uhhhhhhhhhhhh this is going to sound like a faux post, as many do, but i went into work just straight up SOBBING… and i always go on and on abt work just being work and never mattering to anyone there (or like, at all, to anyone, ever, lmao) bc i genuinely.. worry abt that and feel like that, but… like.. everyone was concerned? multiple ppl told me that if i needed to talk to any of them, they’d be more than happy to listen? @ one point i even had to leave the counter bc like.. i started bawling yet again and i didn’t want to be there all snotty and watery whilst trying to sell candy to ppl (bc like.. whom wants to see that also whom could even understand me when i’m like that) and when i came back this one sweet chick who i talk to semi-frequently was like “oh btw i left you a note” and just.. 

idek how to process any of that lmao? i almost started crying AGAIN bc it’s so overwhelming to even think abt the possibility of ppl GIVING a shit and not thinking i’m a complete waste of space and even after i’d calmed down no one treated the situation as weird or treated me any differently/avoided me like……… idk it’s so wild to think abt…….. being wanted/cared for. lol, as they say

Today I am streaming for 12 hours straight to celebrate some milestones, but watching a stream is not for everyone so I think a small speedy giveaway maybe nice for those uninterested in watching my stream, who are busy with life, etc.


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  • Winner will be gifted any one of the Sims 4 stuff packs.
  • That’s all, I know it is really little. c:

Have a wonderful day!

Worried // Negan

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For anon 

Request: I know this one may be a little weird, but what would happen if Negan saw the reader slip down the stairs. No major injuries just a few bruises.

Warning: N.E.G.A.N he is a warning himself lmao oh and clumsy reader I guess

A/N: I love Negan so much good bye anyway I’m so excited about the trailer and ya know I need to see my loves in the trailer (aka all the women lol but no Jadis uh) anyway can you believe i would almost question my sexuality for Jeffrey?

There was three things that everyone knew. You were Negan’s girlfriend, that he was truly in love with you and that you were very clumsy. Because of this, you often had bruises, nothing serious, you always hit your leg against a door and some things like these. Most of the time, it was literally nothing, but Negan was always worried that one day you would end up hurting yourself badly, so he tries as much as he can to be by your side to make sure that you don’t fell, don’t hit yourself against some things and stuff like this.

But when you woke up, Negan wasn’t in the room anymore, being the leader of such a big group, you guessed he was doing something important so you didn’t really mind. You got up and dressed yourself before heading where Negan should be. You walked down the stairs quickly but you missed a step and fell down. Thankfully you didn’t hurt yourself too bad, you knew you would have a few bruises, again. You took your time to get up but at the same time Negan came to the stairs. Seeing you getting up from the ground make him worried instantly, he hurried up to your side.

“ Are you okay Y/N? Is something hurting? Do you need to see the doc? ” asked Negan almost panicked

“ No I’m okay, you should be used to it by now Negan. I’m fine I’ll just have a few bruises for two or three days, nothing to worry about ”

“ Nothing to worry about? You kidding me right? You could have hurt yourself pretty bad love! ”

“ Yes I know. But it didn’t happen, I’m okay. ” You reassured Negan as much as you could

Just to let you know...

I have decided to take a few weeks off from Tumblr. I still have a few posts in my queue so I am going to let those run their course for a few days. 

After yesterday’s ‘discussion’ I feel that I need a bit of time off. I am still going to be around but not as much. 

A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who took the time to sent me a nice message. And a huge ‘GO F*** YOURSELF’ to anyone who sent me hate messages. 

See you soon. 

Your friendly neighbourhood art historian. 

