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Preview for my second piece for @terumobzine2017!! decided on an ink piece to contrast with the first piece which is a lot heavier on the color side. also partially because I just cant find a way to color it. it just looks freudianly complete

I hate freud

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Noooooo! You can't quit! -Stomps foot- Can't ever quit. Don't quit. I won't allow it! I just love your stuff so much. 😭 You be my favorite FFXV fanfic writer. - InsecureWriterWeirdo

I mean it when I say it won’t be for awhile, though! LOL I want to go out with a bang, not like a “this bitch shoulda stopped writing a long time ago, she tired” kinda thing, so I gave myself a deadline of sorts. But rn I got way too much shit on my plate like:

• Finishing the chocobros x reader series
• Ignoct/Promnis/Gladnoct/Promptio threesome one-shots to complete my HCs
• One-shot based on that one-HC someone made about Ignis being touch-starved
• Ignis getting pegged (because ponkita LOL)
• more “Chocobros with a black s/o" HCs/drabbles
• AWWLLL the shit I have piled up for UTW

With the rate at which I work (read: a glacial pace), I’ll at least be writing things for the rest of the damn year before I “retire”. It doesn’t even count all the countless things that could entice my muse, either. And I wouldn’t even be doing that until I finish my new series in which I still have no clue how it’s going to end, so I can’t put a timeline on that shit, either. *sighs*

And who knows, as long as the Thot Squad is still with me, I could be writing smut until I die. LOL.


Something TF2 does a lot better than overwatch is the non-combat interactions:

In TF2, each character has close to 27 different voice lines with two or three variations of each one. That’s 162 for each character (except pyro who only has 1 version for all his lines), any of which can be activated on demand with just two buttons. With nine characters in the game, this adds up to about  1,450 unique voice lines (This doesn’t include other unique voicelines that the characters initate themselves based on the situation) It really helps add to the immersion and makes you feel like you’re interacting with another human being, rather than just another dps or tank slot. Spamming “hello” and crouching will only get you so far in a conversation. There’s also a zillion taunts/emotes in TF2 with many being interactive between multiple characters or even the whole server, each of which tells you a little more about the character’s personality from how they perform their response in their own unique way

I understand that overwatch is more competitive and so it makes sense to not have all that voice line clutter to make it more efficient but it’s rather sad, at least from a casual point of view.  


guuys, remember the scholarship I told you about? today I found out that I got it!!!! 🙆🏼🙊

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Hey I hope you don't mind getting feedback about your art? I don't wanna sound offensive but I think you should work a bit on your colour palettes bc they look kind of bland and boring and sometimes you use like really ugly basic colors ): sometimes it's good to tone it down I think

i didnt ask but thanks for the input! 

there is a reason i barely ever color lol cause you are right, i do stick to more neutral and basic colors and im not really sure how to break out of that without burning my eyeballs off with neon colors 

i really wanna wear “”“girl”“” clothes more but alas my dad would fucking kill me if i ever did. his reaction to finding out (by going through my stuff) that i might not be straight was pretty bad so i can’t imagine what actually coming out to him would be like