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How to Make Quick and Easy Tattoo Sleeves

Got a cosplay idea but the character has lots of arm (or leg) tattoos? Don’t feel like painting on yourself with body paints or hunting down that horrendously expensive temporary tattoo paper? Here’s a quick tutorial for making tattoo sleeves using nylons and sharpie markers! 


- Supplies are cheap! You may even have many or all the supplies you need right at home.

- Quick and not very messy! No paint is involved, and sharpie marker dries instantly. 

- Easy! Great artistic skill not required.

- They move with your skin! People have legit thought these were real tattoos. From a distance, yes, but I had guys at cons with actual ink on their arms come over to compliment on my full (fake) sleeves. 

- You get to eat pringles! More on that later. 


- They are delicate. Nylons get holes in them super easy and forearms run into stuff, lean against things, and generally make it hard for the sleeves to survive. But if you only need them for a weekend, that’s ok.

- I haven’t experimented too much, but unfortunately this technique probably doesn’t work for wearers with darker skin tones. Sharpie ink is transparent, so any color it rests on just multiplies and the tattoo won’t show up very well. You’ll want to go the fabric paint or body paint route to get the best bold, bright tats. 

- Can’t do white sections, because sharpie ink is transparent and doesn’t come in white. I leave them blank and they read OK, but the white areas will always be pink, tan, brown, etc. unless you dab in a little fabric paint, which will not be covered in this tutorial.

- Sharpie is supposed to be permanent marker, but on skin…it’s not. The ink will most likely wear off onto adjacent clothes. Not that big of a deal for me, as I tend to wear my tats with white shirts that can be bleached, but other shirts may not survive as well.

OK, let’s go! Here are your supplies: 

You’ll need a pair of nylons, scissors, tape, a set of sharpies, your designs printed out on 8.5 x 11 paper, some bracelets, and a can of Pringles. You can use any design you want, of course, but Here is the link to these fine Newt Kaiju tattoo designs. 

If your nylons have an undies part, cut the legs off and wear the undies on your head for the rest of the tutorial, if desired. Put the legs on your arm like so, and cut the toes off so you can slip your hand through. You can cut some of the top of the sleeve off as well, but don’t cut too much because you can’t put it back on if your sleeves are too short. 

Here are my creepy sleeves. Now for the pringles.

Tape your design template to the Pringles can. It doesn’t reach all the way around but eh. The Pringles can gives you a nice stable surface to draw on that is roughly the shape and size of an arm. It’s a little short, so just roll up the rest of the nylon above the workspace and adjust both template and nylon down when you get to working on that part of the sleeve.

Color with the markers! I recommend doing the colored areas first and then doing the black outlines on top of it, to avoid the black ink contaminating the ink pads of the lighter markers. Remember how that always happens to the yellow ones? Eww. Nylons are thin and slide around a bit, so it’s best to use short strokes and dotting to get the ink on.

Take the template off the Pringles tube, flip the paper to the blank side and put it back on again. The paper collects the extra ink, so it’s hard to see any missed spots. Now you can see any bits you may have missed. Fill them in for completion. Also, the paper doesn’t manage to wrap all the way around the Pringles can, so now is the time to free-hand a bit of the design where the template doesn’t reach. For Newt tattoos, that’s the back of the arm. 

When you’re all done coloring, put them on!

There’s a rough end to the tattoo right at the wrist, of course. Disguise where the sleeve ends and your skin begins with some pretty bracelets:

There we are, much better!

Now…you’re done! Have some Pringles! 

anonymous asked:

Sorry for the disorder, but I wanted to ask if you could do a tutorial on lineless art! By the way, nice art!!!

thanks! lineless art it is, then

i start with the sketch, obviously. since you won’t have the lineart to guide you later, a clean and detailed sketch is pretty important

then i make it transparent enough so that i could focus on the shapes, but was also able to tell the details of the sketch, and pick some background color

then i slap on the colors i wanna use. the accuracy of these splotches of color depends on my mood and patience and the amount of details in the drawing (lol), so it’s fairly arbitrary i guess

the more accurate it is, the less it takes to clean it up later, but the opposite sometimes adds life to the drawing and welcomes the experiments with the colors and shapes

if there’s something that needs extra accuracy (like the earring here) or i just don’t feel like cleaning it up again later, i use several layers (face, hair, etc) or add the details later. but i love using one single layer whenever possible

aaand then i just start erasing / adding stuff to make it all nice and crispy!