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Wild west au pls! ^^

  • ADA still exists just… western style. and in a bar.
  • Dazai scamming people in bars and other places, totally screwing with people in poker games
  • They get mad at him and so Kunikida has to keep Dazai from getting beaten up
  • Mafia is just an underground organization that takes out the worst criminals - though they’re morally gray themselves
  • Chuuya and Dazai get into huge fights whenever they see each other
  • (Think Shizaya from Drrr! but…. western style)
  • Chuuya can’t get on his horse.
  • Chuuya needs someone to help him on his horse.
  • (Think Levi from AOT just… western style.)
  • Atsushi is done with everyone. He thought he was in the good place but every single member of this bar is a scam artist.
  • Yosano is scary and always has a weapon on her. Don’t ask. She just does. One does not question the Akiko method.

Send me an AU and I’ll give you some headcanons!

Never take people for granted. Value their feelings and emotions. Not everyone has a good life like you. What they are today is the result of series of experiences they’ve gone through. So never judge anyone. Instead, talk to them and pray for them. We all have a responsibility for one another. Would you leave your siblings when they’re in need? Would you abandon your kids? Would you not take care of your parents? Blood relation is just a word. But we’re all related by the Blood of Jesus. So, never miss a chance when you can help someone. Never look away when you see someone who’s in need. Do what you can. Spread Love. Amen.

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What's your life dream?

Man oh man, I would love to have my own promotion one day, one that just. Accepts any and everyone, a safe space to just enjoy the art form that is professional wrestling. I’ve made blueprints, looked at pricing, I have a journal full of what I would need, how much space I would need, location, names, the works, it’s something I want so badly. Wrestling saved my life and I want to create a space where it can hopefully save others like myself. I don’t want to give all my ideas away, but I have so many plans, just wait. You’ll see my name in big, shiny lights running the next big hit, the beginning to a new, more accepting world. 

Obviously, I would also love to have my own family at some point. Get married, have kids ( I want 4 lmao), and just? Have my business, my family, and my friends all at my side, so we can take over the world. But my love life is kinda second to the paragraph above, I can meet someone on the way of living my life, of making my dream a reality. 

rah anyone that says that Lucy got friendzoned or is hella upset by the absence of kissing or insight into their future children or something needs to chill because the way I see it is that they’re together for a lifetime whether it be as just friends or romantically. I don’t see how that’s such a negative as long as they’re both happy and they do what they love to do best (and that is to go on adventures with everyone else).


Okay…so I really need to force this upon people because it’s been driving me insane ever since they changed the opening.

Jace is doing blue steel.



is no different than…


don’t believe me? Watch the link. Everyone’s being a badass and Jace is practicing to be the male model he was born to be


I know this was evil, and once you see it it can never be unseen, but I really hope the entire damn fandom gets to see this because I can’t take the opener seriously anymore and I really just needed to share

You’re welcome


((OOC: Laura ( @gentlect ) is a super nice siren. 

Let me explain.

Everyone who sees or hears her falls in love with her (romantically or platonically). She doesn’t even need a song to draw people in. Just smile or show them her gams. But instead of killing her “victims” she motivates them and makes them feel good about themselves. 

She’s a positivity siren. 

I don’t know where this idea came from my goodness))

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Okay, I just finished drinking tea but I am getting more to spill. 

It’s soooo out of nowhere, and it’s feel like they only put them together because they needed someone for Scott and Malia. I agree I can see chemistry but not everyone who has chemistry should fuck and date. disrespectful to Kira, the scira break up scenes implied that they’re still together and also Lydia said something in 5x20 about Kira coming back, no one knew that Kira will be gone for long and we still don’t know, if they made her be gone for 4989375 years it will be for the sake of justifying scalia, so when anyone says “what about Kira?” everyone then will answer with “Kira is gone for so long.” Look Kira was supposed to be in 6a, like even the actors thought she is coming back so the original plan was for Kira to come back ( correct me if I am wrong ) 

and building a relationship in the last season is so stupid, and don’t say that what they did with stydia, because it’s not, they have been building stydia since s1/s2. 

and maybe you will say that they have been building sc@lia from season 4 but nooo they we’rent if they did they would have shown us something, like imagine how dis respectful it is to scira if they from s4 were hinting that sc@lia. like why would they make a big deal of scira saying I love you? did they give us hints that sc@lia love each other? no they didn’t. suddenly in s6 they’re in love. and I was talking to one of my friends, and he told me that if they did a time jump it would to justify sc@lia, like they had more time to fall in love. 

