just different styles of eating too

friendly competition [sam wilson/bucky barnes]

bucky and sam argue over who’s the better kisser. you’ll be the judge of that.

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warnings: light suggestive content

additional notes: i’m back! i’ve had this idea in my head for a little over a week, and i hope yall like it :) thanks for sticking around and i hope to post more fics soon.

They were bickering when you entered the kitchen for lunch that afternoon.

“It’s gotta be me. I’ve had the most practice.”

“When’s the last time you even kissed someone?”

“When’s the last time you did, old man? The thirties?”

You rolled your eyes as you made your way to the fridge, hoping to find sufficient ingredients for a bagel sandwich. Listening to Sam and Bucky argue was the last thing you wanted to do after an hour-long workout, but you couldn’t help but be curious. “Should I even ask what you two are arguing about?” you asked, flashing Sam and Bucky a withering look over your shoulder.

Bucky defended himself immediately. “Sam here thinks he’s the better kisser. I’m trying to tell him why he’s wrong.”

Sam shook his head. “Nuh-uh, there is no way Snowflake here is better than me. He can run, he can lift, he can fight, but I draw the line at kissing. Help me out, Y/N.”

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A Massive Spones Rec List

The Spones fandom is made up of some of the most talented people but is tiny and in need of more content. Due to this fact, there are significantly less Spones fics so I searched extra hard to compile a good, lengthy list of fics.. and somehow managed to find way more fics than I did for my Mckirk one?? Why am I such trash, help I need a life.

(Listed alphabetically: ** = favourite)

Addressed to the Damn Doctor by ElloPoppet | 2.5k, T

Spock writes McCoy a letter of confession, despite not quite knowing how to write a love letter. (A super sweet insight into Spock’s mind, especially on his thoughts on the Enterprise’s resident doctor.)

Best Medicine for the Worst Patient by gammadolphin | 8.5k, T

It’s a special kind of hell, becoming obsessed with the laughter of a man who barely even smiles unless he’s high or dying of blood loss. Leonard doesn’t handle it particularly well. (A hilariously frustrating fic in which Bones becomes a little too obsessed with trying to hear Spock laugh just once more.)

Blues March by IntuitivelyFortuitous | 7k, T

Leonard McCoy sees his friends bleed. He loves the blood when it is inside them, flushing their cheeks and warming their skin. When it colors his hands on the operating table, he can think of little but the time he has with them, and a minute is too long to waste. He’s not going to let Spock get away that easily. (Gruesome and sad yet somehow really sweet.)

The Body by therev | 13k, T

McCoy’s consciousness is transferred into an android body after a fatal accident. Spock helps him remember the man he used to be. (Wow a really creative and fascinating fic that could have gone totally wrong if it hadn’t been written by such a talented author.)

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It’s the holidays and during the holidays you express your thanks and love for things that are important so

here’s a list of bug fics that make me physically stressed with their greatness, and to which I would like to say thank you.

It’s Miraculous Ladybug, just to clear any confusion.

This fandom is the first to drive me to actually read fanfic and B O I let me tell you, I have had a fantastic time. Anyway have a list of fics that I love very, very much, so much that I scream at my friends when they update and sometimes stop reading in the middle of chapters because I don’t want them to end.

