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Okay I thought of something and it made me emo so I wanted to share it with you guys too so we can be emo together (that’s what skamily is for) 

You remember this? (well of course you do) 

well this clip just made me realise that this, everything Even is telling Isak that will happen isn’t just something that he thinks will happen because he is depressed. He believes it, because it’s happened before. It has happened with his friends whom he loved so much. 

We don’t know what happened but it is something so bad that not only hurt balloon squad but made Even think they hate him, made Even hate himself and that’s why he was so sure he would always be alone before Isak. Why he thought all he did was ruin things. Because he has before. He has lost everything before. and now it’s threatening to come back and haunt him and he is flipping terrified that whatever he did that was so bad to lose all the people he loves and trust, will take away the one person he loves and trusts now.

This clip broke my heart, because this face? it reminds me of the clip above. All the shame, self-hate, resentment at whatever led to him losing his friends. This face shows just how much he still truly believes that he hurt all his friends enough for them to hate him. He believes it so much that he continues to hate himself for everything he can’t change. He is so ashamed, so terrified of everything that went down with bakka and his closest friends to come back and destroy everything he has built between him and that incident. ugh it’s just. I feel like this clip and this entire storyline is so damn important because it’s proving that everything we saw with Even at the end of s3 hasn’t gone away just because Isak loves him. 

His self hate? the pain, this belief that he doesn’t deserve anyone because he just hurts them and ruins everything? ah god it’s still there and it always will be until he faces everything that created it. And so the bakka storyline is coming up to maybe hopefully push Even in the right direction of healing and finally self love and acceptance because that is what skam is about. 

dealing with everything you are ashamed of about yourself and finding love and acceptance within yourself. For Even that is no longer being ashamed of his past and his illness but accepting that it is a part of him and his story and he is even more strong, beautiful and compassionate because of it. He shouldn’t hate himself for things out of his control, and he shouldn’t be terrified of losing people he loves because of it. He is kind, smart, beautiful, and loved. his illness doesn’t define him. This is everything I wanted from an Even season, and just maybe we’re gonna get it. 

just maybe we’re gonna get to watch someone teach us how to love and accept ourselves again. 

I hope so

Also the fact that he asked about the boys made me want to cry because he so clearly misses them so much and he said it in such a,….sad way? I just I can’t. 

Especially when the boys reaction to Even’s name was this

I just… I want to protect my baby and take away his pain and worries. He still thinks that he is capable of hurting and losing Isak and I truly feel like those feelings are connected to the Balloon squad, who are connected to Sana who is our beautiful main. And that is how we are going to get Even’s self acceptance story after all. 

I’m sorry I told you this was emo. 

but how did the even and isak conversation go? were they sitting on their couch, or eating dinner there, and Isak’s feet were laying in Even’s lap as he picked at his food. And Even clearly picks up on his mood and nudges him by squeezing his foot, everything alright? And Isak will shrug and be like yeah of course. But clearly we know that Even can always spot Isak’s bullshit from a mile away, so Even just does his soft Isak. And that just kind of- Isak slumps and puts the mostly uneaten food away and climbs up closer, maybe into Even’s lap, for the conversation. Do you trust me? and Even blinks because?? what the fuck of course he trusts him. more than anyone else in the world? So Even tells him this and Isak nods, i want to know who Mikael is. And once again what the fuck, how did he come in to the conversation?

So Even just kind of tries to keep from completely freezing up and Isak bites at his lip until Even clan unlock his voice enough to say, how did you-? and Isak will shrug, sana knows him, apparently. i saw pictures but she won’t tell me anything. But then Isak might get the defensive tone of voice when he’s frustrated- you know the one where he begins to talk really fast? i just want to know you Even. Like you know me. Every dirty detail, and I thought I did, but I’m beginning to think that there is this whole history that you have and i’m in the dark-

