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@milkykorean​ i hear you’re having trouble trying to figure out where to start with ikon so I thought I’d make a post that basically outlines each member :’) also for anyone who’s new to the fandom tbh


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  • Oldest member
  • from Jeju Island 
  • Mom friend
  • Super sensitive
  • Takes care of the other members
  • Bobby refered to him as “tsundere”
  • He is 165 cm tall 
  • “Looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you”
  • His voice is A+++++++++
  • likes to be called “Sexy” 
  • also known as the fairy
  • hips dont lie
  • i can see him as being the next taeyang
  • can sing and dance and is fucking hot okay 
  • i love jinhwan truly he is amazing pls dont carry all your troubles alone jinhwan ily ok
  • is friends with AOA’s Jimin
  • team b member


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  • Addicted to lip balm
  • Got Nivea to sponsor YG 
  • His family owns a BBQ place
  • He joined YG with Junhwe 
  • One of the vocalists - voice of an angel
  • Actual cinnamon roll
  • Said he wants to open a cafe in 10 years
  • Known as the “Prince” of the group
  • His birthday is tomorrow : )
  • aka chef yoyo
  • pretty weird tbh
  • chicken dances
  • was so worried about his voice but jinhwan helped him back in team b days
  • he’s honestly really princely but really dorky and down to earth 
  • the guy you would bring home to meet your parents
  • team b member


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  • aka Bobby
  • be careful of his jawline
  • it will cut you his jawline is beautiful
  • he thinks he’s ugly but says it’s okay if youre not the most handsome you can always be really cute
  • which is cute to say but he’s really not ugly he’s beautiful ok bobby pls love yourself
  • Joined YG with B.I and Jinhwan aka The Golden Trio
  • Can’t keep his shirt on for more than 5 minutes
  • Loves his mom a lot
  • Bought her a house at 19 
  • Moved to Virginia
  • Won SMTM3
  • Featured in Hi Suhyun’s “I’m Different” 
  • honestly that was the video where i gave into my Bobby feels
  • Writes amazing lines *pls see lines in Apology bc best part of song
  • Composed WINNER’s debut song with B.I (Empty)
  • people say he’s an ass
  • actually is an angel on earth
  • got out of the car with masta wu to help an old lady who was having trouble
  • super fucking humble
  • mood maker
  • team b member


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  • aka B.I
  • boop 
  • has a sister that’s 15 years younger, Hanbyul
  • Leader
  • i am in love with him he is so precious his smile is just ugh
  • has a RBF but is actually an awkward 96-liner
  • Hasn’t dated in 20 years of his life
  • Writes most of the songs - they come from his imagination
  • aka genius (i’m not hanbin biased i swear)
  • perfectionist, short-tempered
  • joined mari and i just to interact with animals
  • precious baby
  • did i mention he was awkward
  • very hard-working tho
  • part of the dumb and dumber pairing with Junhwe
  • he’s really such a sweetheart and he’s such a great brother to his sister ugh hanbin how why 
  • he wore sunglasses inside once and went wow it’s so dark in here and it’s just like no shit hanbin
  • part of DOUBLE B with Bobby
  • team b


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  • no one really knows what to put for his name tbh 
  • it’s like another kris wu/wu yifan/li jiaheng/etc.
  • he likes to pretend he’s fucking cool
  • but he’s also an awkward baby
  • i am so in love with him he’s my bias what a babe right
  • part of the dumb and dumber team with hanbin
  • is a little shit
  • his voice is fucking amazing tho
  • like damn what a voice it’s so different
  • he is 185 cm 
  • composed RHYTHM TA with B.I
  • watch this perfection of him singing
  • he’s seen as sassy and moody and very sensitive even though he tries not to show it
  • but he’s a cutie
  • and he’s pretty standoffish with people but is really close with Jinhwan
  • honestly the cutest relationship with Jinhwan
  • once had a hickey at the airport
  • originally was a dancer but then he moved onto singing so he’s amazing
  • you should watch his acting clip what a cutie
  • refuses to be referred to as a maknae so threw that title onto chanwoo and donghyuk
  • team b member 

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^this is my otp okay even tho i ship junhwe with everyone coughs


