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A Different Shade of Green

Fandom: Glee
Characters: Blaine, Sebastian
Words: 1022
Summary: Sebastian doesn’t wear green for St. Patrick’s Day, but then he discovers a different shade of green.

This was the last thing Sebastian needed to see. It was probably a good thing that he had several Warblers surrounding him so he didn’t walk right up to Blaine and smack Kurt Hummel’s hand from his arm.

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Runaway Masterlist

A Long Walk To A Dark House - cecilpalmrwriting

Summary: Dan didn’t plan to run away, but then again, it may have been for the best. He has an abusive girlfriend, a strange disease, and, in his opinion, nothing to live for. But when a stranger with brilliant blue eyes finds him and offers him a place to stay, Dan discovers that he does have a reason to live after all. Kove.

Fade (ao3) - phorn

Summary: Dan Howell is a runaway, a pariah, a boy who melts into the shadows. But his secret is he doesn’t just sneak away. Dan can disappear, visibly vanish from the earthly plane. On the run, he steals to survive. Escaped from an illegal laboratory, he’s haunted by the constant possibility that anyone could be from the Haven, and take him back to hell on earth. This is the story of how he meets Phil Lester, a circus attraction with a secret hidden under his loose shirts. Given the option of escape with Dan, will he take it?

Home - placingglaciers

Summary: What do you get when you cross a troubled runaway with a lost photographer? A mess, that’s what.

Live Like Highway Robbers - nagirci

Summary: The morning that Dan Howell ran away was the very same morning that he met the boy.

My Man - lumierebleue

Summary: In the mid-twenties, poor worker’s son Dan runs away from home and meets Phil, a man with a secret. Their love blossoms but when the economy crumbles in 1929 and leaves them struggling for survival, Phil’s past catches up to him and he has to make a decision that will change their lives forever.

Runaway (fanfiction.net) - danisliterallynotonfire

Summary: Dan and Phil run away together.

Starless - dontsteponthephan

Summary: Dan and Phil are both 16 years old, heavily abused, and both decided to run away to London, where they meet on the streets.

The Summer I Turned 18 (ao3) - darkeyeddreamer

Summary: Phil Lester was a sweet kid who looked like he had everything going for him. But inside, he was counting the days until he could leave his town for good. Bored with his goodie-two-shoes attitude, he wanted more excitement than his mundane town could bring. So when bad-boy rebel Dan Howell asked him to come along on his latest adventure, Phil agreed all too easily. And thanks to Dan, the summer Phil turned 18 will be one he’d never forget.

Unlovable - placentaandllamas

Summary: Dan’s mum left with Dan’s brother one night and never came back. His dad turned to alcohol to numb his pain and beating Dan when the alcohol didn’t work. One night after a particularly bad beating, Dan decides to run away in hopes to get a job, make money, and live comfortably away from his dad. Things aren’t as easy as Dan hopes, so he finds himself homeless, with only a kind stranger stopping by every day to give him something to eat

You Make Me Smile - cozyfoxy

Summary: Dan gets into a big fight with his parents and runs out of the house without thinking. He’s now outside in only a t-shirt and shorts in cold, rainy England alone. That is until, he runs into someone that he never expected to see.

I think Antoine is the only one on the French national team who I call by his first name.

Even Benzema and Pogba I call by their last names.

Antoine is just this lil cute hard-working boy…

Griezmann always sounds so aggressive.

He’s the kid who’s staying out of trouble when all of Atletico goes mad. He’s the kid whose face all of his team mates want to touch.

Please, just look at him swearing in Spanish:

Please, how could I forget him crying when Germany beat France last year:

Look at him trying to be sassy…

But I just think awwwww.

Or… happy Antoine:

Fouling his BFF Karim at the Atletico vs Real match last year…

Or being fouled by Sami at the World Cup…

Or talking about French teams not wanting to train him as an attacker…

You’re a brilliant player, Antoine! Spain has discovered you just like it has discovered Messi. <3

Frederick to the Rescue!

please love Chrom again

Yes, this was a brilliant idea, little Chrom thought to himself. No one ever let him do any fighting around here. But he’ll show them! He’ll go take out the bad its (bandits) and prove his worth! Whatever that means.

He’d gleaned the information from a couple of very hungry soldiers. It didn’t take much, just the cake he had stolen from the kitchen.

After that, he’d put his small size to good use. He’d used one of the secret passages he’d discovered to break into where they were and swiped the Falchion and Fire Emblem. After all, a hero needs the best weapons, doesn’t he? He’s sure that they won’t miss it. Or him. Nah, they won’t even notice that he’s gone at all.

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Inside the Spaceflight of ‘The Martian’

by Michael Greshko, Inside Science

Andy Weir is a cruel god, and his work has just hit the big screen.

In The Martian, his technically brilliant novel, Weir strands an astronaut named Mark Watney alone on Mars—and then proceeds to pummel him with survival tests. How is he going to eat? How will he keep warm, amid average temperatures that hover around -55 degrees Celsius (-67 degrees Fahrenheit)? Even Mars’ recently discovered briny flows would come to bear. “If I were writing [the book] again,” said Weir, “they’d be a hazard…That’d be cool.”

While the book and film adaptation—which premiered last week—get compared to Robinson Crusoe and Apollo 13 on the grounds of surviving hostile conditions, another component often gets downplayed: the rescue. Crusoe gets off his island with the help of a British ship captain nearly deposed in a mutiny. Apollo 13 safely touches down on Earth because of the heroic joint efforts of the astronauts on board and mission control. And as the film’s posters point out, it’s one thing to see Watney (played in the movie by Matt Damon) survive. It’s quite another to BRING HIM HOME.

But how do the characters in The Martian escape the god of war—and Weir? Find out below.

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