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Big Bangs reactions to their little sister dating a member of Got7

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I feel bad bc I don’t communicate a lot with you guys…  I hope you are all healthy and happy. I hope you like my reactions…. If you have any questions for me or if you just want to get to know me you can always message me :*


You didn’t know if you should tell him about Mark, because you were only dating for a few months, but you really wanted someone to know about your relationship and support you, that’s why you told him. He was happy you found yourself a boyfriend, he did tell you to be careful how you’ll date him in public and give you some advices what he probably likes. He wanted to meet him, when you’ll be really serious about your relationship, but not to soon, because he hated getting friendly with your boyfriends if you’ll break up with them. You convinced him to meet him next week though.
“I won’t be easy on him, little sister.”

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You just talked to BamBam about your relationship and he was very scared of how your brother will react, so he didn’t want to tell him yet, although he is his big fan. You on the other side wanted to tell him as soon as possible, you told BamBam not to worry about it and told Jiyong about him.He knew he was from Thailand and that he knows Lisa (from Black Pink), but he didn’t know how your relationship will be if he moves back to Taiwan, because he didn’t want you to leave Korea. He liked BamBam and thought he was really polite and good for you. He agreed to dinner with you both and even gave him a gift.
“But you have to tell me if it gets too serious okay? I’m not letting you go that easy.”

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You had some difficult times with Jackson, but you were getting really serious and you even talked about family, so you thought about telling Taeyang about him. You had to think about what to say and the next day you told him you are dating Jackson. He was happy you found such caring person as Jackson. He didn’t like him at first, because you told him about everything and when he met him he watched his every move. He knew he wasn’t a bad person, so he got close to him and after a few months you would have to tell Jackson to stop spending time with your brother and be with you more.
“But he’s such a nice guy. Let him hang out with me more not less.”

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You couldn’t wait to tell him about your boyfriend-JB. He liked him when you described him and he wanted to know how serious you were. He didn’t want to overreact to a boyfriend if it’s not serious. You told him you were not sure if you are serious yet, but it felt real to you. He asked you about him and you had conversation about him, you had almost nothing bad to say about him, just his job. He was very busy, but you still had time to go out with him. When he met him he thought he is very handsome and very polite, which was very important for him(being polite part). He got closer to him and they became good friends.
“There is a big chance you marry him, right? You should.”

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You always told Seungri about your boyfriends, even tho there were only 2 until now. You were dating Youngjae and he was really your ideal type and you loved him. He always makes you smile and happy. When you told Seungri about him he wanted to meet him, because you described him as an angel and he really wanted to meet him. When they met, Youngjae was awkward at firs but Seungri made the mood good and at the end of the dinner he was calling him hyung and they exchanged phone numbers and they took pictures without you. You were offended and told them they won’t meet if you don’t say they can.
“If I know right I am still older than you…”

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I really feel the need to show my love of the stormpilot fandom, bc like??

  • the same four gifs used over and over
  • canonical clothes sharing
  • oscar and john 
  • poe?named?finn?
  • excessive use of the word *buddy*
  • rey, bb-8 + poe’s squad as official matchmakers™
  • *keep it it suits you* 
  • there’s like. three scenes. and that’s *all we need*
  • everyone has seen the ellen show moment™ one trillion times and?? never gets bored
  • that time when newspaper headlines be like *look at this radical new theory*
  • @is-poe-dameron-straight-today
  • twitter is our baby
  • gotta mention the lip bite™
  • everything is so??soft??and finnamon roll-y??
  • so pure
  • the crew ships it too shhhh 
  • okay but **the lip bite**

aqua’s story - enchanted dominion

“But remember one thing–as long as there is light, there will be darkness.”

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Ok ok ok, Lexa is all in awe and hopeful and all, but look at Clarke.

She never meant for Lexa to see the drawing, she probably hadn’t even put too much thought in before starting to draw it - she just wanted to draw and she just wanted to draw Lexa. Lexa looking like that. She didn’t think about why, she just went with that want(desire) to draw her and put no words to those feelings because it was calm and peaceful and just them and no outside world - no wars, no fighting, no pasts, and no futures. She was just living in that moment which she can never do.

And then Lexa sees it and suddenly she has to explain or… or something because her drawing Lexa made sense to her, was simple, but held too much meaning that had no words to them to be out in the open.

So she doesn’t brush it off as nothing, because it is something. And she doesn’t make an excuse, because she doesn’t need one. She simply says ‘that’s not finished yet’ and- WHOA WAIT A SEC YET? Yes, ‘yet’.(Remind you of anything?)

And she knows that this is telling. She knows that Lexa will feel this. She knows that this is about them. You can see her reigning in her emotions, taking a second to steel herself to face those emotions. And when she looks up, it’s unashamed. It’s not hiding. It’severything she’s not saying.

Her eyes are soft. There’s no tension in her brow or around her mouth or anywhere. This is Clarke being open -not just that, but being soft and open. It’s as if she’s decided not to shield the chink in her armor, not to cover the exposed skin of her inner self. Her expression is light in that one second, that one moment of openness with Lexa. And there’s that lift of hope.

Because maybe now, maybe this is the time to take a step forward.

Why keep hiding?

The future, the past: nothing is quiet there, but in the moment - in that moment… it was. And maybe she deserved at least that.


Today we celebrate someone who has been dear to my heart for many many years. Honestly feels like just yesterday I was fangirling over an early 20-something. You’ve come so far and even through all this time, continue to work extremely hard in any task you’re given. 

I not only love you (Cause your my bias haha) but as a person I deeply look up to you because the qualities you have are ones that I hope I can have one day too. (I’m not even going to name them because we would be here for the rest of the day)

Please stay the best looking newscaster on the planet.

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Please continue to love Masaki.

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Please never lose your hilarious reactions.

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Please continue to love food. 

Please continue to melt my heart without even trying.

And of course above all, please have a year full of happiness, good health, and be surrounded by those you care about most. 

Please stay forever chipmunk young with a heart of gold <3 Thank you for all these years and I hope for many more with whatever it is you do that will make you happy. I will continue to support you through anything and please know I am not the only one who thinks so too. We all love you sho-chan, so just continue doing what you do ❤️

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