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Tag: 10 Random Things

O. M. Goodness. I was, like, tagged by a person? Someone noticed me?? And then tagged me in a thing??? *internally dies*

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1. I wish that free pie was given out to all people on Pi Day.

2. I constantly think in French, but with random splashes of English filling in the words I don’t know.

3. I feel super appreciated when people hold doors for me. Like you’re being polite?? To me???

4. Spreading good humor is a life goal.

5. I have a list of words that I want a British person to say if I ever meet one.

6. The first word is “cucumber”

7. I tend to see hot strangers and create all sorts of ridiculous back stories for them in my head. (I automatically assumed one guy I saw at the movies moonlighted as a were-giraffe that was a stripper)

8. I like. Big. BOOKS. And I CANNOT LIE. (You other bookworms can’t deny…)

9. Sushi should be advocated more. I mean, it’s edible raw fish!??

10. For a Klondike Bar….I’d fight a Swedish bear. Then split it with them afterwards.

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