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Why People Hate Your Sign

Aries: Make everything a competition and seem to constantly make impulsive decisions even if it puts others at risk.

Taurus: Unbelievably stubborn and think you’re always right. As well as being horribly materialistic.

Gemini: Unfocused and talks too much. Makes a lot of things up, so people never know when you’re being serious. Commitment is a no most of the time.

Cancer: Stereotypically over emotional. Can be childish and immature. As well as victimizing yourself in almost every situation.

Leo: Attention seeking and have very high expectations. Likes to be in control of everything and of course egoistic.

Virgo: Controlling and uptight. Over critical of way too much. And have a tendency of being harsh over little things.

Libra: Can never make a decision. Manipulative and superficial. Sometimes too laid back to the point of not caring.

Scorpio: Petty and vindictive. Overly jealous and possessive. Way too secretive over too many things and manipulative.

Sagittarius: Always bored because you expect too much. Exaggerates everything. Inconsistent with thoughts and things you do.

Capricorn: Selfish and don’t care enough about anything. Obsessed with social status. And almost always pessimistic.

Aquarius: Obsessed with individuality. Don’t pay attention to much because you’re always in dreamland. Stubborn and very unpredictable.

Pisces: Magnet for drama. Don’t stand up for yourself. Rarely know what you want. And sometimes over sensitive.

So I was just thinking about those posts you get in the Discworld tag about the way belief works on the Disc and how Vetinari and/or Vimes is so integral to the way Ankh-Morpork works that they might just sort of… not ever die.

You know, the ones like ‘Vimes is going to become a god of policemen and he’s going to hate it”.

Well. What if it happens to both of them? There are two parts to the city, after all. ‘Proud Ankh’ needs taking down a peg or two (or seven) by Sam Vimes, and if anyone can terrify ‘pestilent Morpork’ into being better then it’s Havelock Vetinari. And they can drive each other mad with stealth puns for centuries, if they want.

Also, this would potentially make them literally Law And Order, and that just seems very fitting in a way that would probably annoy them both.

Jealousy Suits You. (Harry Potter Imagine)

Request: Hey hi! could i request smth? A harry potter x reader like they get in an argument & she raises her hand to hit/slap him but he catches her arm, backs her to a wall and whisper, “wanna try that again, sweetheart?” thank you!! from @friceaurelia07

I feel like I always say this, but it has been a while… Please excuse my absence from writing imagines.

Also, jealousy is fun to write about but I don’t necessarily know how to … like write about it… So I just made the reader mad at something so stupid. I hope you don’t mind…

Requests are open! (just bear with me)

I hope you enjoy!

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You and Hermione were walking to The Great Hall with your books in your hands. The two of you were in a playful debate about which of your favorite novels were the best. “Well, ‘Mione, The Great Gatsby a great novel and all, but it’s not my type.” 

As the two of you neared your group of friends, you felt a frown form on your face. Ginny had taken your usual spot next to your boyfriend, Harry, and had been ruffling his hair, giggling. “Oh, (Y/N), you know she means well.” Hermione whispered as you picked up your pace and plopped yourself in between the two.

“Good morning, love.” Harry greeted, leaning in to kiss your lips before you moved your head, making him kiss your cheek instead. 

“Hello, Potter.” You said in an emotionless tone. “Don’t you have some place to be, Ginny? Don’t you have a bedtime?” 

“Don’t you? You’re just a year older, (Y/N).” Ginny said, raising her eyebrows. 

“Ginny, why don’t we go for a walk, yeah?” Hermione piped up. “The sun’s setting. I’d love to compare the sky to your hair. Let’s see if the colors would… um… match.” She got up and pulled the younger witch away. 

Ron pretended to yawn and said his farewells to you and Harry, not wanting to be in the middle of a lovers’ quarrel. Harry began to put away his parchment and his quill. “You don’t have to be so rude to Ginny, love. She’s just a kid. She has crushes, let it be.” 

“So when I see another girl practically all over you, you expect me to just sit there with a smile on my face and let her?” You said, standing up when he did. Draco and his posse all smirking, hearing the two of you argue. 

“Watch out, lovers’ quarrel!” Draco hollered as you and Harry walked out. 

The two of you stopped in an empty hallway. “I’m not saying you have to just let it happen. All I’m saying is that you should trust me enough to let me handle it.” Harry explained as he reached over to hold your hand but you yanked it away.

“I do trust you, Harry. But from what I saw back there, you weren’t even trying to stop her. It was like you enjoyed her hands in your hair!” You exclaimed, your voice bouncing against the walls. 

“What if I did? It feels nice to have someone comb through your hair, you know!” Harry yelled back, putting his things down and instantly regretting it. “That is not what I meant, (Y/N). Don’t be mad, love!” 

“If you want someone to comb through your hair, then call me, not Ginny! I can’t believe you would. You are so- ugh!” You said, beginning to walk away but he grabbed onto your wrist to stop you. 

“Harry James Potter, if you do not let go of me this instant!” You screamed, bringing your freehand up, readying to slap him, but he caught it and backed you into the wall.

