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🎅 #3 PRIZE 🎁 X-Mas 🎁

Prompt by @flowersareneat

{ I should have posted it yesterday but I had no energy because Christmas always makes me so sad and melancholic, and my vitality and inspiration flew away…
I’m doing it now, better later than ever, but these days Tumblr is pretty empty…
I hope this straggler present will be appreciated and good reading! }

🌟 Sansy ;

Christmas was that period of the year where people were greater than their usual.
In his case, people should have been less lazy than usual and he decided to be less lazy for you because it was the first Christmas the two of you spent together and Sans did not want to ruin everything because of his indolent behaviour. Seeing his brother and all his friends so cheerful and happy made him so content that he wanted to be part of this world and forget about his distress for once.
This was just one of the many commercial and stupid Holidays of the year and he was not Christian or something, he did not believe in anything –not even in himself-. This time, he decided to do an exception for you and his brother, trying to be a normal person. For Sans, it was a challenge, one of the twelve labours of Hercules, so he put all his effort and even more to look for your present and, most of all, to appear sincere and grateful for real –since his happy attitudes were usually fake because he has always hidden in himself a sentiment of melancholy-.
Sans consulted your Amazon’s wish list, talking with all your friends about your passions, studying the shelves of your library and all the things that you got to understand what present was perfect for you. Mind you, it was not a thing he did for everybody because he never bought presents for anyone –unless you were not Papyrus-, because Sans found annoying deciding and buying gifts.
It seemed you did not put his same effort to buy his gift and the poor skeleton remained disappointed even if he appeared calm but he said some harsh jokes to remark your insensitivity and he could not suspect you were hiding something.
Then, you appeared so uncaring and maybe he should have not put all his effort in such this stupid thing but, actually, Sans did not say anything because he was not used to confess his hidden worries to others.
Noting his disappointment, you decided to show to him his true present and he remained so shocked and incredulous.
Your gift for Sans was a special photo album about the best moments of your life that contained pictures of you, Sans, his brother and all his friends. The album was divided in seasons since you were working on it from January and you have never missed a moment, always ready with your camera. Sans lost himself to observe the photos and he felt so guilty for suspecting you because you were freaking awesome!

🌟 Reddy ;

Christmas was not exactly his favourite holiday but he had no favourite holiday at all.
Actually, Sans ignored everything about it and he did not want to buy you a present because he thought it was stupid and he had no reason for doing that. Despite the fact that you were always so gentle, sweet, polite and cute with him so his soul started to shake and the guilt filled his mind because he was sure you would buy something so special to him while he acted like a dumb Grinch. This situation made him uncomfortable even if it has not happened yet.
With all the fatigue of this world, he got up from his sofa deciding to think about a present for you and, at the end, it was the thought that counted so you were going to be happy with anything, he supposed. You should have appreciated the gesture of getting up of his bed. This was a titanic effort for him!
At the end, the present he bought for you was not so bad, he chose a thing that you would like for sure and Sans felt satisfied. It was a weird feeling that he has never felt before since he never bought presents for anybody, maybe only for his brother at his birthday.
Christmas has finally come and his agony was about to end, he was really sick about this situation and despondent but he accomplished his duties and he took a fucking present for you. He has not been a bad child, at least –only because it was you, he did not give a damn about Christmas or the fat man in red-
Then, when he noticed your cheap present, he remained disappointed because you were not the kind of person who did something like that or maybe you did not except a gift from him so you ignored him. This made him sad and angry, and he started puffing like a child. At first, he did not say anything and he just stared at you with hostility.
Sans told some bad remarks about the poor effort you put and that you have not considered him and bla bla bla. He was complaining and you were quite tired so you confessed to him that it was a Christmas prank and his present was another.
Actually, your gift for him was a new collar that had your initials and you knew this was one of the tradition of the Underground and you had a collar like his with Sans’ initials, too. The skeleton remained surprised and his rage faded away for your luck.
He just murmured something thanking you for it… How could he have suspects on you?

