just face on face

I literally want kadena to be the most chill pairing ever, no drama, no angst, just them like baking and kissing each other and being cheesy af just to get the other to smile


Contest entry for @kittin12376 / @direstraitscomic ! This wasn’t supposed to be so extra or so immensely massive but jeez louise what a fun character! I love dragon-like beasts sm,,, 

Have an Elly + details bc omg the resolution on this thing


No one asked but here’s my design for Hannibal!


binnie will always be better at 4-cut selcas than me

my favourite time of the month has arrived once again, so here I am, next to the most beautiful boy alive!! why am I still comparing myself to moonbin, i don’t understand

also catch me wearing bin’s colour!!


I really have no problem with people photoshopping their body in pictures but I get annoyed when you photoshop a picture and then preach self love and body positivity on said picture. You’re giving people actually looking for inspiration for loving their body as is an unrealistic representation by photoshopping it and not saying anything. Photoshop away. Just don’t put it in the body positivity tag.

Just a random thought sitting on Instagram when I can’t sleep.