just dillon


*heavy breathing*

(an anon sent this in a couple days ago so i just put it together in one post)

Johnny wiped his swollen, red eyes. He couldn’t take the pain anymore, but had he really come to this? To take the cowards way out (or so they called it)? Sure the gang would miss him. But they’d get over it. Dallas was tough, Ponyboy was mature, as well as Darrel, and Soda and Steve had each other. He was never all that close with them anyway. So there he sat in his position on the bridge, his legs dangling over the edge. The water below was shallow, and the bridge was pretty high up.
If he fell, he’d either drown or split his skull open, or both. He hoped he’d crack his head open. It would be a quick easy death. Drowning, on the other hand, was slow and painful. He shivered and eased a bit further up back to the road of the bridge. It’d be better to jump. Johnny stood up on the stone rails and swallowed dryly. Now or never. He closed his eyes, counting to ten so he’d now when to fall forward.
Dallas drove down the road a bit too fast. He had gotten a new car from the others or Christmas, thank the Lord, but knowing him, he couldn’t ever be careful. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and blew smoke out of his parted lips. It was sort of a dreary day. The spring wasn’t usually like this. He shrugged it off and turned his gaze toward the upcoming bridge that led to the good part of town. A small figure caught his eye and he furrowed his eyebrows. It was clearly a kid.
Kids always did dumb things, but that was plain stupid. What if the kid fell? Death would be certain. Dallas shook his head, muttering something along the lines of ‘idiot’ under his breath. He slowed down a considerable amount and squinted at the figure. He could recognize that jacket anywhere. No one else had a jean jacket like that, nor did they have jet-black hair like that, hair that fell in shaggy bangs across their forehead. Dallas’s breath hitched and he slammed on his breaks.
He was didn’t want to startle who he now knew was Johnny, so he hoped out of his t-bird and ran to him. His heart was pounding and he felt like crying actual tears. Johnny couldn’t do this, not now, not ever! The kid had so much going for him! He had a future, and Dallas wanted to see that, damn it! He couldn’t stop himself. He knew he should’ve been quiet, but when was the Dallas Winston ever quiet? “J-Johnny?! What the hell do you think you’re doin’?!” He shouted, jogging to him.
“G-Get away, Dal! I’ve made up my mind. I don’ want you to stop me,” Johnny stated in a weak, small voice. He tried to be intimidating, but by the way his tan skinny hands were trembling, he was giving off scared vibes. He took the slightest step back to the edge of the bridge, looking back to make sure he wasn’t going to trip and stab himself somehow. “Johnny, c'mon, you-you can’t do this, man! Whattabout the rest of us? You just gonna leave us?!” Dallas shouted, holding his hand out.
“No, Dallas, I said no. I’m tired of-of being the pet! I-I’m tired of bein’ the kid!” He hissed with a surprising amount of venom that even made Dallas flinch. “C'mon, Johnny, puttha blade down, you ain’t gonna hurt me, I’ll tell you that now.” He seemed, almost challenging Johnny. He took a small step forward. “Just-Just get down from there. I’ll take you to the Dairy Queen. That sounds nice, yeah?” The taller greaser smiled, nodding, hoping to convince Johnny somehow not to jump.
Johnny shook his head in response, sighing while he kept looking back. He was pretty close. But was he sure he wanted to do this? He couldn’t bring himself back to life. This was permanent. Dallas inched closer so he was in reaching distance form him. The older greaser reached out slowly, attempting to grab Johnny’s switchblade. “Give it to me, Johnny.” It was as if he were talking to a spooked animal. He had a firm, yet soothing tone. Johnny took another step back, but his foot slid.
He squealed and fell back, and Dallas lunged to grab the smaller boy by his sleeve. He held on to the jean jacket as tight as he could, his pale knuckles growing impossibly whiter. “Damn it, Johnny, don’t move!” He managed to choke out, shocked that he wasn’t sobbing by now. “Give me your hand!” Dallas commanded, holding out his free hand for Johnny to grab. “N-No, Dallas, lemme go-” “Listen you little shit! I-I care about you, you can just.. leave me like this! Now give me your hand!”
Johnny’s heart skipped a beat. Dallas never really shared his feelings, not to mention about someone else, unless it was a girl he ‘liked’ or Sylvia. He had to be telling the truth. Johnny reached up, not dropping his switchblade, and he slit Dallas’ hand by mistake. “Shit! C'mon, kid why’d ya have to do that?! I’m tryin’ to help!” “S-Sorry,” Johnny whimpered, giving the blade to Dally and letting him pull him up. Johnny had never been hugged so tight in his entire life. It felt good.
“I-I thought you were gonna do it kid, I really did.” Dallas cried, actual tears, into the crook of Johnny’s neck. “You had me scared to death, you asshole.” He laughed through the tears, ruffling Johnny’s hair. Johnny was on the verge of crying himself. He thought he was too. “I-I’m sorry.” He stammered, blinking away tears. Too bad some were already streaming down his cheeks. Dallas looked at Johnny, smiling. “Oh God, thank you!” Dallas exasperated while kissing Johnny’s cheek.
ohnny blushed dark crimson, his black eyes growing wide. “S-Sorry, kid… I-I didn’t mean to-” The black-haired greaser cut him off with a gentle kiss on the lips, hoping he wouldn’t get his ass kicked for that later. “About that trip to th-the Dairy Queen…?” “Sure thing, Johnnycakes.”

Ok we got the musical episode (don’t get me wrong I am excited as hell) but now this is an episode I need. Girls night. Yeah all I need is Iris, Cynthia, Jesse (because she’s still on my good side unlike one frosty bitch), and of course my girl Linda going out. Then scene changes to Lisa Snart yelling about missing her boss ass heels. Well then Shawna shows up saying she doesn’t have them. Then you hear heels clicking down the hallway and Lisa start yelling about Rosa stealing her shoes. Long story short it’s Axel Walker wearing her heels with Rosa following behind him. Then Hartley shows up because it isn’t girls night without Axel and Hartley. So Lisa, Shawna, Rosa, Hartley, and Axel go out and end up in the same club as the good girls. Well they decide not to fight and just have a good time and party and I just need it. Maybe a musical duet between Hartley and Axel. Lisa and Cynthia talking about how amazing Cisco kisses. just good ole girl time. With two boys. Who aren’t straight.