just draw a planet

You see a bright light streak down from the sky and plummet downward to the west and you recognise it immediately.  It’s the light of Creation. 

‘Pathfinder’? Don’t you mean… 'Space Wayfinder’? OwO

The real reason why both companies shouldn’t be in the same timeline

The dark’s patience is infinite.

Eventually, even stars burn out.


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

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So I feel like Aaron and John would bond over animals. Like, John for the obvious reasons but Aaron too because I feel like he's someone who just kinda of likes to go sit and stare at nature. And like, I think Planet Earth would be one of their common interests.

It was a friday night and Aaron had just gotten home from work. Hamilton had been more irritable than usual, resulting in Aaron also being irritable-

“Those documents were supposed to be sent three days ago, Alexander!”

“Fuck off, Burr.”


So when he got inside, kicking off his shoes, he grabbed his phone and ordered a large pizza with all the fixin’s. Then, after quickly changing into his sweatpants and tank top, he plopped down on the couch and turned on planet earth. It wasn’t the most action packed of television material, but it always brought Aaron down after a long week.

He had just started the episode on forests, when a knock sounded from the door.

“That was fast.” he muttered, pausing the video and hopping off the couch.

Although, when he opened the door, money in hand, it wasn’t the pizza man.


“Hey Burr,” John said, his voice tired and monotonous, “what’s on the menu?”

Pushing passed him, Laurens entered the apartment, dumping his backpack on the ground by the door and kicking off his shoes, allowing them to fly across the room. Aaron sighed as the man took off his jacket, throwing it on a nearby chair.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t the fact that Laurens had shown up and taken over his apartment that surprised him. It was the fact that he was here alone.

“Laurens, what’s this about?”

“What, can’t I pay my dearest friend Aaron Burr a visit?”

“Usually not without being incredibly drunk.” Aaron said with a roll of his eyes, “Are the guys with you?”

John let out a bitter laugh and Aaron suddenly became aware of the dark circles under his eyes and the way his fists clenched in subtle anger.

“No,” he bit out, before stalking over to the couch and plopping down on it, “what’re we watching?”

Burr sighed, shutting the door behind him as he wandered back over to the sofa.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“No.” Laurens paused for a moment, looking at his socks, a soft frown on his face, “Alex yelled at me. I was trying to help and he screamed at me.”

“He seems to have been a bit on edge recently,” Aaron said.

“It’s his own fault, he works himself too hard and then takes it out on everyone around him.” he ran a hand through his wild hair and looked away, “But I didn’t come here to talk about Alexander.”

“I see.” Aaron nodded, meandering over to sit by his freckled friend on the couch, “well, I hope you like Planet Earth-”

“Burr no way, no way!” the man broke out into a huge smile, practically bouncing in his seat, “I love Planet Earth, how’d you know!?”

“I must be psychic, Laurens. Scooch over.”

Aaron laid down against the arm rest, his legs out slightly, pushing into John’s space. John had his feet up on the small table in front of them and when Burr complained, trying to kick his feet off, Laurens only laughed.

Knock Knock

“You get it,” Aaron said, nudging Laurens with his foot, “money’s on the table.”

He got up, going over to open the door before letting out a small, albeit dramatic gasp.

“Pizza, Burr? You’re really going all out here. Have we classified this as a date yet?”

“No, now c’mon I’m hungry.”

“Well, I’m classifying this as a date.” Laurens muttered, bringing the pizza over to the couch.

“Did you know a group of King Vultures is called a solitary?”

“Did you know that seahorses don’t have stomachs? The food goes through so fast, they have to almost constantly eat to survive.”

“Did you know that the Spotted Salamander returns to the same mating pool every year? By the same route?”

“Did you know the Sun Bear looks like a bad drawing of a normal bear?”

Laurens snorted with laughter and Aaron joined in. The two had shifted positions, John now lying almost on top of Burr, his head on the other man’s chest, face turned to watch the television.