🌟 Stretch ;

Papyrus was glad seeing all the persons he loved so glad and energetic. He was not a fan of Christmas but if it made people happy bringing joy to souls, it was not that bad.
He would have never thought about gifts because he had not the energy to think about it and he found it annoying because it seemed an obligation so he lost all his effort or what remained of it. He thought that a present should come from the heart and you had to be the one who decided if make a gift. People felt forced to buy something to their friends and parents –even to the ones they hated and it was quite hypocrite-. This skeleton was too lazy for this stuff!
It has been his brother who have convinced him to bought a gift for you because you deserved it and Sans knew you were putting a lot of effort to choose the perfect gift for Papyrus so he had to make a gift for you, too. It would have been so impolite and mean ignoring you.
After his lecture –and Sans was always severe and convincible-, Papyrus decided to try and look for a present that could make you happy even if he felt forced and he hoped that the Karma would have prized him for this decision because Papyrus was still lazy and he was fighting against himself.
Then, the Christmas day finally came and Papyrus could feel good for once because this agony was about to end and he could keep with his useful and empty life and, luckily, the end of the year did not provide any gifts or kind gesture so he was going to ignore everything since every year was shitty in its ways.
Seeing your poor gift, he felt a little offended and maybe he should have followed his instinct and he was right because this holiday was worthless and people never received what they wanted even if he just wanted to relax and sleep. Papyrus just took a taste of his cigarette, trying to act cool despite his delusion. He also said some horrid jokes about Christmas and its hypocrisy and it was not holy at all.
You showed to him his real Christmas gift, revealing to him that it was all a prank and seeing him so angry was actually funny and you won! Papyrus felt like an idiot and he laughed because you were a true genius to prank him at Christmas. You just learnt from the best pranker alive and it was Papyrus. He seemed calmer and it was just a great surprise, a laugh was always appreciated.
The true present for him was a super box of pranks with different joke’s books and maybe you was going to regret it and Papyrus smirked. Yes, you were going to have a good time with him and his new pranks and jokes. He spent the rest of the time reading and studying new pranks and this New Year would start in the best and most hilarious way.

🌟 Rus ;

If you were not so enthusiastic about this holiday, he would have never spent his time searching for a present because he could not give a damn about this Holiday that was only something commercial and false. Seeing all the people so hypocrite and noisy made him sick.
What he did was a true sacrifice because he decided passing all this month to search for the perfect present for you. Only because it was you (even if he did this for his brother, too).
For your sake, he would climb a mountain, he would swim the seven Seas, and he would fight against thousands lions. Papyrus was ignoring his laziness for once so you had to prize his effort and consideration since Christmas really let him down and he was not exactly the happiest and most energetic skeleton of the world.
At the end, he found a present that was made for you and he put it under the Christmas tree, waiting for this infamous Holiday to come.
Actually, he did not care about your present, since he was not a materialist skeleton, you could donate to him even a candle, a calendar or any re-gift because he did not care at all. Papyrus just wanted to see you happy and he found all these presents useless, he already got what he needed from this awful life. He had you, his brother and a pretty home so what should have he asked for? Greed was not exactly the sin that represented him.
When Christmas came, you unwrapped his present and you were so surprised that Papyrus did this for you and he found the thing that you desired the most. Looking in his eyes, that were full of joy since he was just happy seeing you so satisfied –your smile was the present he asked for all the year-. You just gave to him the right present and you did not want to prank him with a fake gift –despite he would not give a shit about it-. Papyrus was shocked because your present was really pretty and right. It was exactly a calendar that contained all the photos about he, Sans and you that were portrayed like a happy family, then you donated to him also a necklace that contained a picture of you and Papyrus and other personalized presents that represented your love and affection.  Tears of joy crossed his cheekbones and he had no choice but to be glad that a person like you existed in this world.

