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ah i just remembered something! i was out yesterday wearing my wolf shirt and a random person complimented it! i was so tempted to be like "hahaha yeah its a wild life wearing this" and seeing what happened but i missed the opportunity!


They probably would have just stared at you if you said that, haha! 

We need a code phrase so we know each other in public. Everyone, just start saying “I COULD GO FOR SOME FRESH WAFFLES!” and see if it works. :P

Back To Basics *Tony Stark x Avengers x Reader*

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(Requested by @matteblackvevo) Hi! i was watching rdj play charlie chaplin and omfg he looked so good so i was wondering if you could possibly do an avengers x reader request where tony fucks up a lab experiment and ends up making himself look 20 years younger and it lasts a week 
Warnings: Swearing 
Admins Note: Okay, I changed it slightly to not just appearance but like his mind is reverted back also, so he believes he is in his twenties still! And it’s all just him not really believing how much better his life had gotten, how cool his friends are and the fact… he is Iron Man! Him as Charlie Chaplin was amazing, love it… his old movie Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang also is one of my favourites. 

“You seriously need to see Lord of The Rings, it’s amazing and just…ugh” you gush to Steve as you walk to the common room where everyone was called by Bruce, well Jarvis but he was ordered by Bruce, it sounded urgent so yourself and Steve left the training room together. You walked into the common room where Bruce was pacing with everyone else looking at him, all slightly worried and concerned, once you both stepped inside he let out a sigh and told you both to sit down. 
“What’s going on?” Steve asked him, Bruce held up a hand for everyone to be silent as he thought of how to word his sentences, he never thought in his life he would be saying what he is about to say. 

“So, Tony has been in the lab for a while” he begins “working on a few experiments and… one has gone… badly” they all frown “basically, he fucked up and he is now reverted back to being in his twenties” everyone slowly goes wide-eyed as they look at him “he doesn’t remember the past twenty years, just that he is out of college, his parents are newly dead and he has to step up and become CEO of Stark Industries” it’s silent as he finally sits down and lets out the longest sigh. 
“Is it permanent?” Natasha asked him, he shakes his head lightly, smiling as he did so.
“Thankfully it’s not, I had Jarvis run tests on everything downstairs, no more than a week, two is max” and everyone nods at him “he’s in the opposite room, wanna see him?” he asked and everyone jumped up and followed him to the kitchen. You had all seen photo’s of Tony, heard stories of him being young but you never thought you’d witness it, yet here you are about to see the real-life young Stark and you were madly excited for it. 

He sat at the kitchen counter, spinning back and forth on his chair, no facial hair at all and that freaked you out! Glasses upon his face, hair not as dark and styled completely different, he looked so pure and not aged by stress or what he has seen. He looked up and at everyone, eyes slightly wide but full of concern and confusion, he was silent and was waiting for someone to talk rather than himself. 
“Why is he wearing glasses?” You asked.
“He wore them for a couple years, or so Jarvis tells me” Bruce whispers to you “Tony this is the team, the people I was explaining to you” he nods as he waves slightly at everyone “I spent an hour convincing him what has happened, all he knows is, he did badly on a experiment and that he works here” you all nod slowly. 
“I’m Natasha Romanoff, that’s Clint Barton, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), Thor, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff” she gestures to the team members “and…” cut off by Tony himself.
“Steve Rogers, I know my dad used to rave about you” Steve nods, eyebrows raised slightly, Tony had never really touched on the subject about his father to Steve and he told Steve never to bring it up either. It was silent for a long while 

“Wait… I’m a superhero?” He asked looking at the Iron Man suit in front of him, everyone nodded, he was staring at the suit in amazement “I made this?” he asked himself in wonder, touching the suit in wonder, he grinned as he looked around the lab “and I made this place for us?” he asked and you nodded at him. 
“You also made a lot of weapons for us, you are leading the person in clean energy plus technology” Steve tells him, Tony nods picking stuff up and looking at it in wonder, not really paying attention to anything Steve was saying to him. 
“Wait” Tony stops “I am fucking superhero, fighting alongside Captain Fucking America, I’m still a billionaire and my girlfriend is hot?” Referring to Pepper, you had showed him pictures to which he grinned and high-fived himself basically. You nodded, he looked at a picture of the team altogether, it was taken a few months ago and hanging on the wall “I am hot as Hell too, man I am living” he grinned as you chuckled “my life really got better” he sighed as he looked at the picture in equal amazement. 
“Well, we are all friends, I like to call us a family sometimes” you shrugged and he turned, Steve was sat watching you both, he found it oddly amusing at how Tony was taking this all in “I mean yourself and Steve argue a lot but I think it’s because you are both leaders, strong males who just has very strong opinions” you smile and he nods.


