just expressing my feelings with this dumb drawing

“Should you be out playing with the other kids?”

“No one wants to play with me; they only want to solve puzzles.  I’m better off staying in here doing nothing.”

“…You know, you are very lucky to go to school and have people your age to play with.  When I was your age, I didn’t have what you did.”

“When you were my age, you didn’t have teachers expecting more out of you due to your father, or kids your age bullying you.  You’re jealous of that?”

“…No, I’m jealous that when I was your age, I didn’t have an older sister to hold me when I was feeling down.  Having that sounds really good right now, don’t you think?”


sexysilverstrider  asked:

thank u for drawing that glorious takumi fanarts. i have class today n tbh a bit nmnyeh bt when i saw your art i just feel motivated and more alive than hours ago eeee!! so really. thank u sososo much for that boost of the day c: god your style is so good n beautiful and that dumb pineapple always gives me the honey nut feelios at so early in the morning..

!!?!?!!?!! aaaAAA OH MY GOD your message just made my day!! that was really, really kind of you omg i have no words to properly express how much incentive you’ve given me;;; seriously, thanks so much! 

i’m glad to hear that my sad pineapples had such effect on you!! i hope your classes were cool and that you had a nice day BC YOU’RE GREAT!!!