  • (The) Adventures of Adrienbug and Chat Mari by @wintermoth
    • kwami swap kwami swap kwAMI SWAP NEED I SAY MORE
    • sick ass kwami swap and rewrites of eps as well as summer bonding origin goodness
    • the cutest design of a chat noire suit and super great powers and characterization
    • several parts completed, most recent is ongoing
  • Broken Hearts Club by @frostedpuffs
    • another fantastic fic from the beautiful bean who brought us Truthful Scars
    • basically the receiving ends of love confessions turn the other down and sadness ensues
    • there’s only two chapters right now but oh dang get ready for the heartbreak and then the MariChat bonding I am very excited
  • Cohabitation (And Other Disastrous Ideas) by @bullysquadess
    • I cannot believe that this is the first fic I’ve read by Bully bc she is a fantastic writer you bet I’mma binge all of TLATB this break I’m super pumped BUT ANYWAY
    • roommate aged up best buds to lovers is there anything more you could possibly want I mean come on
    • four chapters so far and they’re short but super sweet and great
  • Hacking the Ladyblog by @quicksilversquared
    • a one shot but let m e t e l l y o u
    • I am all about the kids on the social medias okay
    • which is not exactly what this is but it’s still fantastic Adrien is spot on and everyone is clueless as usual
    • if someone knows if that au where they run twitters and such is an actual fic please tell me what it is
    • the one where ladybug makes all the official accounts and they’re inactive for a year and then they post for the first time and the public loses their shit that one I can’t find the post
  • Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too) by @loosescrewslefty and @miracufic
    • basically what sold me on MariChat as a Love Square Favorite and good golly it is so good
    • Love Square shenanigans and baking fluff that has somehow become heart wrenching angst hoW DARE
    • top notch characterization and the two different writing styles mesh together really well
    • fifteen chapters, ongoing
  • Keep It In Your Plants by @reyxa
    • OKAY. O K A Y S O
    • fluff galore, flower shop au, coffee shop au, now a freaking fake married au, it’s just domestic garbage up and down it’s so good
    • aged up friends to lovers awkward adorableness with cats and flower language and pu r i t y
    • like seriously if there is any fic on this list that you MUST read it’s this one because I swear to whatever that you will not regret it
    • also that title like come on
    • seven chapters (cries), ongoing
  • Lucky Us by @geek-fashionista
    • okay so I might have lied a little bit bc this is also a must read
    • again I do not have the w o r d s to expressssssss
    • more aged up domestic fluff I think I’m noticing a pattern but anyway this is a bakery au
    • which is kind of redundant bc wow yes it’s Marinette’s bakery BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE
    • IT’S EMA I L
    • AND TRY TO SET THEIR BFFS UP AND IN THE PROCESS GO ON D A T E S (fake dating au, hell yes)
    • also sold me on Adrien Chloe best friend stuff because that’s some good shit
    • eleven chapters, ongoing
    • the recent one killed me but that’s every chapter let’s be real here the dialogue is to die for
  • Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman (NSFW)
    • one of the first fics I read, went in cautious and now am extremely emotionally invested
    • aged up, very humorous, excellent characterization, dialogue level through the roof, and every plot point and surprise s l a y s
    • hanging out bonding to hanging up bondage ya know what I mean
    • but seriously you could just read for the plot and still be sent rampaging about these kids I swear I just need Marinette to have financial and residential security frickin
    • twenty one chapters, ongoing
  • to you, i thee wed by @miraculousturtle / @megamegaturtle
    • see, this one, this is a real tricky one
    • bc it’s like a fake marriage au
    • but it’s r e a l
    • more aged up domestic fluff wow definite trend
    • the premise is a bit hard to understand at first but then it’s explained and you’re whisked away to a wonderful fluffy awkward married acquaintances to friends to feelings to lovers and I just
    • I love it
    • seven chapters, ongoing

Wow this post is much, much longer than I expected it to be but that’s okay I really needed to say thank you to these amazing writers for these fics. They’re all so fantastic.

May everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Please bear in mind that I have literally 40+ tabs open on my phone of unread fics, as well as a bunch of bookmarks, many of which include The Big Ones so if there’re some missing that you think should be on here, that’s the dealio.


I’m not particularly proud to be another PNW photographer peddling their “starkly unique, groundbreaking, game-changing editing style” in the form of Lightroom presets online, but I also need to eat and this seemed like a good side thing to try. 

Basically if you’re a fan of my editing style and want to learn how to do it too, or you are new to photography and are interested in learning how to get your photos to have different looks, these are a great place to start. 

I’m selling 7 presets that can be used for anything from portraits to landscapes to starry night skies. I may do more in the future if these do well, but until then I just wanted to give you guys first dibs. 

As always, thank you guys so much for your support, and I appreciate each and every one of you who thinks my photos aren’t the most horrible things they’ve ever seen. 

boyfriend: hyungwon

his cuddles are to ensure that you’re his. his arms are tightly around you and doesn’t want to let go. often speaks sweet nothings, “you’re the reason i can smile brightly,” or “i’m glad you’re here with me”. likes holding your hand whilst his arm is around yours. he likes it when your head rests on his arm and you two fall into deep sleep with a movie playing in the background. likes warming you up and nuzzling in your neck.

his kisses are to ensure that he’s happy with you. he likes humming and smiling during your kiss. picking you up slightly and turning you around slightly. small little pecks or quick kisses. he loves staring at you afterwards with a big smile on his face, but getting shy easily. likes kissing you when you make him laugh or happy.

your mornings with him are always lazy. him not waking up, pulling you down for more cuddles, whining with his morning breath, soon forcing you to make breakfast for him. his bed hair and his morning face convince you and he silently cheers before going back to sleep.