I need time. Even will swallow, but bring a hand to slowly drag through Isak’s curls. He doesn’t know who he’s trying to comfort. I will tell you. I just need time. And Isak will shut his eyes, but nod quietly and lay his head down on Even’s shoulder

nct 127 as things my dad has said
  • Taeyong: I told you to clean your room- Well you don't need to go now! It's too late, I already did it! And I used febreeze.
  • Taeil: I bet I can hit that high note- *doesn't hit the high note* You were looking at me and I got nervous.
  • Johnny: I am always professionally dressed at work. *is wearing socks with rabbits in hats on them* What about that isn't professional?
  • Yuta: *in response to me trying to hug him* No thank you. The only person who can hug me, is me.
  • Doyoung: I can't believe you just called me cute. Have you seen me? Do you know any other men who would look this good, at MY age?!
  • WinWin: Everyone called me a cute kid- little did they know that I would eventually take over the world.
  • Jaehyun: Sometimes you have to look a little less gorgeous than usual; people can't always be blinded by my beauty! Also, it makes them feel better about themselves.
  • Mark: I can't believe I haven't helped at least one person today? What is my life coming to?!
  • Haechan: *in response to me asking for him to help with something* Imagine if I wasn't the most kind and generous human alive.
Prone to Sadness, Handle With Care

Words: 795
Bucky Barnes X Reader
Prompt: “Hello! I have a request please! Bucky and reader are dating and Bucky’s feeling pretty bad about himself and thinks he’s bad so the reader starts writting motivational things on his metal arm. And one she etches in something like name: Bucky; prone to sadness so treat nicely. Or something. Please. Lots of fluff please.” -Anon

“Hello? Earth to Bucky?” You waved your hand in front of your boyfriend, who was spacing out and completely missed everything you’d just said.

“Hmmm?” He looked up at you from the black coffee he’d been staring down into.

“You didn’t hear any of that, did you?” You sighed in concern. He was always prone to zoning in and out of conversations. Steve told you he’d been doing it as long as they had known each other, but lately Bucky seemed different. He’d been mentally disappearing from you at more frequent intervals and for longer stretches of time.

“What’s going on James?” Your tone took on a serious note as you sipped from your own steaming cup. “I’m worried about you.”

“Nothing.” He promised, wrapping his hand around his mug, but not picking it up. “I’ve just been thinking lately.” He sighed. “What do you think people see when they see me?”

“Well, I’m sure everyone sees something different. I member noticing your arm.” You recalled fondly.

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What did you think of Jack? And do you still headcanon Lena as a lesbian or do you see her as bi? I always love hearing your opinions on these things.

I admit that it took some time for me to be convinced of Jack’s good and loving intentions surrounding Lena. This is because she originally referred to him as her kryptonite and admitted that being around him would cause painful feelings to resurface. Never a good sign. I had a feeling from the beginning that he was not exclusively involved in all of the dark occurrences surrounding Biomax only because I remembered the original synopsis about Beth Breen. Jack came across as intelligent and charming but it wasn’t until dinner when I started to feel ok about him.

I really like the way they handled the story of Lena’s previous relationship with him and her receptiveness and hesitation with him re-entering her life. Of course my heart broke for her because of the decision she had to make and what she had to do.

As far as Lena’s sexual orientation, I originally headcanoned her as a lesbian, but with the introduction of Jack, my hc was no longer strict. I am open to her being bisexual so I usually just say wlw now for inclusive purposes. But a big part of me still wants to say she is a lesbian. Of course there are women that identify as lesbian but previously dated men. In my mind, despite sexual orientation, it is still possible to develop feelings of love and give in to the idea of being loved in return. I think it is safe to say a lot of us have been there.

Lena struggles with feelings of abandonment so when she has someone that loves her and believes in her and that person happens to be someone that she can relate to on such a strong level, maybe it is easy for her to love him as well. Maybe it isn’t everything she truly wants in a relationship, but many of the important factors are there. So after years of not feeling like she is able to truly connect to someone, when she finds Jack, she just lets it happen. She’s content. But maybe there was still something that was always missing. Maybe the painful memories aren’t just that he made her choose, that he didn’t make room for everything her life entailed, or that everything she thought she felt or tried to make herself feel was a waste of time.

Maybe the pain she feels is also guilt because when it ended, part of her felt relieved. She felt relief over the idea of after those years with him, she was finally free. She didn’t have to pretend anymore. Maybe she could move on and find someone that knew and appreciated her for all that she was. Not only Lena Luthor, but just Lena. Not only what everyone thought they knew or what is on the surface, but what is inside – who she really is. I imagine she found that in Kara and her instant connection with Kara and willingness to open up so quickly speaks volumes of that.

