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Went through my money collection and this happened. And by collection I mean a smattering of currency from various countries I have visited. 

What I love about this is that it reminds me of why I love travel. Because before traveling I just assumed that money looks and feels a certain way it isn’t a product of my culture or biases it just is. But once I started to travel I realized how many different ways money can be made. I discovered money that is more plastic than paper, that is colorful, that has holes in it, that is made of two metals, that is probably mostly tin, money that has something beside dead white men on it, and money that is worthless because of the change in government. And it’s just money but it’s a reminder of how wide and strange and diverse the world is. And I love that. 

I'm Not That Girl
  • I'm Not That Girl
  • Alison Luff
  • 20th of April 2014
Alison Luff (1st National Tour, April 20th 2014) [last]

I only just discovered this lovely rendition of one of Wicked’s most underrated songs. Pay special attention to her “don’t start” and “I know”. There’s so much subtle emotion in this one, I really like it. Good job, Miss Luff. (x)

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fluffy terumob headcanons ;')

  • They both buy each other clothes as presents, but both have a terrible fashion taste. Does that stop them? No.
  • Teru definitely plays a boombox he found in a storage room outside of Mob’s window at night when he’s sleeping bye
  • Mob is easy enough to impress, but Teru tries so hard anyway.
  • Mob snorts when he laughs, and this is something Teru discovered only just recently. He keeps trying to get him to laugh again, even going so far as to ask Ritsu for advice.
  • Teru sometimes joins Mob in his work with Reigen, but only to make sure Reigen doesn’t overwork him.
  • Teru has been feeling inexplicably guilty since asking Mob to go 100%, something Mob didn’t want to do, and he continues to try and make up for it by doing everything for Mob, who doesn’t quite understand the unnecessary affection, but accepts it anyways.
  • Mob is… bad… at trying to figure out what Teru is thinking and always misreads the mood. (it’s always about him tbh)
  • Their dates are either super extravagant or super simple. Like a movie marathon under a thin blanket so they can both use the excuse they’re both cold to cuddle closer, or traveling to a beach house Teru’s parents probably own in the Bahamas.

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When we're first introduced to how things are run in Big Mom's kingdom, it all seems fairly reasonable. Residents staying in Totland are required to give two months of their lifespan every year as payment for staying. Big Mom's incarnations collect this "tax" asking each resident "Life or Leave?". In exchange, everyone is protected by her and is apparently happy. Fair enough, and not too bad. However... as we discover more and more, the more we find out Big Mom's friendly face is all a charade,

(Continued: , culminating with Charlotte Brulee making it crystal clear: “Everyone trying to enter is welcome. Everyone trying to leave dies!” The “tax” from Big Mom is merely an illusion of choice just like the roulette. The choice is: you pay life-span and stay… or you die. Totland is possibly the biggest Gilded Cage in all of fiction!)

(Dear Tumblr: stop eating my drafts plzkthanx)

Short answer: I agree. I’ve been ready for Luffy to wreck Big Mom’s shit for a while. Whereas a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting a Straw Hat/Big Mom alliance, I’ve been over here like “yeah but have you considered Luffy punching Big Mom in the face?”

While in the world of One Piece it’s true that allies don’t need to like each other, that isn’t true for Luffy most of the time.

Now has Luffy made allies out of former enemies? Follow up question: did you read Impel Down? Luffy allied himself with fucking CROCODILE. But, at the time, they had a common goal: getting the fuck out of Impel Down. After the war concluded Crocodile went his own way to … I don’t know.

With Law, Luffy interpreted this as “here’s my new friend!” and Law was like “oh God why” and fan girls went “ladies we got a lot if smut to produce”. I do think that they are friends on some level, or at least Luffy thinks so, but we will see how Wano plays out.

Big Mom is neither of these things right now. She and Luffy have no shared goals (in fact they are in conflict of each other - they can’t both be Pirate King and they want very different things for Sanji) and she’s just a terrible person who treats people like animals - to observe like one would observe animals in a zoo (occasionally a petting zoo) and as cattle, and we can’t even conclusively say that she isn’t using her kids the same way - look what happened to Muscato, the Minister of Gelato.

Come to think of it, we don’t know where the people of Tottoland came from. Were there pre-existing settlements that Big Mom took over at some point or did she forcibly kidnap people to inhabit the city? I’d buy either because the general perception I get is that the whole thing is Big Mom’s twisted game I’d Make Believe except she murders you if you don’t play. She’s a giant spoiled child. She likes tea parties, petting zoos, candy and sweets, all stuff little girls are associated with. Just look at how Brook was carried around like her doll.

So yeah, Tottoland is a mix between an evil child’s playtime and a cattle ranch if both of those things were Candy Disneyland from Hell.


Prompt:  Imagine bucky x reader prompt: imagine a recently recovering Bucky discovering your secret stash of classic Steve Rodgers and Bucky Barns fan memorabilia.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (duh)

Triggers: None. Just fluff

Note: Soooooo sorry this is late I thought I posted it and I guess it went to my drafts. 

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Image courtesy of Jess Walter and Sherman Alexie 

Authors Jess Walter (left) and Sherman Alexie have a podcast called “A Tiny Sense Of Accomplishment.” I just discovered it thanks to Electric Literature’s list of their favorite literary podcasts, and it’s my new favorite thing. They answer listener questions about writing, conduct author interviews and read drafts of their own work.

They call themselves “the Car Talk of scribes.”  And their podcast actually is kind of like Car Talk. It’s funny, and it makes you feel like everything will be okay.

–Lidia Jean 

self-delusion is one of the most important survival instincts you can have tbh but those moments when you unintentionally discover that someone else’s sense of your self is wildly at odds with the idea you carry around then you pretend that the fault lies in their own unhappiness or personal problems or any other excuse you can come up with to keep from facing up to just how ugly you are inside

Across the Pond

A Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction based on the WDW au by @fox7xd-drawings

I did the thing y’all. 

So as you all may know, wonderful @fox7xd-drawings came up with the amazing WDW ML au and I just. can’t. get. it out of my head. So much so that I unintentionally started drafting this fanfiction in my mind while banging my head against my desk in my boring office job.
So I asked for her permission to transform her wonderful idea and voilá. I present you with my contribution to this wonderful fandom.


Four years have passed since Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng became the miraculous superhero duo of Ladybug and Chat Noir but they are nowhere near to discovering each other’s identities. With their last year of lycée around the corner, Adrien is worried that things are changing too fast. Alya and Nino take onto the task of cheering their friends up –and hopefully finally getting them to confess their feelings for each other. The solution? Convincing them to go on a transatlantic trip to World Disney World. As they come to learn, wishes do come true in the happiest place on earth. Rated T for occasional swearing.


I promise you it’s not as lame as it seems. 

I tried

and yea, i asked for permission. 


The other day I discovered that the Cards Against Humanity website has a free for download pdf file of blank cards for you to write your own… So of course, just for fun, I decided to try out a ‘The Blacklist’ themed version- and with a little brainstorming help from @quietlyapocalyptic and @redlipstickandserendipity, I began a draft list of possible questions and answers. (Thanks, you guys!!!)

I ended up discovering that there’s also a website where you can type in your own questions/answers and it’ll generate a pdf of the cards for you to print, and I decided to use that, because well, my handwriting is pretty awful.

This is a tiny snippet of what it looks like so far. It still needs a lot of work, but so far the giggles are already plentiful!

(Do I need to add a disclaimer like on fanfics and whatnot, that I’m not affiliated with either the show or the card game? For the record, I just have a slightly twisted sense of humour and a really weird creative streak. This project is just for me and my pals to play, but I thought it’d be fun to share the laughs)