your nights with him are often quick conversations about your day, what made you happy. he frequently tickles you or pinches your sides, he really likes listening to your laughs. he proposes a deal every single night, “whoever sleeps first makes breakfast tomorrow,” but you two always sleep around the same time, so you never know who wins. likes it when you rest on his chest.

your dates with him are always a surprise. he’s always the one who plans it, but sometimes he’s like, “come over and let’s watch all the disney movies,” or “let’s go on a roadtrip for a few days”. there’s no in between with chae hyungwon. every date, he likes giving you a small gift. it can vary from a small polaroid of the date with you two to a promise ring. he just wants to make you happy.

your fights with him aren’t serious. they’re always about things like hyungwon eating your cupcake you saved or him sleeping in too much. but the ones that are serious can be about jealousy. though, once hyungwon raises his voice he immediately softens, not wanting to scare you because he just wants you to know that he loves you.

his proposal wouldn’t be too bizarre. it’s the sweet, romantic, classic style with him in a suit or such and with a long speech. the ring will probably be in the middle of the bouquet of roses he bought you. but the build up would be different to his proposal, each of the members telling you small instructions, “go to wonho,”,”go to kihyun,”,”go to shownu,” all the way to hyungwon where he’s already getting ready to get on his knee and it would honestly be so romantic and loving.


I have been busy with art~! I just finished my ppg fanart, I will do other childhood cartoons in my art style. Once I have enough art I plan to make a patreon for sure, I already have a redbubble set up so if you would like this art on different products feel free to look into my shop. :) You may purchase if you want and my commissions are open too so if you can help that would be greatly appreciated. I come from a struggling family and I want to get my life together, help with bills, eat and even afford other art supplies and my own prints too.

My Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/frisky-art-323?ref=account-nav-dropdown&asc=u

Rajigaze Dec 16

this is that question about the bonus lol so first the fan is like wah wahh its my birthday say hbd to meee then she like ok so the other day I got a bonus and I wanna buy myself a bday present but i cant think of anything so pls tell me what i should buy myself

uruha: so what did u buy urself when u got ur first bonus?

reita: when i first got a bonus huh~

uruha: do you remember?

reita: i do!

uruha: it must have been while we were recording.

reita: huh? ………………………..what bonus?

uruha: huh? ………………..what do you mean what bonus your first bonus

reita: my first bonus………….

uruha: yeah, when we were like, what we get bonuses?

reita: aahh yes yes

uruha: it was when we were recording

reita: recording?

uruha: yeah in Hachioji

reita: …………………

uruha: …………………..

reita: oh was it?

uruha: yeah it definitely was

reita: oh okay then –

uruha: and after recording we went to eat monjayaki

reita: ahh ok ok we did we did  i remember…..no we went to eat sushi tho

uruha: ohh

reita: yeah at bikkuri sushi, bikkuri sushi 

uruha: oh was that our first bonus?

reita: and it was like 4000 yen per person, and we went all together, and it was 4000 yen per person, and we felt fancy af

uruha: did we split the bill?

reita: yeah but it was 4000 yen per person

uruha: ahh………

reita: ahh…………at bikkuri sushi.

uruha: …………were u surprised

(*bikkuri means surprise)

(*does anyone else think theyre stoned right now)

reita: i never thought i would buy myself food for 4000 yen….cause until then i’d been buying like, bread for 100 yen.

uruha: yeah it was the kind of place we would only ever go if our boss was treating us….but we went on our own

reita: yeah yeah yeah…who woulda thought

uruha: i felt so accomplished

reita: so what did u buy with ur first bonus?

uruha: hmm idk…thats all i remember…i dont remember what else i spent the money on

reita: you blew it all

uruha: ……well yeah.

reita: idk i think i bought like clothes or accessories or something.

uruha: what kind of clothes?

reita: i don’t remember but…i was super excited…and ruki came to sleep over at my house

uruha: ehhhehheheheheh……heheh

reita: cause we were gonna go shopping in shibuya the next day, so he slept over.

uruha: ahh okay (still giggling)

reita: and at that time we dressed pretty punk, so he came over

uruha: what to like decide what you were gonna buy?

reita: yeah…and then when we woke up in the morning and went out to the parking lot someone had broken into my car.