But Lena still has that fear. She is terrified that maybe one day, Kara will leave or be taken away as well. Maybe Kara doesn’t feel the same way. Maybe she can’t have the woman she really wants. Perhaps she should give things with Jack another go because when she had him, at least she had someone. Someone that knew her with the good and the bad and still cared. Someone that found out the worst but came back anyway and wants another chance. Nobody has ever come back and asked for another try. Lena thinks that maybe he deserves one. Maybe she can be okay with settling for the quasi-happiness she had before. Maybe she can keep her secret if it means someone accepting most of her, because other than Kara, who else would? Who could ever truly love a Luthor? So she tries. She lets herself fall in love with love again. She falls in love with the idea of Jack and what he is willing to give her.

But it was a mistake. As soon as she let herself love him, he was gone – taken from her because of a choice she had to make. So there it is, another person she loved cruelly taken away to the evil in this world. She will have to bear that burden and it hurts but she isn’t surprised because it is always the same. Maybe it’s a sign, though? At least she has Kara. Kara, who believes in her, fights for her, and vows to protect her. Kara who sees beyond the surface. At least she can still love her even if she can’t have her. Maybe that will change someday? And maybe if it does, Kara will actually be the one that stays.

Do you guys remember way back in “Here There Be Gerblins” when Taako finds the umbrella? Do you remember that when he took it the red robe and skeleton crumbled away into ash??? Because??? It happened??? And Im really sad now??? Like I always remembered it as: Taako took the umbrella and her skeleton and robe were still there but. Nope. No remnant of her. Just the umbrella.

The Blooming Cactus Bistro - Wednesday, 1:20pm

Small talk was never something Sado enjoyed. All that, “Hey, hi, how are you doing? I’m good, how are you? I’m good.” was just annoying. Luckily she and her friends never did that. They sat down, nabbed a few bites of food and started in on what ever subject it was they needed to discuss. Sometimes they’d have 1 conversation for 2 different subjects.

Sado tried her best to hold it in. To, at the least, let Mei have a snack or two before she just dumped her emotional baggage on the table along with the food. Her mouth always was her worst enemy, though.

“I slept with Zero.”

Mei was silent for a minute before she cleared her throat. “Did I hear you correctly? You slept with Zero?”


“Zero? That tall, tanned guy with the red hair?”

“Yes. Wolfman.”

“What?! How? What happened?!”

Just showing my improvements in scan editing.

If you’ve been reading our SM releases, you might’ve noticed that each chapter is always being experimented on.

I really wanted to replicate Yamamoto’s work. I thought it was personally impossible to get that squeaky clean look he achieves on stuff like BW2 because SM is printed on newspaper material (which is really disgusting and bad).

But I managed to do it and have continually improved. Or at least I think I did. Judge for yourself in the picture above.

More detailed stuff under the cut.

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You know the picture where Suzu's wearing Obi's clothes? Could you write Suzu trying to be cool? Thank you for writing!

Yuzuri has been working for nearly five whole minutes, and the lock resembles nothing more strongly than a pincushion.

“Hurry up,” Suzu hisses, leaning his chin on her shoulder. Her hair smells like orchids, just like it always does, and that plus the three – or was it five? – pints tonight makes his knees a little weak. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

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“ Why did you need fresh air? What was Morgan saying?”

“ Oh nothing of consequence just being as annoying as she always was..” 

“ Well I’m glad you kept your cool…I know how you get around her.” 

“ Do you really think I would start something with her here?” 

“ Well… you did fight her in her own house Kai…” 

“ That was years ago.. I’ve changed…” she smiled

He arched his brow  “ Really?” 

“ Because as I recall you are still as challenging as ever…”  he said pulling her closer to him. 

Kaia inhaled his aftershave, he smelt so good! she sighed “ Okay maybe not that much” Teddy laughed cupping her face he said, “ Come on let’s go have a dance… that way I can keep you out of trouble!” 

