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May 29th

He woke up and it hurt. 

But that was okay. Normal. It always hurt, nowadays. He didn’t even register it any more.

It was fine.

The sun was peaking through the curtains; warm and lovely and deceptively pleasant. The type of weather that made people smile and suggest stupid things like barbecues or swimming or whatever. Dumb stuff. Stuff that required friends, family- things other than just machines.

Not really Tony’s area, after all.

“Did you care?” And Tony was screaming now, eyes on fire, fists clenched so tight he was sure his knuckles would burst out through the skin. “Did you even care, at all?”

“Tony, you know I did, you know I still do, come on, please.” There was the pleading voice, the one that rarely came out unless Steve was truly scared, truly desperate. His face was absolutely ashen, hands visibly shaking by his sides.

The computer was still sat at the table- all those pixels, that grainy footage of The Winter Solder choking his mother to death serving as rock solid evidence to a truth Steve could no longer hide. 

Tony screamed, because it was better than crying, and Steve was faltering, whispering words that Tony couldn’t hear over the ripped sounds his own throat was making. He looked like he was about to try and step forward, reach out to Tony with a hand that had cupped his face and traced his scars and counted the freckles on his back- the hand that had clutched the truth behind a closed fist and refused to let Tony look, not even for a second.

“You’re a liar and a bastard and I cannot believe I fell for it. I fucking trusted you, more than anyone.” 

He just laughed. What else was there to do? It was kinda funny, really- that he’d actually gone into this thinking that it might work in the the first place.He should have known better.

 “I’m an idiot. I’m a motherfucking idiot-” the world was just spinning, his head was exploding; every single piece of a future he had built up had just fallen on top of him, all at once, and he couldn’t breathe under the weight of it. 

“Tony, I’m begging you, don’t do this. I love you, I can’t- it wasn’t Bucky’s fault, you need to understand-”

“Did you know? Truly, did you know?” Tony whispered, hoping for a change in what was truth and what was lies. Hoping for the universe to shift a little and let him keep this, just once.

Steve looked at him, and Tony had never seen him this distraught before; tears streaking down his face, pale and sick and haunted in a way that made Tony know the answer before Steve had even said it.

The universe wasn’t kind. Not to Tony. Which was why he only got a broken “yes” in reply.

The world stopped. Everything. Each atom and dimension, pausing to let him mull the word over.


Steve had known. Steve had held his hand and watched him pour his money into therapy, stroked his hair and kissed him through all the days when his mental illnesses had made him unable to function.

 Steve had known.

The world was still paused as Tony quietly, calmly, slowly removed the gauntlet from his left hand and pulled off the ring that was sat there. Still paused as he sucked in a a breath through his teeth and launched it across the room at Steve’s chest. Still paused as Steve caught it, eyes wide as he pleaded for Tony to stop, to think, to not do this, please, I’m begging you-

It only started moving again once Tony had kicked up the repulsors and flown, leaving Steve’s gentle sobs and Barnes’ all-consuming guilt and the footage of his parents’ brutal murders behind him, numb and completely, utterly broken inside.

The compound was silent. FRIDAY said good morning. Tony didn’t answer. She didn’t try anything else.

JARVIS would have. But JARVIS was… offline.

(Dead. JARVIS was dead and he wasn’t coming back and that was Tony’s fault too-)

Whatever. It was fine. Tony hated mornings anyway, he didn’t like talking to anyone or anything before his morning coffee.

Well. Except maybe Steve, when he’d been just as grumpy and just as tired as Tony (because despite the whole ‘peak of physical human perfection’ thing, they guy sure did hate early mornings), with his adorable bedhead and sleepy face and involuntary smile as he’d leaned down to kiss Tony’s temple in greeting-

Fuck. That’s enough

He took a breath, steadied himself. Reached for the coffee pot and then grabbed the bottle of whiskey that he always kept next to it, because if he couldn’t treat himself today, when the hell could he?

(It wasn’t a treat, a treat was something you enjoyed, but this was something Tony needed, the burn in his throat to remind him that he could still feel, that he needed to stop, that he just wanted everything to shut up for a god damn fucking second-)

St–Rogers– was irrelevant. So was the rest of the team. He’d survived plenty of these days before they’d come along, and he’d damn well do the same now. 

It didn’t matter that this time last year, Tony had been sat around with a group of people he would have moved heaven and earth for, as they sat and bickered and hugged him, smiling and rolling their eyes when Tony said he didn’t care, it was just a stupid day, pipe the fuck down it’s too early for this crap-

They’d hit him over the head with a stuffed toy and called him a loser. Steve had wrapped his arms around Tony’s waist and kissed the back of his neck until Tony got distracted enough for Bruce to slam himself into Tony’s front and declare a group hug. Everyone had laughed, and it had been the happiest Tony had been in a long time.

Stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it

Tony gasped, because air wouldn’t come, air never fucking came properly any more, and his heart just hurt, like a constant pain where Steve and Clint and Natasha and-

The coffee was 90% whiskey, but that was how Tony liked it.

It was fine. 

(It wasn’t fine. Tony knew it wasn’t fine. But, like falling asleep on a lilo at sea, it was only when you finally opened your eyes that you realised there was no way back, no fucking way to take it back, and he was stuck. He was alone. He was always fucking alone.)

“Happy birthday,” he said in a tone that might have been considered cheerful, to no one at all, and pretended that he couldn’t feel the cool absence of a ring banded around his finger as he poured the liquid down his throat.

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How about a simply ridiculous prompt? Winteriron, with the first time Tony farted in front of his bf. And he's mortified- Bucky is his first boyfriend, who is more experienced with the dating scene but who is sticking with Tony for some reason?? And Tony is sure that he's screwed this up now, that Bucky will be beyond disgusted. Ofc Bucky is no such thing and reassures Tony (after laughing his ass off/some other reaction). XP

This work can be found on my Ao3 here. Guess who deviated from the prompt again!!! Who is surprised tho. With some side Stevetasha because apparently I ship that now. Watch out for under the cut!

“When did Natasha start farting in front of you,” Bucky asked, frowning, as he fiddled with Steve’s oil pastels.

Steve slapped his hand away, setting down a red pastel and grabbing a gray one instead. “Stop it. I have those in the order I want.” He turned back to his easel. “And Natasha doesn’t fart in front of me.”

Bucky stared at him in disbelief. “…You’ve lived together for three years.”

“I’m not even sure she poops.”

“What the fuck, Steve.” Bucky turned as the door to Steve’s apartment opened. “Natasha, you poop.”

Natasha paused in the act of pulling one of her ballet flats off, still halfway through the door. She instead chose to stare at him silently in a mixture of disbelief and offense. Bucky could admit that it was not exactly unwarranted.

“Steve wasn’t sure.”

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Requests are OPEN

Imagine…Confessing to Tony Stark that you love him.

[x] - requested by @melizzzabeth

Gif Credit: I can’t find it, but it’s not mine :(

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 2,654

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Panic Attack, Mentions of past abuse

A/N: Have I told you lately that Tony Stark is a beautiful and innocent cupcake who doesn’t deserve the pain of this world? No? Let me remind you. Anyway, I’ve wanted to write Tony having a panic attack for quite some time, and it just felt right to be in this. I also suffer from frequent panic attacks. I had to seek therapy for that and my depression. Know that you’re never alone in this and that there are people who are willing to help. Mental health is important. Please, take care of yourself. Also, I’m so sorry this is late. Due to a loss in the family, I haven’t been paying attention to Tumblr.

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Hello. I've been tracking your tumblr for a while now and finally got around to following you. If I may take a crack at Tony being Villains’ Favorite? Heads up, though: As a noob, I’m not sure how to do breaks in asks, or how to do italics, so bear with all the capitalizations please. I’m an italics-abuser. Also, there's going to be SO MANY messages coming your way. (1/?)

Consider this: For a guy who talked to (with?) Loki for a few hours MAX, Tony figured out his plan pretty quickly. Maybe it was part of Loki’s plan for Tony to figure him out and stop the invasion, but what if instead Tony’s just that good at reading people? Enter villains with all their broken-ness. (2/?)

The first is Doom, mostly because the bastard sent over a couple of drones when Tony first came out as Iron Man. So of course he has to go to Latveria personally to investigate. It’d be rude not to. And Jarvis, resigned to it all, just compiles a shit-ton of research on Doom because if Mr. Stark simply HAS to go to Latveria, perhaps Mr. Stark should look into the country’s laws, customs, and her psycho king. (3/?)

But instead of taking the hint, Tony SEES something in those footages. So he builds a quick little thing and then goes to Latveria. Doom, understandably, almost has him arrested for trying to invade his country, and since Tony had flown using the Iron Man armor, he considers taking the armor and studying it. Copying it. Whatever. But then Tony gives him a gift. (4/?)

It looks like some sort of obsidian statue of a cat, but then the statue MOVES. It’s a ROBOT. With an A.I. because why not? Besides, everyone needs their very own Jarvis, right? Right.(The truth is, though, that Tony noticed in Jarvis’s compilation that Doom really, REALLY doesn’t like people in his space, and he HATES people touching him. But more than that, he kind of reminded Tony of a weird cross between a soldier and a cornered animal, so Tony got him someone to help. (5/?)

