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Killing Stalking

Okay let’s just put this to rest with facts or plausible theories

Yoonbum and Sangwoo both have personality disorders and dark pasts

Yoonbum and Sangwoo are not in a healthy relationship

Yoonbum and Sangwoo are both criminals

Yoonbum is scared and acting out of either dependence or a twisted Stockholm syndrome; he also had feelings prior to being held captive possibly clouding otherwise clear connections- he may be slowly viewing Sangwoo as less of a monster and more of an ally

 Sangwoo is possessive and acting out of either a disconnect due to his upbringing or a prior mental instability only heightened by his parents deaths. He shows signs of a superiority complex and seems to view most below him- he views Bum as a mother figure with an Oedipus twist

I’m saying this again: Sangwoo and Yoonbum may be misunderstood but they are still criminals

Sangwoo seems competent enough to be tried against if his crimes come to light, he does not kill out of insanity and the torture and brutalization of the bodies along with collecting the clothes seem to point in the acts being based on power and possessiveness. This most likely is a replication or evolution of his fathers actions against him

Yoonbum is, ironically given the lack of severity in his crimes, the more mentally unstable, he would be pitiful in court but his previous offences may put him at a disposition if he chooses to get help once a new chance arises. He is showing signs of becoming manipulative out of necessity for survival. Most of his prior actions can be explained as symptoms of a under-treated or severe case of boarderline personality disorder.

Killing Stalking isn’t about a ‘hot sexy bdsm’ it is about psychological and physical abuse and how it develops into either reliance or rejection- basically what I’m saying is most aren’t reading this as a 50 shades of grey knock-off and are treating it as it is, a horrifyingly curious story.


Part 1 of The Legend of Korra dream cast I want but won’t get, that I spent three days straight working on.

Part 2 HERE.


*Xuezhang = Upperclassman/senpai

**These characters are from ‘Their Story’

Second year Xuezhang meets first year Qin Xiong aahhh!

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A special thank you to Harry for being a true friend and believer in my music. Your talent is matched only by your generosity and love and it’s incredibly inspiring.

Dan Layus, in the thank you for his album Dangerous Things.

can’t be certain if it’s our Harry, but certainly sounds like him 😌

Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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he/him, even with the hijab picture

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My wives are lookin’ good:

Pong Master Larissa “Get Rekt, Scrubs” Duan

Her Partner Camilla “Dresses For Every Party Like It’s Coachella” Collins

First Alternate Caitlin “Genuinely Jus Here For A Laff, Oh Wait There’s A Competition?” Farmer

Inktober Day 30: Wreck

yes I know it’s no longer October but I will finish Inktober if it kills me

tfw it’s ur 20th bday and your mom went to the ER so you’re home alone (& worried abt her but it seems like it went fine) and you have no friends to hang out with and you’re just so freaking BORED you want to DIE please someone invite me into your friend group and may the lord save my lonely soul

Random Trollhunters Headcanons

Claire is the passionate-lipsyncing-into-a-hair-brush-while-dancing-around-the-room type (particularly to Fall Out Boy). Jim’s dancing hasn’t gotten any less dorky, except when slow-dancing (which he’s alright at).

The humans and trolls are still trying to find a quick way to communicate. They’ve tried cell phones (touchscreens don’t pick up rock, and no one sells anything with large enough buttons) and magical crystals (Claire’s started flashing during a test and she nearly got a fail for cheating).

Toby picked up sudoku from helping his Nana fill out the puzzles section in the paper. Blinky is thrilled to learn about sudoku, and Jim gets him a book of them and he nearly cried (he copies the grids down on separate paper so he can solve them without writing in the book).

Barbara Lake, when introduced to the trolls the second time, screams loud enough to wake the dead. Once she’s tried calming down, she nearly burns down the kitchen trying to make tea. Claire tries to explain but isn’t a huge help, because she gets distracted explaining things that sound incredibly dangerous (the hero forge). Weirdly, Barbara listens to Blinky the most. (She is also relieved to know where Jim’s moped came from).

Claire is objectively the worst at giving gifts, even more so than Blinky (who only gives informative things, but at least stays with areas of interest).

Claire is bad at judging when things are dangerous. She thinks having a staff that can teleport her means she can run directly into the middle of the fray. Jim is getting gray hairs.

Someone has to pick up a ranged weapon. Three melee fighters? Someone needs to be support.

Everyone expects Claire and Barbara to get along, being the only two girls in the group, but Barbara thinks Claire is reckless and impulsive, and Claire thinks Barbara is overprotective and doesn’t have any confidence in their fighting abilities. Obviously they still downplay their fights to keep Barbara from having a heart attack, but being underestimated is irritating.

