just downloaded every song ever made

Parker’s gearing up for Christmas right now and I just think that’s wonderful.

She made Eliot cut down a real tree from a real forest and drag it home, and Hardison has downloaded every Christmas song ever made into a playlist for her. Hardison has turned his great costume-making skills into updating Parker’s Christmas-themed costume wardrobe. Eliot is telling Parker it’s too damn early to make Christmas cookies but he has started comparing recipes, getting ready for the inevitable day.

Parker’s gone in a multi-national, high stakes robbery spree for new Christmas decorations and gifts. But don’t worry. She’s planning jobs in those locales as well, so she’s doing good things too while she’s stealing from the immensely wealthy.

I bet Parker has an advent calendar on the wall. Actually I bet she has multiple because one piece of chocolate per day seems like a bad deal. And she is ready and waiting for December first, because she wants her chocolate.

When I woke up this morning to see the New Romantics MV had been released on Apple Music my first thought was pure excitement, then came the realisation that when I log on to Tumblr it was no doubt going to be filled with complaints from people who don’t subscribe to Apple Music. I normally just unfollow those who’s complaints turn personal or begin to attack Taylor but this time I decided to say something. Whether you like it or not the music industry is changing, people don’t buy CDs, people don’t even want to buy each song on iTunes, they stream it. And to date, Apple Music is the best way to do that, where both the people who created the music and the listener benefit. Taylor didn’t make it this way, anyone who has ever illegally downloaded a song or an album made it this way. Don’t forget that this is Taylors job, every song, every album, every interview she does, its her job, of course it’s business. That does NOT make HER first and foremost a business, she is  first and foremost a human being The amount of things she does for her fans that go above and beyond her job is huge. When she chose Apple Music as her platform I highly doubt it was her being ‘greedy’ she did it to show her support for the platform that’s doing it the right way. To be honest if anyones being greedy its those who expect this all to be free.