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What do you do when you recognize contentment in others, like I did on Sunday as soon as Cait posted her video, and you realize you can't seem to have that, no matter how much you try. I'm not jealous, I swear it. I'm so glad she found her true happiness, she deserves it, they both do. I just... *wish* I could experience a moment like that, a moment of peace even during the chaos, a moment of pure bliss, serenity. My heart is always heavy, my mind is always racing... And I'm so tired.

You stop trying.

I’m not being glib. The mistake I see so many people make is that they equate being happy and content with some kind of tangible reward for completing work. “If I just do A, B, and C, then I’ll be happy.” There is no magic formula or instruction manual. It is a state of being in your own mind that YOU create. Contentment for one is not contentment for another. You have to find your contentment on your own.

This Is Water. It’s a commencement speech by David Foster Wallace. Google it. Read it. Read it until the epiphany washes over you. It is the best life advice I’ve ever heard and a great place to start you on your personal journey towards contentment.

Just be aware. Listen. Do nothing. Stop trying.

Oh, and read the Outlander books. There is so much more to them than Jamie and Claire. Best primer out there about being a woman content.

sins-ship  asked:

You'd think that Genji would know how to say Mondatta's name and Shambali with him being really good friends with Zen

Yeah, you’d think that, right? :’D

In my head cannon I kinda picture Genji as the sort of friend that does care for you a lot, but kinda just does not pay attention to details such as names, dates and what not. Unless he is very interested.

For example, I have a friend since High School, and they always called me by my irl nickname (everyone did, they still do), and a few years after befriending them, they went up to me and where like “…hey I know we’ve been friends for years but… what IS your actual name, anyway??”

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would you ever consider streaming?? or doing youtube videos? ive been following you for a while & you lierally have the best personality, i think youd make a great youtuber or streamer

i answered an ask a lil while ago about whether i’d ever do youtube videos, whicccccch you can read here

aaand basically my answer is still the same heheh; i wouldn’t know what to do?? l’ve seen quite a few people streaming sims on here but?? i just wouldn’t know what to stream heh, and as for youtube videos, I don’t really do anything on the sims that’s worth watching?? :’) 

a lot of y’all know that I love video games and that my *dream*  has p much always been to be a streamer, but if I ever did stream, I don’t think it would be the sims I’m afraid :’) It would be csgo or hearthstone orr rpg’s :’) I’M SORRY GUYS

either way, thank you anon! That’s super duper sweet of you to say!! seriously, this made me super happy because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do 😊

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I love that ur name is Brittany bc my name is Anna and ppl always find it ironic that I love Anna 😂 do ppl find it ironic that ur name is Brittany and you love Britt?

I think I find it more amusing than other people do. My joke is ‘Did you know that if Brittany Snow and I got married, we’d both be Brittany Snow?’ ‘Isn’t that hilarious!’ and I just get ‘Yeah, that’s great Britt’.

Our initials are almost the same too. I’m BAR, She’s BAS.

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This might be a dumb question but do you think they actually filmed with chyler underwater? Seems really risky to me but idek how you would begin to fake it

yeah she was actually in the water. they could have used a stunt double but chyler’s said she likes doing the ones she can herself. they always have safety teams on stand by just in case anything happens, the takes are usually pretty sort for things like that, and she probably went through pretty extensive training and rehearsal in the water before she did it.

“In Charge”

A/N: To the anon who asked if there would be more, I wrote this right after you asked :)

Summary: Reader is in charge of watching the fallen angel while Crowley is out.

Characters: Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Mild Language, Annoyed Reader, Lucifer’s Sass (as always)

456 Words

Originally posted by timetraveldean

Babysitting. Apparently, that’s something you do now. But not just anyone. Nope, today you’re babysitting Satan himself.

You pull open the heavy metal door, sighing at knowing what’s about to come. “Y/N, it’s been too long!” Lucifer grins. You roll your eyes, “It sure as hell hasn’t been long enough.” The archangel’s body shakes with fake laughter, “I forgot how funny you are.”

Why the hell did you agree to this? Oh right, you didn’t. Crowley practically forced it on you, saying you’re the only one he can trust. ‘Only one he can trust’ my ass, you think to yourself.