“Thanks for letting me stay, Burr.”

“It’s no problem, this is fun.” Aaron let his head loll back, thinking about the heavy feeling of Laurens’ on his chest.

“Not so bad for a first date, huh?” he moved to face Aaron, his chin resting on his chest.

“You’re hopeless.” Aaron sighed, but couldn’t help the small smile that crept up his face.

“Maybe so, but I’m the smart one. I got to spend all night with you, while Alex is probably working himself to death again. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

“But you’re gonna tell him?”

“Hell yeah!” John grinned, pushing himself up slightly, so that Burr was between his arms, “I’m gonna be bragging about this to him for weeks!”


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I was going to do things but my warmup doodle took on a life of its own so I ended up drawing some rocks (The Oathkeeper of Tarth Story). Click for full size Rebellion Leader and Terrifying Renegade.

oooh how about the boys reacting to their s/o telling them that they’re pregnant? also maybe their reactions o seeing the baby on the CT scan thingy too? (idk how to explain it)

Sure thing! Enjoy!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • when you first tell him, he’s stunned.
  • what did you just say? you’re pregnant? you and him made another human? two people, combined as one…
  • he’s absolutely elated!
  • humanity is so, so beautiful, and you two have contributed to it in a miraculous way!
  • he grabs you and kisses you right away, he’s just so overcome with joy, he can’t help it.
  • he loves you, and he’s created something incredible with you.
  • this is truly a miracle.
  • the entire time you’re pregnant, he’s constantly asking you how the baby is, and asking if he can touch your stomach, and hugging you from behind at completely random times, just so compelled by how beautiful you look like this, how beautiul you are, growing a human being inside of you.
  • even at the lower points of pregnancy, he assures you that pregnany is a wonder, and that it is perfectly natural and beautiful.
  • morning sickness disagrees, but whatever.
  • when he sees the baby on the ultrasound, you’re surprised by how quiet he is.
  • you look up at him and notice that he’s just got his hand over his mouth, even crying a little.
  • that’s your baby.
  • right there. you two made that baby.
  • that’s your human.
  • he’s so, so proud.
  • it’s so beautiful.
  • you hold his hand and he chuckles slightly, wiping his tears and brushing it off, saying that you two truly have made something remarkable.
  • humanity is so beautiful.

Rantarou Amami

  • he’s completely overjoyed when you tell him! he’s so excited to be a dad!
  • he asks you a million questions, and it’s way too soon to answer even one of them, which is disappointing, but he’s still very happy!
  • he kisses you all over your face, and then all over your stomach, for the baby.
  • right away, he’s thinking of names, he has so many planned!
  • but suddenly, none of them sound quite right…
  • no matter! he’ll make a new list, easy!
  • he reads up on everything he can do to make your pregnancy more comfortable, and most of it is pretty solid knowledge, because you definitely have a very comfortable pregnancy.
  • he doesn’t want to give you any pills, no pills at all, not for your entire pregnancy. don’t you remember what happened with thalidomide?! no pills!
  • really, he’s just very nervous, he wants the baby to be healthy.
  • he wants you to be healthy too!
  • when he sees the baby on the ultrasound, he can’t let go of your hand, he’s just completely struck and elated, he just keeps smiling and pointing at the screen and reminding you that that’s your baby.
  • you two made that.
  • his name list is gonna have to change again, none of them seem right!
  • but he’ll think of something.