there isn’t really a certain point when i start doing it. like, here i added those light hair streaks before defining the shape of her head, so that i could erase the messy parts altogether, but i could also clean up the head first, then lock the layer and add the streaks

when i decide that it’s comprehensible enough for me to work without the sketch, i hide its layer. you could continue working with it, of course, but i find it distracting. it’s nice to take a fresh look and figure out what it’s gonna look like in the end

details time! i enjoy adding lines here a lot, it’s really not the same as creating the lineart beforehand. there’s something comfy and lively about this process, because you compliment the shapes, silhouettes and color rather than just redrawing the empty carcass of a sketch. besides, it adds more definition and movement to the shapes

hope that helps!

I have a journal, but what do I write in it?

Look no further! Here are some ideas for keeping a journal.
•The daily journal. This is the stereotypical diary where you write everything! Write how your day was, your secrets, your friends, everything!
•A dream journal. Right when you wake up, grab a pen and start describing every detail from your dream. Doing this helps you to remember your dreams, interpret them, and studies show that it makes you more likely to lucid dream!
•A prayer journal. If you’re religious, this one is perfect for you! Use it to worship and write bible verses, prayers, and keep lists of people you need to pray for so you don’t forget.
•A daily log. You can choose to keep track of your sleeping patterns, exercise, what you eat, the medications you take, and if you have any health problems, you can also keep track of the symptoms you get! You can combine all of these in one journal or keep a separate journal for each log.
•A bullet journal. This is one of the most common journals that people keep. In these, you write your to-do lists, your plans, calendars, upcoming events, etc. This helps to boost your memory, keep organized in life, and gives you a better sense of control.
•A quote journal. Use it to write down your favorite quotes, or just make up your own!
•A weight loss/gain journal. In this one, you can keep track of you weight, your calories, and your exercise habits to make sure you get to the healthy weight you desire.
•An art journal. Use this journal to draw, paint, or create collages or scrapbook pages!
•A travel journal. Take it with you whenever you travel. Whether it’s to another country or just to another city. Jot down your experiences, your road trips, plane rides, cruises, and destinations! Remember to include photos, used travel tickets, a coin from a different currency, a postcard, a souvenir (like a shell or leaf), etc!
•A poetry journal. This is pretty self-explanatory. Write down your favorite poems or create your own!
•A journal for studying. If you’re attending school or a university, you obviously already have a notebook for school stuff. So why not make it more fun? Add stickers, color, and things you need to improve on!
•A journal for your career. This is especially useful if you run a business. Here, you can keep track of important dates, meetings, finances, and more!
•A journal for bills, taxes, and your house. This might sound boring, but it can be very useful! You can write yourself reminders, when you paid for utilities, etc.
•A journal for your sports/hobbies. If you enjoy soccer, swimming, gymnastics, biking, knitting, or art, this would be perfect for you. Whenever you do your sport or hobby, you can write about what you did, what you learned, and how you’ll better your skills. This is a fun way to keep track of progress and achievements!
•A pregnancy journal. It’s okay if you’re already 7 or 8 months along in your pregnancy. It’s never too late to start a pregnancy journal (unless of course, you have already given birth). Write either to your baby or just for yourself. Put in pictures of your ultrasounds, your baby bump, name ideas, etc!
•A journal for your children. Write down everything and give it to your child when she/he turns 18. Keep track of the dates when they lost their first tooth, got an award, broke their first bone, made their first friend, etc! Document everything! Include pictures of your child, schoolwork and drawings created by him/her, and more! Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a journal like that from when you were growing up? You could find out the exact date when you lost your first tooth, or took your first steps or said your first words. Even if your kid is already 13, start one now!
•A journal shared with someone else. Get a journal and pick someone to share it with. Whether it’s a sibling, parent, spouse, cousin, or friend, this will be a great way to keep memories. Write notes to each other, attach pictures of each other, write down funny conversations, and more! Did you get married to this person on July 7th? Write it! Did you meet this person on Christmas Eve? Write it! If the person lives far away, you can mail the book back and forth instead of using individual cards.
•A journal to your lost loved one. Keep a journal where you write to your friend, family member, or pet who passed away. This is very therapeutic and it can help you through your time of grief.
•A journal for lists. Keep lists of your favorite music, movies, books, places, and video games so you can see how your preferences change over time.
•A journal for signatures and autographs. Keep a journal full of signatures and autographs written by family members, friends, or even celebrities! It would be awesome to have a book full of their own personal handwriting to you.
•A journal for your budget. Keep track of your savings, spendings, and earnings!
•A journal for reviews. If you read a book or watch a movie, write a review of it in your journal and rate it.
•An heirloom journal. You can be the start of it! Keep a journal and pass it down from generation to generation and allow your family members to write whatever they want in it. Imagine if you found a journal that was written by your previous ancestors who were your great great great great grandparents? Way too cool!
•A journal for wish lists. Write things you plan on buying in the future. Whether cheap or expensive. Keep a list of songs you want to download, books you want to buy, and more.
•A vent journal. Use this journal whenever you’re feeling a strong emotion. Extreme anger or sadness or fear? Take it out on the pages! Scribble, rant, write angry notes you’ll never send, draw dark pictures, or just vent. SCREAM on those pages and let it out!
Happy journaling! And if you know any more, just comment it down below :)

