for you.
“Margaret. I called you Margaret because Margaret is your name” you tried to repeat her name as many times as possible just to play with her a little more “Now, if you excuse me” You said standing up and leaving your dirty dishes on the sink “I’ll have some more sleep because somebody indirectly woke me up at three in the morning and I had to go look for her in my nightgown while cadets looked at me as if I was the first girl they saw in ages.” You walked by her and threw yourself into the bed.
You didn’t want to see her. That was the truth. You were tired of being the last thing on her list. She was always your first and you tried to show her that with little details through the day. You packed her something lunch whenever you two couldn’t eat together or you had for her whatever thing she needed. Everything she needed, you were there to provide it, but she couldn’t make a little effort to be with you.
The next three nights you went to find her in the same conditions. Asleep among files with her make up ruined and still on that olive uniform in which she looked so pretty. On the fourth night, when you woke up at the regular hour (3 am) and after noticing that Peggy wasn’t there again, you decided to keep sleeping. ‘This is not worth it’ you bitterly thought to yourself as tears rolled down your eyes. On the fifth night you decided you had had enough. Since Peggy was still on that blessed bunker she could start calling her bedroom, you decided to start packing your bags. No more military bases, no more men in uniforms, no more files, no more S.H.I.E.L.D and definitely, no more Peggy Carter.
You shoved your dresses, blouses, pants, skirts, shoes, necessities and more into two old, mahogany colored suitcases with your initials sewed in golden threads. They felt so light even though you hadn’t organized it correctly. There was no time for such a banality as folding clothing that would be wrinkled anyway. Earlier that day, you asked a cadet to be at 8 pm sharp on your door with a car outside it and when the time came, there he was, all uniformed and with the car waiting for you. ‘Military efficiency’ you thought with a small giggle. A sad one of course.
“Please, put my luggage in the car and wait for me. I will tell you later where we’re going” You ordered. Peggy had helped you to make your voice be listened here “I’ll be back in a few minutes. Just wait for me”
“Yes Mrs. (Y/L/N)” His body got stiff as he said your name.
You walked one last time to the bunker you hated so much, to find Peggy and some other agents of the newly born agency of security S.H.I.E.L.D; you saw only one known face there apart from hers. Howard Stark was also there and he was the first one to greet you.
“Peggy” Your voice sounded loud and clear “Can I talk to you in private?”
“It is compulsory?” She asked “I’m a little busy”
“As usual” You rolled your eyes “I’m just here to announce that I’ll be leaving”
“Are you going to the town?”
“No” You replied coldly “I’m leaving forever”
“Gentlemen” She said just as if something inside her made click “can you leave me alone with Mrs. (Y/L/N) please?” She kindly asked the men who left immediately “Now, what were you saying?” She asked while turning around to face you.
“Peggy I’m done with this”
“What are you talking about?”
“Waking up at 3 in the morning every morning just to go look for you. Seeing how little effort you put into this relationship… I understand that we shouldn’t be smooching all the time and I respect that, but I also feel like you haven’t respected me at all” You explained “I moved here with you for one reason, and that is you”
“But I can leave the papers to others” She tried to offer “Just don’t leave…”
“No” You shook your head. You were amazed at how well you were dealing with the situation. Your voice was not cracking and your eyes had no tears. You were acting like a complete badass and you felt like embracing it for a little longer “I don’t want you to promise me something you won’t keep”
“Nothing Peggy” You cut her off “I love you but this is just enough”
“This can’t be it…” Her voice was now cracking and you saw how tears filled her beautiful eyes “There’s got to be a way…”
“You can meet me when you set your priorities” You pursed your lips; your heart was beating fast and her reaction was making your façade of toughness fall apart “When I am your priority”
“You are!”
“I wouldn’t have known” You stepped closer to her and held her between your arms; resting your head on her shoulder you finally let some tears out “I’m gonna miss you so much Peggy” You whispered to her ear.
“Then don’t leave” She begged, also crying in your chest.
“I need to. We need to be apart from the other for a while” You said stroking her perfectly done hair.
“We don’t… I need you here” You smiled and kissed her forehead “Please don’t leave (Y/N)…”
You let go of her and walked towards the door again where the cadet was waiting for you in the car. You muttered him to go to the nearest train station he could find and that he waited for you until you got into the train. He accepted and when you left he gave you a hug and said his best wishes for you.
“I hope things get better with agent Carter, Mrs. (Y/L/N)”
“So do I, soldier… So do I” You sighed before stepping on the train.


