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When you began, all those years ago, sailing off to see the universe, did you ever think you’d become this?

this is one of my favorite moments from him, just everything, the line is perfect, because he did try to stop, and he failed, he keeps getting pulled back in, he keeps fighting, he becomes a hero to those he saves, and a monster to those he fights, and you can see it on his face that he doesn’t want to be a montster,he doesn’t want to be the reason the daleks have grown stronger, he doesn’t want to be the type of person who causes this kind of fear, but he knows he is, and it kills him, i just love the eleventh doctor so much, matt’s performance is amazing.


m-Aster theory: what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive

As Hanna says have you ever tried to untangle spaghetti? 

This is not so much a theory as all the information being tied together.

Combining the meliss-A connection and the wren f-Actor, i think these two are heavily linked to each other, the liars and possibly Alison. I have reason to believe they are the two the psychic boy was talking about.

 a man and woman with dark hair are trying to hurt Ali

“I’m surprised Spencer hasn’t figured it out” -Alison Dilaurentis 

Wren: “I know a doctor that can get you on the pill without your mom knowing” -Alison Dilaurentis

Boardshorts: He could be board shorts (he is seen wearing some in the pilot!)

Also he has money (a fancy apartment, nice suits etc) which could fund everything A has and does and he likes younger girls (see: spencer) so he could of had a thing with Alison

Mental Illness: He mentioned his dad has a mental illness which means it could also be hereditary and could explain his obsession with Ali

Radley: He has access to everyone in Radley, he could help get Mona in and out and he also helped Cece visit. 

Suits: He owns suits which head -A apparently does 

Drugs: He has access to drugs and the girls have been drugged many times

Connections: Cece, Melissa, Mona AND HE IS DRAWING VIVIAN DARKBLOOM/REDCOAT (or is that meant to be melissa?) 

Doctor: He’s known for “playing with body parts” as A put it 

British: the british spelling of Nosey 

Hopkins: was written on a box of -As which is a medical institution

OCD: All the -A hoodies and suits are lined up very precisely. Spencer jokes about him having OCD when she goes to his apartment.

Vodka: A drinks vodka as does Wren

Writing: He capitalises his letters and writes in red pen, just like -A (also he forgot the G)

Motels: He stays at motels (earlier in the seasons) and we know A has a thing for seclusion and motels.

Piano: Wren has a piano in his house and A plays the piano

Funeral: he was at Alison’s funeral..WHY?

4x03: song about shoulder bones and hip bones

Alison: Ali mentions knowing a doctor that can get Emily the pill- WREN?

Co-owner: and what is this business/apartment that involves him and Melissa?

Drawings: The drawing Wren has looks very similar to the drawing in Ezra’s friends apartment, could they be working together?

Melissa: “Girls fight much dirtier than boys” -Alison Dilaurentis

Melissa says she is trying to protect Spencer..but from whom? I think from Wren which i will go into in the wren f-Actor

-Hide and Seek: There are several references to hide and seek and that was apparently Melissa and Spencer’s game to play.

-Queen of Hearts: Melissa admitted to being the queen of hearts (AND THE BLACK SWAN) and she was the one who drugged Aria (who do we know that has access to drugs? WREN) 

Toffee: There is that random toffee reference that Mona makes and Melissa is eating (even though aria tells her the flavour she is the one eating it)

Mask: she had a mask just like Alison’s

Wren: she was the one who started out dating wren, she can get drugs from him and there’s this random housing connection. 

Connections: Cece, Wilden, Alison and Melissa were all in Cape May. 

Noel: Noel Kahn was seen at Camp Mona wearing a black hoodie.

He also pointed to knowing Ezra is A.

Stamp: Noel hosted parties with the weird symbol and several characters such as Holden and Maya attended these parties. 

Ian & Garret: Ian was with Melissa, hooking up with Ali, kissing Spencer and ended up dead. Garrett was helping out Melissa, trying to reveal stuff to Spencer and ended up dead–Melissa could of been the one trying to stop them. Is Jason next? 