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I'm pretty sure Dark is just Damien. He trapped us in the mirror, and Celine could only send him back... right?

Maybe! It’s all very open to interpretation. :)

This is just how I took it, not intended as a “right” answer or anything: 

I interpreted Celine and Damien in some combination, because of the colors they each have in the darkness, when they’re both standing over the Mark-body, like they’re two pieces of a whole. They also have a sort of heaven/hell dichotomy in their names, which strengthened that interpretation, for me. 

In chapter three, Celine shows us that she has occult experience, although her conversation on the stairs with Damien hints that it’s a newer part of her life–“I just had my eyes opened”–which raises the possibility of inexperience and losing control of the stuff she’s tampering with. Which could bite us, when she’s trying to send us back, especially if Damien’s got some darker impulses, which seem to come through in a slightly sinister undertone when he speaks to us. 

At the end of Chapter 3, Celine has that paranormal-something moment, and we see the blue/red at her edges that we typically associate with Darkiplier. After that, she’s gone, and so is Damien, and they’re sort of paired off in the narrative from then on. Even the groundskeeper, as he exits, makes a comment about “if you had half a brain.” And–admittedly minor–while Damien’s hair is swept back, Celine’s hair falls in the same way Dark’s does, which was how he differed from Mark during the Date With Markiplier series.

When we “wake up,” after the Colonel runs off, we reach out for Damien’s cane, first with a woman’s hand–as the Colonel’s distorted voice says “Celine?”–then, after a redblue-reality-blip, with a man’s hand. And then we look into the mirror and find that we’re Darkiplier.

I’m not sure whether our character was swept up into Darkiplier along with Celine and Damien, or whether we were trapped. That bit, I haven’t quite settled on an interpretation, although I’m leaning toward saying we’re part of the whole. Perhaps the screaming part that occasionally breaks through the Darkiplier facade.

Not only are the effects and filming legitimately well-executed, but the narrative also gives so much to play with in terms of hints, callbacks, lore, and theory-material. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and it seems like everyone else is, too. X3 Anyway, that’s just where my interpretation is, at the moment! 

sketchy sketch

guro is very interesting, but i prefer it mild and not too hardcore~

And saturated colors make it pretty good (for me) I’m inspired by Dangan Ronpa (esp. with the eyes and the color of the blood-)

just a small experiment because guro is very interesting (thanks magenta-) its unusual for me to get into these kind of stuff.

(also used FireAlpaca for this. Its not so bad ;w; i need to work on a few stuff)

sketchysketchingsketcher  asked:

Hey I've been struggling with my art for a long while, both in drawing and coloring equally, but I really wanna learn how to color well instead of just whipping out lineart and posting it. How would you say it's the best approach to coloring an art piece? I'm a photoshop user (I think you are too, sorry if I get this wrong XD) so from your knowledge of this software: What's the best way to color/How do YOU color?

