just fades away thank you

I’m so so so happy with how zoloft is finally kicking in. In the past when I’ve taken medications they’ve never necessarily helped, only numbed, but I feel amazing. I’m sure the changes I’m making are also playing into that, but last night I was up at 4:00 AM studying and I was calm, not stressed in the least. I was excited to be learning, even. And then I realized that my suicidal thoughts haven’t been nearly as consistent - they’ve been almost absent, actually. I’m beginning to feel okay again, though there’s still that anxious knot in my stomach, chest, and throat. But, my psych said that if after three more weeks I want to increase the dosage further then that probably should be fine since my body is taking so well to it and once we sort out my anxiety and depression levels we can start testing out ADHD meds :) :) :) I can’t type that I’m so happy overall yet without feeling a bit of a pain in my stomach, but I’m happy. I’m definitely happy.