just felt like doin this idk man

my dad and i were watching tv yesterday and he turned on some sports channel and there was an interview with a trans man pro hockey player…. his name is harrison browne and he’s pre t so that he can continue to play women’s hockey and like idk it was really important for me to see a pre t guy out there living his life and doin cool things because like almost every single trans guy i know is on t and i always felt super weird and sad about not being on t and im sure other guys have felt the same way and so to see a guy who’s pre t just going about his life was like….hey there’s other guys like me out there!!! and i know im going on t really soon like in a week, but i think it’s also super important for like other trans guys who are pre t to have like role models who are also pre t because representation matters!!! my dad also said that seeing harrison browne talk gave him hope that people are more accepting of trans people because this was on a major sports station…. he also wished that my grandma could have seen it because like people in my family view me being trans as a weird spencer thing and so if my grandma could see someone who’s also a trans man out there living life maybe she could be more accepting of me….