Telling Barbara that Strickler was a changeling goes about as well as anyone could expect. She isolates herself in her room for a few hours and emerges with red eyes. Strickler is mentioned only as an absolute necessity for a while, before she tells them to stop coddling her, that’s not their job.

Barbara is initially unhappy with Jim fixing so many meals (he has a job that’s even more stressful than hers, and more physically demanding), but Jim finds it relaxing to tune everything else out and just cook.

Claire isn’t actually a great cook when it comes to the oven (which she and Toby agree is evil and hates her). As long as no heating is required, though, she rivals Jim. Cookoffs are deliberately kept to a minimum because Claire is competitive and Jim will willingly fail to make her happy (which she hates)

Toby likes crafting things with his hands. He’s tried several hobbies, including crocheting (his Nana taught him), knitting, sewing, and bracelet weaving. Everyone has at least one thing he’s made them.


Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions

Undertale Explained by Someone Who Has No Idea What Undertale Is (but keeps seeing other people post about it)

Undertale is a game for the Super NES that was released in 2015.

The main characters are two comical skeletons who have the superpower of being both scary and adorable at the same time. The tall one loves puns and the short one has the power to make one eye glow and become extra creepy.

There is also a reptile fish pirate lady with an overbite who everybody adores. She wants to fight you, but she’s not the villain. In fact there is no villain, though in a plot twist maybe it turns out you were the villain all along. Oh, and there’s also a sheep dragon librarian woman who is nice to everybody, but she doesn’t really do anything else worth mentioning.

There may or may not be a human in the game, but it doesn’t have a name so it doesn’t really matter. Everyone who does have a name is named after fonts in Microsoft Word, suggesting the whole story actually takes place inside a computer (like Tron, but with fewer Light Cycles and more moral ambiguity.)

The game doesn’t really have an end, because that would mean that people might stop talking about it at some point. The game just kind of starts over again like Super Mario Bros. or Pokémon, leading to an endless spiral of deep contemplation and melancholy.

The game is critically acclaimed for its deep metaphors and powerful social commentary, but also dismissed by much of the video gaming community for its deceptively whimsical cartoon-like style.

Still, the success of the game can be seen abundantly in the strength of its loyal cult following, and the amount of attention it receives on the social media site Tumblr. This success has game developers already working on the next installment, “Undertale 2: This Time It’s On Instagram!”


Dante’s Nine Circles Of Hell (As depicted in “Inferno”)

“Hope not ever to see Heaven. I have come to lead you to the
other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice.”

anonymous asked:

if you don't mind me asking, what are people saying about latinx heritage? is it more sh fandom garbage? ugh i feel your frustration, i hate white ppl & am wishing you relief from this

It’s not just the sh fandom,,, what bothered me today was outside of the fandom. It’s just that there’s seems to be a misunderstanding as to what ethnicity, race and race relations mean in latin america (specifically to me mex bc it’s what I know). Tbh, i dont have the right words to explain what I mean but I’m gonna try.

It’s basically that a lot of ppl are assuming things abt what it means to be latinx and it’s all so americanized when latin america’s construction of race is very different. What bothers me, is that we have an important history that seems to be erased every time someone who isn’t latinx attempts to speak abt our heritage. It seems like there’s a disconnect between the perception of what latinx means and what the reality is. The thing is, the reality of what latinx means is so complicated i wouldn’t be able to explain it bc it’s so broad and complex and it’s not the same for everyone. So, it bothers me when ppl who don’t even experience latinidad speak abt it. 

It’s just to me, reconciling that I’ll never know my heritage has been a long journey of self acceptance. I only have a little bit of information abt my ancestry bc of a violent history that most ppl ignore. In mex, specifically, the term “mestizo” was created to address this bc we just dont know. Most of us don’t have a defined “race”, which is why my relationship with it is different. My perception of my mexican identity is complicated, and when others speak abt it it makes me uncomfortable. And even now, im using words that might not explain what I mean bc your perception of the word is different than mine. Not just bc of a language barrier but bc of a cultural, socio political one. 

My frustration is just a culmination of a lot of things, but basically I feel like non-latinx ppl still dont understand what latinx is supposed to mean. Or more like they assume that they know when they don’t. It’s things like being grouped together with my colonizers by calling me hispanic, it’s forgetting abt indigenous latinx, afro latinx. It’s forgetting that we’re a complex and diverse group of ppl. It’s ppl, forgetting that we’re not the USA, and that our history is completely different. It’s ppl ignoring how latinx countries are suffering right now (and have been for a while). It’s ppl calling undocumented immigrants “illegals”. It’s ppl assuming and hating, and disrespecting my culture, and it’s abt my experiences as a latinx immigrant. It’s so much, and there’s no words for me to explain how I feel. And it’s frustrating.