Kokichi Ouma

  • he doesn’t believe you, not for a second!
  • there’s no way, you’re just pulling a prank on him, a back and fourth like you two do. hilarious!
  • but it is not hilarious. it is real.
  • when he realizes you’re telling him the truth, that you’re pregnant, he’s grinning and hugging you and just screaming!
  • literally! just! screaming! one! note!!!
  • he’s so happy!!!
  • he’s gushing, telling you how incredible this is, how excited me is, how great it’s going to be to be a parent!
  • and then, as suddenly as it came on, his excitement is dead.
  • his face is even whiter than usual, he’s mumbling about how terrible of a dad he’s going to be, how you’re not going to have enough money, and what if the baby gets sick, and your house isn’t big enough, and-
  • and then he’s happy again!
  • he’s telling you about how this means his throne will have an heir!
  • you are too confused to even scold him.
  • he says that he’s always wanted a kid, and that this is amazing, and that-
  • that he’s never going to be able to provide for a child, and that his underground life is going to ruin them, and that he can’t do this-
  • and that he can’t wait to parent with you!
  • you’re very, very confused.
  • but whatever.
  • when he sees the baby on the ultrasound, the cycle starts all over again.
  • he’s excited, he’s terrified, he’s happy, he’s devastated-
  • he pulls you into a hug, tells you he loves you, gives you a quick kiss, and goes outside to take a breath.
  • you don’t see him again until the next day.
  • he shows up back at home with literally HUNDREDS of books on how to raise children.
  • now you’re even more confused than before…

Shuuichi Saihara

  • he’d been noticing the signs for a while, honestly.
  • little clues, little signs, little questions in his head. something was up.
  • but the possiblity of pregnancy didn’t even occur to him, honestly.
  • every possibility BUT pregnancy really.
  • and it was frustrating! very frustrating! because he was supposed to be the best detective in the world!
  • but he never asked you, no, that would be rude. you don’t ask your s/o why she’s gained weight.
  • but because he never asked, you never knew he was frustrated!
  • so you could imagine your surprise when you said you were pregnant and your quiet, composed boyfriend responded with “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD DAMMIT!” and crumbled to the ground in a heap of realization and regret.
  • he’s happy though, he promises.
  • totally fine.
  • not gonna cry into his pillow for thirty minutes tonight.
  • nah.
  • when he sees the baby on the ultrasound, he looks like he’s going to cry.
  • he’s just so, so happy.
  • he hugs you, telling you how beautiful you are, how proud he is of you, how much of a blessing this is.
  • he’s excited and nervous at the same time really, because this is all so new to him, but he can’t wait to take this step with you.

Kaito Momota

  • he’s so happy when you tell him!
  • he kisses you right away, grinning widely, telling you how awesome of a mom you’re going to be!
  • the realization of how big this is hits him pretty fast, and he’s already spouting a list of things you two will need to buy.
  • he stops just long enough to text pretty much everybody you two know to tell them the good news!
  • he’s so excited to be a dad!
  • every now and then he’ll randomly suggest a name, whether it be while you’re grocery shopping, or cuddling, or driving, or really anywhere for that matter.
  • his mind is always on the baby!
  • he’ll occasionally pull you into unexpected hugs, just as an excuse to have his arms around your waist.
  • he wants to feel the baby, he’s just so ready, so excited, so proud!
  • sometimes, he’ll draw little stars/planets/space ships on your stomach, just so the baby knows what they look like.
  • he wants the baby to love space, he needs the head start!
  • when he sees the baby on the ultrasound, he immediately takes a picture, and again, sends it to everybody you two know.
  • he’s!!! just!!! so!!! happy!!!
  • he kisses you and congratulates you and squeezes your hand, and you can tell he’s just absolutely overjoyed.
  • you’re so, so excited to start a family with him.


  • i got halfway through typing this and then i realized kiibo would probably be extremely confused if you told him you were pregnant
  • who got you pregnant