(both laugh)

reita: i was like, are you fucking kidding me……like the windows were all broken too, but anyway the two of us went to shibuya in that car, and then kai starts talkin about ‘i wanna come too~’

uruha: how did he know you were out?

reita: cause we’d told him we were going.

uruha: aw, he probably wanted u to invite him.

reita: ye probably lmao so anyway we met up in harajuku and the three of us went shopping for clothes…and then after we went to eat gyudon at nakau or some shit (*peasant ass restaurant)

(reita laughs)

uruha: but wasn’t kais style totally different from you guys? like he wasnt punk.

reita: yeah i’m pretty sure he didn’t buy anything

uruha: he just wanted to go along with you guys

reita: ………………………………….yeh prolly

(reita buRSTS out laughing)

uruha: he was probably so lonely

reita: anyway that’s not the point

uruha: oh right we’re talking about what we bought

reita: yes what we bought

uruha: hmm…well….but i think that like, it doesn’t have to be something you’ll keep…like for example we went for sushi….and it was a really good memory for us. so maybe you should treat yourself to some good food.

reita: yeah for sure

uruha: we’ll always remember that

reita: well yeah cause the way we lived until then was like..the LOWEST of the low

uruha: the lowest of the low.

reita: lower than kitaro

(*this is a stupid joke but theres that anime or whatever called gegege no kitaro and 'ge’ means low fuck off reita)

(uruha laughing)

reita: but like seriously we were living off 120 yen bread and 100 yen litres of chorus water (*weird sweet milky looking bullshit drink) when we were recording and stuff.

uruha: lmao…….chorus water…………

reita: you bought that shit every day. cause it was the cheapest one.

uruha: ye………

reita: well thats how we lived, so when we got to eat sushi…

uruha: we seriously didn’t give a shit about our health huh

reita: yeah not at all

uruha: if we lived like that now our health checkups would be terrible

reita: yeh (laughs) …so anyway what do you recommend this person buys? some good food?

uruha: yep

reita: yeah, it doesnt have to be something you keep….as long as you keep it in here (pats chest) in ur heart

uruha: in ur heart

reita: yeh

uruha: that was really loud just now

reita: yeh (laughs) try it

uruha: *snaps fingers*

reita: (laughs) oh ur going for the fingers

uruha: yes, u pat ur chest

reita: yes, i’m the chest (pats chest again) i should do that for the mic check (bursts out laughing)

uruha: lmao u loser

reita: next time someone asks me to do mic check

uruha: BOOM BOOM

Tsukiuta. Minaduki Rui & Shiwasu Kakeru  [Duty] Mini Drama Translation

I was tranlating this instead of sleeping lol. This minin drma is so cute. I’m going to get done With  tranlation Tomorrow or no, it’s today now lol I’ve started translating Matsuri’s Drama CD but Before that so will I translate Sunadokei and hot milk mini drama and I happened to get Procellas new drama cd in my hands so I’m going to translate them too >u<. Then here we go, enjoy

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anonymous asked:

Steven Universe: Has tons of good morals and a mostly good story. Also Steven Universe: Tries to show fat characters as being healthy. I like SU, but Amethyst is probably one of the most disgusting characters with her eating everything. Idk, I know about variation in bodies and stuff to make characters more distinct, but I feel like she's just too much. Idk about Rose, I think she could be like Jasper, ie: she may actually be buff. (I also think Pearl is too thin, but that's a different story)

I looked at Rose and she actually looks quite okay, if not rather ‘thick’ in body shape. She reminds me of Moana, who has a thick-ish build that’s more a result of the drawing/animation style rather than an indication of a fat body type. Most SU fans seem to base her fatness on her pregnant appearance and I think from Rebecca Sugar admitting that she was fat or a ‘larger’ character or something. One of the first episodes revolves around Steven and his need for a piece of junk food(an ice cream called Cookie Cat specifically) which I think was distasteful imo because in the end Steven gets his junk food and all is well with the world. They are trying to send a message of ‘fat is okay’ and, ‘fat is normal’ and part of natural in-born diversity like race or gender, which I think is not a good message to be sending to impressionable children and ignorant parents.

However, I would definitely support Rebecca Sugar if she went full shitlord one day and arranged for a season where Steven and his dad got a wake-up call about their obesity and lost weight in several episodes. I don’t know about the gems but they could say that they aren’t human and they don’t have health problems no matter how underweight/obese they look but mention that humans have to take care of themselves and shit. But I don’t think this will ever happen and it’s more of a pipe dream than anything tangible.

