goddamn people need to stop twisting alex’s words and creating drama. he spoke up against what was happening and everyone jumps down his fucking throat. chill the fuck out and recognise that he’s simply using his position of power to send a positive message. leave it at that. jeez.

I really dislike tumblr’s (and the rest of the internet really) obsession with calling everyone cute and reminding everyone that they are cute and defining good things by how cute they are. Like everything doesn’t have to be cute all time. Cuteness is overrated and shouldn’t be your end goal.

You should strive to not need strangers on the internet assuring you that you are cute in order for you to feel better.

It is just such a weird trend online right now and I don’t see the appeal of all these “reminder: you are cute and beautiful and fierce” 10k note posts people keep reblogging. It all feel so superficial and fake. Like bitch please you don’t know what I look like or who I am, I don’t need your weird empty compliments about your vague notion of cuteness to make me feel good and I’m kind of insulted you think I’m gonna be like “oh wow, I’m cute? Well that makes everything ok!”


Crappy Roommates AU

… … .

“I thought we were all gonna see ‘Masterpiece Defaced’,” Ava looked back at each unhappy face as they stood in line.

Movie night, every other Wednesday night, was a tradition the four roommates just sort of fell into.  It was a night close to payday, and each still had some leftover money from buying common household necessities, thus allowing each to contribute. One would pay bus fare, two would buy food and drinks, and the last would purchase the movie tickets. Whoever paid for the tickets was the one who chose the movie, thus leaving no room for complaints.

It was Ava’s turn to buy tickets, and everyone was complaining.

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katsukiine asked:

Hi Diana-San! Can you please write a fanfic where everyone is about to see Sasuke off before he leaves Konoha for his journey and gives Sakura a peck on the cheek right before he leaves and everyone teasing her about it after? THANK YOU <33 PS: Your literally the best fanfic writer I've ever come across ;)

A Peck on the Cheek to Remember for Weeks

Sasuke didn’t really understand why the entire village needed to be there to see him off. He was perfectly content with just seeing Sakura before he left. He was fine if Kakashi and Naruto also wanted to show up as well. But did the rest of Rookie 9 along with Team Gai and people he can’t recall have to show up as well. It was awkward as he felt all the gazes land directly on him. 

It made him uncomfortable because he had planned for a long time in his head of how he would say goodbye to Sakura. He was going to say something short and sweet and leave her with a parting kiss. It was his second time leaving since he had only stopped by to “attend” Naruto’s wedding by watching from afar and letting Naruto know he was there so that Naruto wouldn’t hold it over his head for the next ten decades. 

Sasuke had refused to be in the wedding photo and had opted to just take the picture for them instead because pictures weren’t his thing and he wanted to keep it that way. 

So now here he was, about to leave for another year or so yet all he can feel are curious looks staring at him and Sakura. He gulped. He couldn’t let them get to him. It was his last chance to do this so he better do it right. 

“I’ll see you when I’m back,” he said softly as he poked her on the forehead once again with a smile. She seemed unfazed this time as she stared back lovingly up at him. Bending down lower, he gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. He wanted to linger there longer and even kiss her on the lips but the burning intensity of the gazes on them was too much. He pulled away quickly with an embarrassed face as he turned and begin to walk away.

Sakura brought a hand to her cheek and touched the spot where Sasuke had just kissed her. It still felt warm to the touch or perhaps that was just her face heating up at the thought of it again. With a warm smile, she smiled in deep contentment as Ino ran up and threw her arms around her.

“Oooh, I saw that Sakura,” Ino teased.

Sakura knew that everyone saw and that she would be the subject of a week’s worth of teasing from her friends. But she didn’t care. The constant reminder that Sasuke had kissed her was music to her ears. 

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@larrystylinsonofficial Louis seems to be out clubbing a lot. Is he just letting his hair down after ditching the beard? Should Harry be worried? I am sure they talk every day but privately ...?

A lot has been going on for Louis, and One Direction in general. I don’t think it’s from Eleanor. Zayn recently left the band, they’re touring, and recording. It’s a lot of stress and I think everyone in the band is healing right now. As far as Harry and Louis go, I don’t know how their relationship is. It might not be in the best of places right now.

