just edited my older post

Brendon Urie was only like 18 in the "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" music video.

Mind slightly extremely blown.



To our dearest Park Jinyoung,Thank you for inspiring other people.
Thank you for always giving us happiness.
Thank you for staying humble, lovable and kind-hearted person as you are.
Thank you for being YOU.
Knowing such a beautiful person like you is a blessing.
I hope that you’ll be more successful in the future,
that you’ll always be happy and always have someone to lean on,
that you’ll stay strong no matter what hardships you’ll go through,
that you’ll always stay healthy
and that you’ll always have the best.
Please keep smiling and always remember how beautiful you are inside and out.
I love you and Happy Birthday ♥

(Obviously I’m not good with words so feel free to remove my message ^^)