🌟 Tale! Asgore ;

The King could not believe that a Holiday like this could exist and he seemed a little child who saw the snow for the first time. Asgore was so euphoric and inspired and he wanted to learn everything about this Holiday so you had to tell him every story, tradition and curiosity about Christmas.
The Christmas party he organized was really big and rich of every meal and food, because he spared no penny since this was the first Christmas the two of you passed together, everything must be perfect. His castle was decorated with fancy and luminous decorations, Christmas trees, fake snow and everything possible. It seemed the palace of Santa Claus but Asgore himself looked like the man in red and, in fact, he dressed up like him. Then, everyone was invited at this party since his castle was very huge, so all his citizens were welcome to his party because everyone had to taste the magic of Christmas.
Yes, you have never seen something so marvellous, this was the greatest party you have ever had and you were so glad to Asgore because he was putting all his effort to make everyone happy, every monsters were so content since no one of them knew this holiday before and you were so proud of your king.
This party lasted several days and there were too many presents to unwrap that maybe it would have taken the entire week until the New Year’s Eve. Since he was still the king, his presents were the most expensive so you found yourself a little embarrassed because you were going to give to him a poor present but Asgore was not a materialist person even if he was the king. He was enchanted by the little and simple things, he was sensitive man and he would be happy with only a love letter written by you.
For this reason, your prank did not work on him, he appreciated so much your poor gift, and you felt so guilt that you confessed to him that it was not the only gift you took for him, so you showed the real gift that was a travel. Yes, you organized a trip for the two of you to the spa because he worked so hard this month to create this fantastic party so he deserved to take a rest (and you have always desired to go to the spa). It was so great that Asgore was unable to keep his tears, and he hugged you so tightly.

🌟 Fell! Asgore ;

No, this holiday was not made for him.
He despised it so much more than anyone else, not because it was a materialist holiday since he was a materialist man (maybe it was the only element he appreciated of Christmas), but he could not see all these persons happy and carefree. Not in a mad and sadistic world like this. He was disgusted and suffering seeing all those joyful faces and he wanted to ruin all this happiness. He wanted blood, guts and disease painted in their eyes. Agony, distress and sufferance were the perfect presents for them, so maybe all these fools would stop to laugh once in their useless life!
Asgore still came from the Underground, a place where violence ruled, so he was not used to this holy atmosphere and he refused to get used to it.
Since he found this Holiday ridiculous and obscene he did not buy you any present so you were the one to be disappointed for his lack of collaboration and goodness in a holiday where everyone should have been gentle and nice.
At the end, he isolated himself and he spent all the rest of the year alone in the middle of a mountain, in a chalet far away from the city where he would not see happy faces, or hear laughs of joy or Christmas songs, or smell all those spruce fragrances. Not anymore. He ran away from Christmas and not even the little Cindy Lou would be able to save him.
Wait for him to come home with the New Year because your king was not going to have a holy Christmas, more a lonely Christmas. Just like you, poor little child.

🌟 Tale! Alphys ;

This woman was so excited and curious about this holiday because, like every other monsters, it was her first Christmas and she was bombarding you with questions that you found yourself to stop her since her enthusiasm was too much. You have never seen Alphys so carefree and joyful, you could perceive some hope came from her soul, this made you so glad because she has always been alone and blue in her life, especially when she was blocked in the Underground. Since she reached the surface, she found a little peace of mind and she could finally relax. All the responsibilities that nagged her disappeared with the barrier. Thanks to you, she found the true happiness and a new reason to be.
She put all her effort to prepare a great Christmas party because she wanted you to be proud of her even if you already were.
Other than that, she spent a lot of time looking for your Christmas gift, and she studied your Amazon wish list, taking notes of all your conversations, she just interpreted your words trying to figure out what you would like to receive. You found her behaviour funny because it was so evident, she was unable to be discreet since her questions were so obvious but, since she was still cute, you played along her game.
She was sure, in fact she found the perfect present for you and she was so curious to see your gift for her as well since receiving presents was still wonderful and everyone loved gifts.
When she unwrapped your poor gift, she remained disappointed and the light in her eyes disappeared but she said thank you anyway because the thought was the important thing, wasn’t it?
Seeing her dull expression, your heart broke and you showed her the true present that was a gold-edition of all the DVDs of the Mew Mew with an action figure of her favourite character and her eyes started glowing again. It was even more superb than she imagined. It was the most fabulous gift ever.
You could see her taking pictures of her presents, and she was already posting everything on internet.