You know, the thing I love most about tianshan is this seeming, keen contrast they have. Poor, rich. Weak, powerful. Family, no family. Hot, cold. Short-tempered and reckless, calm and calculated. Pure, tainted. Also, red and blue. (ok I know, this might be subjective and you don’t have to agree with me at all, I understand.. yet I couldn’t help but notice.. that blue is such a He Tian color? He always seems to wear blue shirts and yeah I could easily take it as ‘perhaps he likes keeping it minimal or whatever?’ and shrug it off, but I just can’t avoid the aesthetics of this damn ship. Minimal — black/blue plain clothing that emphasizes his well-build body, whereas Guan Shan prefers clothes a bit more loosen, you know, the way skinny boys would wear. Just so you know, I’m not talking about the uniform! Remember that time they met randomly on the street and Guan Shan was munching on his lovely sandwich ((the day he will happily manage to eat it I will take a day off and celebrate)) and he was wearing that white-peach shirt with a nice looking design on the back? Let me tell you, the boy may not be able to afford expensive clothing or whatever, unlike someone, but damn he has style. 

Anyways. I just found it intriguing how, even to such an extent (details, palette) they are ying-yang. Two poles that can never touch. There’s this endless distance between them, as if they belong to two different worlds and there’s no way they would, well, collide. Get together, be something. Too complicated. Too dangerous. 

In fact, I believe they aren’t parallels at all. They’re just the same. “Where I end and you begin” kind of thing. It’s like planting two identical seeds on different types of ground and watch them grow. Less water for one, maybe less sunlight for the other. Of course they won’t grow the same — and one might turn out blue and the other red but that’s just the beauty of variety.  

The more I analyze them as characters the more I find just how alike they are. Which is why I believe they can and will fall in love with each other. Isn’t love all about finding yourself in another and all that? Uh, yeah, kind of sappy and overused, but true nonetheless. There’s no wonder they are so drawn to each other. Studying each other, more or less consciously. Always, always intrigued (where’s He Tian going? what’s redhead’s name anyway?). Mo Guan Shan might be all “I don’t fucking get you” but I’d say he’s the only one who can actually fucking get He Tian. 

They are day and night and they always meet at dawn and I think it’s beautiful and I want them happy. 

anonymous asked:


  • Gives nose/forehead kisses: Chloe. She did this even before they were dating, so it’s just instinct at this point
  • Gets jealous the most: Beca. Jealous Beca Mitchell combines with endlessly ‘Fight Me’ Beca Mitchell to just make for a hilarious image
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: Chloe, because Beca forgets how tiny she is sometimes and has a few too many drinks, especially if she’s out with Stacie or Amy
  • Takes care of on sick days: Chloe takes care of Beca. Beca rarely gets sick, but when she does, it’s pretty much a nightmare and the smallest cold turns into the apocalypse. Thank god for endlessly patient Chloe Beale
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Chloe
  • Gives unprompted massages: Chloe
  • Drives/rides shotgun: Chloe drives, Beca rides shotgun. Beca’s kind of terrified of Chloe’s driving, but she also doesn’t want to trust her with controlling the music
  • Brings the other lunch at work: I’d say both? Like they could both be stupidly romantic derps and surprise each other
  • Has the better parental relationship: I think they’d just have really different parenting styles tbh
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed: CHLOE. FUCKING. BEALE. 
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer: Beca. Pretty sure this is canon
  • Still cries watching Titanic: Beca. She’d never seen it before until Chloe made her watch it and she’s a secret softy 
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes: Chloe
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: Beca
  • Makes the other eat breakfast: Chloe, because Beca would just subsist on coffee and sarcasm otherwise
  • Remembers anniversaries: Both. These idiots are too in love to ever forget anything about each other
  • Brings up having kids: Chloe. Beca has nerves about having kids to begin with after her parents’ divorce

“Two of the chocolate croissants.” Y/N nods toward the pastries behind the counter, where a light is shining on them from where they rest on shelves.

Edward squints his eyes a bit to see what she’s talking about.

“Hungry, are we?”

“No,” Y/N bites her lip, humming as she explains, “one’s for my friend.” And then she gestures toward Ben, who’s still getting work done on his laptop like he always does whenever they go out. He hasn’t seemed to have noticed her interaction with Edward yet, too lost in what he’s doing to bother with it, even though Y/N knows that that’s his entire purpose in being with her, to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble.

“Boyfriend?” Edward follows Y/N’s gaze toward the man across from an empty chair, her book left behind on the table. “Bit old, isn’t he?”