Just because we love seeing them together, and we support them doesn’t mean they have the perfect relationship. Everyone needs a break, and we don’t know the terms of their relationships. They could have an open relationship for all we know. All we can do is support and love them because we’re not behind those closed doors.

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That thing you said about art is kind of classist

it is and i know but it still pisses me off when people who are in other majors looks up to what i do and think i’m just having fun in college and don’t even believe when i say i’m busy because of college every single weekend and then act like any art related careers are just some fun thing where u just draw all day and relax and nothing to worry. like i know not everyone can afford going to college or don’t have time because they have to focus on work/family but if they care about art they are gonna try to improve themselves on their own tho they can study by themselves or at least see some sort of art and get inspired by it. which is totally different than someone who just thinks drawing/painting is ridiculous and they do some quick thing that doesn’t even turn out good and think that’s how it is for everyone and think that you don’t need any sort of further knowledge on that. but i know this is all gonna sound super classist anyway but just try to apply the whole ‘it’s intuitive u don’t need any education on that’ view to other majors tho!?! you don’t see people trusting doctors or engineers who studied by themselves and they end up making way more money on their careers bc people think it’s tougher?!!

i cant breathe or stop crying i just need some fucking validation this is so hard and i can’t keep it up all of the fucking time. i cannot handle everyone elses shit and pretend i dont want to die 24/7 i physically cant i cant im sorry

im sorry no one wants to fucking see this but i cant even imagine a future i can only imagine how id be less of a burden to people if i wasnt here.

If I see one more fucking tweet or post belittling Alex or calling him racist or just having any kind of go at him I’m going to fucking scream. He literally did nothing wrong???
I’m so fucking confused at to how anyone has found a fucking reason to get angry over anything he said??
Everyone needs to calm the fuck down, take a step back and put things into fucking perspective.


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I'm worried about next episode Angel Heart because I think it will put another wedge between Castiel and Dean. I think Dean is starting to catch up on Sam lying to him, and since it seems there's another angel in the mix, I'm afraid he's gonna learn that Metatron is free that way and start suspecting Cas of lying to him too. (and after his line to Sam about looking at him like he is a "diseased killer puppy", he must think that Castiel sees a twisted and dark soul when he looks at Dean...

Yeah, tbh I haven’t reblogged that one post about the promo everyone’s been circulating about Cas possibly rushing in to save Dean because I’m scared to pile in on it without context because I just do not trust the show enough to have faith - it’s way more likely there’s some terrible reason Cas needs to stop Dean or something, so I’m not even confident about things going well from Cas’s end emotionally yet, never mind Dean beginning to truly suspect or find out about the web of lies. :P 

As I’ve been blathering on all day about how much they like each other, one thing I was thinking of was that a lot of the tension comes from times when they were at odds, and to be honest I’m sneakily sort of waiting for them to fall out again because it can’t be permanent but it would give them plot reasons to think/talk about each other.

At the moment Sam’s further down the keeping secrets from Dean rabbit hole but Cas has a similarly huge but slightly more impersonal fuck up that’s probably only being concealed from Dean because tracking back from “I lost Metatron” takes them into the start of Sam’s deceptions to Dean. I was musing on how finding out Cas had been keeping stuff from Dean and the Bobby escapade by association even though that’s not a problematic issue aside from keeping secrets, would lead Dean to greater mistrust of Sam…

… I dunno, I don’t want Cas to take a fall to open up a bigger fight between Sam and Dean and that to inevitably be much less resolved in the face of Dean then finding out about Sam and the BotD and Rowena and all the much more pertinent and emotionally painful secrecy, and probably cause an ongoing issue of Cas needing to regain trust from Dean again yadda yadda, but it’s a way I can see it going, and it would give us another emotional arc between Dean and Cas and they haven’t actually really shared one properly for ages, what with living out parallel arcs away from each other for a season or so.

Anyways the end of the season is coming, everyone’s going to be tested one way or another, and if secrets come out, we’ll get a lot of delicious emotional pain to talk about. :P

Okay so not only Matt freaking Damon there’s

Sebastian Stan??

Kate Mara?

Jeff Daniels? 

Donald Glover?