hey guys remember when we thought Luffy’s parents weren’t important or when we thought The Sun tattoo was just a tattoo Arlong’s crew had?

Remember the good old days when Asce was just a hilarious “typo” on Ace’s arm with no greater meaning? When Luffy’s hat was ‘just’ Shank’s hat?

Remember when Shanks was “just scary” enough to make the lord of the coast swim away in fear? (haki in chapter 1 guys, amazing.)

Remember all the times we were being set up for twists without knowing it?

I just felt like making a list of a few “Small” things that might be something huge and plot twisty, but are most likely nothing. (Not including things at are def going to be a thing like Pluton, Vegapunk, void century or Raftel.) A crazy theory post.

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legends of tomorrow, the 100, & friends for that tv show meme!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Nah | haven’t seen yet | didn’t like/gave up | like it | love it | highly recommend.

a reason why: Season 1 was heavily a matter of me getting into it, but season 2 is something i loved - this show often makes poignant statements about social justice and stars a bisexual badass female, what more could you ask for? [apart from them to bring back Leonard!]

The 100

Nah | haven’t seen yet | didn’t like/gave up | like it | love it | highly recommend.

a reason why: After Lexa died, I actually stuck with it for like, 2 more episodes, but the quality just rocketed down, their killing of Lincoln in that unnecessarily graphic way that felt more like payback to the actor, the fact they only ever killed the POC characters  or characters in minorities, the abusive relationship between Bellamy and Octagon (Bell deserves better) and lastly, the fandom wars which got on my nerves!


Nah | haven’t seen yet | didn’t like/gave up | like it | love it | highly recommend.

a reason why: The one show you can always go to if you’re sad and laugh no matter how many times you watched it before!

send me a tv series or movie!

Things I like about Shadowhunters better than the books:

- Izzy and Clary. There’s none of that ridiculous female animosity in the show that made me dislike Clary in the books. Seriously, Izzy is a badass but she’s a sweetheart as long as you’re not hurting her brother(s) or are a demon.

- Actual attention being paid to character that are not Jace or Clary. Up until City of Glass I always felt like the other characters never got the attention they deserved. Maybe that’s just because I’m a Malec shipper?

-I like Luke as the police detective, it makes a lot more sense for a man with such a conscience - and the guilt from the Circle - to be doing something that would help people rather than just running a dingy bookshop for nearly two decades.

- Alec isn’t violent. Okay, he is if you’re something that goes bump in the night, but not to people unless he has good reason. But in the books I was always slightly perturbed by the scene where he slams Clary into the wall. For one reason other than “the fuck dude?!”: Alec in every other situation that doesn’t involve demons or otherwise clear enemies is shown to choose a less physical approach to conflict. The “Middle School” comeback is far more appropriate to the character than slamming her into anything. At least that’s my opinion.

- Magnus giving Izzy the necklace with the comment about how Alec would look silly wearing it. Which I laugh about quite a bit because you know he gave it to Will without a care in the world about how silly he’d look wearing a woman’s necklace.

- Mention of Tessa!!!!!!!! (I know it was only one line and I shouldn’t be so happy about it but I am.) I’d very much like to see Brother Zachariah show up at some point too.

- Izzy’s self-possession and confidence is great. I actually adore that she’s confident enough in herself and her body to dress the way she does. Plus her outfits are great and I will personally fight anyone who tries to slut shame her.