Gonta Gokuhara

  • it takes him a second to register what you said, but when he does, he’s elated!
  • you’re pregnant! you’re going to have a baby!
  • he’s going to have to be a lot more gentle with his hugs now, but that’s okay, he’ll cope!
  • he knows a lot about bugs delivering eggs, but not so much humans being pregnant…
  • he’ll have to do some research.
  • he doesn’t understand that this is going to take a while…he assumes it’s just like butterflies, that the baby will be out any day now!
  • no. nine months.
  • disappointing!
  • when he sees the baby on the ultrasound, he just stares.
  • he stares, eyes wide open, lips parted ever so slightly in awe, like a child watching an exciting cartoon.
  • he’s struck. that’s his baby.
  • he made that with you.
  • you hold his hand as he stares, smiling a little. he looks adorable.
  • you wouldn’t want to start a family with anybody else.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he’s completely in shock when you tell him, mouth hanging open, eyes wide.
  • you’re actually pregnant? this isn’t some kind of joke?
  • he’s happy, really, he is, but…
  • what if he’s an awful father?
  • he has a temper, what if it gets in the way?
  • what if he can’t provide for you? what if he can’t provide for the baby?
  • he’s scared, but happy.
  • but scared.
  • you assure him there’s nothing to worry about.
  • he pretends to believe you.
  • when he sees the baby on the ultrasound, it really becomes real to him, this is something that’s really happening.
  • that’s his baby.
  • he laughs, he hugs you, he holds your hand, because he has no idea what else to do.
  • this is a reminder of why he loves you so much.
  • you made that. inside you. you’re so strong.
  • if you can do that, he can parent.

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left by Camille and his son is Raphael (Like Book Raph) and they meet Alec and its just great with unimpressed Raph smitten Alec and lovesick Magnus....... What are your thoughts???????

I think I don’t deserve to be attacked like this. I’m a good girl.

No, but really. Recently divorced, now single father Magnus struggling to get over himself so he can properly care for little Rafa. Camille just upped and left, taking with her half of Magnus’ hard-earned money, but that is not important right now. Magnus has more than enough but he’s lost a part of him in the divorce too. He feels broken inside and yet, Rafa deserves a good dad. So Magnus slaps a smile on his lips and takes care of his son.

But Rafa knows his dad is hurting. He just knows. Rafa is hurting too; mom wasn’t very present but she was mom. She made dad laugh and he isn’t laughing anymore. So neither is Rafa. 

So Rafa goes to school and comes back home. Nothing is fun anymore. The teachers are boring and they are always frowning at him. The only part of school Rafa likes is the recess. That is when he plays with that little weird boy. Max doesn’t have many friends. But Rafa likes his elaborated pirate ships and his grand space vessels. Max reminds Rafa of dad, or of how dad was before.

Until one day dad is running late, calling the school a thousand times because he’s stuck in a meeting. Rafa doesn’t mind waiting. Dad always works late because he thinks Rafa can’t hear him drinking when he’s sleeping. Besides, Max is there, because his dad is also late.

But Max’s dad arrives. Rafa remembers that Max’s dad is a cop, with a badge and a gun. Detective Alec, Rafa can read on Max’s dad shirt, because he’s a big boy and very good at reading.

Max doesn’t want to leave because then Rafa will be alone. So Alec stays and sits down with the boys. Max was just finishing a drawing of the last planet he conquered. Alec asks him a million questions and then, when Max tells him Rafa helped the conquering, Alec asking him some more questions about that.

And suddenly Rafa is asking questions of his own, about Alec’s job. Dad doesn’t quite like the police, but Rafa does. And Alec does too because he smiles and answers.

When Dad arrives, rushing out of the car, Rafa just waves at him. Dad looks worried but when he sees the three of them drawing, he calms down. Alec talks a little bit with Dad and suddenly Max has to go. But not before Max hands Rapha the drawing of their new planet.

“That’s the planet they conquered,” Alec explains. “Rafael destroyed the defense and Max planted their flag. It was a very elaborate plan.”

Rafa smiles, proud of himself. But then he blinks. Dad is pushing his lips together, but something shines in his eyes as he looks from Alec to Max, and then Rafa. “And here I thought school didn’t teach much. Planet conquering before you even know what fractions are. Well done, darling.”

When Dad smiles and then looks at Max’s dad, Rapha knows. It’s coming back. Whatever Dad lost, it’s coming back.