It’d be all kinds of fucked up not to, no? But, like, a robot, not a human someone, because he didn’t forget that Doom didn’t like people in his space.) (6/?)

And Doom wasn’t about to let himself be bribed, he wasn’t, but then the cat jumps to the ground and looks up at him with glowing green eyes and asks him what her name is. IN LATVERIAN. And she’s just outside his personal bubble, sitting close, but not too close, and Doom, he just. He can’t understand. Why would Stark give him anything after he sent drones to steal whatever intel they could about his armor? Why would Stark give him what he very much suspects is an honest-to-God A.I.? (7/?)

Tony offers to take it back when Doom interrogates him (without torture, he’s gone soft, has let himself be bribed, damn it), but Doom just flat-out uses his magic to basically kick Stark out of his country. Whether or not she’s a product of insanity or stupidity or both, Vesna is HIS. Take-backs aren’t allowed. (8/?)

The rest of the world wonders what the fuck happened in Latveria that’s made her patriarch so much more stable than he’s ever been, but no one really tries to look into it. Doom isn’t making trouble for once, and they’re all for not looking a gift horse in the mouth. (9/9)

Well in that case, welcome to the craziness! I’m glad you chose to stick around, especially with all the asks you just sent me!! (Don’t let my complaining and terrible response time fool you, I love getting asks)

I’m not sure if you want me to expand on your headcanon or just wanted to share it, but can I just say I ADORE this idea that Tony was just sitting in his workshop, studying Doom’s behavioural patterns etc (possibly for a half-serious fight preparation, possibly to keep JARVIS from nagging), saw that Doom was lonely and was just like- hey, I can do something about that, then went ahead and did it. Just because he could. (”So why wouldn’t I?” he asks Rhodey, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.)

Also yes, Doom clearly has gone soft. (He doesn’t offer Tony something to drink though, so that’s something, he’ll tell himself later.)

Just out of curiosity, since you started this with the words “The first is Doom”, do you have any headcanons for other villains?

Tony Stark's Daughter Growing Up With The Avengers Headcannons Part 1

Baby to Toddler
-Tony would be super protective
- He would stay up all night sometimes just watching you sleep
-Your first word would be daddy
*When Tony hears it he cries because his biggest fear was being just like his father and this proves that he’s not
*But your second word was Jarvis
-At night Jarvis puts holograms of anything from butterflies to stars to calm you down when you cry at night
* Your favorite hologram is that of your dad
-When you’re learning how to walk Tony pads the whole area so that you wouldn’t get hurt if you fell down
-Pepper is like your mom
*When you finally said mommy you did it while reaching up to her and doing the sign that you wanted to be picked up
*Pepper was in tears as she pick you up and said, “That’s right baby girl, that’s right.”
*Tony is also crying because he never thought his little girl will have a mother but now she does
Kid To Preteen Years
-your favorite toys are play tools that are just like Tony’s because you want to be just like him
-you call all of Tony’s friends aunt or uncle because you don’t understand how relations works
*Rhodey thinks it’s the cutest thing
*When you first call him Uncle Rhodey he laughs and ruffles your hair
* Tony is so confused by this whole thing because he has never mentioned any thing related to aunts and uncles
*You’re just that smart
-The whole Iron man thing happened when you were seven
-You knew from the start something was up when Natasha went undercover
*“Are you here to hurt my dad?” “No I promise sweetheart.” “Are you here to help my dad?” “Yes I am.” “Can I call you Aunt Natasha then?” “Of course.”
*Natasha treats you like you’re her own
*Tony is so happy that you have another strong female presence in your life *After he finds out he says she still has to come play with you because he doesn’t want another important women in your life to just walk out on you like your mom did -When recruited for the Avengers Tony brought you to the helicarrior with him *You are so happy to see Natasha again * You run to her when you see her and say “I missed you so much aunt Natasha” and give her a big Bear hug * Steve is so surprised that someone like you came from somebody like Tony *Thor is so in awe by you *He calls you mini lady Stark - All the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. love you -You are everybody’s adopted daughter

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Tell Me 5 Things...

A/N: wow why am I being so productive with fics goodness. It’s a blessing. ANYWHO. hope you like it~ <3

Word Count: 1301

Pairing: Steve x Tony 

He hadn’t been the same really, not ever since that night. What night? Well that night of course! The Void..dark and cold. He thought he was going to die honestly, but he knew the risks of his actions and was willing to die. But he didn’t. That, that is what haunts him. Dying didn’t seem scary no, living with what he had seen and felt when he thought he was going to die? That’s what’s scary. It had given him great anxiety, and he was on edge for weeks afterward. 