How was I not aware these people were starring in this movie I only knew about Matt Damon um excuse me I was going to see it because I like the book and I like Matt Damon but the Sebastian Stan part and everyone else has just made this a need thank you Jesus  

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Hey lovely, I really need some advice! Me and this guy have had a thing on and off for nearly two years, things would be good then he would just leave and break my heart, I always knew he was stringing me along because he would always leave but I kept giving him chances. Everyone's tells me not to bother with him, but it's so hard I still have feelings for him. He wants to see me in two days I don't know what to do, I feel like leaving is the right, but I don't know, please help xxx

if you’ve already given him loads of chances and he blows it each time, you have to decide when’s a good time to stop giving him those chances. if giving him chances is only going to lead to u being hurt and heartbroken again, maybe start to think about putting yourself before him. good luck bb xx

anonymous asked:

I've read a couple of your rants mostly to see why everyone is fighting here. I get your point. . Honestly their is nothing I disagree with. But isn't the point of fanfiction a hobby or a fantasy? The Majority of the Elsanna fandom (Or at least what I've seen so far) is over 18. I think that's old enough to be able to tell fantasy apart from reality. They're smart enough to know right from wrong. Maybe I just didn't really get the point of your post. If so, do tell what I've got confused.

You’d think so, but the popularity of 50SoG seems to indicate that an abusive relationship, when portrayed as romantic, will be //seen as romantic. Even Twilight, when people still cared about that, had a tonne of “it ticks off 9/10 signs of abuse”. And people still believe it’s romantic. But it’s not. Being raped is the //opposite of romantic.

The point of the post was to ask people to tag their work as problematic (because 12 chapters into this particular story, I wasn’t expecting to be ambushed by a sexual, public molestation by one of the characters). The second point was to tell people that romanticising rape is //wrong. It feeds the notion that “women don’t know what they want” and that “if she says no, she really means yes”. Which is wrong. It’s a dangerous mindset to slip into.

Particularly in the Elsanna fandom, I ask, in what universe would Elsa or Anna //rape the other?

That was the point of the original post. And that was the //only points of the original post.

This job is like a dick sucking pyramid

If one person sucks the boss’s dick enough, they get a little more power.
Then another person sees them with more power and starts sucking their dick until they get a little bit of their power.
Then someone else does the same thing until everyone’s sucking someone else’s dick for some recognition.

Meanwhile, I’m just recording that shit and putting it on pornhub cuz you hoes all need Jesus and an STD test.

hi everyone! i need input on the benefit they’re real mascara

all the reviews i see of it are by people whose eyes have big double eyelids so the lashes come out really nice and defined! but i’m afraid its just gonna come out clumpy and #spiderlegsaesthetic on my tiny lil folds lmao

has anyone with monolids/smaller folds tried it out

thank y'all in advance since it takes so long to reply on mobile sslfkslkdlsfjks

‘All I know is what I and others see at the front lines every day, and I just know that it’s not working—for students or their teachers.

'I would tell them about how I’m not allowed to fail a student without turning in a form to the front office that specifies all instances of parent contact, describing in detail the exact accommodations and extra instruction that the child was given. I would tell them about how impossible this form is to complete, when leaving a voicemail doesn’t count as contact and many parents’ numbers change or are disconnected during the school year. I would tell them how unrealistic it is to document every time you help a child when you have a hundred of them, and how this results in so many teachers passing students who should be failing.

I would tell them how systems that have been put in place to not leave children behind are allowing them to fall even further behind.

anonymous asked:

ok, i just need to say; i want you to know that nobody is deserving of hatred, i hope you can unplug and just let all this blow over everyone just needs time to cool their jets im sorry this shit storm is happening and that it doesnt seem to be stopping but you're a human being and you can only handle so much because i know i've been there please have a good night, you're a wonderful contributor to the elsanna fandom i hate to see you burn out, too

Thank you for your concern :) I am fine, though, don’t worry. I mean… the rude comments have all come from anonymous users, and well… they’re nonies. I can disregard anonymous insults easily (though I very much appreciate your support <3 ). This is a rather polarizing issue, and people who do come out in support may also be attacked by said nonies and maybe even her and her friends.

I’d like to think that she wouldn’t, but considering the fact that there was nothing about her in the original post at all and she took it as an attack on her (and thereby began attacking me). Well.

But, I don’t want people attacking anyone about anything. The whole point of writing PSAs is because they //don’t specify a story or author. It’s a ‘Public Services Announcement’, not “Public Shitting-on-a-specific-author-and-their-stories Announcement”.