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  • maknae
  • tall af 185 cm
  • was a child actor
  • the “added member” to team b
  • must be protected at all costs
  • he is a baby 
  • slowly fitting the mold of the evil maknae
  • is known as the Jerry to Bobby’s Tom
  • really likes hanbin bc hanbin takes care of him
  • his voice has gotten so much better look at this
  • also just watch this because he’s amazing my son is so amazing
  • he goes from looking like a baby to a model depending on his hairstyle
  • he’s squishy i love him so should you


Team B/iKON dance compilation

Bang Bang Bang cover @ iKONCERT

The MAMA 15 performance where I finally accepted being iKON trash

Hanbin Arms and Jinhwan Stripping (MM - Rocket and Hot in Herre)

Yoyo, Jinhwan and Junhoe have beautiful sisters

GDRAGON wrote a song but thought it didn’t fit well with Big Bang so he gave it to iKON bc he thought it suited them wayy better. it’s an amazing son 13/10 would recommend

Honestly my favorite RHYTHM TA perf esp yoyo’s adlib


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I was nervous about having picked the wrong class at first going in completely blind, but I’m actually really liking Infiltrator now that I’m playing with the abilities more and trying to snipe when I can. I still want to try the class that is weapons and biotics (is that Vanguard? I think it is…) but I’m liking the tech disrupting abilities. It’s been coming in serious handy when there’s an enemy with a powerhouse weapon.

The upsetting thing is I’m currently on Feros, which is apparently infamously buggy for having your companions just go brain dead and stop following you like they should. I had to face a room with three Krogans BY MYSELF.

-sees coldplay h8 on the dash-
you can leave now

The most irritating thing about Jasper’s breakdown and selfish, self-destructive behavior over Maia is that he’s acting like he’s the only one who’s been through a terrible experience. We’ve seen all of those kids lose or hurt someone they loved in horrible ways. Octavia had to shoot Lincoln and watch him die before Clarke resuscitated him, Bellamy thought Octavia was in TonDC when the bomb was aimed at it, Monty watched his best friend get a spear through the chest and dragged away, Raven watched the boy she loved fall in love with another girl, then watch that girl kill him. Clarke straight up killed him??? Clarke had to make the decision to sacrifice Octavia in TonDC, and then was betrayed by the girl she loved.

These kids have seen and done some horrifying shit and they have had to keep going. The fact that Jasper is allowing himself to mourn isn’t exactly the problem. It’s that he’s being so reckless and putting other people in danger because he’s mourning. He’s acting like he’s the only damn kid who’s been damaged since they landed.


Leonardo DiCaprio accepts the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for ‘The Revenant’ at the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (January 30th, 2016).


some JJBA sketches i did today ;;; i feel really rusty haha

And then he realized; Ronan wouldn’t make the first move, because Ronan Lynch would never do anything unless he was five hundred percent certain that Adam wanted it.  And the truth was, he would never be certain. (x)


Worked on some Ford expressions. We were having a conversation I guess.

You aren’t missing out much on the dialogue.

He’s a dirty memer after all.


heroes reborn: s01e13 ─ project reborn
“So the question is, who are they? You want to know who they are? They’re somebody’s sister, somebody’s brother, daughter, son, grandchild. See, you people want them to be extraordinary. But they’re not. They couldn’t be more ordinary. The only thing extraordinary is that they got a chance to be heroes. They didn’t think about themselves. They just did the right thing. And now they just want to be left alone. So they can scratch out some small purpose that can give their life some meaning, community, hope, like all the rest of us. And when that darkness rolls in, and it will, they’ll be here, ready for the call, up for the task, without us even having to ask. See, this is just the beginning, man, an awakening. And now my eyes are open, wide open. They were here to save us. So you want to know who they are? Look in the mirror. They’re you, they’re me, on our best day. So there you go. That’s who they are.”

okay but can you imagine one direction listening to the radio together on a road trip?

like you have liam who would be doing all of these crazy falsettos or maybe he’ll mix it up and start beat boxing and rapping, it just kind of depends on the tune. and then you’d have louis, who i feel like sings along when he knows the words to the songs and he likes the song, but otherwise he’ll just listen along and dance a little bit if he’s feeling it. and then you have niall, who knows the words to E V E R Y song on the radio and you don’t even know how he knows the words to every song from every genre but he does and he never misses a beat. and then you have harry who knows N O N E of the words to any of the songs but he pretends he does and he sings REALLY loud except they’re all the wrong lyrics like for starships he’d be like, “LET’S GO TO THE BEACH BEACH!!! LET’S GO CATCH A WHALE!!!” and then you can never listen to the song again because you just have his lyrics in your head and sometimes he messes up on purpose solely for that reason with that little grin on his face you know the one

anonymous asked:

Thank you for the Blackwall post! You mention many of his positives but can you point me his negatives? I go too far one way or the other when I write. (Sorry for my bad englis, I hope you understand my meaning!)

you’re welcome, and your english is fine. i’ll try to keep this simple if i can. disclaimer: i took blackwall with me everywhere. along with dorian and cole, he was a constant companion, so i got to know him quite well. that said, i’m no literary expert and this is just my interpretation/observation. 

  • he’s judgemental. he’s quick to make comments and assumptions about other companions, and isn’t particularly subtle about letting them know either. i found this most evident with his dorian banter, whom he pins immediately as preening, superficial and callous. that said, he is not overly stubborn and his mind can be changed (again demonstrated by later dorian banters in which he acknowledges dorian isn’t like that, apologises for being an ass, and they get along reasonably well).
  • definite martyr complex. this much is evident through his whole “assuming blackwall’s identity and living in self imposed exile”. what happened while he was captain destroyed him, and he is determined to die on a hill for it. this lapses into self pity that borders on self obsession. you can see this in his vivienne banters too, where he is convinced she loathes him and tries to goad her into scorning or mocking him when in reality, she (apparently) just doesn’t care. post revelations, there’s a lot of this with all the companions, a sort of “go on, tell me i’m scum, everyone hates me anyway” thing. it comes across as emotional masochism sometimes.
  • he bares a pretty big grudge against anyone he considers aristocratic or snobbish, despite the fact as a captain of the orlesian army he was certainly rubbing elbows with them for many years. i’m assuming this is because he blames the Game, ser chapuis, duke gaspard, etc for what happened with lord callier’s family (and rainier’s men). pretty understandable but i guess counts as a fault, maybe?
  • overly cautious, lacks curiosity, is generally suspicious. he totally doesn’t trust cole at the beginning (though soon develops a close relationship with him), or dorian. he grouses a little when you take him to strange new places, or when you pick up things like shards. he is very wary of things he doesn’t know or recognise.
  • prone to putting people on pedestals, a combination of his low self esteem and overly romantic inclinations. he thinks gordon blackwall (a man he knew for all of a few days) and the grey wardens (an organisation he knows zero about) to be brave paragons of goodliness, and if the inquisitor has a good relationship with him he considers them to be untouchably wonderful, basically. his romance is 90% “i’m not worthy of you (please step on me)”.

there are possibly more but since i like him so much, its hard to come up with them objectively. laid out like this he sounds terrible but no, he’s a good man. he’s kind and lonely and funny. i love blackwall.

Patsy x Delia: These 2 Secret Lovebirds....

Trixie knows about Pats x Deels?

Phyllis knows about Pats x Deels?

Barb & Shelagh know about Pats x Deels?

Surely the always-observant Sister Julienne already knows….

Let’s see, shall we?

Look how excited Barb is about the prospect of Deels moving into Nonnatus House (under the same roof as Pats!)

Phyllis, Sister Mary Cynthia & Sister Winifred are equally happy about the prospect of Deels moving into Nonnatus House (under the same roof as Pats!)

Sister Julienne is, obvs! Why, she was the one who suggested it in the first place, ffs! :D

Yup, it’s set. Delia is moving in with Patsy….I mean, into Nonnatus House! Pats can heave a sigh of relief now!

**Look at Barbara! What a sweetie! Genuine happiness (for these lovebirds)!!**


Honestly!! Could these 2 lovebirds BE any cuter & more adorable?!?!!?

*Just look at Sister Mary Cynthia, tho! Genuine happiness (for these lovebirds)!*

p.s. I have to say that I simply LOVE that the writers are taking their time with this relationship. Loving the slow-burn! I’d rather they took their time to develop their relationship so the depth of it seeps into everyone’s psyche so inevitably that they can’t help but root for them as the show progresses throughout the show, than rushing into it because what’s next after “reaching the top” (so to speak!) so fast, you know? :) I just wanna see more of Delia: at work, her growing relationship with Patsy, her interactions & friendship with the others in Nonnatus House.

Basically hoping for Kate Lamb to be a regular on the show! That’s it. :)