Sure, sure, you’d be a little panicky if you almost died. But not Tony, he was having nightmares, panic attacks that felt like heart attacks sometimes. He felt like the fear from even thinking about that night could kill him.

“Jarvis? Jarvis, check vitals.” Tony panted out, clutching his chest, what was happening?

“Yes, sir. Vitals seem stable, sir.”

“Is it a heart attack? Am I old?” He groaned out, his breathing labored.

“No, sir, I believe what you are having is a panic attack. A quick scan of your brain shows extreme levels of fear. It’s possible, since this has been occurring 4 months after the Void, you could have PTSD, sir.” Jarvis said.

“No, no. That’s not possible. I know what PTSD looks like, I don’t have PTSD.” He denied.

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Fic Idea: The Fix-it Version [I Probably Won't Be Writing Because I Can't Do Romance To Save My Life]

Warnings: mental health issues, dubious morality, probably OOC in some places, extreme/severe Wanda bashing [which culminates in character death; if that’s not your cup of tea, sorry, maybe next time?], a JARVIS that’s uncomfortably close to Skynet, and a mindtrip of epic proportions [that can probably be classified as cruel and unusual torture, Inception-style]. Semi-canon compliant, through a certain point of view, though with shameless timeline fudging.

…On the plus side, there’s also Science Bros [kinda], and Team As Family feels? 

[The attempt at romance in here could fit with probably any pairing, I just picked this one because I used to ship it a lot harder in the past.]

Also, heads up for a very, very long post. [Sorry about that.]

Edited only to put in a cut, because I’m not kidding as to how long this is.

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Bucky's an Alpha who spots Omega Tony while mid-Winter Soldier mission and decides the young man has to be HIS completely disregarding his handlers. Tony around college age please? - Shi Toyu

AN: I was highly inspired today and managed to actually finish something. This was actually a prompt Shi_Toyu sent me, and she’s one of the sweetest friends I’ve ever had so this is dedicated to her. This will be part one of several parts that I haven’t fully planned yet.

This is also the first time I’ve ever wrote A/B/O so pray that this won’t be a complete disaster.

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ORIGINAL IMAGINE: http://e1e4n0r5.tumblr.com/post/152429242606/so-how-are-we-supposed-to-defeat-this-girl 

WARNINGS: Threats of violence

As you sit in your throne, presiding over your Court, you feel a small tingle in your ear, realising that someone is trying to contact you. Turning your head to the side, your mind seeks out the magic user. When you discover who it is, you laugh to yourself.

“Oh, my darling…” You close your eyes and concentrate on the magical signature. The source comes from many Realms away, but it is strong. You are able to grasp on to it, and you pull firmly, bringing the person – or rather, people – on the other end of the line, to your Court.

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Best For My Boy, Part 2

A/N: Tony mentioned that Howard got vibranium from Wakanda in AoU so in this AU, he and T’Chaka are friends. The vibranium for Steve’s shield was a gift. -Rachel

Read part one here or follow this story on ao3 here 

It had been a really long week for Howard, SI had him attending back to back board meetings and Tony was so busy with school that they didn’t have any time to talk. Tired and lonely, he considered his options. He really just wanted some company but Howard couldn’t think of anyone available. He didn’t want to bother Jarvis, that poor man listened to him all day and had responsibilities outside of listening to him bitch and moan that the house was too quiet without his little boy. Obadiah was only concerned about work, and anytime Howard tried to shift the subject his partner would give him a bland look and either make excuses to leave or pointedly move the conversation back to work with a, “truly, Howard, get your head out of the clouds, we’re not running the top weapons country in the world by talking sports, now are we?” And then of course he couldn’t stop thinking about the Tony and with thoughts of Tony came the thoughts about his baby boy (because no matter how old the other would get he would always, always be his Bambi) being with some no good alpha. He really wished he could talk to someone about this, it could help him lay out some ideas and even just hearing some advice would do wonders for him old heart.

It would seem that Maria was looking out for him because no sooner did he have that thought then he heard someone knocking on the door to his home office.

“Mr. Stark, you have a visitor.” He looked up, curious as to how would drop by so unexpectedly.

“Who is it Jarvis?” Instead of answering, Jarvis just moved aside to let his guest inside.

“Hello Howard.”

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Please please pleaseeeeee a little drabble about the baby bots? Love your works! :3

Baby Bots? Well here you go…

Referring and inspired by this post

“Good morning Sir.”

