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some warmup sketches from earlier this month!! i usually forget to post these and they get buried under wips ;;  


wow boredom has it’s perks

anonymous asked:

Why are people in the world such fucking babies? Like oh my god. Me personally I don't understand emotions because I really don't get them and I have to mimic what I see on tv, movies, and with my friends. I've just never understood why people complain and bitch so much like Jesus can everyone really just shut the fuck up and get the fuck over themselves.

People are entitled to feel and act however they want to, because all feelings are subjective and everyone has different tolerances and reacts differently to situations. So just because something seems like a small thing to you, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a huge thing to them, you know?


Gotta Catch ’Em All

If @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil were pokemon trainers for the new #PokemonSunMoon (AU)

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yoongi from tonights stream ( c. )

Third Wheel

“I’m going to be the one stuck with this fucking article, I can already tell.”

Clark did not look particularly sympathetic to Lois’ plight. He rarely did. “What makes you so sure?”

“You couldn’t write a celebrity puff piece if you tried,” she said. “Just-The-Facts Kent, here to discuss the latest gossip with a list of citations three feet long and an aside about the latest studies on monogamous behavior in bonobos.”

“Bonobos aren’t usually monogamous.”

“See? That’s exactly what I mean.”

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A LOOK!!!!! AN ICON!!!!!!!!

I love Jeon Wonwoo.

I think the reason I love Jack so much is just his passion and dedication. Under all of his jokes and high school humor is someone who is so passionate about what he does.
I love the way he talks so fondly of the fans and his three best friends. I love his willingness to do silly little things to make someone smile and all of the dumb little jokes he makes that you would expect to hear in a high school hallway. I love the way he talks about how much the fans mean to him.
Most importantly, I love the look on his face every single time they perform, it being so obvious that this is where he is meant to be and that no matter what he never regrets starting that little band in high school. 

at least i wasnt the only one in the theater having an emotional breakdown during civil war bc there were a dozen or more that were gasping and making noises along with me 

like when rhodey hit the ground there was legitimate concern coming from everyone, omg

So, since this happened in the last chap -shironeki’s return-

I really want that, instead of:

We get something like:


kindred spirits

notes; gajeel through lily’s eyes

They meet as enemies; as two men on opposite sides of a war neither of them have any real business being a part of, determined to strike the other down because they’re warriors, born and bred, and that’s all they know.

He’s been in countless battles before this one - been fighting a one-sided war for so long, he can’t even remember why - so he knows, perhaps better than most, just how unpredictable war can be. Yet his fight with Gajeel manages to throw him completely because it is the very definition of unconventional.

They bond - unbelievably in the throngs of battle; bruised, beaten and bloodied - over their mutual incongruency, over their inability to fit in anywhere, both so blatantly squeezing themselves into spaces that are too small, too wrong, in the desperate hope that maybe - maybe - if they try hard enough, they’ll be able to exist in a space where they truly belong.

There’s a hardened look in Gajeel’s eyes, a determined steel that cuts through to the very marrow of Lily’s bones as he laughs and declares with all the certainty in the world ‘I’m making this guy my cat.’

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm kinda hopping on the jonsa train

It’s just that after everything Sansa has been through, I always hoped she would end up with someone as kind and gentle as Jon. But now that they’re reunited and having all these cute/meaningful moments together, I’m actually wondering, why not Jon himself? Like they’re most likely not even sibilings (r+l=j)..