Tony had followed Bruce around through most of the week, asking questions and he kept requesting to go into the suits, Jarvis locked them down so hard that no one could get to them. Tony had asked questions to Steve, this was the longest time they had gone without having a disagreement with each other, that would end as soon as he reverted back to his real age but it was nice to see them get along; you prayed Tony would keep this week in mind and not be so hard on Steve. 

You all sat in the kitchen eating breakfast, you beside Wanda and Natasha, Bruce and Steve sat reading newspapers. Clint and Pietro were making bagels, also bacon and Thor was slightly sleeping sat beside Wanda. Tony walked in, yawning and PJ’s still on, glasses upon his face still because he had been up reading late last night. His facial hair was back, dark hair and face aged by laughter, stress and everything he has seen but a new brightness upon his face also. He sat down, frowning as he takes off the glasses and puts them beside his hands, stretching he looks up and see’s everyone looking at him.
“That was on hell of a week” he comments pouring some orange juice into a glass, he was beside Bruce who just smiled at him.
“Good to have you back to normal” Bruce patted his friends shoulder, Tony nodded back, cringing at how he acted at some points; he remembered everything. 
“Thanks (Y/N), for just sticking with me and putting up with me also” he tells you, you shrug with a bright smile, telling him it was nothing and you were just helping a friend. 

Pepper walked in with a grin “Don’t start, Miss Pots” Tony tells her, she holds her hands up in defence, sitting down beside him and Steve who both just chuckled. 
“I will say, it was nice to see you both get along” she looks between Steve and Tony, Tony frowned and nodded. 
“Everything I said was true” he comments “it’s amazing how far I have come, we all have come and back when I was twenty I didn’t ever think I’d be sat here, around a table having breakfast with a superhero team-mates” he smiled at everyone, who all nodded with a small smiles back.
“Friends” Steve corrected putting his paper down, smiling gratefully at Tony, Tony nodded and placed his hand inside Peppers who kissed his cheek.
“Family” you correct both, Pietro patted your shoulder at that, everyone muttering agreements with you. 

“I went back to basics” Tony chuckled “hey, Steve if we give you my failed lab experiment you’d turn into tiny Steve, how cute” Tony grinned and smirked evilly, Steve shot a warning glare at Stark.
“If I wake up smaller than what I am… I will beat you up” he tells him, that only made Tony want to do it more. 

(Hope you enjoyed this, I will edit it later when I have better internet connection. You can request; imagines, one shots and recently- kind Headcanons by myself and Angie. I am taking teenager prompts for my mini-series on Peggy and Becky, so send in some if you have any ideas - Rosalee)

Kim Jongin/Kai Appreciation Post

Just one of the many reasons as to why I consider Kim Jongin a great role model-his respect for everyone he meets,how open minded he is and how he treats people equally,not judging them by their height,weight,nationality,skin tone,etc. Everyone needs to know this side of Kai. He’s not just the charismatic, sexy EXO member you see dancing on stage. No, because Kai is more than that. People need to learn from this boy because he’s a great example of how we should treat people (no matter where they’re from) and how men should treat women (older or younger)

Spread this around as much as you can.

im so tired of people hating on lexa and clarke x lexa and im so tired of femslash being ridiculed and put down for reasons that’d make the same haters go wild and parade for their ship if it was f/m or even m/m. (just saying…)
im so tired of the people who make it their life mission to hate this powerful and beautiful f/f ship (which obviously has insane amounts of chemistry and has kissed on screen…) just to get more solid ground for their f/m ship
im so tired of people coming up with more and more reasons to hate a female character because she gets in the way of their f/m ship :/

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You are such an insesitive ass, if you don't like mafia and how things are then that's too bad. Other people enjoy it so fucking deal with how things are, if you want to ruin it for everyone then just leave the group and ruin things for other people.

You do realize that by sending me this anon hate that you’re only proving the point that mafia is a huge problem in citta, right?

Now normally I wouldn’t give a rats ass about anon hate and delete this message but honestly, I think other people need to see this so they can see that mafia and this group in general has fucking issues. 

I mean for real, didn’t mafia have a HUGE discussion recently about the problems with mafia and how it should be fixed? I’m going to be frank here, I don’t think people are mature enough to be playing mafia and it should be banned all together. 

