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“You steal the air out of my lungs, you make me feel it

I pray for everything we lost, buy back the secrets

Your hand forever’s all I want

Don’t take the money

Don’t take the money”


@mainhoonemily and @pbj-anonymous tagged me for the Favorite Pictures of Your Bias thing because apparently they want to see me suffer. Who can pick just a few favorite pictures of T.O.P?? Not me. That’s clearly impossible.

Tagging… whoever feels like suffering?

Lecter Castle

As a big fan of Hannibal and an art historian, I’ve always been intrigued by this castle that we can see as the Lecter family’s castle in season three. So I did some research, and I found out that it is actually this castle : château de Noisy (or château Miranda) in Belgium.

And I also found out that this castle was abandonned since 1991, and that it is now threatened to be destroyed (Wikipedia even says that the castle has actually been destroyed in October 2017, but I couldn’t find any proof of it).

So I just wanted to share these pictures with you, enjoy this beautiful castle, and cry, maybe, over its fate and destruction.


The most hardcore dance-off Heaven’s ever witnessed

Please forgive me I just couldn’t help myself after finding this pictures of Rich…

 @damnitfandom enjoy the beauty

[Part 2]

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single


Sorry if I sent this to you twice, I can’t see your other blog (crii ;-;)
But anyways
Happy Birthday, Miss Rouge!
I wanted to give these to you as a thank you and a birthday gift. If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be either. You were the one who inspired me to expand my art to more than my small band of friends irl. Your babqftim blog helped me figure out what to make of my blog, and thanks to you(and many others), my blog is what it is now! So I hope you enjoy my little comic, picture and gif I made just for you! ^^
~Amy (ask blog @askthebaileysibs )

art by amycajurosa

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that’s so accurate, it hurts XD

thank you a tons, I love it and I’m always happy to help ✌


(aka The Hogwarts AU with dramione undertones nobody needed, by yours truly)

She got her letter and couldn’t believe her eyes, but little eleven year old Rey was the ever practical child, and thinking it a joke, so she sent in her response by the thirty first of July.

There would be nothing wrong with dreaming about leaving Jakken Home for Children for a magical place… right?

Prologue Preview: 

Despite how often she’d read the letter that first day, it always said the same thing. She’d blinked at the letter, scanned it again — just to be safe — then moved onto the attached list. Rey’d looked at the List of Equipment written atop the page with immaculate lettering then proceeded to gape at the contents of said list.

A wand? An animal? A cauldron?

Surely it must be a joke, she’d scoffed, because even at the tender age of eleven, Rey knew when she was being made fun of. She’d stashed the letter away that day, deciding it was nothing but a prank. Not that doing so stopped her from peeking at it at night, or holding it under her pillow while sleeping. No, Rey may be a young, smart girl, but she certainly hadn’t quite lost her ability to dream.

Author’s note: Lumos Maxima, also known as my inability to chill. Despite having 2 other reylo stories going, this one’s been itching at the back of my head for months…so I decided to write it for fun. Yolo, or something. Watch them grow up and suffer.


i don’t even know how to comprehend that something I created has been seen by so many people – like holy damn. HOLY DAMN.

Whump trope:

When the antagonist/torturer asks the defiant whumpee a casual rhetorical question about themself that suggests they're about to really fuck them up.

“It was the left leg last time, right?” - The Flash

“But a man cares about his son, eh?” - Percy Jackson

“I believe you know…[produces photograph]…this person?”

“You write with your left hand, don’t you, [name]?” - one of my own

And either the whumpee is confused and has no idea why they’ve suddenly changed the subject or they realise immediately what they intend and get an ice-cold jolt of fear right through their veins.

this was objectively the most insane experience of my life, including gishwhes

I actually had no idea what I wanted to do for my Cockles op until a few hours earlier on my run to the party store. I’m getting all excited about this, so I step up with the piñata and stick outreached and say “Some serious catharsis is about to happen.”  Misha immediately grabs the stick, and they’re both smirking at it as they get into position. I move off to the side behind Misha, but Chris moves me so that I’m kneeling between them. (heh.) 

So Misha’s only miming hitting it in the photo, which I was kind of disappointed about because I fully expected them to go ham on it, but afterwards when I reach out to take the piñata back from Jensen he isn’t really giving it back. Then a volunteer pulls me away a bit and she’s like “yea you might wanna step back for this”, and then it clicks.  So I watch as Misha taps the stick on the ground like a baseball bat, and Jensen tosses it across the backdrop to Misha, who hit it clear back across to Jensen’s feet. He realizes the piñata’s not actually damaged yet, so he walks back across and wields the stick and starts beating the shit out of it. 

Then Jensen takes the stick from him and Misha grabs the piñata and pitches it (as it were) over to Jensen, who then knocks it halfway across the room and almost hits Chris, who’s been taking more photos (THAT HOPEFULLY WE’LL SEE AT SOME POINT), and the Trump face falls off and it’s all dented, and at this point I just fold over and fall to my knees laughing. They’ve totally forgotten I’m still there but I don’t even care, I’m just enjoying the show.

Then they crowd around the camera to see the pictures, and they’re giggling like dweebs and heck I wish I’d seen the other photos but I wasn’t allowed.

So at this point it’s been like 2 minutes and they’ve decided it’s time to move on, so the volunteer hands me back the stick and the busted-up piñata and detached face, and I’m leaving the room with a wide grin because that was the best thing I ever could have asked for. But THEN, the whole thing takes a weird turn because as I’m leaving the room, Jared is standing right outside the door and we make eye contact that is way too prolonged to walk away from without saying anything. I also notice that he’s eyeing the faceless piñata. And I don’t know why I feel the need to explain myself but I just stammer out,


Which is definitely the last thing he was expecting to hear and he just blinks and he’s like “what”

And I’m still kind of stammering like “it–it used to…it had…there was a Trump face–” and I hold up the crumpled face for him to see “–AND THEY BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT.”

And obviously he’s TOTALLY PERPLEXED and he’s like “Oh……that’s….awesome???“ And I kind of nod thoughtfully as I seek a way out of this situation and I’m like ”………okayigottagoBYE" AND I SPRINT (LITERALLY SPRINT) AWAY IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. 

I still haven’t quite processed it.

(feel free to crop me out, just please credit me!)