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You are the future of humans and monsters!

Next part is here! In which Chara settles in with the Dreemurr family and things might actually be okay…at least at first. 

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Dogs of Future Past Masterpost

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He wanted to feel cute!

You know what. The space arc for TMNT was really boring, actually. Like, the Setting was super cool…. but the actual plot added to it wasn’t what it could have been. Not to mention what they did with the character development and dynamics. 

We had all these worlds out there, all these alien species and societies that could have been so crazy and interesting to see. We had four kids who’d never even walked down the street in the middle of the day, let alone gone out in public and been able to smile and interact just like anyone else, and the writers didn’t even mention that fact. In space Everyone is strange and alien. The boys fit right in, for literally the first time ever, but that experience was never addressed at all.

And we had all this big flashy fights every single episode, which was kind of cool I guess, but no focus on the main six themselves? They watched their whole world get destroyed. The fate of billions rest in their hands. They’re in SPACE, where they can do anything, Be anything. And just. Nothing on that?? Like, we could have had special focus episodes for all of them, or pair off eps for two or three of them specifically. 

Mikey and April getting to run off and cause a minor intergalactic incident together. Raph convincing Leo to cut lose and have fun on a tropical planet. Donnie and Casey bastardizing space technology to build spaceships all their own. Mikey getting a solo ep to run wild somewhere without anyone else. The capritello trio being stranded on a planet and having to finally sort their relationship out. Leo diving straight into any situation that resembles a space heroes episode. Donnie finally having alone time and getting a nap. Raph and Casey finding a planet with a warrior culture and immediately throwing down with the top fighter. April getting a spa day away from her testosterone fueled friend group.

The possibilities were endless!! 

But. Nah. 

I loved some of the space arc episodes, but between leaving characters to squander without development, and the OOCness of a couple others, and the totally dropped plot lines from previous seasons…. it just doesn’t measure up to what it could have been. 

Really, looking back and remembering the monologue at the beginning of each episode, and how some plots felt rushed, or out of character, or just lackluster in general…. I think I didn’t like the space arc much at all. I wish it’d been executed better. It was a really neat idea, but just not given the content or care it could’ve had.

anonymous asked:

You have a very Northern Californian vibe to you. (Unrelated to my question, but true.) I have to ask, how do you feel about southern Cali? It's funny to me how the two halves of the state are so dramatically different, and people often get a little too ~passionate~ about having loyalty to one half or the other, so what are your thoughts? (This is coming from an LA native, but don't hold back to spare my feelings if you like, hate it or something....dude)

Ha! I’m gonna take that first sentence as a compliment. (I think?)

okay, not gonna lie, I visibly cringed when you said “cali”… which I guess is a demonstration of that separation factor between the north and south of this large ass state. They really are very dramatically different across a lot of different things because there’s a lot of space between them that is just filled with farmland and even more different people. It’s hard to describe to outside people.

I don’t hate SoCal by any means, there are places in the area that I actually really like. But at the end of the day SoCal is just not my first choice of places to live. A large factor of that is probably that it’s just too damn hot. Like goddamn. I avoid triple digit temperatures at all cost and that occurs too often there for my liking. 

((I can’t be the only one on this site that read the first part of the the space probes talking about football and got bored of it and can’t understand why people find it so interesting?


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I hop you make more Gilmore Girls gifs!

Omg!!! I actually really want to but because I gif from my dvds, it takes a little bit longer and I’m lazy. That’s literally the only reason I haven’t gone on a massive gg giffing spree lmaooo. But this is nice to hear, thank you! I find the show so hard to colour though like wtf I just can’t 

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I know you're super busy but do you think you can write some Tiny Apartment Verse fluff when you get a chance? maybe something from the beginning like it's Beth's first motorcycle ride and she's scared and Daryl convinces her she is safe with him

[Tiny Apartment Verse – Takes place two weeks after this first meeting.]

By six in the evening, the day care center was quiet. The children had long since been picked up by their parents and Beth, scheduled for the closing shift today, had spent the last hour or so tidying the place up for the weekend. She’d picked up the toys, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned up the bathrooms, and then began to sweep the kitchen floor. As she worked, Beth simply enjoyed the silence that came after a long day. It was peaceful, filled with nothing but the sounds of her own footsteps, and occasionally her soft singing. It was only as she emptied the dust pan into the trash can and moved to slip the broom back into the closet that she was interrupted by a knock at the front door.

Brow furrowed, Beth moved through the open space towards the entrance. She could see a tall shape vaguely silhouetted through the glass as she drew closer, calling out as she reached for the handle, “I’m sorry, we’re closed, were you-” But just as she pulled open the door, the dark shape beyond the glass became unexpectedly familiar. Beth blinked in confusion but only for a moment before a warm smile curved up her lips. “Daryl, what are you doing here? Lori came to get Judy over an hour ago…”

She couldn’t help but remember that, and not simply because she paid attention to each of the children and who picked them up at the end of the day. She’d noticed Lori in particular tonight, because it had been the first time in two weeks that Daryl hadn’t come for her.

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