I don’t know what’s the best way to color but I do it like this!  And here’s how I do colored lines.

I use a shadow layer on top of my lines+flats and almost always start with big gradient shadows first and add details on the same layer afterwards. (Also I adjust shadow layer color and properties in the process because digital art is magic and you can change stuff halfway in, wheee!)

I add light, texture, color correct and that kinda fancy stuff afterwards.

But yeah I just stack a bunch of layers on top of each other for shading. (Hence why my flat painting-paintings are all b/w lol - I suck at colors otherwise!)
I’m gonna be one of those artists who say “don’t shade with black”. Sorry. Imo it’s muddy and boring looking <___<

I do a mix of hard and soft shadows. You’ll have to experiment with your brushes to find the ones best for the job. I use a PS default soft airbrush and my inker brush. I know some artists use the lasso tool+fill for cel shading.

I hope this made sense! :D Tbh the tutorials I linked probably answer more of your questions than this post itself…

supremeleader-kokichi  asked:

How do you go about lineless drawings? I really love the way you draw them, and I wanna know what technique you use because I usually find lineless to be difficult, I'm quite jealous ;-;

hmm! i dont think there’s anything particularly special about my process, my technique is mainly a result of the brush i use, which is squarish and kinda textured so i end up with a lot of angles n such. but i’ll go thru what i do anyway!

so obviously i start with a sketch. my sketches are really rough because visualizing stuff kinda comes easy to me so i dont need to lay too much detail up front. but it’s as totally useful to make a really tight sketch before you add color!

then i lower its opacity and block out colors reeeeally rough. just to get an idea for a palette. this is probs where you should be considering light source (at least a lil, i know i neglect that a lil too much too pfft) 

since its so rough its easy to paint over and switch in and out colors so i find somethin’ i like

when i’m p happy with the colors i then go to detailing!

during this stage i have the sketch really light and im constantly flipping it on and off to get a better feel for how the actual drawing will look till im drawing without the sketch

and really from there it’s just more detailing! till i get somethin like this

not too complicated! i think it’d be useful for you to experiment with different brushes to find a lineless style you like drawing with, which is what i did to get here. because lineless can look so different from drawing to drawing depending on what you’re using. i hope that helps in some way!!

squabblesquanch  asked:

hey i just started doing pixel art a few days ago and i'm using a program called clip studio paint- do you know how i could get that dithering/gradient thing going on for skies and other stuff?

I do all my gradients manually, pixel by pixel.

You could experiment a little with using gradient tools and then saving as a limited-color gif or png? It will look a little more “manufactured,” but can actually be a pretty good way to learn about dithering patterns and which ones you like (or don’t like).

So I saw these posts here, and decided to write something.

Hell’s Studio belongs to @doodledrawsthings

Even though he’d never admit it, Sammy liked working for Joey Drew. Sure, the man had the self-preservation instincts of a lemming, but he was patient and understanding towards his employees. However, because Joey had the self-preservation of a lemming, he was prone to doing things that had disastrous consequences for the people around him. The ink machine had been one of those decisions that had resulted in consequences for people other than Joey. Namely Sammy himself. The cartoons that had sprung from it, those Sammy didn’t mind. It was the constant leakage of the machine that got on his nerves. It seemed like every day his work was ruined because ink bled through the ceiling and drenched his clothing and music sheets. He had gone through so many shirts he’d stopped wearing anything nice to the office. 

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favorite fanfic scenes in no particular order
stay in place (sing a chorus)

“The rain,” Tyler says.
Josh nods, slowly.
“It’s like…” Tyler pauses, searching for the word.
“Crisper,” Josh says.
“Exactly,” Tyler says, nodding.
“Almost like…” Josh frowns, “red? Maybe?”
“Mostly,” Tyler says. “With a hint of orange.”
“Orange, right.” Josh points at Tyler. “That’s right. I keep forgetting that one.”
“A lot of things are orange, though,” Tyler says, frowning.
“Not where I’m from,” Josh says darkly. “Everything’s just blue-black there.”
Tyler winces. “I can’t even imagine that.”
“Don’t,” Josh says firmly. He shakes his head. “Don’t even try.”