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What should Dan and Phil play? Night in the Woods!
What are they most likely not gonna play? Night in the Woods!

(i was thinking of drawing them as other game-they-should-play characters so this might become a series. i say might ‘cause i’m a total trash mammal)

I am making this a series! Check it out!

Over the Garden Wall art here we are. I love this show waaaaaay too much and I don’t think I’ve ever actually drawn anything for it??? Apart from the constant doodles living on the edge of my math homework. For another friend’s birthday.

Do it for Jon

The only nightmares that can destroy you are found within my toxin
Trust me when I speak these words, My Mistress
The dark knight won’t be the one that breaks you.

I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now, even though it’s kind of a cheesy meme. I did my best to revamp the original template, and give it a more serious look. The walls are stained with toxin and every photo is purposefully of Jonathan instead of Scarecrow. I wanted to capture the human under the mask.


“Darren’s passionate fight against Brain Cancer is incredibly inspiring, and I’m honored to take part in raising the necessary awareness”
Jacob Artist in The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer by Darren Tieste (2015)

No. 6 Sagae Haruki