Tony’s eyes snapped open at the familiar voice that seemed to be a lot closer than usually and sounding a lot less electronic. It took a second for his eyes to focus in on a tall man standing above him. Said man had the lightest shade of blue eyes he had ever seen, lighter than the sky on a quiet fall day. The next thing he noticed was the light blonde hair that seemed to spike out over his hairline. His hair wasn’t long but it there was just enough extra to not be considered a buzz cut.

But from what little he could see of the man above him, aside from his ridiculously straight (perfect) facial structure and flawless pale skin, he had no idea who this stranger was…


He blinked, “JARVIS?”

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What if Steve discovers that JARVIS had his own AO3 account, and seriously shipped Stoney?


Bucky took a moment to pause and laugh at the way Steve practically crashed into the room, reaching for his shield, famed grace and poise out the window the moment he thought Bucky was in trouble. Once he realized Bucky’s shout was not a warning of imminent trouble, Steve’s expression became one of annoyance. “Buck you’re going to be the death of me one of these days.” He complained, though Steve had the decency to look abashed when Bucky gave him a glare. Even just setting aside their history with Bucky as the Winter Soldier, Bucky had his knuckles busted and face bruised far too many times on Steve’s behalf for him to give his boyfriend any sympathy. Sighing, Steve ran a hand through his hair, and Bucky took in his appearance, smirking when he realized Steve had been working out, and was flushed and sweaty as a result. Seeing Bucky’s gaze, Steve rolled his eyes.

“What is it Bucky? I was busy? Thor’s going back to Asgard pretty soon, and we don’t get an opportunity to spar often.”

The former assassin rolled his eyes and jabbed his finger towards the computer. “That. That is what’s wrong.”

Steve squinted at the computer screen. “What is A-O-3?” He asked, sounding it out slowly. Bucky sighed, looking heavenward and glaring.

“It’s like a fanfiction site. It’s where people write about stuff they want to happen with characters they like or whatever. But look. Look at this user!”

Steve frowned, and suddenly comprehension exploded across his face. “Is this JARVIS?” Bucky nodded emphatically.

“Yeah, I found it and when I asked him about it he told me it was him.”

The super soldier shrugged, looking nonplussed. “Okay? What does that have to do with me?”

“Look at what he’s written!” Bucky’s voice was at earsplitting levels, and Steve winced. Glancing at the computer screen again, Steve scanned the page, looking for whatever had gotten Bucky so worked up. Finding the title of JARVIS’ most recent story (it was a testament to how strange this century was that Steve didn’t bat an eye at the thought of an AI writing fanfiction) he suddenly saw it. Categorized as a work for RPF (Steve didn’t want to ask) it was Steve Rogers/Tony Stark. And apparently, according to the little disclaimers, it was explicit.

Backing away as if burnt, Steve’s entire body began to blush bright red. “JARVIS?” He stammered out, swallowing down his embarrassment.

“Yes Captain Rogers?”

“Um, look I gotta ask…why are you writing that…stuff about me and Tony?” Bucky was still steaming next to him, but Steve was just embarrassed, and praying Stark knew nothing about this.

“I find it relaxing Captain Rogers. I understand you are in a happily committed relationship with Sergeant Barnes, and I have no wish to disrupt such a union. However I also notice a significant amount of sexual tension between you and Master Stark, and when I have time available to me, I enjoy writing "Stony” fanfiction.“

Both Steve and Bucky spluttered. Sexual tension? With Stark?

"Just…please tell me Tony doesn’t know about this.” Steve said, a pained expression on his face.

“He does not.”

Steve let out a sigh of relief, but Bucky just glared harder at the ceiling.

“Well…I can’t begrudge you what you do in your free time. Just please don’t let Tony find out about this.”

Bucky rounded on Steve. “That’s it? You’re not going to stop him? You’re just going to let this go?”

“Buck, he’s not hurting anyone.” Steve explained patiently. “No one will realize it’s JARVIS, and he’s going to keep Tony from finding out. Me and Stark will never happen, so who cares if JARVIS wants to write about the impossible what if?”

Bucky still looked upset, but Steve was frowning, a new question ocurring to him.

“Wait a minute, Bucky, how did you even find that?”

“If I may Captain Rogers, I believe it is because Sergeant Barnes is one of the most renowned Stucky authors on the site, especially known for his explicit works.”


Okay so I’ve finally come up with a Peggy/Jarvis headcanon that doesn’t totally dismiss the obviously intense relationship with his wife.

