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AU where Louis and Harry don’t get along…not anymore. But maybe being forced into each others company by Harry’s and Liam’s friendship will change things… 

Innocent, wealthy, and sheltered Louis Tomlinson arrives to London for a new life and in hope of adventure but instead he meets local badboy Harry Styles. Louis has no idea who Harry really is or what he’s capable of but once he finds out that his angel is no angel at all it’s a bit too late because Louis has already fallen. But will Harry’s Darkness consume him completely? Based on the youtube video Dark. 

Louis was just looking for a job so he didn’t have to start university right away. When he accepted the role as Harry Styles’ personal assistant, he had no idea he would find a lot more than work. 

Louis meets Harry one night and well… Of course things lead from one thing to another. How could Louis not be interested in having a go at the ex-Rockstar who’d starred in his first wet dream?

When Harry asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend to help him clear up his image, Louis agrees because why the fuck not. Yet it kind of feels like the only ‘fake’ part of their relationship is the title they chose for it… And then it gets confusing.

Louis’ pretty sure he walked right into a trap - one he’s not quite sure he wants to escape.

Louis is an out of control teen heartthrob, Harry is hired to get him back on track and they both hate each other while they secretly don’t.

The story where five lads all respond to the same ad about an available flat and move in.

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You run, hiding and curling into yourself
because this man terrifies you with the depth of his love
this man wants you, scars and all

You don’t believe you deserve him
broken and afraid, oh darling
can’t you see he is the same

it's electric, this connection
the fire rises from that very first spark
Fall, oh my love, just fall into the whirlwind

He’s nothing you expected and everything you need
you don’t get a second chance at this
at having a soul magnet, a true north, so please, jump

She didn’t just fall in love. She walked into it. She chose to step closer to your darkness, to your broken soul. Your wildfire licked her, smothered her, but her own flame danced with your flickering tongue of fire. You are her kindle and she is your warmth. And you caught her. You welcomed her. You let her love ignite you into an eternal light.
—  hanzelwrites

Addicted/Calloway Sisters Appreciation Week Day 7: Edit of your choosing: Core Six First and Last Words

With the six of us on this hill and the packed lake house behind us - I feel sentiments far beyond this sunrise, this morning, this moment. We filled an empty house. I’m thirty-seven. Just yesterday I was twenty and meeting some of these people - people that I’d spend my life with, that’d become my home. Just yesterday I was twenty - still deeply and desperately in love with my best friend.

 I grew older. 

We all grow older. 

In a blink of an eye, our children will grow old too.

And I’ll think: just yesterday they were twenty. Headed for college. Falling in love. Memories will flood behind us, the lake house no longer filled to the brim. As quiet as the moment we first walked in - and we’ll sit on this hill. Feeling the stillness that exists.

And then we end - we end where we started.

Just us.

All six of us.

First Date - Jughead Jones Imagine

REQUESTED: Yes, requested by anon! (God, I’m really spoiling you guys today with these Jug imagines😂😂)

Can you do 💕 with Jughead pretty, pretty please ? <3

“💕 - character is on their first date”

WARNINGS: As sweet as Pop’s milkshakes

SUMMARY: You and Jughead are out on your first date, and he’s desperate to impress.


(Just to clarify, Jug is canonically ace in the comics, but this doesn’t prevent him from being able to go on dates. It doesn’t prevent him from falling in love with people. Asexuality just means that a person doesn’t have any sexual feelings or desires, hence why I don’t think I’ll write smut for Jughead.)

