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Azusa and his bombs part 2 uwu

Now I understand what Yuma meant in another CD drama about Azusa’s destructive explosive plans ;;w;; 

Growing up with an emotionally abusive mother still affects me as an adult. In an abusive home you normalize cowardice as a child within yourself and you never really learn how to speak for yourself. Just requesting things or stating my point of view casually rarely ever happened for me growing up. I was always afraid something I said would trigger my mom and make her upset. Now at 23 I still struggle with being open and saying what I need. It affects my relationships and friendships because when something I don’t like is happening, I can never just call it out there and then. I stay in it and let it pent up inside me and then just viciously explode one day to the shock of the person I’m dating or my friend. I’ve lost many people from my life because of this and it just hurts. I always say I’ll try to do better and I do try, but it’s like this is who I am and it’s gonna take lots of training to change and be better.

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i'm picturing you like, wearing sunglasses and eating popcorn, just watching the fandom explode right in front of you

🍿😎🍹💦 (you forgot the part where I’m drinking a cocktail of everyone’s tears)

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29: looking at you all!

[x] 29 - A reason you’ve lied to a friend.

Jaune: Heh… I mean, we all have our reasons, right?

Pyrrha: It’s… difficult, sometimes, to express how I really feel.

Jaune: Sometimes she’ll say she’s fine when she’s really not.

Ren: I can understand that.

Nora: And sometimes there are things your… friends just… really don’t need to know. Things that could… ruin everything.

Jaune: Definitely. 

Pyrrha: Or things you’re not allowed to tell them, because if you told them, everything would just… 

Nora: So, you say everything’s fine, when it’s not fine, because you feel just about ready to EXPLODE–

Pyrrha: It’s a matter of safety.

Nora: Emotional safety.

Jaune: Or… practical.

Ren: It is what it is.

  • Nesta: Hey, sorry I'm late. I had to get this dumb award for helping kill the king of Hybern.
  • Cassian: Been there! I've had a pretty crazy morning myself.
  • Azriel: *walks by* Cassian, your taquitos just exploded in the toaster oven.
the lightning thief part 2
  • " I keep my head down, I keep my chin up, but it ends up all the same. "
  • " I never mean to hurt anyone. "
  • " But no one ever will take my side, all I ever do is take the fall. "
  • " And all I need is one last chance to prove I'm good enough for someone. "
  • " I'm leaving now, I better pack. "
  • " So what if no one's come back from the Underworld? I'll be the first. "
  • " We're gonna march straight down to the gates of hell. "
  • " If you're going to save the world, I'm the best person to keep you from messing up. "
  • " I'm needed here, but how about something for the road? "
  • " Guys, we just exploded a bus! "
  • " Is the whole trip going to be like this? "
  • " It's right here in my pocket- "
  • " So what are we supposed to do? "
  • " How do they know where we are when we don't even know? "
  • " I don't wanna die in the garden state! "
  • " Tell the squirrel you're sorry. "
  • " I think the gods are trying to tell me they hate me. "
  • " We're lost in the world and the world is freaking awful! "
  • " There! I have a good feeling about there. "
  • " I'm gonna make you hear me...one day. "
  • " I've always been a smart girl. "
  • " I won't be dissed, I won't be dismissed until everyone knows my name. "
  • " So eyes up 'cause I'll rise up, bring on any challenge! "
  • " Look how far we’ve come, we can't give in. "
  • " ‘Cause people are counting on us and I'm counting on you. "
  • " So pedal to the metal and drive! "
  • " Whoa. Look! A lady with a puppy! "
  • " The weather may be stormy but the road is still before me . "
  • " Do we have enough drachmas for an Uber? "
  • " By the time we found the hill... something else found us. "
  • " But "maybe" doesn't let me go back and save her. "
  • " She paid for her sacrifice with her life. "
  • " Um, do you have any Josh Groban? "
  • " You ain't ever gonna be remembered. "
  • " Seems my good intentions always crash and burn. "
  • " But hey, that's life, and life ain't fair. "
  • " Guys, I know how to get out of here! "
  • " So this could be the end, but I ain't sad. "
  • " You're the two best friends this screw-up ever had. "
  • " What do you do when the battle's won? "
  • " So many questions left unanswered, so many things still left undone. "
  • " But what about peace of mind? "
  • " Sometimes family is worth the trouble. "
  • " I guess we both have a choice to make. "
  • " I've barely seen you since I got back. You avoiding me? "
  • " I don't care if I hurt anyone. "
  • " It doesn't pay to be a good kid. "
  • " For the moment we've got danger on the run. "
  • " Don't feel bad 'cause we're usually about to die. "
  • " They'll put us in a box but we won't be contained. "
  • " The sea doesn't like to be restrained. "

Here’s part 2 of Kim Taehyung’s moments where he’s like CHONG! JOGUN! BALSA! (lol get it.. from Not Today). 

Part 1


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- the lengendary 0.00384 second face change. HOW DARE YOU! *cries*

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- this tongue of his

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- don’t forget about this fierce look

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- remember that vlive bts gayo ep where he was told to be sexy, but he didn’t need to.. standing there himself doing nothing is sexy already 😭😭😩

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- you see what i mean? 

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- him in bandanas man ……………

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- ok last one

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- Alright here’s a bonus to calm your hearts

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Alrighty so I’m officially done with Taehyung. My heart melted making this post… Let me know which member would you like me to do next. 😊😊


I haven’t got to draw them for like 84 years…


Older Noctis and Kingsglaive Luna - Gifset requested by: anonymous