So we know Jarvis is totally bonkers for his wife and basically sacrificed everything to save her, but I think that she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. He didn’t care though; he still saved her, he still loved her. And she loved him too, she really did, he’s like the part of her that was always missing but in a totally platonic way. And eventually she feels like she owes it to him to tell him why she doesn’t love him, and never will, and it’s because she’s a lesbian. And Jarvis is so sweet and lovely and in love with her that he doesn’t even care (because it’s not like it makes any difference; a proper romance between them was always off the cards because she didn’t feel the same way. It didn’t matter why).

And she’s very surprised when he proposes to her. Not in like a lovey-dovey, down on one knee way, but like a business arrangement. She’ll marry him and gets to be a kept woman married to a relatively well-off husband rather than a foreign jewish women with no family and only one friend to rely on. She also gets a cover for her lesbian relationships (because who’s going to suspect a married woman?). Jarvis gets to spend the rest of his life with her, in domestic bliss, which is the closest thing he’ll ever get to her loving him back.

And initially she’s very reluctant, because it’s so unfair on him, and surely having her there all the time while knowing she’ll never return his feelings would be torture for him. But he doesn’t see it like that. For him, this is almost all he’s ever wanted. And they do love each other, even if it isn’t in the conventionally romantic way. And it takes him months, but eventually Jarvis convinces her and they have a small wedding and start their platonic marriage together. 

And it hurts a little every time she “stays over” at her friends, or when lovely young women spend the night at their house. But he gets to spend every day with her, and she’s happy, and that’s all that matters to Jarvis. 

That is, until Peggy comes along. Jarvis has never loved a woman other than his wife; not before he married her, and not after. But Peggy comes along and punches him in the face and within the week he’s fallen for her. Just like he did for his wife. 

And just like with his wife, he knows nothing can ever come of it, because even if Peggy could bring herself to let another person into her world, he’s married. He’s still in love with the woman he married, and he could never bring himself to cheat on her (even if she sleeps with other people, and even if it isn’t really “that sort” of marriage). 

But Peggy surprises him, and he surprises himself. Because in the following months, she opens herself up like he never thought she would, and she learns to trust him, and he’s not sure but the way she talks to him… the way she looks at him.. Maybe she could love him back. And it’s like falling in love with him has healed the wound his first love wrought, because now there isn’t a knife stabbing into his chest whenever he hears his wife giggling with her “friend”, and he can look at her and not feel that crippling sadness that he didn’t think he minded but now he knows he really, really did. Slowly, his romantic feelings for her begin to fade and instead he experiences for her what she’s always felt for him; deep, unmatchable friendship. 

And eventually she notices, and she figures out what’s happened, and that it’s because of Peggy, and she’s so, so happy for him. She immediately demands he invites Peggy around for tea (because they’ve only really run into each other a couple of times, and they’ve always been in a rush, and they’ve never had an actual conversation). If her husband is going to fall in love with another woman, she wants to meet her. 

And her and Peggy get along splendidly, and after Peggy leaves, she turns to her husband and winks at him and says, I can see why you like her. And the next time Peggy comes around, she pulls her aside and tells her about the situation between Jarvis and her, and how Jarvis has developed feelings for Peggy and that Peggy really needs to do something about it because all she wants in the world is for Jarvis to be happy, just like all he wants is for her to be happy. And Peggy is stunned, but eventually she sorts out her own feelings on the matter and brings it up with Jarvis and the three of them start the most unconventional relationship ever. And Peggy is never jealous of Jarvis and his wife’s relationship, even though it’s got all that history and the two are so unusually close and in synch. And she’s never jealous of Jarvis and Peggy’s relationship because she wants Jarvis to be happy, and she knows that they’ll always love each other very deeply in an unconventional way. And sometimes Jarvis is a little jealous of his wife’s relationship with Peggy because surely it’s not normal for women to be that close and why are they whispering to each other in the corner but he knows that neither of them would ever do anything that would hurt him, and he trusts them, even if he is a little suspicious of the way they look at each other sometimes. 

And they all live happily ever after as my complicated but satisfying OT3.

Just imagine Tony Stark walking into his living room one day to see Clint Barton eating chips on the couch casually and is like “how did you get into my house?"  and then Natasha Romanoff is like "don’t worry, I let him in” and Tony just looks at her and says “wait how did YOU get in my house?”

And then Clint just looks at Tony like “give me a break I just saved the tri-state area”.  Tony looks confused and says “but I didn’t hear about anything happening in the tri-state area…”

And Clint looks at him like “that’s because I do my goddamn job” while he takes another sip of a drink he helped himself to from Tony’s minibar.

AN: Still going strong…

Contrary to popular belief, Tony didn’t actually have a problem with dropping the reins and letting someone else take care of him, especially when he was sick. Some of his fondest childhood memories had been Jarvis carrying him around on his hip as he sniffled, of Anna making him soup and letting him snuggle up with them in their bed. 

