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“I’m Older Now, I’m More Mature”Pt. 1/3 [Dylan O’brien]

Part 2  Part 3

Word Count: 1,484

Warning: Small Age Gap + Smut

Y/L: Your Location

Y/N: Your Name


It had been six years since you’ve talked to Dylan. Before he was famous, he used to babysit you. You were thirteen at the time and you had a crush on Dylan. It was silly to think about that now, you didn’t even see him. From time to time you would call or text him, but nothing more. Right when he got casted on teen wolf, people started to notice him more, your mom had to tell you he couldn’t babysit anymore considering he always had a busy schedule. 

Now you were eighteen and he was twenty-four. Not that it mattered, but it just made you realize he he hasn’t visited in a while. He was a very close family friend. You didn’t need babysitting anymore obviously, I mean you practically had your own apartment now.

You decided to dial Dylan like you always did to catch up on stuff every month or two. The phone started calling until he picked up after ten seconds. “Hello?” His low raspy voice went through the phone. He sounded tired, “I’m sorry were you asleep?” You heard him laugh. “Well yeah but you were my alarm for this morning, it was supposed to go off right now.” 

“I’m sorry Dyl, I can call back another tim-”

“Y/N don’t be. I missed my favorite little prankster. Although she doesn’t sound so little anymore. I haven’t seen you in the longest.” It was true. You pulled pranks on Dylan all the time. The memory amused you.

“When will you have a chance to visit?” You smiled hoping he would say soon or something, but you didn’t expect it. An actors’ life was really busy.

“I’m glad you ask because I’m actually in your state. Where’s your location? I can come over after shooting which will end around eight pm. Would that be okay?” You felt excitement rush through you.

“I don’t even know where your mother lives now.”

“Uh she lives in the same place, but I don’t. My address is (YL)” You chuckled as you finished telling him the directions.

He was silent for a couple of seconds, “Wow I have missed out on a lot.”

After talking for a couple more minutes, he had to go and shoot his teen wolf scenes. You couldn’t wait to see your old friend. You missed him, you were finally going to catch up in person.


It was eight forty as a knock was heard at the door. You couldn’t stop smiling knowing it was Dylan, but just to make sure you looked through the peephole. It was him in the flesh, he was looking around probably debating if it was the right place or not. You’ve always seen him in some movies like the maze runner, and you loved teen wolf. But seeing him again in person was strange now, a good strange.

You unlocked the door as your hand moved the handle to the other side. He stared at your direction once the sound of the door was heard. He looked at you as his mouth seemed to open a little. His eyes scanned your body up and down. “Uh sorry do you know a young lady named Y/N that lives around here?” You laughed thinking he was joking. Dylan was dumbfounded not knowing what was happening. “Funny, come here Dylan.” 

“How do you always know when I’m joking.” Dylan felt embarrassed, he actually didn’t think it was you. When he first saw you he was stunned he recognized your face a little except you now did your eyebrows and makeup but your body was something new to him. You were completely oblivious because of the happiness you were feeling.

You embraced him for a long time. His arms wrapped around you tightly. Dylan could feel your boobs pressed against him as he felt guilt for even thinking about your breasts or butt. Not only that, he truly admired your beautiful face. He could only see you as a kid back then, I mean you were thirteen? It would be so weird and uncomfortable if he did. But now, he couldn’t stop thinking about how much you changed.

You were both inside as you strolled to the kitchen and tried to offer him something. “Beer?”

“Since when do you drink beer?” His protective side was coming out. You smirked, “Since I became an adult. I’m older now Dyl, I’m more mature.” You winked thinking nothing about it. He however kept wondering why you meant by that. Has she already gotten drunk? “I can see that.” He mumbled as you laughed still oblivious what he meant by that. “Yes I have had sex before too.” You blurted out bluntly like you usually do.

Dylan stared at you in shock not knowing what to say so you changed the subject.

“Movie night?” In movie nights when Dylan babysitted you, he always stayed over because your mom was working at night. Now it’s because it would cause too much trouble to leave at midnight all the way to the hotel he was staying in. “Movie night.” He smiled. 

“Okay I’ll set up your guest bedroom as long as you put a movie in.” He nodded as he made himself to the leaving room. Ten minutes later, you were eating your way through popcorn watching the movie.

After the movie was over a commercial played a song you and Dylan loved back then. You both stared at each other and grinned. You put the song on bluetooth and started to sing a long with Dylan.

The song was ‘Fit But You Know It’ The Streets.

“-But there’s just one little thing that’s really really really really annoying me about you see, Yeah Yeah Like I said you are really fit, but my gosh don’t you know it.” Dylan tried to make the accent the guy had which caused you to laugh.

“I’m not trying to pull you, even though I would like to, I think you are really fit, you’re fit but my gosh don’t you know it!” You both sang along like old times dancing around in the living room.

As the song finished you laughed resting on the couch in relaxation. “Oh my gosh.” Sudden cramps get to you when you dance sometimes, it happens rarely but you got them today. You finished your period two weeks ago so they were just cramps. These cramps were getting to you though.

“What’s wrong?”

You squirmed a little in pain. “Nothing, my stomach hurts a little it will go away.”

“Do you want me to rub it like I used to?” You nodded thankful for his kind gesture. “Let’s get you to your room so you can lay down.”