It’s kind of a weird thing to say, especially to a stranger, but Y/N doesn’t really dwell on it. She kind of likes that he’s bothering to ask about who she’s with, like he’s genuinely interested in her life, and maybe hoping that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Y/N shakes her head politely. “Nope, just my dad’s friend.”

or a cliche au where Harry’s the leader of a gang and kidnaps the daughter of the leader of a rival gang. 

(btw it’s explained later on, but just know that Edward = Harry)

18k+ words

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Pop Stars as High School Personality Types
  • Madonna: Virgin who knows everything about sex
  • Beyonce: Tracey Flick/Rachel Berry type
  • Taylor Swift: Regina George
  • Lorde: Veronica Sawyer
  • Gaga: Art student who doesn’t really fit in with the overly pretentious art students, as hard as she may try. High school sweethearts with her best friend since elementary. Probably will be the first to marry of her friend group. She is a member of every club in the school
  • Lana: The girl who is literally never in class and when she does go to class she is sleeping all period and then gets picked up early shortly after homeroom
  • Rihanna: Effortlessly cool senioritis girl
  • Katy Perry: Popular cheerleader who is best friends with the effortlessly cool girl and tries to edge up her image but not enough
  • Miley Cyrus: Has a different ‘style’ every semester. Never wears uniform and frequently brags about her drug use
  • Iggy Azalea: Grotsky girl who shows up for every school fight and wears extensions from CVS and no one really likes her. Wears WAY too much make up for a 9th grader at 7 am. Can be seen as breakfast applying concealer 
  • Azealia Banks: Introvert masquerading as an extrovert. Massive class clown but has a very traumatic home life that no one knows about because she doesn’t invite anyone to her home. Humor and outrageousness as a defense mechanism. 
  • Ciara: Head cheerleader that is generally just nice to everyone. Eats lunch alone
  • Janet Jackson: Everyone’s favorite English teacher who was fired for unjust reasons

gingerwhovianrobotskeleton replied to your post: crankynerdgirl: gepardo: I have this little odd…

Honestly, I imagined Hannibal and Ives having dinner together :D

See, now that, no.

I honestly can’t picture it ending well.

Ives and Hannibal are quiet different. Hannibal eats the rude.

Ives would eat person that seats next to him in the bus.

Also, Hannibal goes for elavating his killing to an art, while Ives tends towards massacre…

….It would be a hilarious sit-com, I give you that. 

Just an observation
  • EYK: shames Hyuna about Bubble Pop
  • People: HAHAHAHA OMG you're so funny, hyuna's such a slut
  • EYK: "Hyuna and her back up dancers" (referring to 4minute)
  • People: HAHAHAHAHAHHA so true! Like, Hyuna had ALL the screen time and lines!
  • EYK: bags out 4minute in a WHOLE video for their cover of 'milkshake' (which yes, I agree the English wasn't fantastic but still...)
  • People: HAHAHAH 4minute are so untalented and bad at English
  • EYK: brings boy groups into fire
  • Sure, I am being "butthurt" but just an observation from a different point of view. Besides, no one deserves any discrimination on anything whether it be their style of music, image, english or ANYTHING. The jokes were funny at one stage,however, I have a feeling that fame is getting to EYK's head a bit too much...
Xiumin Scenario - Experiment Log: Opposites Attract

*No More GIFs In Scenarios, sorry my dovies*

Scenario Masterlist

mlleadrenaline said:

[½] So Baby I discovered your tumblr this afternoon and I’ve already read ALL the scenario, you got me *-* I want to ask for one because holy shit you are AWESOME. You are Xiumin girlfriend since some months, he is almost maniac, you are messy, he is quiet you are bubbly and loud, he havean healthy live style you like fast food and being lazy… your only things in common is your love for sex. One day you got in a bigger fight than usual, Xiumin being stressed and tired, it get out of hand [2/2] And Xiumin don’t show up neither talk for some day at first because of angryness but after because of the schedule. After 2 week he managed to have an evening and a day off, so he come to your place for a “talk”. But as soon as he stepped in, he can see that you have clean everything, throw away all the fast and fatty food and buy vegetable and fruits, on the top of this for the first time of the relationship ,she say sorry and accept her fault,…<3 Yep it’s already elaborate xD Luv Ya.

