just don't be a complete piece of shit

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So imagine some fanficish shinanigans happen and the Scout that had just began drawing God n' Gabe comics on the internet gets mysteriously transported to present you while you're chilling at a con or something. What happens?

oh god i’d have a word or two but i wouldn’t be surprised

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Are you my real dad?

well i certainly am now

Why are some Steven Universe fans so genuinely nasty and mean? Like after the episode saying that they want Jasper to /die/ or even her fans? Or that they are blocking people that “still like her”

You know, you can like characters without condoning their actions. You can like their complexity and character development, and hope for them to better themselves without being a “bad person”. Liking villains is completely common and normal, so why is liking Jasper any different from that?

Just because Jasper is a piece of shit (and believe me all Jasper fans know and acknowledge this fact) doesn’t mean you can’t like her character, and just because she hurt your favorite character doesn’t make harassing others who enjoy Jasper as a character ok