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Types as annoying people in public transportation
  • ISTP: The sulking drunkard who crashes into people on their way out without apologizing
  • ESTP: The noisy as fuck drunkard who calls random people "bros"
  • INTP: The spaced out person who realizes it's their stop too late and dashes out stepping on people's toes
  • ENTP: The creepy person who's snickering to themselves about nothing
  • INFP: The stoner who's staring out of the window with a smile while eating a Mars bar with uncomfortably loud "mm"s
  • ENFP: The cheerful drunk who's singing Hakuna Matata off tune and urging people to join in
  • ISFP: The timid person who's too shy to ask the person next to them move away when they need stay off and sort of just push through without a word
  • ESFP: The person who's having a relationship crisis with their s.o and drags other people into it
  • ISFJ: The person who stands in the middle of the aisle in everyone's way because they don't want to take a seat needlessly since they'll stay off in a few stops
  • ESFJ: The person who's gossiping loudly about indecent subjects on the phone
  • ISTJ: The killjoy who tells everyone to be quiet and stop being a nuisance
  • ESTJ: The manspreader whose (imaginary) balls take two seats
  • INTJ: The angry grandma who starts complaining if someone doesn't give them a seat within two seconds they step on
  • ENTJ: The tense guy who glares at anyone who tries to sit next to them, as well as anyone who doesn't
  • INFJ: The person who has their music so loud everyone hears what they're listening to
  • ENFJ: The mother with a crying child they do nothing about

TBH though, Henry chose a perfectly good time to have a freak out with his author powers.  Like, if he wasn’t spazzing out, he could easily just write that he had the tears that Gideon had collected, then Emma could destroy them and wouldn’t even have to think about helping him.  Henry was able to get the Olympian Crystal from the Dark One, he could easily get a damp napkin from an emo punk.

"how could yoyou like kbtbb so much its about sex trafficking? Play a nicer game" well I do play nicer games it just I really love kbtbb why? Well I love the dark twist to it how it says your not always gonna meet a prince charming and that love takes its time to grow before you can actually see it and I mean there are other voltage games where the mc is forced to do something she doesn't want to do hell there's a worse game with a similar theme by the name of bidding for love  where the auctions are fake and the guys know its fake yet continue to sexually assault and do terrible things where as in kbtbb where the auctions are very much real all the guys do is just scare her a bit or act like complete assholes but that's just them being them where as in bidding for love they pass some of the pain they caused mc as just acting or "oh we got you we didn't mean to do this without your consent but it was all fake haha" and tbh kbtbb kinda played safe it still had its dark moments sure but its realistic way with relationships where they don't just rush into it and marry the next day no it took them 3 god damn seasons to warm up to each other and get used to one another before they could truly be comfortable and that's what most relationships are like especially with most of the bidders backgrounds eisuke is a rich business man who has women left right and center trying to get him not for himself as a man but for his money so of course he's gonna be an ass at first he's testing the mc if she will fuck off once she has that green paper plus its eisuke who is known anyway for being a bit of an ass a sexy ass but still an ass And for ota well if some people paid attention to the story other than the pet kink going on you would know he was betrayed by many people and had his art stolen many many times so of course he will have little trust in people he meets and plus the women he meets are most of the time trying to get some of that cash and maybe a painting or two and then fuck off so yh he's not gonna open his arms and have you run into them right away it takes time before he breaks the koro wall and says your name and yes the whole koro shit is his way of saying "I don't want you too close to me" and I'm talking about eisuke and ota because they are the most understood characters in the game and people hate them for it and just focus on eisuke being an asshole and ota having treat mc like a dog and don't look past and finding the meaning find all of it the amount of messages this game gives is just wow and some people just don't see it I admit I was one of those people but I've looked again and thought wait a minute so that's what that means like damn yh people can like what they like but hating the game cuz of your first impressions of two characters just damn don't judge a book by its cover and read between the lines  Im probably gonna get hate for this rant but eh IDC it needed to be said
Dear fandoms,(re-written)

Bisexuals, Pansexuals, Demisexuals, and other sexualities exist. You know that right? You know that just because two women get together, it doesn’t erase the fact that they still like men, right? You know that not every woman in a f/f relationship is a lesbian, right? You know that just because someone is bisexual, pansexual or whatever else, it doesn’t take away from or cheapen the same sex relationship they are presently in, right? Just some food for thought. And no this isn’t me being sarcastic or angry. I’m asking real questions and would like real thought out answers in return.