Anyways, long explanation about asexuality over, hope you enjoy the imagine! <3

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i feel like relationships for gay people are so limited. like i cant just meet a guy on a train and then fall in love with him right there and then because it just doesnt work that way for gay people, or at least ive never seen it happen. Its so frustrating to me that it seems like straight people can fall in love literally anywhere and gay people cant. The places that do aim to establish that connection between gay people are often at the ever constant threat of being assaulted by a hate crime. i just want to find someone who i can love and will love me back, i dont think thats asking too much. but in this day and age, i dont think thats possible, because its not so easily accessible to me. and the fact that gays are often represented as sex crazed doesnt really help at all, not to mention that a lot of gays are really racist and I really wouldn’t date a white gay. im just. Bitter and mad at how good straight people have it

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Reverse Dipper, Mabel, Pacifica, Gideon, and Will with love at First Sight?

I’ve been waiting for a Reverse Falls request, tbh! I’m not very good with Rev!Pacifica and Gideon, but I’ll try my best. Thanks for the request, anon!! -Mod Quinn


-She usually gets some random, short-term crushes, but jeez this is a strong emotion.

-After taking a moment to realize, yes, she did just fall in love, she walks over to them and lays on the charm.

-Extreme flirting, and she’s good at it. It’d be amazing if her crush wasn’t reduced to a blushing mess within 4 minutes.

-She walks away with their phone number, and it takes her less than a week to arrange a date.


-He has no idea what to do. He thought love was a freaking myth, but what else could this be??

-He figures talking to them couldn’t hurt. Then he tries, and finds out it’s not that easy. He’s freaking out internally.

-He manages to carry out an awkward conversation with some accidental flirting worked in.

-Mabel has mercy and cuts in, asking for their phone number and a date for her brother.


-She’s excited. She fell in love with an incredibly adorable and probably amazing person– what could be better?

-She just walks over and starts a conversation with them. She doesn’t really flirt, she just learns stuff about them.

-When one of them has to go, she slips them a piece of paper with her number and winks.


-Freaking out?? What the heck is he supposed to do?

-He tells Pacifica and she pushes him into talking to them. Literally. She literally pushes him.

-He apologizes and makes an awkward comment on something like their clothes or the weather or something. Best case scenario, they take pity and bring up a good conversation topic.

-He gets a bit more comfortable as they talk, and he ends up asking for their phone number. Well, it was more blurting it out than asking.

Will Cipher:

-He’s surprised, to say the least. He thought falling in love was a human thing… heck, from what the twins said he wasn’t even sure it existed at all.

-That surprise turns into worry. What if the twins found out and did something to them? What if they ended up hating him? How could he even entertain something like love while he was working for the twins?

-Just when he decided not to talk to them, he runs right into them. Again, literally.

-He helps them up and apologizes profusely. And he just sort of.. starts talking to them. He didn’t plan on it, it just happened.

-If they ask for his phone number or something, he’ll just tell them to come back to the show if they want to see him.

-If they actually do, he’ll be freaking out and finally have to accept the fact that he’s not getting out of this.

Submitted by @jensen-jarpad Hey sweetie! I don’t if you’re up for it, but sister!reader? Thanks hun

Here ya go Beca! Hope you enjoy! :)

Pairing: None

Warnings: Angstyyy

Dean was confused. You had just told him and Sam that you were leaving. You couldn’t be in this life anymore. You wanted a normal life. 

“But I thought you loved being a hunter. I thought you loved doing this with us.” Dean asked his eyes looking at Sam for a few seconds and then back at you.

“No one loves killing people Dean. Well, except for murderers. I just want to go to college, graduate. I want fall in love, get married, and have a family Dean. I want out.” You stated. You loved your brothers but Dean was sure stubborn.

“No hunter gets out. Once you’re in this life Y/N. You’re in it for life.” Dean stated and you shook your head.

“Watch me!” You shouted grabbing your suitcase and opening the door.

“Y/N?” You heard your brother Sam’s voice stop you and you turned around. Sam had tears in his eyes.

“Keep in touch.” Sam said sadly and you nodded looking over at Dean who had his head down he couldn’t even look you in the eyes anymore.

“Goodbye Sam.” You said sadly looking at him. You looked over at Dean who still had his head down. “Goodbye Dean.” You said before walking out of the motel room. Dean looked up and you were gone. His sister got out of the life he’s been wanting to leave since he was a kid.