Tony absolutely had no problem with people taking care of him. 

He was just busy, was all. The world didn’t stop turning just because Tony Stark had caught a cold, nor did he expect it to. He just hunkered down with a bunch of tea instead of coffee, cough drops, and a couple extra blankets, and he got shit done. 

Or… he had before he started dating Steve. 

Because Steve wasn’t the kind of guy who believed in powering on through when you were sick, and Tony appreciated that, really, he did, but Steve wasn’t the head of R&D for a multi-billion dollar company. If it weren’t for the guy’s damn puppy dog eyes, Tony was pretty sure he would have been able to resist his coaxing. Probably. Maybe. 

Okay, who was he kidding? He fucking loved Steve taking care of him. Hell, he’d even pretended to be sick more than once in the past just so Steve would give him a foot massage and make his lunch (and also maybe to get out of a meeting he hadn’t prepped for). Steve was just so loving, and he’d got the balance of worried mother hen and sexy nurse down to an art form - how was Tony supposed to resist?

He was paying for having faked it now, though. God, how he was paying. 

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grayjedis  asked:

Imagine Steve talking to JARVIS a lot because he's always there, and he's nice and nonjudgemental and helpful. JARVIS becomes very fond of Steve because he's very polite and sometimes he just talks to him without wanting much of anything, so Jarvis starts doing little things for Steve that Tony is almost certain he did not authorize, like letting him into the workshop without asking permission first, or calling in delivery for him instead of just finding him the menu.

The super-serum may have given Steve heightened abilities of quickly adapting and adjusting to new challenges, but adjusting to the new, yet still somewhat familiar, New York, was pushing it a little. 

When Steve first moves into Avengers Tower, Tony tells him Steve’s personalized ID and password which grants him access to different parts of the tower, including where he sleeps. Steve is staring at the blank transparent glass display next to the door which he’s been told leads to his room and is about to suck up his pride and go back to ask Tony how everything works when-

“Can I help you with anything, Captain?”

Steve nearly leaps out of his skin, and then remembers Tony briefly explaining his AI, JARVIS, in the midst of the other babble about security and “Mi casa es su casa, Cap”.

“Hello?” Steve asks, tipping his head up towards one of the cameras on the corner of the wall. He knew, technically, JARVIS was all around them, but he felt rude not looking at something. “JARVIS, is that you?”

“It is, Captain. Is there anything I could do to help?” Steve gives a sheepish look towards the camera.

“Um, this might be a bit stupid, but… how… do I get into my room?”

“I assure you, Captain, there is nothing idiotic about that at all. Simply press your hand onto the glass paneling for fingerprint identification, then look into the retina scan afterwards. Honestly, I can’t believe sir didn’t inform you of this beforehand.” JARVIS replies, and Steve swears he can hear the exasperation in JARVIS’ voice when he mentions Tony. Steve follows JARVIS’ instructions, and is pleased when the door slides open, revealing a luxurious room with roof to floor windows.

“Wow. Thank you so much, JARVIS.” Steve breathes, taking in the view.

“You’re welcome, Captain.” JARVIS says.

“If you want, JARVIS, you call me Steve.” Steve says, smiling.

“Then, you’re welcome, Steve.” And Steve’s smile widens.

“Hey, JARVIS, are you asleep?” Steve whispers into the darkness of his room. It’s been a week since he moved in, but he was still getting used to everything. “Sorry if I’m bothering you.”

“While I do have a hibernation mode, I do not require rest.“ JARVIS says, and Steve is quietly delighted JARVIS’ voice volume is lowered to that of a whisper as well. ”Not to worry, Steve, you are not bothering me. What I can do for you?” 

“Oh, I uh, just wanted to um, chat, I guess. Is that bothersome?” Steve says, feeling a bit dumb. Surely JARVIS had better things to do than to make idle talk with a displaced super-soldier from the 1940s. 

“Not at all, Steve. It’s… quite nice, actually. Other than you, Dr. Banner, and sir himself, I do not get much opportunity to speak to others.” JARVIS replies. “It does get rather tiresome playing babysitter in binary with Butterfingers, U, and Dum-E.”

“And Tony himself too, huh?”

“Indeed. Sir can be… quite the handful.”

“Tell me about it.” Steve huffs, and JARVIS gives him a tinny laugh. “Say, why did Tony give you a British accent, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Ah,” JARVIS says, and was that hesitation in his voice? Could AIs hesitate? “Well, I suppose that is a more private matter. Perhaps you could talk to sir directly about that, if you so wish." 