Maybe then you going to say, well stydia is disrespectful to Malia and lets be real, the writers dropped hints that Stiles didn’t move on from Lydia, the writers warned the shippers, the whole Stiles cupping Lydia cheek, Stiles getting worried, jealous, Stiles almost having a panic attack when he saw her on the floor bleeding. the he still likes her scene, I am sure there is more. 

I wont say it’s not an asshole move from Stiles, because what he did to Malia hurts and she deserves better. And btw Malia did bad stuff in the relationship both of them are guilty. 

You know just imagine how the hardcore scira shippers feel, their ship got ripped away from them, how do they feel that the writers threw the whole scira relationship out of the window and they didn’t even mention Kira in 6a. 

and what makes me mad how today they talked about sc@lia but they didn’t even knowledge scira. it’s so sad. 

I have a headache so all of this might be just bullshit and not make sense. 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

I was never a big fan of Linkin Park but seeing a few comments on facebook has inspired me to remind everyone that mental illness and depression is not a “just get over it” kind of situation. If you wouldn’t tell someone with cancer or MS to “just get over it” you shoudln’t tell someone with a mental illness. whether or not you “buy into” an illness doesn’t make it any less real for those who suffer from it. Compassion and Empathy are what we need, not holier than thou lectures. My condolences to his loved ones.

Save Chase Brody plan #2,153

OK so I have been seeing all this anti hype and everyone seems to be thinking that he’s gonna go after chase Brody who is a precious bean and must be protected at all costs. And the fact that, since he’s an ego and therefore could actually be eliminated by anti (unlike jack) makes this development even more worrisome. Now. I has occurred to me and probably others that the last time anti killed someone he said that we could have stopped him. So if we really truly don’t want chase to die we should be able to do something about it right? Now don’t get me wrong I want to see what happens as much as everyone else, but I really don’t want an ego to disappear from the channel forever. My thinking is that anti is fueled by our ideas (or to break the fourth wall a bit jack sees what fans come up with and works it into what he does.) So we just need to come up with a way that chase is present because that at least has already been basically confirmed, but where he doesn’t end up dying or is saved. I know I sound like I’m taking this way too seriously, lol, and chase has only shown up on the channel once as far as I know anyway, but I still want the possibility of him showing up again you know? TL;DR Chase Brody is precious and must be saved. Therefore we must band together and create theories in which he DOESN’T DIE! @therealjacksepticeye please don’t kill him off for good! Pleeeaaaseee!?

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My friend surprised me with tickets to see Dunkirk tonight it and now I'm just;adfj;ajf;qo3jt;afj; how do I sleep after what I've seen??? I'm up to my eyes in love and leftover adrenaline.

i knOW I KNOW I KNOW I’M JUST!!!!!!!! I NEED TO TALK TO EVERYONE ABOUT THIS MOVIE LIKE i nEED to see it again asAP because there are so many things i was sure i missed and i just!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s sO good and then i walked out of the theater and i was like holuys hs i thsi holsy shit and then i downloaded back to you and now i’m like hoLSy SHsi Ht H Ssy i AM SO OVERWHELMED


you guys gotta see this

Oh my! Marco!!~  They are the main reason I wanted to join this blog!!  I adored them and I’m kind of happy the feel the way they do about the blog..  It’s not doing well and is beyond hateful sometimes.   I’m going to try being the nicer mod,  and I will try giving more criticism to help others.  At the time I’m going to keep up with any drama just to stop it before anything bad happens cause I find it annoying,   Nicole and everyone else doesn’t need to be trashed or hated every damned second just give them HELPFUL criticism!  ~Mod Homo who expects hate for this and is willing to take it.