And that isn’t even half of the problems with the community here: who’s next? You gonna spam anon hate to more people who you don’t like outside of your clique? Gonna vague blog about people on twitter and be insensitive assholes? 

Either way I’m done, I’m not dealing with this all this drama anymore. This group has gotten out of control and I’m not gonna take it. 

Jimin as a Hufflepuff

Now onto Park Jimin as a Hufflepuff

  • Jimin is just s u c h a sweetheart he’d fit in so well
  • Hufflepuffs are all about family and friends
  • They’re really loyal as well
  • Jimin is so supportive of the other boys and he cheers them up whenever they need it and he’d stick by them through anything
  • As mentioned in Jin’s post, Hufflepuffs are hard workers
  • Jimin works so so hard and it shows in how much he’s grown and improved since NMD and with each comeback he just gets better (this goes for all of the boys)
  • Okay but like literally everybody would love him, teachers, students, pure-bloods, half-bloods, everyone
  • I have this head canon that he’d fall for someone in like Slytherin or something and everyone’s so ?? but then they see you together and it’s just !!!
  • Also can we just take a minute to picture Jimin in like a tux with his hair all styled bc he’s going to an important event and he brings you and he’s just so proud and every time someone compliments you he’s just like ikr !!!
  • He’d be amazing at Quidditch bc his dancing abilities would make him that much more graceful and he’d probably be a Seeker tbh bc he’d be so quick
  • He’d probably go on to become a v v important wizard and I just really like this concept I am for this all the way

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Not to bring any sort of negativity out but I looked through an anti blog for the first time and I actually forget that people who don't believe are actually out there. And the ways they go about explaining why Larries are wrong is by all means degrading. I just needed to get that thought out cause blah. So thanks for the vent. xx

Sometimes I check out posts on ONTD to test the limits of my patience and see what het fans are talking about.

What gets to me is that they have such incredibly wrong ideas about our side of the fandom, it’s infuriating (e.g., they think we believe in the Calder triplets theory, that B was a surrogate for H&L, that we blame #management for everything etc. etc.). Everyone who tries to say that they like Louis gets ridiculed, silenced and ostracized. They also link to Tumblr posts on popular Larry blogs, I’m sure this is where some of the angry anons come from.

Also, they believe everything written in the press and are so smug about beliefs. I’ve never seen such levels of ignorance and arrogance at the same time.

Why #The100 Fandom Needs To Take a Chill Pill

I’ve just watched the 100 3x03 and all I have to say is: Ya’ll need to take a chill pill. I understand why everyone’s mad at Clarke for siding with Lexa - the person who betrayed her in the first place. But, Clarke, in the long run, is only trying to help her people. I, personally, am not a shipper of Clexa, more of Bellarke fan myself. But I can see where Clarke is coming from - work with Lexa, and not only with Clarke’s bowing to Lexa (or whatever) help her people, but Lexa as well (although I still think the whole idea is unneeded).

2. Bellamy deserves better. His girlfriend just went up in flames (pun unintended) and the girl he’s secretly hold closest to his heart left him again. The betrayal written on his face is very evident. But what I can’t understand is why everyone’s holding the whole “we did it together” thing against him. I get that Bellamy and Monty were also there in the control room in MW but it wasn’t Bellamy who really pushed the lever. Think of it this was: Clarke was the one in the driver’s seat of the control room, her hand on the lever. But imagine she’s in a car, and Bellamy is simply just the co-pilot wanting to help park because the driver can’t. If they were pulled over for instance, who would get the ticket? Clarke or Bellamy? The driver is the one who is responsible for getting the car to park, not the passenger. 

3. Gina should’ve gotten a better ending the one she got. 


5. After watching this episode I’m offically done with all the BS that’s happening.


Rules of the good fandom

-Keep calm with the assholes (they’re in every fandom I know) or be sarcastic it’s more fun

- Be kind and respectful with other ships also if you don’t ship them

- Be kind and respectful with people that don’t ship anything without screaming on them “BUT IT’S CANON HOW YOU CAN’T SEE IT?” It’s just ehm disturbing and rude

- Help your followers if they need you, for every single thing, also small

- Draw fanart, write fanfiction, reblog things, post your thoughts so everyone can discuss and compare opinions and ideas!