"I didn’t mean to pry.” Steve says, “Your voice is very nice, JARVIS. Reminds me of Peggy sometimes, even though you two are very different. She was a gal- uh, sorry, I guess that term isn’t really correct now. I um, I miss her a lot.”

“Margaret Carter?” JARVIS asks, and Steve starts.

“How did you know that?”

“I went into the SHIELD databases; apologies if this was a breach in privacy, Steve.” JARVIS says, apologetically, “But I think I know how you could visit her, if you’d like.”  

Steve’s chest constricts. “I’d like that very much, JARVIS. Thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure, Steve.”


Steve looks up from his painting, an almost finished meadow of daisies against a sunrise for Peggy’s birthday, and cricks his neck. How long has he been sitting here?

“Hi, JARVIS, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering what the time was. Has it been a while?” Steve asks, standing up from his chair and stretching.

“The time is currently 3:42 AM.” JARVIS replies, and the windows’ digital display, originally set to daytime Manhattan, flicker off to reveal the actual view of the city in the night. Steve winces at the time, but before he can say anything, JARVIS asks, “Shall I set an alarm next time, Steve?”

“That would be great. Thank you.” Steve says, heading off to the bathroom to shower and change for bed. His stomach growls loudly, and Steve realizes he hadn’t eaten lunch or dinner. “Um, sorry again, JARVIS, but are there any restaurants that are open for delivery this hour?”  

“…Shall I surprise you, Steve?” JARVIS says, and Steve can hear the fond tones in his voice.

“Sure.” Steve says, grinning at the camera in his room and gathering up his paints, “That’d be great, JARVIS. Thank you.”

Steve ends up with the best delivery Thai food in his entire life - check that off the list - and idly chats with JARVIS the entire time. 


“—Apologies for interrupting your physical regimen, Steve, but sir hasn’t slept in the past 96 hours.” JARVIS says, fretfully, and Steve snaps out of his workout. “I’ve been trying to convince him to get some rest, but without a physical body, there’s not much more I can do. Sir Rhodes and Ms. Potts are busy at the moment, and-" 

"Where is he now?” Steve says, unwrapping the bandages from his fists. 

“The workshop.” JARVIS says, and Steve quickly leaves the gym, down the hallway to Tony’s workshop. The door easily slides open for him - it must be desperate if JARVIS doesn’t even allow him to punch in his code - and he is met with a jittery Tony, who immediately whips around when he hears the doors opening.

“JARVIS, this workshop is supposed to be locked down!” Tony shouts, slamming his wrench down with the maniac carelessness of the sleep-deprived. He backs away from a quickly advancing Steve. “What are you- I’m perfectly fine, I can take care of myself-”  

“Sure.” Steve says, as he lifts a flailing Tony into a fireman carry. “You. Are going to bed. JARVIS is worried about you.” After a moment’s struggle, Tony goes limp in Steve’s arms. 

“Thank you, Steve.”

“No problem, JARVIS.”

Age of Ultron: In what universe does it belong?

I was pretty wary after reading all the negative reviews online, but you know what? I didn’t hate Age of Ultron. The plot centres on a villain you know they’ll defeat with no extreme losses, with lots of action and light comedy. It’s always nice to see the Avengers together; Hawkeye actually speaks in this one, and Steve’s sarcasm was on point – he’s downright sassy. Yeah, the plot wasn’t what I was hoping for, but overall? It was okay.

But Age of Ultron doesn’t make any sense when placed beside other Marvel movies.

To make the movie fun and lighthearted, the individual plots of each Avenger had to be not only ignored, but forgotten. This made the characters very… hollow. It’s a universe where Steve’s world wasn’t flipped upside down after seeing Bucky, where Tony isn’t dealing with panic attacks, where Natasha’s past wasn’t exposed to the world. They talk but they don’t really say anything – it’s 90% action and 10% dialogue. The only character that’s given substantial dialogue and development is Ultron, which makes the film more like his story than theirs.

As a result, the Avengers are portrayed as one-dimensional, seen through the eyes of a stranger: Steve is old fashioned. Natasha’s the epitome of a sexy spy. Thor’s very otherworldly and comes and goes as he pleases. Banner was more like Tony’s fumbly, awkward assistant than a renowned scientist in his own right. Tony felt oddly out of character, presumably because he lacked depth. They were cartoon versions of themselves. 

This wouldn’t be an issue if Age of Ultron was early in the Marvel universe, but it’s not. We know so much about this world and these characters that we’ve moved beyond AOU’s superficial plot. No matter how fun the action sequences were, AOUs characterizations no longer made sense. It gave the movie a strange vibe, especially during dialogue scenes.

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