Cece: A team, red coat and spotted in Ezra’s lair, this vixen also shot Wilden and i can’t help but think maybe she’s trying to help Ali..She seems a bit unhinged and i think she may have a twin.

Radley: Alison’s mum mentioned Cece showing up at radley pretending to be her which makes me think she either has a personality disorder or is just crazy.

Maya: Miss Aria Your A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife MAYA KNEW..did she know Ali is alive or did she figure out who A is? 

Maya was staying at Noels cabin which makes me think maybe it was Ali’s hideout at some point seen as Noel and Ali were chummy. (Possibly)

Ezra: Helper or Haunter? I don’t know whether he’s after Alison or trying to help her but he may also have a connection to Wren, perhaps they are A team. 

My Ezra theory is that he is writing a novel about Alison but we will see!

Cape May-We know that Cece, Jenna, Alison, Wilden and Melissa were all at Cape May which makes me think something big went down and maybe the NAT videos captured something that involved most of them.

Possibly where Alison met Wren or Ezra (maybe one of them got her pregnant)

Radley- Wren works at Radley, Toby was let into Radley when Mona was there as was Lucas. Spencer and Toby’s mum also spent time there. Cece drake pretended to be Alison and showed up there.

TWIN THEORY: On the pass that wren approved for cece it has a different patient code than Hanna so she wasn’t visiting mona.. she might have been visiting a twin 

Connections: Mona is A, she dated Noel, Noel was friends with Alison, housed Maya and Noel also dated jenna, jenna was seen talking with wilden in the first secret and was also in cape may, jenna and cece also share a knowing glance one episode, jenna knows shana and also was seen conspiring with Melissa, Shana also was seen in Wren’s apartment for some reason, also seen with Mona and she knows Paige. Wren knows Melissa, Spencer and from the hospitals interacts with Mona AND WILDEN, he also let cece drake into Radley.

Random things: Lucas seems to be the one that was manipulated by A which makes me wonder which other people in Rosewood have also been manipulated. 

Alison and Spencer’s family: WHAT IS UP WITH MRS D AND MR H? It seems like there is more to Alison’s family then we know and i think Peter Hastings also knows about this. 

NAT: Everyone wanted the NAT videos that I’m guessing Alison got a hold of and something in those videos had everyone running scared. 

Helpers: Lucas, Shana, Mona, Cece. I’m not sure if these guys are being blackmailed into helping A but I’m not sure if they are power players. 

Older Guys: Ali had a thing for older guys, question is if she wasn’t seeing Ian at that golf club then who was she staying with..Ezra? Wren? 


I think that Wren is head -A with the help of Melissa or the other way around. I’m not sure The Ezra and Cece connection seem weird and from Ezra & Ali’s past I don’t know if he would help or harm her. Cece was spotted in Ezra’s ‘lair’ which yet again makes me feel like Cece has a twin so there’s one helping Ali and one against her.  I feel like there is a possibility wren and ezra are working together or possibly against each other I’m not sure which but maybe one person is helping alison and the other is harming, same as Cece/potential twin.

I’m not sure HOW wren would know Alison (perhaps he was at that flashback party) but Ali liked hanging with older people. I believe one of them [Ezra/Wren] is board shorts. *Now we know Ezra is. 

 I know that shana, jenna, melissa and noel are also involved in the A drama and also obviously jason, wilden, garret and ian were/are all involved somehow.

I think that something went down at a party [at cape may, the flashback party or noels party] that these people attended and they were caught on camera causing everyone to freak out after Alison stole the videos. I think A is trying to keep Alison quiet (something on those videos must have been killing for) plus Ali can be well a bit of a bitch. 


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Cam: Fight me

Alli: You’re just an ugly bully

Eli: I think I attract death

Becky?Vanessa?: I don’t need to see you to get pregnant again (?)

Whatever Degrassi you think you know is wrong

Katie: I really want to apologize for Vegas

Eli: You do drugs and get naked

Cam: I just wish I could go to sleep and never wake up