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let’s see…I already made CA and Time so all that’s left is Rain


tell us your favorite quotes from your character.
give us an idea of who they are by five things they’ve said.
then tag your friends.

  • “[A friend] is someone you would do anything for.”
  • “All right, that’s enough, all right? She’s just scared and cold.“
  • [Promise?] “It means something you can’t break. Ever. ”
  • “I was thinking…Will could’ve cast protection last night, but he didn’t. He cast Fireball. Over.” [What’s your point? Over.] “My point is…he could’ve played it safe, but he didn’t. He put himself in danger to help the party. Over.”
  • “What was your test on again? Human Anatomy?”
  • “Let her go. Let her go, you bastard!”

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  • ghost:hamlet your uncle killed me so can you kill him
  • hamlet:sure dad i'm on it
  • hamlet:(acts strangely)
  • hamlet:(writes part of a play)
  • hamlet:(kills the wrong guy)
  • ghost:jfc son just kill him already
  • hamlet:okay okay fine i'll do it
  • hamlet:(gets kidnapped by pirates)

Maybe at once upon a time this was about whether he was innocent, or y’know, some sort of psycho murderer. But that ship sailed a long time ago, along with your career at Nelson and Murdock. So why do you still care?


They rode every day, never sleeping twice in the same place, avoiding towns and villages and castles as best they could. Once she asked Sandor Clegane where they were going. “Away,” he said.



yall.. winwin is blonde and i cant breathe :(( 


You couldn’t have had breakfast before you came over?


You, sir, are illegal. ©

Beyond season six, I’d love for someone else [than tyler posey] to take over the show. If it still has life, if there’s still stories to tell, that would be great. […] To see maybe Dylan Sprayberry take over the role of the Teen Wolf and see Tyler Posey move into more of a Derek Hale role. That would be the Degrassi High version.

new occupation: fighting anyone who says the cursed child casting is wrong bc ‘hermione is white in canon!!!’