               “Jesus, you really are a mess.” Xiumin muttered, dumping your clothes, which he had just washed himself no less, onto the bed before he hung them up. You had followed him from the laundry closet in your apartment, watching him while you munched on some chocolate covered graham crackers. It seemed half the time he was at your place, he was cleaning up after you. It’s not that you considered yourself messy, you just didn’t see the point of picking up the t-shirt and pj bottoms you would wear again or making the bed just to sleep in it again and well, running a vacuum through the place was just too much work to bother with it.

               “It wasn’t that bad.” You said making him turn to shoot you a look.

               “I couldn’t see the floor on this side of the room.” He said, some condescension in his voice.

               “It’s not like it’s your place.” You replied, getting annoyed. It just grated on you when he nagged you about your messy nature. Definitely not your favorite thing about your boyfriend.

               “No, but I spend enough time here that I can’t take it being this messy. It just makes me way too uncomfortable. I can’t relax or focus.” He said and you sighed, taking care to throw away the cookie package since he was watching you.

               “You know I don’t like it when you spend our time together cleaning…” You mumbled, getting up onto the other side of your bed and bringing your knees up to your chest.

               “I wouldn’t have to if you cleaned a least ten minutes a day.” He replied.

               “Come on, Minsoek, we could be doing something much more entertaining.” You finally said, adding a suggestive lilt to your voice so you knew you were guaranteed to get his attention. You watched him shift from a focused neat freak to interested, his ears almost physically perking up as his eyes darkened even if they were sparkling with something new…

               “Entertaining huh?” He said leaning toward you while he wrapped up putting your last articles of clothing on hangers.

               “Mmm hmm…” You replied letting your hand wander up his arm, feeling the moving muscles underneath your fingers.

               “Are you gonna be on top then?” He said dropping the hamper back on the floor before climbing up onto the bed, his fingers and hands already attaching themselves to your body.

               “You know it drives me crazy when you’re on top sweetheart…” You purred, knowing you were also way too lazy to do all the work being on top entailed.

               “So lazy…” He hummed, chuckling to himself as his lips found your neck and your hands found the warmth of his abs under his shirt. You just gave a satisfied smile as your eyes dropped closed. You and Xiumin lived in very different styles, him put together and healthy and you, well, you were mostly lazy, especially when it came to your home life. It’s not to say you didn’t take things seriously, you just didn’t take your eating and cleanliness as seriously as he did. Your work and relationships you did take seriously, though, even if he had trouble seeing it. What you did have in common was entirely physical. Sex was like your back to each other, it was how you found each other – fitting together in the most intimate way possible. Sex was also something you both loved, especially with each other since that was definitely how you were the most compatible.

               The next morning, the sound of the blender woke you up a good couple hours earlier than you intended to be up. After groaning into your pillow, you pushed your achy body out of bed and walked into the kitchen. There he was in his shirtless glory, blending some smoothie that was a sickening green color.

               “Good morning!” He said cheerfully.

               “Too early.” You groaned, making your way to the coffee maker and starting it while he clicked his tongue.

               “The early bird gets the worm.” He said in a sing-songy voice.

               “And the late bird gets rest.” You grumbled back.

               “Uh huh and Y/N, would it kill you to try and take care of yourself?” He said, cutting away at some vegetables he’d had to have gotten himself – you didn’t let veggies into your apartment if you had any say about it, unless they were on pizza.

               “I take of myself just not in the same way you do.” You snapped, irritable at the early hour.

               “I just don’t want you to get sick or anything…” He said comfortingly, leaning in to kiss your temple.  

               “I don’t get sick! I’m fine!” You snapped, waving your elbows at him so he would stay away. You couldn’t explain it, but you were just not in the mood.

               “Living the way you do is just not healthy!” He snapped back, getting more irrable as you got more cranky.

               “That’s not for you to decide! Jesus, I thought we agreed – I wouldn’t bug you about your lifestyle and you wouldn’t nag me about mine?” You said growing defensive.

               “I just want what’s best for you! Living the way you do is not going to lead to a long, happy life.” He said, trying to pull you against him but again you pushed him away.

               “It’s my life!” You cried, making him cringe.

               “But it’s not good for you! I want to live a long happy life with you and –” He started but you cut him off.

               “I don’t have to live a life that’s up to your standards!” You shouted just to make him stop talking. “I don’t need you telling me how to live! I’m fine but if all you’re going to do is tell me how to life my life the way you think I should, get out!”              

               “You’re just being ridiculous, I’m only trying to –” he started but you made a loud frustrated noise.

