just didn't feel like posting until now


So… I took a bit of an ‘unannounced vacation’ for a few weeks while I tried to regain my sanity but everything’s cool now and I’m going to get back to drawing responses.


I read this post and I just needed to draw Oikawa and Hinata watching x-files and snuggling together. :D

Up until recently, I didn’t really care for Oihina, but thanks to various posts I’ve seen from @mooksmookin, I’ve become enlightened and now I’m in love with this ship. Goddammit.


anonymous asked:

ok sorry to bother u but i just heard abt the mikey cheating thing and when i was trying to find info there wasn't anything abt him not actually doing it?? so like im rlly glad to hear that he didn't but like how do u know??

okay so mikey posted this himself:

“Now that the air has cleared a bit, I feel like there’s a lot of subjects that I need to clarify. As I’ve said before, my relationship with Sarah had absolutely nothing to do with the band breaking up. The band had dissolved prior to me and her ever being together, but it wasn’t announced until much later. Secondly, the infamous Tumblr post that circulated the Internet was full of fudged facts in an attempt to embarrass Sarah and I. It was full of slanderous and untrue statements in an attempt to make a “good news story”. In fact, much of it was directed at a person other than Sarah. It was blatantly made by a friend of my ex who did everything in their power to make us look like we were “horrible people”. The fact that the post was magically deleted proves that the person knew I would find out their identity, and they would have faced serious consequences. Sarah and I didn’t get together until I was already broken up with my ex, and there was no “cheating” involved. The instagram account Sarah had was set to private, and unlocked miraculously by somebody in an attempt to embarrass us further - hence how the instagram was found when only a few people knew who Sarah was in the first place. Its blatantly apparent who was involved in this. Regardless of all of this, it changes nothing. My fiance and I are the happiest family imaginable. All the social media bs, forum slander, internet gossip in the world can never and will never change this. People’s opinions on the matter means zero to me. I just started to get fed up with one side of the story being considered factual, when in fact, it’s the farthest thing from it.”

and here’s a really long post about it which i haven’t read (i just skimmed through it for the purpose of answering your ask) but it clears it up in a lot more detail and gives factual evidence that mikey didn’t cheat