This is what the fandom should be. Not a civil war between ships or between  people that see a Fictional character in different ways 

Everyone is posting about all the wonderful changes they’ve been seeing and it’s so disheartening, especially after such a bad workout day as today. I haven’t seen changes, I still feel the same and look the same, I feel so discouraged I don’t know what to think or do. I’m trying to stay strong but I feel so weak. =\ I just need to remind myself that these changes aren’t purely for aesthetic reasons. I want to feel better, not just look better. I want to be able to run longer and hike longer and swim longer and go on long walks and live longer. It’s about so much more.

I just need to remind myself of that. over, and over, and over…

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All of you original and basically fandom rpers are rude fucking assholes, who really need to stop treating people like they don't matter. Some of them come to your blogs and see how amazing your writing is and then all you do is ignore them when they try and ask you to write with them too. Just because you play a fandom character and you think you know all there is to know about them, does not make you BETTER than the rest of the world.

honestly, what the hell? i have SELECTIVE written on my blog and guidelines for a reason. i can’t write with everyone i just don’t have the energy or the time as i work full time and have a faced past career. you’re jumping to a fuckton of conclusions there too, asshole. you assume if i don’t reply to someone it’s because i think i’m better than them? get a grip! my mother once had to WRITE ME A FUCKING LETTER through the post because i dropped off the face of the earth for a while. was it because i thought i was better than her? oh my fucking god. if i’ve ignored someone i prolly haven’t gotten their message, or it’s been a ‘hi’ and that’s it, or a few other reasons but i don’t owe anybody anything. i come here for FUN. i’m not OBLIGED to write with everyone. if someone comes into my inbox and expresses the desire to plot, however, i’ll always respond if the message has gone through. it might not be instant, but i do. 

i feel incredibly blessed, actually. to have people who would like to write with me, and i do my best to respond eventually. i’m not perfect though and i’ve never claimed to be. nor have i ever claimed to know everything about elijah? like what the actual fuck? you’re making broad sweeping generalizations and coming at me about it. and on anonymous might i add.

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Amy, don't you think it's possible that since Harvey said Louis can decide to take the test at a later date, he was maybe buying the story some time? I think if nothing happens today, that's something we need to consider.

Anonymous said: I’m hoping that since everyone is on the edge of their seats that hopefully something will happen!! I would hate for it not to.


look im harry shrug about the whole thing. if it happens today it happens. if not…oh well. there’s other days. i think people need to just wait and see what plays out.

none of us know the plan so everyone just needs to be patient. i know that sucks but all these guesses of when it could happen are literally just guesses.

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I think it's so funny how everyone loves Ioanaartblogs's dad!lavellan when my lavellan's dad is like an elven god fanatic who hates her and gave her a scar that nearly killed her. I love dad!lavellan, he's a great character, but every time I see more stuff with him I'm just like... "wow my lavellan /really/ needs a dad like that." Long story short, RIP my lavellan for her terrible father.

Ohhhhhhhhhh I know the Dad!Lavellan you speak of, charming mofo that one.. But holyyyyy hell.. what has your Lavellan been through exactly? Your Dad!Lavellan sounds like one messed up mean little cookie o-o and thats bound to be leaving some eternal mental scars on your Lavellan.. An Elven God Fanatic??? like a cultist .. or under the influence of one of said evanuris.. ??? Oh my god is she okay??? How can i rescue her from you her dad? XD 

She sounds like shes been through hell, and.. what are his motivations? what twisted him in such a way??? what is his mindset when he does these things? 

Raewynn has two dads, and both are loving as hell, because i cant bring myself to create strife for my babies… Ya;ll gotta lotta creative guts to make beloved oc’s then rain down wrath upon their poor lil butts. 

As stated in response to this question, one of the things we’ve been working on behind the scenes is a list of things we’d like our players to tag, specifically triggering things, so that others can blacklist them if they’d like. This list is still in process, and if you see anything that isn’t currently on there that you would like to be added, please let us know!

Please be conscious of the needs of others. We want These Streets to be a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. We all slip up sometimes and forget to tag things; it’s okay! Just make sure to keep this list in mind and tag things appropriately. If we notice you have forgotten to tag something, we will ask you to tag it and expect you to as soon as possible. If we feel you’re purposely trying to make others uncomfortable and disrespecting people’s triggers, we will be more harsh. 

Again, we just want to make sure These Streets is fun for everyone, and that each of our players feel safe.

A list of the triggers so far can be found here.

Please like this post so that we know you have read it.

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So like Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, Rogue, Laxus and Cobra?