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On a totally random note, is there anyone who would like to test some poses for me? I’ve been spending so much time making them pose-list compatible and quite frankly I don’t think I have enough energy to test them and make sure they work fine in game ;___;

Osomatsu-san LINE stickers

I’ve been able to get the images of the cute LINE stickers and I figured I’d share them since… they’re very cute and can be used as great icons or reaction images. (Sadly, I couldn’t figure out how to get the animated ones to work for the Sanrio sets…)

New~ Autumn - (1)

Sanrio - (1) (2) (3)

Osomatsu-san - (1) (2) (3) (Animated!) (Popping up!)


precious :’)

“We shall not say the word forever, even though we wont say forever, please be together with us for a long, long time- Kim Jongdae 150308

Thank you exo. This is for five years, here’s to five more.

anonymous asked:

how do you setup your brushes for sketching in ps?

i’m not quite sure i understand the question. i don’t really set my brushes up any particular way, I tend to just use them as they come in the brush pack or mess around with their settings to get it to do what I want for that particular art. and I almost always have opacity set to pen pressure (except for when im doing final lining). 

I also really don’t ‘sketch’ per se, in the sense of just sort of casually doodling. like ever. I am incapable of drawing casually.

but if you’re just asking what brushes I use, my current brush pack I’m using is a frankenstein pack made up of all the brushes I like from about 4 different brush packs I got off of deviantart. since I’ve only ever linked to the first one, I figure now is as good a time as any to just share links to all of them:

  • DanLuvVisiArt
    • I’ve used this one the longest and i think it was the first pack I downloaded. I use a lot of brushes in this regularly, mainly: Texture brush (for fuzzy stuff), Hard Ink Brush (for lining), the cloud brushes, and the Debris and Glass brushes (for snow or particles in the air)
  • daRoz
    • this is a fantstic brush pack and is where I got my favorite ‘painty’ brush from (far right)
  • SoldatNordsken 
    • this is a really great and comprehensive pack that has a lot of really interesting brushes. just bare in mind that this pack is more geared towards concept artists so there are lots of plant and industrial/ interesting patterns/ textured brushes that dont really fit with my personal style, so i only really use maybe like 5 brushes from this pack regularly.
  • Julio Castelo
    • i actually got linked to this pack by the lovely @chawduhree​ and while it’s definitely got some good brushes, it’s very cluttered with a lot that I never use and probably wont ever touch. 
    • this pack is also mostly geared toward concept artists, is a combo of multiple packs from others, and I noticed that it shares a good number of brushes with the pack above by SoldatNordsken. so just keep that in mind.

That is a lot of brushes but what I tend to do with a new pack is go through every brush one at a time and make some strokes to see if I like it, delete the ones i dont, then add the leftovers to my main set. I ultimately try to keep my main set as uncluttered and organized as possible, with my favorites and most used at the top, with similar brush types clustered together.


Gauri physically restraining Shivaay.