just dumb photos


Someone take this phone app away from me. I’ve been taking stupid stanchez miifotos all afternoon. 


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How did Jean ever land a boyfriend this cute, and of course he has to make Eren jealous by sending him cute pics of Armin sleeping. He probably takes some spooning Armin, or kissing his cheek, or just taking dumb photos that annoy the fuck out of Eren and make him mad jealous,

So imagine this. I’m in library and I’m skimming through hundreds of books indecisively. I could sense a figure on the other side of the book shelf. I ignore it and reach for the book I desired and as I did another hand grabbed ahold of my book. I moved the book over so I could see what was grasping so tightly. It was a boy. Dazzling eyes and pale skin is all I could see. I was mesmerized.
(To be continued)


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