🌟 G! Sans ;

He just wanted to appear as a cool and thug guy who did not give a shit about Christmas, he said that he could not be a good baby because it was not his nature. He acted chill but you were not so stupid to believe in this bullshit, and you were sure that he, more than anyone else, wanted a present. Inside, he was just a child and he desired to experiment this new experience as well, since it was his first Christmas and he could not say he was not curious.
This year you decided to prank your sassy skeleton since he said he did not need gifts and shit, you decided to not buy him anything but it was just a joke because, actually, you bought to him a special present since you were still a generous person and it was still Christmas. You just wanted to make him a little angry so maybe he would think twice before being so mean, pretending to be the gangster or the man who never had to ask, and maybe he would get off his high horse for once. G acted cool until the end despite he casually walked near the Christmas tree seeing if there were gifts for him like children did and, sometimes, you could find him shaking the presents because he wanted to discover what the gift card hid under its mysterious veil as if he had some x-ray vision. You just found him hilarious and he looked more like an impatient kid than a gangster.
Christmas was finally came and it was time to unwrap the presents, he pretended to act cold and disinterested as always and you unwrapped your presents. There were no presents for him, it seemed, so he asked if they were the only presents here and you nodded. Not that he was expecting something, he did not need this shit, but he was just curious. Since he had so many fans, maybe some of them bought him a gift.
Then, you showed him his present laughing like crazy because of his ridiculous behaviour and his light kept shining again. His present was a new and cool jacket and he just appeared like a child full of joy but then he found his fake coolness again thanking you with his rude voice.


because I’m not sure if @taylorswift has seen much of our love story, here’s some pictures from the EIGHT YEARS (on November 13th) of our relationship. In 2009, we were sophomores in high school and on that Friday the 13th, Derek told me how he felt about me and we started our awkward high school relationship. We went to two proms and graduated together in 2012. We went off to different colleges a few hours apart and this proved to be much tougher than we thought. Going from seeing each other pretty much everyday to maybe once a month put a huge strain on us. We got used to it though, and we made it work. I went to Spain fall semester of 2014 (when 1989 came out!!!) and this was by far the biggest challenge. Not only did we not see each other for 5 months, but because of the time change, it was extremely difficult to even communicate as much as we wanted to. But we came out stronger in the end. We got engaged in August of 2015 and graduated college in 2016. We moved to the twin cities and got married on October 1st, 2016. We are now in our second apartment here and we just adopted a pup for our 1 year anniversary!

Derek is my best friend and like you said, when I’m with him, the rest of the world fades away. 💜

So I just wanted to thank you for all your love songs, Taylor, because for me, they’ve always been about him ❤️

Going into 2018

I’ve never really been one to really celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. But as 2017 fades away, I just wanted to say Thank you. There are so many of you on here that have positively affected my life, and you don’t know how much I appreciate you.

2017 is where I finally gained confidence with my writing, branching out more, writing more than I ever have before.

It also gave me a chance to give back to others. Creating things like the @spnfamilybirthdays and the #verysupernaturalchristmascardexchange. It’s been so much fun, and I can’t wait to see how those go in 2018.

2017 also brought me some amazing people on here. People like @just-another-busy-fangirl who has helped me create so many things, and @oneshoeshort who jumped on board with us. It brought me people like @amanda-teaches, @just-another-winchester, @zombiewerewolfqueen, @mysterious-398 who I consider friends.

Here’s to an amazing 2018!! Here’s to creating, loving and being the best person we can be.

Love you all!