“Wanna try that again, sweetheart?” He whispered, looking into your eyes through his glasses. You stood there frozen but then Harry pressed his lips to yours and you felt as if you were thawing. He pulled away first and then smiling down at you. “You know, (Y/N), Jealousy Suits You.” 


you know what’s cool about my friend who has major social anxiety? she doesn’t use it to put herself down. she doesn’t use it to call herself weak, or lesser of a person. if i’m going out and i invite her out, all she has to say is can’t, anxiety. and i get it. and i go out with other friends and i see her on her time when she can socialize and not feel like the weight of the world is crushing down on her. when i tell her i’m hanging out in the living room and she lets me know, can’t, anxiety, i’m staying in my bedroom. i get it. and i don’t push her, and i don’t pity her. i understand her. 

all i’m trying to say i guess, is that when things get hard mentally, and someone calls themselves weak, it upsets me. knowing your limits isn’t a weakness. being able to openly say “yeah, i didn’t go to that last week, because you know, anxiety.” isn’t something i’m going to pity a person for, and it certainly doesn’t mean i’m thinking less of you. and it bothers me to see people who have severe anxiety, and other things, equating it to a weakness. being able to openly talk about your anxiety and your depression and your inability to function as what you or society sees as common isn’t a fault. hell, it’s a strength to be able to say, “can’t, anxiety.” and i think it’s an even bigger strength of the person you’re saying it to, to be able to understand that, even if they don’t feel the same way. strength and empathy. that’s all i guess. 

'Pitch' Brings in Love Interest for Ginny
The hurler on Pitch may be headed for love. One Tree Hill actor/singer Tyler Hilton will join the Fox drama in December to play Noah, the CEO of a...

Did anyone actually believe Bawson would be starting a relationship next week? I think they’ll probably kiss and decide it’s a mistake or someone interrupts or any number of other things standing in their way right now. 

I’m not surprised at all by this. It was only a matter of time before they brought someone in for Ginny that wasn’t Mike… I mean Mike and Amelia had their… whatever it was, and he’s still got this weird thing for his ex. 

I’m 100% Bawson trash, and I cannot fucking wait for whatever happens between them next week, but I wasn’t expecting them to FULLY happen. I mean, there’s only been 8 episodes. I wanna see the build up and the tension. I want to see them grow more. I want to see their friendship grow. I want see them in their own personal journeys first. 



I mean, this is not even on the same radar as the kind of shit the Arrow writers put me through. 

I’m chill. Pitch has yet to let me down. 

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This didn’t happen? Oh well… I sometimes wonder what Mori and Dazai’s relationship was like, and get stuck between wondering if Mori was more of a father figure to him, or just a means to an end. (If he’s a father figure, that makes you take Dazai’s message to Atsushi about fathers into consideration with the recent chapters, no?)

Can we just appreciate the fact that no matter how mad Yuri Plisetsky gets when people call him cute, or pretty or beautiful, he he never denies that he is?

He even utilizes it as a tool to win. Being pretty and feminine and cute doesn’t make him weaker or less capable. He even won.

He got mad at JJ calling him ‘lady’ (was it lady? I forget) but while he got mad he never said anything else.

Maybe it’s because Yuri knows that being called a girl isn’t a disservice to him but no one likes being misgendered (I think a lot of you could agree on me on that). Yuri knows girls aren’t weak. They can lift you over their head (Mila), they can be scary (his fangirls), they are deserving of his respect (Lilia) but they can also be kind (Yuuko).

And when his fangirls fawn on him he gets mad but still defends them when they come under fire.

Victor and Yuuri might be my favorite characters in YOI, but Yuri Plisetsky is a good kid and a damn good character.

Did I tell you about my CrossFit experience in Israel?
—  white woman, in Boulder

If yall ever get the chance to talk to 5sos, ask them something about their music, please- not their personal lives. I’ve never met them but I can still assure you it would light up their world if you asked them about what they love doing (making music) instead of their love interests and private business and such.



Just know that every one of you is important to me. Every. One. I love you all. I’ve been struggling so much lately, and you all have been there for me. It means so much to have you all, and it’s scary to think of where I would be without you all. You really care so much, and I hope that I’m able to return at least in ounce of the love that you give me. You’ve made me the happiest person in the world, so never forget that. It’s baffling to think that in such a short amount of time I’ve gained so many followers. I still wonder what the hell you all follower me for - whether it be my shitty reactions or scrappy scenarios. But just know that I’m happy that you’re all here, and hope we can continue to be one big happy family. I love love love you all!!

So, without further ado, I would like to acknowledge every wonderful person who followers me, you beautiful people. I’m sorry if I missed some of you, but my eyes keep dropping from sleep loss and I’m pretty sure my phone glitched out and didn’t show a few of the older followers I have. I’m really sorry! If I did miss you, remember that I love you, and just because your name isn’t on here, it doesn’t mean that I’m not super happy to have you here. I also had to separate the names tagged down the middle, because so many people were tagged. I’m really sorry! This one is the urls beginning with a number, all the way through L. If your url lies after that, you can find it right here!

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I just hope all of you who get likes and have follows are so freaking grateful. It is such an amazing thing and Taylor doesn’t HAVE to do any of this for us. She is busy planning a tour for us, yet she still comes on as much as possible. I know it’s hard when you think she doesn’t know you or doesn’t care about you, but she does. Please, please cherish every single notice you get because they are rare and beautiful and amazing. Also, for those who don’t have follows or likes (YET) please don’t give up hope she loves you so much and owes her career to all of us as she’s said before. I KNOW TAYLOR MAY SEEM LIKE OUR BEST FRIEND BUT PLEASE DONT TAKE HER FOR GRANTED. ❤️

attention everyone. i just need to let you know. last night i watched paul mccartney perform a rock concert for 3 hours straight without once stopping for a drink of water. they literally shot fireworks and giant flames off the entire periphery of the stage and he still did not allow himself a single sip of water. he played a song for his murdered friend on top a rising LED platform and did not stop the show. the next time you are tired and emotionally drained at rehearsal remember this 73 year old legend. you too can transcend your human form. do it for paul.