I’m sure I’ll make another one of these before this season is over. Cheers ya’ll!

Man, I didn’t even read the text underneath the panel depicting Vriska’s giant spiderhellspawn of a lusus yesterday, I just x'ed the hell out of that tab as quickly as I could (´-﹏-`;)

See, look at this. She’s fine. Fine and huge and hungry as ever. 

You… guess you’re relieved? Yes, of course. Whew! Why wouldn’t you be. It would be devastating if anything happened to your dear sweet custodian.

What a shitty situation to be in???

Like, either she openly hopes that somebody will just finally off the damn thing for good and hates herself for it cause, man, she probably DOES still feel attached to her in some way, and lusus (that’s the correct latin plural dammit, i refuse to say “lususes”) are the closest thing trolls have to a parental figure, you don’t wish death on your own mother 
OR she refuses to acknowledge those incredibly understandable and reasonable feelings and instead pretends that everything is just fine, she loves that big ol’ grotesquery very much and would HATE it if she ever got hurt, which leads to Vriska letting her life be dictated and ruined by her

sad about predictably fucked up monster-child relationships: the blog

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Post-Trespasser Lavellan WIP

I started this months ago after I finished Trespasser and pretty much abandoned it. Figured I want to finish this before I start on any other pieces.

So I have this stupid idea stuck in my mind… Undoubtedly Dagna would end up trying to create the most insane and functional prosthetic arm for Lavellan. In case of my Etain - she was a storm mage/knight enchanter - i keep picturing something crazy like a veil quartz arm that moves eerily well for a prosthetic because I dunno - lyrium, the veil is gone, etc. It’ll have details like lyrium like veins and arteries maybe? It also produces electricity damage - SHOULD look pretty badass.  

However, as soon as I started drawing it I felt like it’s actually more comical than anything. She looks like she’s wearing a goofy glove or something. It’s a sloppy draft (granted I’m not good at drawing limbs from gemstone like material) but I don’t think I even want to put more effort into making it look realistic and instead I’ll just redo it as normal skin toned prosthetic or no arm. Thoughts?

At least I like how her face turned out.


In 2011 I went to Call of Duty XP in Los Angeles, which was like a con hosted by activision and introduced the new game. It was honestly one of the best times I’ve ever had.
There was a Q&A with the developers of Black Ops, and a girl in the audience asked them “why can’t we have the option for female avatars in multiplayer?”
And they gave some BS excuse about rendering extra models and somehow that would make the game lag, and different hit boxes for female characters…
It was a really disappointing response.
It felt like they didn’t actually consider it and had to come up with an excuse on the fly. But that was always something I had secretly hoped for too. Just like… Why not, right? I’ve been playing since MW2.
Yes, they did add some ladies in later games, but finally in Blops3 we get these ladies who are honestly all so badass and great. They play very differently and have actual personalities. Arguably, this is the first time ANY of the characters you pick have personality or affect the gameplay. And nope, they have the same hit boxes as the dudes. But, either way, I know I play a typical “bro” game but I’m happy that I finally have some cool ladies in my generic shooty online bro game. Feels good.

Real talk time. (Uh, I hope you don’t mind me posting this, girl.)

Up until very recently, I had never seen myself as very strong or even in very good shape. Sure, I felt like a badass when I ran 10+ miles, but I guess that never felt like “this is who it am.” Does that make sense?

When I was in Phoenix I took an Olympic lifting class with Celeste’s coach, Matt. We did snatches, clean and jerks and front squats – things I don’t do nearly enough to be very good. After a particularly shallow and frustrating jerk, Matt came over and said something along the lines of “you’re a great athlete who just doesn’t do these movements often.” Wait, me?

Anyway, the point here is I do feel strong and athletic now. I don’t feel like an imposter at CrossFit or strength class now. I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to be the strongest (because damn, so many of you are way stronger than me) to be an athlete. I already am one.

Chubby young Allie is freaking out right now, believe me.