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KuroFai Week, Day 2- Gender  Agebent!

I thought: ‘You know what we need? Some Kurofai kiddies…’ and so I drew them! I drew Kuro and Fai as little kiddies! Maybe they traveled into a world where they had the chance to turn back into children and do fun stuff!

But really, I actually just drew this out because I turned them into kids on tomadachi life. xD Oh well, I hope you guys like it! I just want to cuddle with both of them~♥♥

The 7 stages of Grief - a Poth fan fiction

Palette turned to Goth “Goth do you want to know something” He said as he pulled Goth’s head toward his. “Yes Pally.” Goth whispered. “I love you” Palette said. “You what!?” Goth cried softly. Palette ignored him he just put both hands on Goth’s cheeks and pulled him closer until their lips touched. Palette kissed Goth tenderly then proceeded to slowly shove his tongue in to Goth’s mouth. “Oh Palette.” Goth moaned. Palette pulled away. “I love you.” Goth repeated. “I lo-.” His words were interrupted with a buzz. “Oh no.” Goth moaned. “I’m sorry Pally I have to go.” Palette took a deep breath in then sighed, he was hoping tonight would have gone a little farther. “It’s fine, I’ll walk you home.” Palette said. They both sat up and proceeded to hold hands as they walked down the grassy hill

As they were walking Goth started a conversation “Isn’t the night sky beautiful.” He said. “And the stars are just something else.” “Yeah.” Palette said. “The stars are my favorite.” “Why’s that Pally.” Goth asked. “Because when I look at them they remind me of you.” Palette looked at Goth with loving eyes as Goth blushed deeply. They soon reached Goth’s house. “Well here we are.” Palette exclaimed. “Now how about a goodnight kiss from my little cinnamon bun.” Palette said. “Sure Palette.” Goth giggled. He went up on his tiptoes and gave Palette a long passionate kiss. Palette wrapped his arms around Goths waist and picked him up, Goth wrapped his legs around Palette. All of the sudden Geno oppened the door. “Goth, was that you” he said. “Oh my word.” Geno cried and ran into the house. He soon reappeared with a camera in hand . “How adorable!” He cried. “Reaper get over here.” Palette put Goth down. “Dad stop your embarrassing me.” Goth cried. “Ok ok fine. Just get inside it’s freezing, I swear you to are crazy going up on that hill in this cold.” Goth went up to whisper something in his father’s ear. “Well of course he can as long as it’s fine with his parents.” Palette felt a bolt of excitement shoot through him. “Yeah hold on I’ll text my dad.” Palette pulled out his phone. “Yep it’s fine with him.” “That’s great Goth cried as he grabbed Palette’s hand and dragged him up to his room.

Reaper helped set up a bed on the floor for Palette while Goth found him a tee-shirt. “All set.” said Reaper. “Now I want no fooling around you two.” “Don’t worry sir you can count on us.” Palette said as he winked at Goth. It was a complete lie. “Ok good night.” Reaper said as he turned off the lights. Palette waited a few minutes then sprung into action, he leapt onto the bed and kissed Goth. “We’re going to have to be quiet if we want to pull this off.” Palette whispered. “Got it.” Goth replied. They quickly moved on to a steamy make out session then Palette pulled away and started to lick Goth’s neck. He gasped “I don’t think this is such a good idea. What if we get caught.” Palette ignored him and proceeded to bight his neck softly. Goth moaned into a pillow. “Palette I’m serious.” He pushed him away. “I don’t want to get caught.” “Fine.” Palette said dissatisfied. “Can we at least cuddle.” “Sure you can.” Goth giggled. Palette wrapped his arms around Goth’s chest and Goth grabbed Palette’s hands. “Palette since I didn’t get to say it before.” Goth whispered. “Palette, I love you so much. Your the best thing that ever happened to me.” Goth drifted off to sleep. Palette layed there when a tear rolled down his cheek. “Goth I promise I will never let anything happen to you.” Palette said even though he new he couldn’t hear him. Palette layed there for 5 minutes just listening to Goth’s soul beat as he slowly fell asleep.

I finally finished the first part of my fanfic hope you love it 😍 credits go to @hey

fanfic by theshetotoro 



Danny on Lorraine this morning ahead of the NTA’s (。♥‿♥。)

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you are doing good work

Thank you! School is giving me so many opportunities to engage in activism, and having the opportunity to actually shape the school’s policy moving forward is just so amazing. I mean, I know Dr. Hudson will keep whatever we come up with going strong after I leave, and I think it is super important because our school is known for its Psychology degree, both as a BS and a Master’s. Being able to shape how up and coming professionals view autism is SUCH a huge a deal, especially if we can turn them into outspoken allies within the autism services industries! It’s just EEEEE! SO EXCITING!

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Eeeee! Just got caught up on your IronHawk ABO fic --- AMAZING! I never even considered shipping these two but .. wow... yeah. good stuff. Please tag me in any updates!

Oh! I’m so glad you are enjoying it!! I hardcore ship clint/tony lol so I’m glad you’re jumping on the team as well!!! 😂😂😂
Getting ready to post another chapter right now, I’ll make sure and tag you!
Thanks for reading!!