               “For the love of god, get out then!” You cried, pointing at the door.

               “If you’re going to be stubborn like that! Fine!” He shouted, grabbing his bag and slamming the door on the way out. As soon as he was gone, you sunk into a barstool and drowned your coffee. Once that caffeine settles over your brain, you started to regret everything that had happened, a thousand reasons or excuses entering your head. It was early and you were not a morning person. It was the accumulation of all your differences. You were tired from your physical activities the night before. You hadn’t had your caffeine. He was the one that woke you with your damn blender. He kept trying to change you when you didn’t want to change. But you still regretted everything you’d said, even if you were far too proud to call him yourself.

               Xiumin, in contrast, was just pissed the second he left. He was boiling. All he had been trying to do was help you. With the way you ate, you knew you would get sick eventually. You just weren’t living right, or at least in any way that would let you live a long, happy, and healthy life. He wanted you to live a long life so you could spend it together, but maybe he just hadn’t communicated that.

               “What the hell am I supposed to do with that girl?” He moaned to Chen, who you chuckled.

               “Apologize, you muscle head.” Chen said knowing on Xiumin’s skull.

               “For what?” Xiumin asked, incredulous.

               “Trying to change her ways, all the time. You know it makes it look like you don’t care for her the way she is…” At those words, it finally clicked in Minnie’s head.

               “Oh I was such a dick!” He moaned, pressing his hands into his face.

               “And how long ago was it that you walked out?” Chen asked.

               “A couple days?”

               “Dude, you have to call her back before she completely moves on from you.” Chen said jumping up. Before Xiumin could even agree, their manager showed up and started dragging them into the car to go to the airport for a show in Jakarta. For a week, between all their promotions and trying to sleep, he scarcely had the seconds it took to check his phone much less enough time to call to talk to you. It was almost two weeks since your fight when Chen approached him again.

               “You are going to love me.” Chen said, beaming.

               “No homo.” Xiumin deadpanned.

               “Not like that but I got you the rest of the day off!” Chen said clapping his hands together with a smug look on his face.

               “So I can go to Y/N’s house?” Xiumin said leaping out the make-up chair he had been in.

               “I also called you a cab. Better hurry.” Chen said pushing Xiumin to the door. During the cab ride, Xiumin forgot to call you ahead of time as he was too busy trying to figure out what to say and give the cabbie directions. As he pulled up, he tossed the driver the money and leaped from the cab and into your building, deciding to run up the stairs. He decided to just use his key to your place since he figured you’d be in your bed, either watching TV or sleeping.

               What he saw when he opened the door was nothing he could have anticipated.

               The living room was not a mess with your work bag and school stuff spilling onto the floor and the coffee table amongst a sea of plates and cups long ago used. Sure, your school bag and work  bag were still on the chair, but this time packed neatly and the surface of the coffee table was visible with just a few accessories. The kitchen sparkled without the dinge of dust and past cooking adventures. He even guessed the panty was organized. The main surprise in the kitchen were the piles of vegetables and fruits on the island alongside a cutting board and a set of knives he didn’t recognize. He was struggling to process the changes when you walked in, freezing with surprise when you saw him standing in the middle of the room.

               “I wanted to call but-” You both started at the same time before you chuckled.

               “Things have changed around here.” He said looking around the room and you nodded.

               “I thought about what you said…About me living a long life and how you wanted me to live a long life…And I realized I wanted to, with you. Admitedly, I don’t know how to cook vegetables and I still don’t like the taste but I eat some with every meal. I’m learning how to cook and everything…I started weening off coffee in exchange for tea.” You started rambling, scratching your arm as you looked around the room.

               “Hey Y/N….” Xiumin said in a soft voice, approaching you gently.

               “Hmm?” You said, clamping your mouth shut. He didn’t use words to answer but rather he let his lips find yours and that was enough of an answer for you…

               “I’m sorry I made you leave.” You mumbled, wrapping your arms around his torso.

               “Did you just say you were sorry?” Xiumin said, a teasing smile evident in his voice.

               “Shut up.” You whined, squeezing him.

               “And I’m sorry I left…” He said after chuckling to himself, dropping a kiss on the top of your head.

               “Would you mind teaching me how to cook vegetables?” You asked and he laughed.

               “A sentence I’d never thought I’d hear from you.” He said, running his fingers in your hair.

               “Shut up!” You whined again…

               “Ok…” He said sealing your lips with his one more time before you started your cooking lesson…