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The fact that these two are voiced by the same actor never ceases to amuse me. 


These guys are also voiced by the same person: 

Now someone give me an AU where Shredder’s trying to catch experiments and Donnie just sits around making sandwiches all day. And he offers Shredder a bologna sandwich and Shredder’s just like, “I DON’T LIKE BOLOGNA!…… too fatty.”  

favourite scenes (1/?): you DO NOT mess with a pirate's lemons

lol sorry I’m just easily amused this morning so I thought I would share that amusement. 😜
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  • spanish teacher: write an essay in spanish about an important past-tense event in your life
  • me: Es el verano de 2001. Joe cumple con Patrick y él es como, "Yo. Sé sobre de la música." Y Patrick es como, "Yo. Sé más sobre la música." "Eso es imposible. ¿quieres formar una banda?" Y al igual que Patrick," ... Sí, eso está bien." Y entonces es como, "Yo, esta es una tienda de libros, no es una tienda de música!" Y luego, que se reunió en la casa de Patrick . Así que los pantalones cortos de Patrick que lleva, y los calcetines y una gorra. Patrick está tocando la batería por alguna razón maldito. Y Pete de

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As you're a multishiper, how do you think a romantic relationship between Takeru and Hikari would work?

I have to apologize because my take on Takari is a little bit more superficial. XD Like… I guess I’m just easily amused with the idea of both Yagami sibblings ending up together with the Taka-Ishida sibblings, and the fun possibilities this provides for fanfiction, especially the ‘accidental’ double dates? I can be a simpleton and ship things just because, just like that….. XD

In my head Takari is more like that classic trope that series like Detective Conan constantly resort to: two childhood friends growing up together and accidentaly developing a crush for each other as they get older.

But tri has already improved something for me, which is Takeru’s personality. Now I picture him being more like all flirty towards everybody and their mother and just pretending to ignore Hikari, in such a way she gets kind of jealous (not that she’s going to admit that to him, nuh-huh!). It’s all teasing and avoiding each other until one day something serious happens (not necessarily between them) and they drop the facade and accidentaly find themselves together - like a natural next step.

Except I think for Hikari it would take time for it to sink in. So much at first even just a plain kiss is like this HUGE deal for her, like… when she finally gathers the courage to open up to Taichi he makes a huge effort not to laugh??? Takeru shoud be more cool with it in comparison, but Yamato warns him not to mess it up or Taichi will have his head….

They should become more and more like a classic old married couple with time I guess.

Bruised Rose - Benny x Reader

Crack Challenge TWSS edition That’s what she said challenge Prompt 10. That was a nasty blow Warnings: Drunk Reader, language and falling down, abo dynamics but no smut

Y/n was sitting at the bar with a few friends and since it was her 30th birthday she was drinking in excess. Normally it was dangerous for an Omega to be getting silly drunk at a bar without her Alpha. But it was a small town and everyone knew she was claimed. Her mate was Benny, he was a big teddy bear of a man, but if you messed with his Omega, he’d kill you. The locals knew to leave her alone, they made sure tourist did as well. No one wanted to feel the wrath of Benny. Y/n kept throwing back the shots and her friends just let her go, until she was sloppy drunk. A bus of college football players had stopped at the bar, they were all as stupid as she was drunk. Her friend called Benny to come get his mate she’d had enough. Plus they thought she hurt herself falling off the stool. Y/n wasn’t even aware of the men there she was too busy spinning on her stool. Drunk people, so easily amused, just as her Alpha Benny walked in the door she fell off the stool landing on her face. “That was a nasty blow, Cher” Benny said, he put his hands under her elbows lifting her up. “That’s what she said” Y/n said before being scooped up by her Alpha, “let’s get you home my little bruised rose, you need a cup of coffee” Benny said.

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Paul listening in on your conversation, and he loses his cool when the guy leans closer to you.

“Oh my gosh!” you exclaim, laughing as the guy laughs with you. “You’re so funny!” tears brim up between your slit eyelids as you continue laughing hard.

“I’m not that funny, you’re just easily amused.” the boy teases, leaning closer to you.

Down the hallway, Paul see’s the scene unravel and he cannot help his trembling. The way you’re laughing with that guy made him mad, made him lose control. “Dude, calm down! She’s just talking to him.” Jared hisses, pushing Paul towards the exit.

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