You stand in front of the fallen angel, making sure to keep your distance. “How’re you liking those chains, Luci?” Lucifer smirks at you in response, wriggling in his chair. “Wouldn’t you like to know? I also forgot how kinky you are.”

“And I forgot how fricken annoying you are,” You scoff. You glance at your watch. It hasn’t even been five minutes and you’re already starting to get a headache. You’re supposed to watch over Satan for five more hours? You really need to talk to Crowley about your paygrade because this…this is way above it.

“Oh, somebody is having a bad day,” Lucifer says in a sing-song voice. “Really? I had no idea. Thanks for pointing that out for me, Mr. Obvious,” You say, your voice dripping with sarcasm.

Lucifer scrunches his nose at you, “All that fire and feistiness. I love that about you! Y/N, why are you still working for Crowley when you can work for me?”

Your brows knit together. Did Satan just give you a compliment and ask you to work for him?

You fold your arms over your chest. “I work with whoever is in charge. I’m not big on Hell’s politics.” Lucifer pouts. “So, you’re not going to help me out of these chains and reclaim the throne?”

You shrug. “Nope. But, if you do reclaim the throne, I’ll make sure to save you some ‘fire and feistiness’.” The corner of Lucifer’s lips turn up at hearing this and he raises a brow at you. “What makes you think I would let you survive after refusing to help me?”

You raise an eyebrow at him. “Well, would you?” Lucifer purses his lips as he looks away before looking back at you and shrugging. “Okay, you got me, I would.”

He smirks at you darkly, leaning forward. “But, you’d have to spend some time in chains. You know, to set an example and everything.”

A corner of your lip turns up, “Well, like you said, ‘kinky’.”

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What did make you start your blog and how old it is? Oh also since when have you been drawing? Hope you have a good day/night Pst! your art always makes me happy keep it doing

I don’t know how old is, I would like to know, it was supposed to be like a diary, but I just started to upload art the last year. (:

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Tbh i ship jared and evan or zoe and evan more than anything else for the sake that those two would and or could make a small lick of sense somewhere. I mean you wouldnt really be altering their entire personalities at all but with tree bros your clearing out that connor did abuse his sister or atleast that information is provided. Connor did have problems and he didnt just have anxiety?? He wasnt?? No one was innocen especially not him.

YES EXACTLY. While Zoe and Evan didn’t work out in the show (for obvious reasons) and Jared and Evan is just theoretical, they do both seem to make a lot more sense than Evan and Connor (for me it’s always the whole Connor-is-dead-thing too because well. A living person can’t date a dead person?). In my own personal opinion, Connor and Evan just do not fit together personality-wise, and as I said earlier, neither is at a state where they are ready to maintain a healthy relationship with someone.

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i'm just some rando who followed you bc you're really funny so i don't know what fandoms you're in exactly but i just saw that writing prompt you did & HOLY FUCK it's beautiful!! so i was wondering if you'd do 1.Dancing in the Rain with any ship you want i just love your writing

( Thank you so much, lovely! I hope you like this little snippet ❤ )

The sky goes from ashes to dove down to spilt watercolour; Karakura rain has always been this way–sudden, coloured with change, tinged with the edges of transition. 

(He doesn’t consider himself an artist–but Ishida Uryuu knows a canvas when he sees one.)

Inoue-san’s steps turn skips turn semi-pirouettes over the puddle-mirrors of the sidewalk, and in the wake of these moments, Ishida forgets to miss the sunset; the unseen, forgotten twilight of the rainy season.

(Inoue’s wet hair drips with sun.)

Yellow rainboots and twirling bookbags and the hummings of a lullaby. These, he thinks, are the slivers of life that imitate art.

(Or is it the other way around?)

She asks him what he’s looking at and he really, really wants to tell her the truth–but he’s as much an archer as he isn’t an artist, and  knows the answer to that old quincy riddle off his heart

(What do arrows and words have in common?)

Just the rain, he says.

(The strictest no returns, no refunds policy in the universe.)

Streetlights blink to life, and Ishida wonders, wasn’t there a poem about this sort of thing? The sky, the earth, and hearts connecting–

(Inoue’s smile tastes like deja vu.)