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Tbh it’s really tiring when people reduce their problems w/ popular media to shit like “I just wanted a thing without romance!” when its like…. im 99% sure what you’re tired of is straight white people romance my guy.  Not all romances are created equal, so saying you just wanted a “platonic story with no romance for once!” when it comes to cases like interracial romance or romances w/ characters or color, or or queer relationships is actually pretty unhelpful? And also rly transparent that you don’t want to see people like us happy and in love.

Like jsyk, along the same vein, you “just wanting a strong female friendship” when two female characters fall in love is actually very transparent of you? There’s plenty of strong straight (particularly white) female friendships in the media already.

You “just wanting a tomboy with masculine-coded interests even thought she’s straight because it ‘defies stereotypes’” is also one of the most transparent cries against butch lesbian characters or genderqueer characters ever; like noah fence my guy but we actually have plenty of tomboy straight female characters out there…..

Like we get it, you really care more about straight people “breaking stereotypes” more than you actually care about minority representation

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favourite kdrama?

oh my god this one is hard bc i literally don’t know…..it’s impossible for me to choose between:

  1. what happens with my family; a family drama, longer than the usual kdramas (50+ episodes), but beautifully written, the acting was amazing, so were the characters. i cried a lot at the end but i knew it was what should happen. it’s really good. the drama where i met my most beloved korean actor.
  2. age of youth. so fucking relatable. every girl makes you fall in love with them. no love triangles, just 5 girls being friends, learning to love eachother, love themselves  + a twist of mystery
  3. weightlifting fairy kim bok joo; pure, wholesome, who needs drama to have a romance drama ???? i mean so good ?? i loved every single aspect of this

sorry i can’t choose :^)

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i really need a ‘hey let’s kill my boyfriend/husband’ plot where muse a is in an unhappy relationship and just wants to get out of there but for some reason they can’t break up w them (blackmail or they just want their money tbH). and then muse a falls in love w muse b and the both of them decide to kill muse a’s partner. this could literally go in so many different directions, like they pull through w it and get caught, they don’t do it at all and keep pushing it back until one of them is like ‘ dou even wanna do this ?? ‘ or they do it and run away together or whatever—– there are so many possibilities ok. can be m/m f/f & f/m of course. 

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HI, I would like to have a reading focused on my love life, or lack thereof. Ive been single for 3 years and have only had one relationship. Could you use the Nicoletta Ceccoli deck please? :)

Knight of Discs

I’m sorry honey, but love isn’t going to just fall into your lap like cookie crumbs. The Knight of Discs is about devotion, and sometimes you have to really out in effort to get yourself out there. It’s also about shaking things up. If you have a place you go to try to meet up with people, and you keep trying to no avail, then chances are it’s not working!

Okay i’m going to take a moment to poke fun at myself as an explanation. I’m single. As hell. And that’s probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m in a small town with minimal options. It also has to do with the fact that I’m usually home in comfy pants and a robe that looks like a raccoon. And I will continue to be single as long as I’m chilling at home in a raccoon robe. If I change that introverted habit I’d probably be more likely to get a girlfriend.

Same thing goes for you. Don’t hide your cute self in a raccoon robe in your bedroom.

My life on tumblr, goes in this order: dirty talk about Harry, screaming to Sydney about everything, finding new people to fall in love with (i.e., @cuddlemusclestyles and I just pronounced our love for each other), hating Harry for being so perfect, reblogging, talking about my life.

List of People I’d Much Rather Watch Fall in Love in Space than Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

Gina Rodriguez and Oscar Isaac

Lupita Nyong’o and John Cho

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Kate McKinnon

Zachary Quinto and Rami Malek

Aja Naomi King and Dev Patel

Constance Wu and Diego Luna

Feel free to add more, as I’d imagine it’s a long list.