You followed his orders as you went on to your bed as he followed behind. You took of your hoodie off that you didn’t really need. You forgot you weren’t wearing a bra and you didn’t notice. Dylan did though, he saw you and tried not to stare at your nipples that were see through. As you laid down, he sat next to your stomach. 

You pulled your shirt up a little so he could start rubbing your stomach. His eyes never leaving you, he set his hands on your belly rubbing it softly. His hands were warm, five minutes go by and your cramps started disappearing. They were replaced with a churn in your stomach to what Dylan’s hands were making you feel.

His eyes were still on your belly, unaware of your thinking. You always used to get belly rubs from Dylan but you never felt anything before. It was innocent back then. But now, you couldn’t stop imagining what it would feel like if Dylan’s hands were roaming your whole body.

Your thoughts immediately stopped as you were snapped back to reality when Dylan’s hand accidentally made contact with your nipple. “Oh my God I am so sorry-” Before he could ramble on and take his hand away. You grabbed it and placed it back to your breast. He licked his lips as he didn’t hesitate, it only made him put the other hand on your other boob. 

He gave you a hungry look as his head started to lean into you and give delicate kisses to your belly. You closed your eyes, not believing he actually had the same desires as you. His lips went further up as they hooked to one of your nipples. A moan escaped your mouth. “This is so wrong,” You breathed. “But it feels so right.” He finished your sentence as he stared down at your lips. He connected the gap between the two of you as his tongue now entered your mouth. 


sorry for mistakes, I was doing this late at night but if I stopped writing it, I feel like I would forget my ideas so here it is sloppy sorry!

Angel Watching Over You

Pairing(s): Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: The reader is a SHIELD agent, and Steve worries about her when she’s on missions. He starts sending Sam to keep an eye on her, and she’s sick of it.
Genre: Funny fluff
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently!

I smirked slightly, satisfied that I’d cleared the floor of threats. I glanced around at the bodies around me, some dead, some unconscious, all of them having had their ass well and truly kicked. I made my way over to the desk, rifling through the drawers for the documents I’d been sent to retrieve. Tucking them under my arm, I wove through the bodies on the floor. Noticing that one was starting to stir, I aimed a swift kick to his gut. Turning in the doorway, I waved playfully, a broad smile on my face.
“This was fun, we should do it again sometime!” I called over my shoulder.
“You got the files?” came a voice in my earpiece.
“Of course I have the files, Coulson. It was just one page, right?” I smirked, never missing a chance to mess with the agent.
“That joke’s getting old, (L/N),” he answered tiredly. I grinned.
“Ah, you love it. I’ll be back at base soon.”
I yawned, setting off at a brisk pace down the road. It was only a few miles to base, no point in hitching a ride.
I frowned, hearing a familiar whooshing sound behind me, like wings. I turned quickly, pulling a gun from my inside pocket.
“Woah, calm down! It’s me!”
I rolled my eyes. “What are you doing here, Sam? This isn’t your mission,” I said, irritated. The falcon winced, his metal wings folding into his backpack.
“Well, technically you’re not supposed to know I’m here.”
I sighed. “Steve sent you, didn’t he?”
He chuckled nervously. “Pff no. What makes you think- alright, alright! Yes, Steve sent me!” he blurted out as I fired a bullet just above his right shoulder.
“Why does he think I need looking after?” I demanded. Sam grinned.
“Just think of me as an angel watching over you,” he said cheerfully. I glared at him.
“Don’t push your luck.”
I held my hand out, still aiming the gun at him.
“Call him,” I said firmly.
“I don’t think-”
“Sam Wilson, give me your phone now.”
He handed it over reluctantly. “Just don’t tell him I was caught, okay?”
“I’m making no promises,” I told him as I dialled Steve’s number, waiting for him to pick up.
“Is she alright? Is she hurt? Sam, talk to me!” I could picture the super soldier’s worried expression just by the tone of his voice.
I raised my eyebrows. “Yeah, she’s alright. She’s hella pissed off at her boyfriend, though. Believe it or not, he sent Sam to babysit her! Isn’t that crazy, Steve?”
“(Y/N)? How did you-”
“Your wingman isn’t the most subtle spy out there. Maybe send someone else to stalk me next time.”
I heard Steve sigh on the other end of the phone. “(Y/N), I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”
I softened my voice a bit. “Then just call me, Steve. I’ve been going on missions for longer than you, you don’t need to worry about me.”
“I’m sorry. How mad are you at me?”
I thought for a moment. “You might get the silent treatment for a while.”
“I can handle that,” he chuckled. I smiled.
“I’ll see you soon.”
“Love you,” he added quickly.
“Love you too, idiot,” I replied, hanging up.
I turned to Sam, who was watching me nervously.
“Are you about to kick my ass, or is it safe to stand here?” he joked. I raised my eyebrows.
“If I were you, I’d start running, bird man.”

New York Surprises (Tayvin AU) Part 1/ Background


Every summer, since I was 10 years old, I had attended Camp Pinerock in Maine for 6 weeks. And every summer I would see my best friend Adam there. We had met on my first day of camp in my first year; I was sitting alone and he came over to talk to me since he had been coming to camp for 3 years already and knew the ropes. He was a couple of years older than me so we didn’t get to do any of the compulsory activities together, but when we had choice activity time we would make sure we did the same things and all our free time was spent together. It was always just a summer friendship with no contact during the year, since I would go back home to Nashville after camp and Adam lived all the way in Scotland, but it was always the best part of camp.

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